The Only Cheap Used Cars I’d Buy

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smartguide says my buddy is looking for a car under $9,000 what do you recommend
will it depends what kind of a car he wants if you want a super dependable nice
car get a used camry or use lexus they can
run forever you take care of them you know those are really nice cars once
standard transportation get a Toyota Corolla or a Honda Civic those things
can run forever but you know that’s what he wants maybe he wants a big boat here
you get a good used Crown Victoria Mercury Marquis or decent cars use they
can last a really long time well depends on what he wants, reread 99 night
says should I buy a new Jeep renegade for forty five grand sure and then I’ll sell
you a bridge in Brooklyn too, if you want, what a waste good money those
things are piles of junk you’d be throwing your money down a toilet
you try selling it when it’s 4 years old you’d be lucky if you got 15k
for it those things are endless money pits don’t buy one of those if you
really want a jeep get an old one that’s been redone seventies eighties
those things can run forever but the new ones they’re endless money pits under
values dropped like a stone as they age daniel says Chevy Camaro v6 or v8
everybody wants Camaro they want a V8 nobody wants the v6s are
worth nothing now if you’re talking about buying a used one and you
don’t care about speed you can get the v6 a lot cheaper than the v8 if it’s in
decent shape and you don’t plan on doing burnouts to go to the drag strip then
get a v6 you’d get much better price on it but if you like driving a car you’re
gonna keep it for a long time you’re much better with the v8 they’re stronger
they last longer that’s just what the Camaros are known for v8 the v6 would
just stuck on them so they could sell them cheaper ta says scotty toyota just
sold the 10 millionth Land Cruiser which makes it one of the three best selling
suvs of all time together the rav4 and CRV what do you think
yeah the land cruiser were vehicles now lately they’re sales in the United
States has been garbage because Toyota they make a lot of money making
cars trucks isn’t their main business the original Toyota Land Cruisers I
believe had a Chevy six cylinder engine they’re not really a truck truck company
they don’t sell that many of them the Toyota Tundra the big v8 pickup truck is
a great truck but compared to Chevy and Ford and even Chrysler out sells them
any of those big trucks it’s not their market now the land cruisers are great
they love them in Australia Saudi Arabia I mean they’re great vehicles they don’t
really push them all that much in the United States they’re great vehicles of
course they’re big giant vehicle the tremendous gas hogs they get terrible
gas mileage in town but they can last a really long time now I’ve had customers
that owned them from the basic old ones that were six-cylinder with the standard
transmission to the modern giant v8 ones that have you know all the yuppie cup
holders and they take the kids to soccer games and stuff but they never sold all
that many of them lately United States they didn’t push it where the other
companies like Range Rover really push them spent a lot of money in advertising
on them already says Scotty is a 1970 f-150 reliable it was very reliable
back in 1970 today that they can be great vehicles they have solid frames if
the frames not rusted and everything is in good shape they can be great vehicles
because being a Ford all the parts are still readily available you can still
get parts for those snakes and you can put in rebuild engines rebuilt
transmissions you could drive those things forever you can make them
extremely reliable now it’s what a 50 year old vehicle today so you might have
to put some money into it but they can’t be extremely reliable vehicles if you
want you put modern-day engines in them to a lot of the stuff is going to
fit, ethan says Scotty what do you think about Tesla’s semi that’s
supposed to be released into here so okay now we’re getting into commercial
vehicles commercial vehicles are a completely different ballgame around the
turn of the century my grandfather used to work on electric trucks it was a
Niagara Falls on the shredded wheat factory commercially they were more
viable they use regular old car batteries and a big ol batteries and had
to recharge them at night but they liked them because they were electric motors
with gasoline motor and explosions wheat in the towers and stuff it’s a
powder it can blow up so it’s safer having electric motors and stuff
gasoline ones running inside the factory doesn’t pollute the air like gasoline
engines so people get carbon dioxide poisoning and with the commercialization
of electric vehicles if they can get them long enough range and they work
sure because it’s commercial when a truck gets to where it needs to go they
could have a gigantic charging station there where they can plug it in and
maybe recharge the batteries in an hour or two it makes sense commercially for
the average millions of driver out there no it doesn’t make sense
yet but for that it could definitely make sense, double-dog an excise bought a 2001
lexus ES 300 only 71 thousand miles for six thousand then I paid too much
well if you like it, it was a good car you know that’s fine but I bought the same
car with sixty thousand miles on it it’s a year newer and I bought it over ten
years ago and I paid three grand it was one of my customers cars and I did have
to pay 800 bucks and got my body guy to paint the dings and stuff that were
wrong on it 71 thousand miles is nothing somebody originally paid like close to
40 grand for that car you got it for 6 or 71 thousand miles so that’s fine as
long as it’s in really good shape and you can prove its the real mileage
robbed owners know Scotty what’s your favorite car to work on actually the
older cars because they were fun to play around with like if you’ve got a car
that has dual carburetors and points on the ignition that you adjust and clean
and you take the carburetors out clean them and put them on and adjust them
they were fun to work on because they weren’t full as electronic crap that
modern cars have that can drive you absolutely nuts when they get oddball
problems so would be an older car like an old sports car from the 1960s I like
working on old English sports cars they were simple cheap you could get parts
cheap for I mean yeah they broke down all the time
but they were fun to work on and I was working on for other people’s they
paid me a they were a lot more fun to fool around with
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
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