The New Dodge Challenger Has a Serious Problem

The New Dodge Challenger Has a Serious Problem

rev up your engines here we go dodge is at
it again boy their lack of quality I mean you couldn’t make this stuff up now
the recalling 173 other challengers and charges their big monster cars because
they put the wrong size wheels on them they put tires out of the wrong size
tires can rub against the steering knuckle could cause a blowout and kill
you now let’s face it the people that drive those challengers and Chargers
they’re gonna be driving like maniacs did you’ve been make sure I like putting
the right size tires on I mean who’s running this company they can’t even put
the right tire on their high-end muscle cars I mean okay I can’t understand it
was on their cheap econo box cars but these things are pretty expensive you’d
think that they would put the right tires on them but they didn’t anybody
that thinks Fiat buying Chrysler was a good idea that’s getting to be almost
comical unless of course you owned one and you were going hunter miles an hour
and you’re cornering and then the tire rubs against the steering knuckle the
tire blows up and flips and you get killed
wouldn’t be very funny then, so man alive what are those people at dodge doing,
greasy sauce squinch says Scotty how accurate is car complaints calm I
thinking popular car models are gonna have more complaints just cuz there’s
more of them out there yeah you got a very good point and that’s the problem
with any kind of complaint service is if you got five million cars out there
you got five million possible problems so even if one hundredths of one percent
of problems you can get a lot of complaints car they don’t sell that many
maybe people won’t even buy the complaint I aren’t that many people to
complain about only generally a small amount of percentage of people are gonna
complain anyways the problem with anything like that is where does the
data come from a lot of times the data will come from people who are angry at
that company perhaps they work for a competitor company somebody who works
for the company itself they say good things about the vehicles instead and
they will deliberately dish other ones I know a mechanic down the road that he
had his guys when they weren’t working he had him go to other mechanics and
complain about the other mechanics too all look bad so if they looked up he’d
have some glowing reviews which is mechanics actually put the glory rooster
himself on dude but the other guys are all these bad reviews but they were
being done by his mechanics too and there’s spare time to try to get more
business to come to him so a lot of stuff you read on the Internet you know
take it with a few grains of salt if you want the truth
Perino says scotty we’re looking at the new 2020 lexus nx300 with the 2.0
turbocharged four-cylinder engines if you plan on keeping a long-term like i
do any four-cylinder turbocharged engines gonna wear out faster toyota
makes great engines there’s no arguing that but all the turbocharger does is it
rams extra air in and that’s the same as increasing the compression inside the
engine the higher the compression the faster things are gonna wear out that’s
just a plain fan I’ve been in the turbos and truthfully I don’t like that turbo
engine in a Lexus because it does make more noise it does rev a little higher
and it’s not as smooth of a ride as the v6 engine is mixed questions benny-boy
10 Scotty my car’s been idling kind of rough I was wondering where it could be
there’s no codes or anything it’s something obvious like it’s misfiring
it’s gonna have a cold for the misfire if it’s idling poorly but it’s not
tripping any codes the first thing I advise you to do change the fuel filter
most cars have no idea what the fuel pressure is so if the fuel pump has a
clogged filter after it pressure be low and it can idle bit also pressure test
the fuel pump generally those won’t be tripped now let’s say it’s a problem
that just starting out like a vacuum like a big vacuum leak it’s gonna trip a
cone small one won’t so check for a little vacuum leaks if it is shaking
just that idle check the air filter could be clogged up or also check a
motor mount I got lots of videos this year you get a little Jack and a piece
of wood put it under the engine jacking up and if you jack it up and you see the
motor mounts separating it means the motor mount rubbers broken and he’s a
new motor out it could be that simple if you have a transmission when it’s starting to go out when you put it in Drive and it’s idling
it’ll often start to shake because it’s strain and the engine too much but once
you get going then you’re going fast it doesn’t matter but at an idle if the
transmission or the torque converter inside starts to go out it can idle really
rough praying it’s not that percussion says Scotty I got a 2013
Honda CRV 80,000 miles I recently bought used it has that dreaded rattle Honda
claims the VTC actuator but people said it could be tensioner of chain and lots other
things it runs fine it just makes noise on starter well long term will hurt my
aunt prompting brakes yes it’ll hurt your engine that was known flaw on those
things didn’t cheer when you bought it when you’re in your body she just walked
away because you don’t want to mess with engine work I had customers drive it that way for years but they bought the cars ages are
going over time it’s starting to make the noise some of them are still gone
two or three years and I still going down the road but I mean if that chain
breaks distance at the valves goodbye engine you might take it to a good
mechanic to see what they think is wrong what they charge to diagnose it
correctly by taking the cover off and really analyzing it inside and see if
that’s something you want to spend on fixing or whether you just want to get
rid of the stupid thing now or if you didn’t pay too much money for it just
sell it on and take a little bit of loss and learn never to buy a used vehicle
that has any kind of rattling noise when you start the engine up cause there’s so
