The Only Fast Cars I’d Buy

The Only Fast Cars I’d Buy

rev up your engines, today by popular demand
I’m gonna talk about cars that you can get
for under sixty thousand dollars that were really fast
I put the limit at sixty grand because who’s spending a hundred two hundred
three hundred or even three million dollars on a fast car I’m talking about
regular people here my all-time favorite car under sixty grand that was fast was
a 2013 Shelby Cobra gt500 I had one for a whole week good thing I only had it
for a week if I would have any longer there probably wouldn’t be any Scotty
here making videos to help you out that was the last car that Carroll Shelby had
anything to do with making and the thing was a beast but at list priced under
sixty thousand dollars now try finding a car that goes 200 miles an hour
most of them two hundred three hundred thousand millions of dollars could they
really go 200 miles an hour and my answer to that is yes but only in a
really long straight line people really didn’t have any luck doing on our
racetracks but they actually tested them and Europe on a really long road and
they got over 200 miles an hour now it requires so much more energy to go 200
miles an hour than it does to go 100 miles an hour
it’s an insane engineering feat to do so in a car that costs less than 60 grand I
just think but a whopping 667 horsepower now did have a supercharger on it to
make it go I mean you got to keep a ram in that era and in front of the vehicle
didn’t even have a grill at a giant hole and they needed a hole that big to suck
enough air in to run the vehicle and the coolest so it didn’t overheat when I was
going 200 miles an hour interesting enough Shelby wanted to make like a hundred GT
thousands each year they were gonna have like 1400 horsepower to him but he died
and Ford pulled the plug on that I guess they figured making 100 cars wasn’t too
profitable for them so they stuck with the gt500 never made any of the GT
thousands they ended up having to use a carbon fiber driveshaft on the thing
because they wanted to use aluminum to save weight but the aluminum ones kept
bending so it’s a pretty high-tech car for under sixty thousand dollars
now the 2020 gt500 they made it’s only only goes 180 miles
an hour because they realize to go 200 take so much energy and those things
with all the tax title and all this other stuff
they started like 73 thousand dollars it’s a long way from the price of the
2013 it doesn’t go as fast that’s fast fun car for under 60 grand for 2018
honda civic type-r now sure it’s not as insane as the Mustang in a Camaro but
for a small car those little rocket ships are fun to
drive around I’ve got customers with them and I love it when they bring it in
for oil changes and stuff and I get to test it out that sucker could go 169
miles an hour behind engineers designed it to have the right amount of ground
force so what’s going fast it still handles quite well if you get in one of
those and you’re going super fast you’re gonna notice the handling it’s actually
much better than the Mustangs of the Camaro it’s also lower to the ground car
toe but people are fighting over them now trying to buy them I had a customer
recently buy one here and used to gotta go away to Albuquerque to find one that
was a decent price because all the local dealers here whenever they had and they
were jacking the price up really high so we went all the way to Albuquerque to
buy one and when you have a car as small as that seven with 306 turbocharged
horsepower yeah that’s something that’s really gonna do some screamin especially
at low to mid-range speed to low your vehicle so we can just take off faster
and also stop faster notice with the styling of the type r people either love it
or they hate it but all the weird fins and stuff
time to put them on to make them aerodynamic so they can drive around at
169 miles an hour and still have great control after World War two when Honda
seriously started to make motorcycles and a lot of aeronautical earnt allowed
to build fighter planes and stuff anymore so they made motorcycles and
went really fast at a high speed so with Japanese bikes with all those curves
it was more like wings going down the road the motorcycles the way they’re
designed so if you want a small car with speed they only come at standard
transmissions behind a Civic type-r hey probably the car for you if you value
bang for your buck if you decide to drive them slow at
certain times they still get really good gas mileage, the Shelby Cobra gt500 I got
about three miles again I was driving like a maniac when I did drive the speed
limit it still only got about 13 miles a gallon their big gigantic supercharged
v8 engine now that looks fast car runner 60 grand Dodge Challenger with the
health care engine nothing overall bigger car than Mustang so it’s not
quite as nimble but it goes 0 to 60 in a mind-blowing 3.4 seconds now there is a
faster car than that that’s the Tesla Model S when you pay 15
grand for it’s ludicrous function it can go zero to 60 in 2.0 seconds that’s just
insane but then again here I’m talking about cars across less than 60 grand so
you can forget the Model S unless you’re talking about a used one I had a
customer just bought a used one for forty five thousand dollars because they
have insane poor resale value he bought one that
listed for 125 used with ten thousand miles and then you only had to pay forty
five grand they have horrible reset dog but I’m talking about the new price of
the car here those Hellcat engines are insane now it is old technology their
push rod engines they’re not even overhead cam engines I put out a
tremendous amount of horsepower of course they’re tremendous gas hogs do
but we’re talking about speed for the lowest price possible here straight-line
speed you just like the Mustang they’re not cornering marvels they don’t corner
all that great but if you want straight-line speed you really can’t
beat these Hellcat engines today Dodge has gone so far that they sell what are
called hell crate engines they sell ones that you can bolt on to the old 60s
chargers and stuff so you could make them and same personally I would never
do that those old ones really didn’t handle that well and with 700 some
horsepower how are you gonna kill yourself if you do that but they’re
making the kits available for anybody who wants to try now the next speed car
I’m talking about might surprise you it’s the Tesla long-range model 3 it was
rear-wheel drive they’re not making any more because they want to simplify their
production if you add in a second motor to it that didn’t make the price go up
to $50,000 that’s still less than my $60,000 base
I’m talking about and then that thing can go zero to 60 and 3.5 seconds that’s
pretty fast electric motors have full power all the time so you should turn
them on they go and one of the advantages of Tesla’s is they have a low
center of gravity and really sharp steering we call battery packs a weight
is loadout so they actually handle really well I drove one once and I was
impressed by the acceleration and the handling now it is a full electric car
and I’m not a big fan of that but if you want speed that’s the way to go in an
electric car it’ll make that particular model anymore but you can probably get a
used one and a really decent price if you want an electric car that can really go
fast, now the next fast car of 2018 Camaro zl1
1l e a special model and yeah I admit I’m cheating here it’s a little over
$1,000 over 60 grand but it’s close enough the classic muscle car it’s got
650 horsepower with a supercharger that’s not get so much horsepower just
like the Mustang did and it’s matched to a 6-speed standard transmission just
like the Mustang was it it’s a classic muscle car for somebody who wants the
stick shifter and a lot of horsepower while the fancy car that’s the new one
with the mid-engine are going more for the European type market the Camaro
pretty much just stuck to its muscle car roots big all v8 pushrod engine
supercharger and a six-speed standard transmission for guys that really like
shift and that’s part of the driving experience of those things, so now you
know some super fast cars you can get for under $60,000 if you feel the need
for speed, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos
remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Funny how everything he mentioned is american except the type r….feels abit biased tbh. Alot of the expensive cars he compared the stang too are alot more expensive for a reason…quality control and expensive materials. Plus the fact that driving something like a huracan is a completley different experience. And your also paying for vehicles that can actually make a corner under speed and don't dent the road from how heavy they are as most of the mentioned vehicles are. Abit of a pointless comparison. Americans should learn that there is more to a car the straight line speed.

