The Only Chevy I’d Buy

rev up your engines, my beautiful 1990 Chevrolet Silverado shortbed pickup now this truck here is all original except the wheels
tires and other maintenance items but the paint chrome and everything else is
all original the original owner bought this truck in January of 1990 and he
passed away in 1997 and instead of selling the truck the family just
decided to put the truck up in storage in a climate-controlled facility and
they only took it out on nice days to keep the battery up and the fluids
running through the system or to change out the fluids as needed
so this truck is basically a time capsule the truck sat in that storage
building only being driven lightly until I bought it in 2016 and this is not my
daily driver by any means I just take it to Classic Car Shows and pleasure
driving every now and then on nice sunny days like we’re having today and I’m a
fanatic about the 1980s and the cool thing about this truck is this truck was
one of the last trucks built in the 1980s build date 1289 and the inside is
just as clean as the outside all the electronics were dashboard is absolutely
mint no cracks whatsoever carpet is wonderful no stains no rips no tears
same with the cloth interior and this back then the Silverado was the
top-of-the-line truck so this truck comes with power windows and door locks and cloth door panels and a cassette player with an equalizer and that’s the
original radio and it works perfectly truck has only went forty two thousand
eight hundred and ninety miles and it’s almost 30 years of existence which is
pretty unheard of and I even found a little treasure behind the seat that
display when I go to car shows this is the original window sticker and that’s
how much a fully loaded truck cost back in 1990 we see we’re still that cheap
today the thing that really caught my eye about this truck is the color
combination and I love the way they separated the two colors with this
beautiful light blue and gray pinstripe I just think it’s a really really sharp
looking two little truck and these wheels are off of a 1980 model Chevrolet
truck there are 15 by 8 factory rally wheel that’s what GM called it the tires
are a 255 70 15 it just gives the truck a little wider stance which I like I
like the deeper rims myself but it’s still a factory wheel so it helps keep
everything looking factory which is what this is look I’m going for it just gives
the truck a really nice retro classic look and it complements that classic
two-tone paint I think perfectly now I’ll start it up let you hear it run for
a little bit radio still works air conditioners still blow his ice-cold well you can listen to that oh that song there came out in the late 80s Early 90s that they
flowmaster super 10 dual exhaust I put that on there cuz I can’t stand a quite v8 I want to hear it hope you’ll enjoy thanks for watching
well that was this week’s video and remember to have your car video
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