The new Audi RS Q8 | What’s up, Audi? #25

The new Audi RS Q8 | What’s up, Audi? #25

two initials are known by all
performance car enthusiasts RS roaring Sound, raising standards, real savage. these
are Audi’s racing sport models. finally Audi shows it’s very first RS Q8. this
car is not only made for comfortable traveling. that’s for sure.
buckle up and hold on here’s “What’s up, Audi?” so the new Audi RS Q8, the first Audi RS
Q8. the latest member of the RS family. I’m a bit speechless. We did a lot of work and now we’re finished. so it’s great. I mean in general it’s a car that
basically can do everything. so you can go off-road you can go on track for
performance. It’s perfect. but not only performance is there also
sustainability. we featured the Mild Hybrid System in this RS Q8. we do have a 48 voltage system and it’s possible to coast with the car. so between 55 to 160
km/h the the car is able to shut down the engine completely and
so we are saving about 0.8 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. that’s a lot. and
the car is is so intelligent it combines this system with a cylinder on demand
technology. you might know from the former RS6 and RS7 model. so
we’re electrifying the car. so this is your next step to electrifying the Audi Sport. but
when engine is switched on that’s when all the emotion comes to life. so throw
some numbers at me. it’s the 4 litres V8 twin-turbo with the 600 horsepower,
800 newton meters of torque. we do have an acceleration of from 0 to
100 in just 3.8 seconds. under 4 which is very impressive. and top speed of a
limited 305 km/h. the question is then: who is the actual the
buyer the target audience of the car. oh I think everyone needs it. but I think so
current Audi Sport customers, they just want to have a daily driver which
is intelligent and efficient, but on the other hand they can switch the car with
pressing one button to a real supercar. while living at the Nürburgring, I’m
quite often blessed by very exceptional sightings and one of those evenings I
saw the RS Q8 performing and doing something exceptional. In a very
impressive 7 minutes 47 which is by now a lap record of the fastest SUV on
the Nürburgring. we were expecting coming below 750. yeah
and in the end Frank managed to do to do a 742 lab. so he said
our development driver. that’s
right so start starting with this one I have a small present for you.
so this is a stopwatch and this could be your new lap timer. so it’s just 5 seconds
maybe this will help. but you also brought something big with you I see. oh
yeah, so this is a tire of the lap record. this is a standard Pirelli P ZERO tire.
so we see a zero mark on. it it’s especially developed for the RS Q8, but
the standard profile let’s say you can drive in wet conditions and you have so no
disadvantage with this one in daily driving. we had to do an official booking
on the Nürburgring for this lap time record and there’s a lap time an
official one and there’s a notary. So all fine. how important is the
Nürburgring for you at Audi sport. so we see RS Q8, we did about 18,000
kilometers on the Nürburgring. we are we are checking about the durability of the
car, about the RS specific parts we built in there. so we do have a lot of
experience how the car should behave in these 8,000 kilometers of one run endurance
run and how to raise it to the customer. you not only brought the tire you
actually brought the whole car. this is let’s say am old test
mule and just want to show how these prototype cars are build up. so we are
measuring some temperatures out here and yeah what you see is a very big air
filter on the top and down below as low as it gets the V8 twin turbo engine. and
actually also another feature is the coming home. yeah this is a nice feature
on the Real Light. so this is a RS specific animation of the lights. Wow so
thank you very much for joining us and from telling us about the latest member
of the RS family and you guys let us know in the comments below where would
you like to take out the RS Q8. we know what it’s like at the Nürburgring but maybe
the fastest mega drive order? in our show we often
talk about the electrification, but you know what’s really awesome of
electrification: robots! and today we have plenty of them. robot one. how should the
racing series of the future look like? electric of course! and what about robots
in the pit lane and this is exactly what ITR, the marketeer of current DTM series,
have developed. cars with close 2,000 horsepower, top speed of over 350
kilometers an hour and the state-of-the-art robotic battery
exchange systems. this could be one day the replacement of current DTM series.
you know it’s kind of funny that back in the days everyone was criticizing
Formula E and nowadays the future of racing is electric! whenever you want to
have some specific color for your car, you always have to go to a tuning shop,