  3. I realized how similar I am to Scotty— literally I could be happy with just a 5th generation 4 door Accord and not want any other car

  4. Guess Scotty never heard of how good the Kia stingers are , Infiniti Q50 or q60 red sport , 370z (being a good driver that is ) ,

  5. Scotty, would you recommend buying a 1994-1999 Toyota Celica GT-Four ST205? I'm thinking of one day importing one to the US.

  6. Buy a motorcycle my ZX14 is faster than all mentioned and only 12k. Just buy a $700 helmet to save your grey turd,

  7. 6:00 Slight corrections on the Tesla Model 3: the fast one is the Tesla Model 3 Performance (not long range). It costs $55K and does 0-60 in 3.2 sec. The cheaper "long range dual motor" is $48K and does 0-60 in 4.4sec.

  8. Umm you do realize you contradict yourself in this video? You say never buy a earth dreams engine due to oil delusion, but then you say the Civic type R is a great fast car to buy, however it has a earth dreams engine…. Just looking for your thought, has the engine improved? I have a 2018 and they just recalled it due to dilution, did give me 6 year unlimited mileage warranty though!

  9. There is no reason, but this planet at least, that you can't build + aluminum drive shaft, provided you use the proper type of aluminum, of the proper thickness, that would work any 2013 Shelby. Perhaps their Metallurgy was just a little bit off? Or you had one of the new Engineers thought he could reinvent something when we've been making drive shafts that survive behind 1200 horsepower automobiles for about 40 years now, both steel and aluminum.