many things that can do what most of them are pretty expensive to fix
Rory 874 says Scotty my wife’s car is driving home from school all the sudden
started to lose power she couldn’t go faster than 35 when she got home I
plugged it in and it said that it was in limp home mode help limp all mode is
exactly what it says if you have a problem with your vehicle it will put it
into limp home mode and only allow you to drive a certain speed so that you don’t
damage the transmission or damage the engine or burn out the catalytic
converter it’s a safety feature it means that you
have a relatively serious problem in the vehicle if it still will go 35 miles an
hour it isn’t making horrendous noises drive it to the mechanic and see what
they say odds are it’s gonna be a pretty expensive repair because when they do
that I only go 35 there’s generally something relatively seriously wrong
with the car so have a good mechanic like myself
check it out just don’t take it to some you know fly-by-night chain repair shop
where they’re just trying to sell it take you to a place where this guy’s
really know how to work on cars that can explain it to you if they can’t explain
it to you go somewhere else still drives it’s not like you towed it there and
you’re at their mercy you didn’t go to the next guy if at all possible you can
drive your car drive it because if you tow it somewhere they got you by the
short and curlies you already spent 150 200 bucks on the top it’s drivable drive
it get an idea what’s going to let them explain if they can’t explain go to the
next one see if know what 71 says good morning my
2016 rav4 all-wheel drive the tire light was flashing I was driving the
flash and staying on check all four wheels the pressure was fine tried
resetting light but it didn’t work I started it again and it was 25 degrees
then it was 57 and it stopped flashing it’s 35 and it’s doing it again help you
got a problem with your tire pressure monitoring system for sure it’s a 2016
rav4 it’s got a pretty good system on it you go to a mechanic like myself we have
a scan tool you plug in all those codes are memorized and it will show where the
problem area is odds are it’s got a bad wire or a bad sensor and it would show
the data we would see if it said it had a problem with the left front wheel then
we drive it with the scan tool and we’d look at all the data if we see three
wheels say it’s going 30 and that will doesn’t then you know well the sensors
probably broken and we change that first and pray that it’s not a computer fault
where it gets to be a real stinker to trace and all that stuff down but the data is
memorized in your car any good mechanic plug in his machine if he doesn’t have a
machine that can read that don’t go don’t go to a mechanic where’s the
correct equipment because modern cars require a lot of equipment to work on if
you want to fix it you got to find a guy with it now if you don’t care and you
check your pressure like I do all my cars are so old they don’t have sensors
out of bed just buy entire gauge for five bucks and chug it yourself and
ignore all that stupid stuff, sparkling cloth says what do you think of the 60s
out Caminos are they sold buit, yeah they were sold built those are heavy things
they got horrible gas mileage because they were so heavy they were also rust
buckets almost every single one that I see the frames ride the fire was
everything is rusting away back in those days they didn’t use any kind of really
anti rust coating on the thing and they were just rust and rust now
if you can find one like that spent its life in Arizona or New Mexico or Texas
away from the ocean so there’s no salt water and a frame of solid and
everything hey go ahead and get one to fix it up they’re fun cars but for you
northern boys they’d be real leery about buy one of those things they were rust
buckets I’ll just fall apart in front of your eyes and don’t ever do what I’ve
seen some people do don’t ever get a northern car and bring it down here to
Houston because here it’s humid and if you got a
car that’s starting to rust from up north and the salt on the water and
winter to keep the ice from freezing and aiways it’s already rusting then the
humidity of Houston will make it go so bad I’ve seen them where you open the
door the door falls off after a couple of years because this humidity will
destroy them too so you want a solid rust free frame one if you’re gonna work on
one Jason kosis says I got a 97 Chevy can’t believe the low beam headlights
won’t work but the high beams do the markers work side lamps work what could
be wrong it’s just the low ones don’t work first just check the bulbs it could
be easily a burnt-out bulb and get yourself a little test meter ounplug
where the bulbs are plugged in turn the headlight switch on see if you’re
getting power when you turn the switch on if you’re not getting power then
either the switch is bad the wirings bad or your fuses block then you check one
at a time you go logical if you wanted to test the switch to make sure it’s
getting power in it’s got power going in you know it’s getting power then turn
the switch on if power doesn’t come out you know the switch is bad power does
come out then you know it’s a wiring problem now let’s say you go to the head
lamps the head lamps aren’t burned out and they’re getting power when you turn
on then you got a ground problem you need power and ground in a direct
current system so then check the ground wire that wire goes the body of the
vehicle if you reground them and they work then just do that just cut the
ground wire splice a new one and put it to the ground and bolt it to the body of
the car and away you go it’s always logical it’s got to be
something logical you can’t see it but it always works logically,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember
to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. I work for a Dodge dealership and I bash on FCA all the time lol I bought a Honda after seeing how many problems the Challengers have, and I wanted to buy a Challenger!