but that belongs to the past now if you are going to order a Lamborghini Urus,
because thanks to artificial intelligence and advanced robotics
systems you can now pick pretty much any color you want next to the standard
color palette. but also mother company Audi has
developed a new painting process. whereby two coats of paint can be applied at the
same time which is not only very efficient, but also drastically reduces
the eco footprint. Robot Three. Vorsprung durch LEGO
Technik at the world robot Olympics kids and teenagers are challenged to
create their own robots and this year’s topic is smart cities. it is also a very
important topic for Audi. and to support the bright minds of the future it has
sponsored this year’s event. Robot four. did you ever want to get
exclusive behind-the-scenes insides of the smart and robotic Audi assembly
line in Ingolstadt. you may say it’s easier said than done unless you live in
Germany. nope. because Audi is the very first car
manufacturer to offer virtual and interactive factory tours called AudiStream. here an experienced tour guide welcomes you to your personal livestream
tour and guides you through the assembly line of the new A3 and A4 and answers
all of your questions. the new RS Q8 is not the only new 8 of the pack. thenew S8
combines luxury and performance the mighty powerful V8 brings you up to
speed while the predictive active suspension
keeps the right smooth. how smooth would you ask? well the DTM driver and the
mount winner Loic Duval checked it out for us. much more sporty car compare the A8 you
can see at the front with the new grid. with the ceramic brakes you have
performance but also security. 571 horsepower, 800 Newton meter, 3.8 seconds
0-100 don’t tell me that’s not sporty. – as a racing driver I love to see behind the steering wheel.
I had the chance to drive the car and to be driven. at the end it’s a really
difficult choice. as car guys quite often say it’s absolutely impossible to finish
a project car and the best example would be Sarah Aeromotive space engineer who
has a project car in form of Audi TT. for those people no challenge is too much.
and after 50 episodes let’s see how far she is. this is the new project car for my
channel. Let’s meet progress not click bait. I just realized something really shitty
after doing all this work. how the hell is there a coolant leak on the frame
rail? this is the first time I’m going to move this car under its own power. so
much for this drive. there’s something majorly wrong with the turbo. it will
continue. I will fix this thing. earlier this year I had an amazing
opportunity to test drive the Audi TTS. it was very good, but it made me curious
how much better could the TT RS be and the guys from carwow can answer this
question. the TT has an absolutely lovely cabin. so quality is brilliant, the design
is simple. you get RS progressive steering which turns in a bit faster
than the standard cars and it really is precise and sharp. And the engine is
just to die for! what makes a perfect story: personal
development, ups and downs and of course an Audi! I met Terry. he phoned me. to say he’d
spotted this car. it’s my game and thought and decided I had to go and have
a look at it. I think he planned that I was gonna be about 16 that would have
sort of been learning to drive but we think in total it was eight years. you
know it’s such a special thing it means so much to him and the rest the family I
don’t maybe get a little bit. that’s it ladies and gentlemen. I hope you enjoyed
this episode! I certainly have, because I talked about
my two favorite things. the RS models and the Nürburgring, but I’m very much
looking forward to the last year’s episode, because it’s Christmas Time. so make
sure to tune in because we’re gonna have lots of presents for you!

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  1. You do so mutch for Audi,
    They should give you a RS6 as your Daily drive. For one year, and then a nother car for a year. And so on.

  2. I really like how What's up Audi is focusing on other YouTube channels into their videos like Sarah n Tunned as well as Carwows. You don't see that everyday

  3. The RSQ8 is such a great daily driver. It's an SUV so it has plenty of space for hauling things/people. Nice ride height for when you're on the highway/sitting in traffic. And also it's an RS model so you know it's fast as hell!

  4. 🤔🤔 It’s cool that you showcased Sarah’s project Audi TT, but isn’t bad marketing to show someone struggle to work on your brand. I think it sends the message that Audis don’t last in the long term and require extreme dedication; additionally end up as difficult project cars. If an engineer like Sarah struggled why would a consumer want to partake in that? 🤔

  5. Imo this is the best SUV you can buy. Audi somehow always made prettier SUVs than ugly BMW and Mercedes SUVs… i dont like SUVs though.

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