The Quickest and Easiest Way To Clean Wheels! – Chemical Guys Car Care

The Quickest and Easiest Way To Clean Wheels! – Chemical Guys Car Care

Today I want to show you guys the fastest
and easiest method for cleaning your wheels. This Nissan has tons of brake dust collected
in the barrel as well as the face of the wheel and we’re going to take all of that out using
our Power Woolie. This is going to take care of all the grunt
work so I won’t have to scrub on it. I’ll have plenty of energy to do this whole
wheel as well the remaining three. Also we are going to show you how easy it
is to wax your wheels using the Power Woolie. To get started we’ll rinse down the wheel
to knock off the heavier loose brake dust. Now you can see after rinsing off the wheel
it has taken care of the heavier brake dust making it look a lot cleaner but there is
still the embedded brake dust and grime that is actually super corrosive and if it is left
on the surface it will start to deteriorate the finish or eat the clear coat which will
cause the wheel to fail. We’re going to clean it all off using Sticky
Citrus Wheel Gel. Spraying it directly on the surface and this
is going to help trap and encapsulate anything that is on the surface to reveal that factory
finish. It is also creating bubbles of lubrication
so this way we won’t scratch as we clean. You can use Sticky Citrus Wheel Gel on chrome
wheels, painted, OEM wheels it is going to clean it while safely removing brake dust
and make it easier to apply a new coating. Here I have our brand new Power Woolie and
I’ll begin by getting some water on here so that we aren’t using a dry applicator which
can cause marring. I’m also going to spray some Sticky Citrus
Wheel Gel into the Woolie for lubrication and cleaning power. Now starting at the highest point and we’ll
slowly work the Power Woolie around the spokes and crevices. As you can see the Power Woolie is doing an
amazing job to pull off the hard to reach brake dust. If you look all the way through the barrel
of the rim, it has gotten all of that brake dust and grime off of there for a perfectly
uniform shine. Now we are going to rinse it off to get rid
of all this excess cleaner and brake dust off and then move on to the waxing steps. Before we do that lets dunk this in our fresh
water bucket to loosen up any of the collected brake dust so that when we move on to the
next wheel we won’t bring this grime to the next wheel. As you guys can see the Power Woolie has done
an amazing job at pulling off all of the grime. All of that brake dust is super corrosive
which can embed the surface cause degradation. Contouring to all the hard to reach areas
throughout the wheel for an even shine. Now lets move on to the waxing step to protect
this wheel. What we’re going to do now is we have dedicated
this as our wheel cleaning Woolie and we are going to switch off to a dry clean Power Woolie
which is only going to be used for waxing. This way next time we have a wheel cleaning
job we won’t cross contaminate one with cleaners or wax. Tighten this back up and using some Max Coat
Wheel Guard to give it a durable layer of protection against harsh elements, UV rays
and brake dust which will make it hard for anything to stick to by repelling stains. We’ll just dab a little bit on to the applicator. Since this is a fresh applicator I’ll spray
a little bit of Pad Conditioner on there so we aren’t putting a dry pad on the surface
which can mar or scratch. As I had mentioned I’ll spray a little bit
of Pad Conditioner just like when you are polishing you want to reduce friction and heat. We’ll gently spread it out all the way around
the rim on the face, between the spokes and the back of the barrel. This way we will have an even coating which
gives more shine and protection. There you guys have it, you see the Power
Woolie evenly spreads a nice thin coat easily and quickly. This only takes about ten minutes to cure
so while that is bonding I’ll move on to the other three but if you guys want to learn
more about these products check them out on our website If you like this car or this video be sure
to give it a thumbs up and we’ll see you guys next time right here in the Detail Garage.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. i usually just spray it with some solution… let it rest and rinse it off. I hate cleaning wheels. it's the never ending story!

  2. I picked that up at the canadain chemical guys shop and it was $59.99 put that shit back in the bucket so fast. Wanna use their product, DECON and a wheel brush that can clean the barrel simple.

  3. Needed an extra minute with some Goo Gone to get those visible old wheel weight stickies off. Really wish some of the wheel manufacturers (read expensive) would coat the barrels better.

  4. My truck is painted with a bed liner any tips on how to wash it good and the paint on he hood is kinda fading so I use trim shine to restore the flat black look but it only works for a couple weeks but do you have any tips on how to make it last longer

  5. You did an awesome job on the wheels. But it's to bad somebody had left the break dust on there to long and the wheels are already looking like they have suffered from it. Anyways as always chemguys keep up the great work and keep the videos coming!


    Your number one fan


  6. Those Nismo rims are soo easy to clean up, I wish you would have tried a much more complex pattern rim.Ill try it on my vehicles, don't think it will be that easy thou.Products seem very good .

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