  3. That tire monitor sensor is annoying mine 08 xB does that a lot when it is cold outside. Now just stays on and I just ignore it and check my tires once in a while.

  4. Apparently you're not paying attention cuz Dodge just got the highest reliability rating of all the domestic manufacturers. Mistakes are made in high production automobile Manufacturing. That's why we have a recall system.

  5. You really needn't worry about the tire issues on these Challengers because the differentials will blow out before the front end fails.

  6. This is for the limp home issue, I do not agree with Scotty on this one, I had a 2011 Buick Lacrosse that had the same issue reduce engine power or limp mode, put my fancy scan tool on it couldn’t find a code, took it to the GM dealer and they found the problem it was a gas pedal sensor can you believe it. They wanted almost $400 for the sensor and a ridiculous amount per hour to fix the problem, I found the sensor at a junkyard for 100 bucks and put it on myself 20 minutes and I’m not even and Mechanic LOL.

  7. wow the wheels issue goes way back to 2015, people reporting every 3,500 miles it needs new wheels from rims cracking apart. and the hood latch on the hood is corroding like crazy. but the wrong size wheels was only for 173 cars, not ll of them,

  8. I used to think El Camino was a beautiful car. Now I realize it is one of the worst looking cars ever made and it seems like its growing in popularity.

  9. I have an 02 Dodge Dakota Ext cab with a 4.7L The door tag with the VIN# also indicates the wheel size/diameter. On mine the tag indicates 15's, but the truck came with 16's? I wrote down the VIN# and checked with the dealer parts, and confirmed it's supposed to have 16's. But still……when a auto manufacturer errors information on a VIN tag? That's pretty bad……..It does however start with a flick of a switch, and has decent acceleration.

  10. Recalling 173 cars???? Out of how many 60,000 ……….Guess Scotty does have any better news…..Then goes on to talk about complaint sites…..Then says taking it with a grain of salt about the truth

  11. C'mon Scotty!!! Every new car that I'd like to buy you just tear it apart!!!
    It's so hard to find honest advice!!!!!
    Thank you!!! Keep it up!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  12. As a Challenger owner I can say we shouldn't worry too much about steering knuckle rub since we would rather stay in a straight line LOL

  13. Hey Scotty, I’m looking to buy a 2009 Bicycle. What do you think? Any common issues? Have any of your costumers had any issues? Thanks.