    I still believe that the best concept for electric vehicle, was the 1982 electric hybrid the Chrysler put together. It had a relatively small gas turbine engine that drove a generator oh, it had for Westinghouse jet engine starter engines, one at each wheel. And it went 200 miles an hour rather easily.

  10. When is the last time you actually had a wrech in your hand and if you didn't have Pro Data to look up every question why else would you be doing. Taking tickets at a carnival ride

  11. A heart of the grandfather is hotter than type R engine! !I support you from Japan.
    This new type R is already tuned up in Japan, and Ferrari is treated like a child.

    Way of speaking is rude, but is praise said to, "the dead grandfather revives" in Japan speaking of type R.

  12. Comparing a Front engined Mustang with a Mid Engined exotic… and then even compare price. Any car using a mid engined layout would be easily more expensive. Then there’s much of a car performance that its not acceleration and speed.

    And even if its not a question of performance, the simple fact of having something unnaccessible to the average joe is part of the reason of being more expensive.

    “Oh but i dont care about exclusivity”

    -I dont care either to have a 600hp unsophisticated chassis that can make a lot of speed. Id would spend much faster 60K on a Caterham which at least delivers performance in all the aspect even it its not a livable car. Mustang isnt either a car for daily use if properly set up to be dynamically balanced.

    I dont say i dislike Mustangs. I like them in fact like a lot of cars, but i dont make stupid comparisons between cars that were built with different concepts in mind.

  13. Says bang for buck on a 40k civic with only ONLY 300hp, an 04 srt4 neon with a very mild tune can easily make 300hp and for what 4 to 5k? granted provided you find one in good shape. sorry I cant justify 300hp for almost 500hp scat pack challenger money, also fyi the Japanese fighter shown was a Mitsubishi zero, Honda was partnered with Toyota in WW2 and only made propellers for the nakajima aircraft company most notable nakajima aircraft would be the B5N "kate"

  14. Why show the current generation Civic, Camaro etc and compare it to the previous generation Mustang, and why do you say the Mustang and Camaro cannot handle, the current generation Camaro and Mustang are just as good or better than most current gen sports cars in their price range.

  15. So I have a 2012 Camaro ZL1 that I bought new for $59,642.XX. (I can't remember the cents amount) Anyway, lots of fun to drive. Handles great, the factory says it will do 180 but I can only vouch for 165. Actually really comfortable as a daily driver other than being expensive in terms of fuel, oil changes, and tires. Actually about to sell it, time to move on. But it's definitely been fun.

  16. 1:06…Scotty i knew what your cat is thinking when passing you behind ? ".so boring….to whom he´s always talking ?? "

  17. Scotty just makes money off his videos he doesn't even have a car shop. His shop is literally at his house, Toyota is not the only reliable car out there. Remember this is the same man that has repeatedly said that Hondas have weak transmission now that's ludicrous!

  18. What is the best year used for a dodge challenger RT i can buy, saw the last video said not to buy a dodge challenger trying to get one under 20 grand so i can lower it to 12-13.5k at the dealer ship. saving up to buy in 7months

  19. What about a regular V8 Camaro, Mustang or Challenger? They're fast enough and more budget friendly. You don't recommend them because they aren't top of the line? Which one's best for long term value, maintenance, reliability, etc.? Or are they junk like most new cars?

  20. Honda Civic Type R – I don't disagree that Honda is a well manufactured brand – the problem here is not the speed or "go factor" performance. . . its the looks. This folks, is the most GOD awful looking modern car made today. The multitude of shapes, louvers, scoops, bends, inserts, and generally overall busy-ness of trying to meld ALL the styling cliches into one car just make this thing the ugliest thing on the road today. With all the buying options out there, one can do WAY better – and let's face it, a large chunk the consideration for the fast, sporty cars is the looks. This is the ultimate "FAIL" for a sports – go fast car.

  21. Buying a fast car for $60,000: I sleep
    Buying a used sports car for $30,000: I wake up
    Buying a slow car for $5,000 then spending $8,000 building a turbo engine: I A M W O K E

  22. Hey Scotty, I keep hearing you say you're in Dallas. So I'm curious why you have the New Hampshire "Live Free or Die" motto hanging above your garage door?

  23. 60k is too much for a car, unless most viewers are dads experiencing midlife crisis and I'm one of the few 20 year olds watching this channel regularly

    That said Cayman starts at $57k, wouldn't look anywhere else if I had 60k to spend on a car

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