  14. Only 173 cars ? That must have been a shift error since b before and after such a small number involved….2016 Honda isn't in warranty ?

  15. As someone who worked for a tier 1 and tier 2 supplier, I can assure you… this is just the tip of the iceberg… too bad too, as someone who owned a Challenger Rally back in the 70’s, I really want to like the new Challenger.

  16. Question 1 – scotty Answer = you need a very good mechanic like me…
    Question 2 – scotty Answer = you need a very good mechanic like me….
    Question 3 – scotty Answer = you need a very good mechanic like me….
    ''moderation is a virtue that shows how good we are on something'' (Greek motto…..)

  17. That's more of a supplier problem. If the parts come in wrong and they are in sequence and there are minor visual difference it can happen pretty easy.

  18. Hey Scotty, can you comment on today's news that Nissan is recalling close to half a million cars due to potential engines catching on fire? lol

  19. Marketing is manipulation. Eighty percent of decisions are based on Strong Emotional Appeal. Design is Wish Fulfillment. The last rational choices came from the Arab oil embargo. Well-built, small Japanese cars cracked the US market. The VW Beetle was available but, it's appeal was counter-culture. Japanese cars were ugly but, trouble free. Well, THAT didn't last.

  20. Making a mountain out of a mole hill.

    According to reports, the cars affected by the recall have build dates between May 28 and September 25, 2019. The list of affected vehicles includes a total of 111 Dodge Chargers and 62 Dodge Challengers, all of which have a specific high-gloss black wheel and brake package that “should not have been an available option” from the factory.

  21. Lol dodge is the problem … They always had problems but as long as they keep throwing 700 + hp in there cars and trucks then some naive person will buy em 🤣🤣🤣

  22. I bought a Honda Accord 1998 ex, it had a pioneer radio installed already, it’s work fine but when I use the aux setting I can only hear it from the right side, is it the radio?

  23. Only a 173 this guy acts like it’s a million. Toyota recalls too talk about them. Oh wait we gotta Toyota lover over there 👉🏻.

  24. How diligently do car manufacturers investigate complaints:
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    Mitsubishi Admits Hiding Complaints
    Aug. 23, 2000
    12 AM
    TOKYO —

    For decades, Mitsubishi Motors employees secretly stashed tens of thousands of consumer complaints in boxes and changing rooms, behind lockers and even in the computer system using a special “H” code to signify that they should remain hidden.

    On Tuesday, with a deep sigh and an even deeper bow of apology, Mitsubishi Motors President Katsuhiko Kawasoe confessed to the scheme and admitted that it was a deliberate, systemic and widespread cover-up designed to avoid costly recalls.

    “We were ashamed of reporting recalls,” Kawasoe said.

    About 810,000 Mitsubishi vehicles have now been identified as having previously unreported defects, including three-quarters with problems severe enough to warrant repairs at company expense. The cost to the company is expected to be in the tens of millions of dollars, the damage to its brand and reputation far worse.

  25. I am a Dodge Challenger owner and I am very disappointed in the way of the put cheap parts on their cars and with low mileage already been in repair shop 10 times

    So I've got a Audi a4 and it have a few problems.
    It's a 97 1.8t A4 and first thing first I have a problem with the lights for the speedometer.
    When I turn on the car, the dipped turns on and when i toggle the switch for the lights in the speedometer my dipped shuts off.
    There is to stages so when I go to the last stage there's another light start which turns on.
    I would like to have the speedometer lights and the dipped on at the same time, but I dont know how to fix it.
    The second problem i have is a big one.
    After that I've driven for a while and stop, it spells like burned oil from the engine. Does it have to to with a leak and the turbo???
    Any advice, please give comment down below.

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