The Real Reason They Stopped Making Inline 6 Cylinder Engines

The Real Reason They Stopped Making Inline 6 Cylinder Engines

rev up your engines, J man says will Ford
ever bring the 300 6 cylinder engine back best engine Ford ever made, well I kind
of doubt that they will, because they’ve gotten away from straight six-cylinder
engines, they don’t have the torque and horsepower that a v6 has, Ford is really going
for v6, a lot of their big trucks now they’re throwing v6 with GDI gasoline
and twin turbos on them to get horsepower, so I doubt if they’ll bring
back the straight six and yeah they were very dependable engines, they didn’t have
the horsepower but they could run a really really really long time, if you
really think about it most companies don’t want to make things that last a
really really long time cuz they want to sell you a new one every four or five
years you know, that’s our society people want to make money, Jacob says Scotty
what is the best hatchback made in the last ten years, yeah I got one sitting in
a driveway you can’t beat it, it’s a Toyota Matrix 2007 it was made in Cambridge
Ontario and the funny thing is, they stopped making them a few years ago but now
I notice now they’re selling Toyota
Corolla hatchbacks, well it’s the matrix it’s the same car you can see by looking
at it, they just I didn’t want to call it matrix on it’s own so now they’re calling
it Toyota Corolla hatchback because the matrix
was all based on the Corolla everything
anyway, same engine, same brakes, same transmission and you can’t beat them
they were the best ones that were made and there’s no arguing that,
GDL 30 says hey Scotty should I use a thicker oils as my car increases in
mileage thank you, okay it used to be true for all cars, when I was a kid as cars
got old, burnt a little oil, we put a little heavier oil, but those were all pushrod
cast-iron engines, now with variable valve timing and some engines that use a
0w ten oil, you never want to put a heavier weight oil in them, because they
were designed for the lighter weight oil and some of them do burn a little oil as
they age but you basically live with it, you don’t want to put a heavier weight
oil in it, because they were designed for that and
they may not run right and it can even wear them out faster, so with most modern
cars you don’t want to mess with the viscosity, you want to stick with what
you’ve been using all those years, what the manual says, Alex says
Scotty I have the opportunity to buy really cheap v6 front wheel drive 87
Oldsmobile 98 Regency, love the interior but don’t know about the transmission
and motor, how difficult is it to rebuild a front-wheel drive transmission, okay
that’s an 87, that’s one of the worst automatic transmissions GM ever made
when they started making those front-wheel drive ones, they had no idea
what they were doing, but if you can get the car cheap enough, you can get a
factory rebuilt transmission for those things they weren’t as complex as the
new ones they only had a few gears, they’re not like the new ones that are
eight, nine, ten speeds, they’re a lot simpler and a really good transmission
guy would have no problems rebuilding that one, because it’s simpler, if it needs
rebuilding doesn’t work right, if you get the car cheap enough why not have some
fun, but don’t pay much for it you know the value of that car is virtually
nothing, maybe five hundred dollars or something so don’t pay much for it, x man
says Scotty I got a 97 GMC Yukon and every once in a while I hear a grinding
noise when I break my headlights lower at the same time, do I have to replace
my wheel bearing, well the headlights shouldn’t have anything to do with that
the grinding could definitely be the wheel bearing, check you know pull the wheels
off make sure you’re not low on brake pads or brake shoes anywhere, could easily be a
wheel bearing check that out, when you jack it up and spin the wheels you hear
any kind of rattling or have any or a little play on it, but making your
headlights lower at the same time that’s more often either your alternator is
getting weak or you got a ground wire problem, GHs are known for having ground
wire problems and often ground wire problem the headlights will get dim but
just go to a place like autozone, they’ll check your battery and alternator free
and a lot of times that’s your alternator just starting to wear out, Vinny Adam
says my family cx-7 has a blown head gasket I’m wondering if it’s worth
fixing, those Mazdas they have a lot of problems, if it’s high mileage and it’s
old, I’d just get rid of it, you think it has a blown head gasket it could be a
lot worse, and my experience with those CX-7 is, they got that variable valve
timing with the chain on it, that system often breaks down, they use a motorcraft
on them, Mazda and ford have of some kind of relationship
going on and they had a lot of problems with those in
them too, you never really know if the only thing you have is a blown head
gasket when you got a problem with the engine, and you only find out when you
tear the engine apart and start looking at stuff, if it’s high mileage, I wouldn’t
even fix, I’d just junk the car and get rid of it, because once you take that
engine apart if it’s high mileage it’s probably gonna need a full rebuild with
Pistons, bearings, and it’s just not worth it on those things, in that case if you
could find a used engine in a junkyard that had low mileage on it go ahead a
lot of guys do that, but when it comes to actually fixing those complicated
engines, hardly anybody does that anymore, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. We been getting Corollas in Aus and NZ since the 60s, it might have been called the Matrix in North America but rest of the world it’s been the Corolla.

  3. Wow, the first time I don't agree with you.
    Inline engines are the best.
    Pros: reliability, power (tractor trailer engines), longevity….
    Cons: very long(like a v12)
    Another comment also made a great point, cars are built not to last. Ultra reliable engines go against this.
    Also (in the case of Mercedes diesels) switching to a v engine allows it to fit in most chassis. I think their diesel engine is the only engine that is available in all models.

  4. The Equinox pictured means you implied a heavier oil?I am thinking about getting a few years old Impala so i wonder which is oil is best!

  5. V6 makes more power than a inline6. Ahh no 2jz toyota rb26 nissian he'll the 4.0 ho jeep. If you applied mid ten Tec to any of these engine they would stomp most v8 the lnline6 went away because most car's are front wheel drive

  6. I would rather have an engine like the Ford straight six 300 that ran forever, then pay for something that won't last. That's common sense but, common sense isn't very common any more.

  7. Well Jeep bring back the AMC designed inline 6? I got an 01 jeep cherokee with in-line 6 with 292700 miles on it

  8. Scotty. Whats the reason for you being months behind in vehicle news? A lot of manufacturers are introducing new inline 6’s. Mercedes, JLR….

  9. Hahaha the new supra has an online 6….now how does that work when you say they stopped? BMW still makes them and merc lol

  10. Inline 6 cylinder engine has more tourqe then v6s.its about putting a v6 into smaller engine bays and inline six does not need fixing like v6 v8 turn over in parts.i live in Australia taxi cabs inline 6s look up Ford barra and e series engine than rb30 in vl Commodore.isnt Mercedes Benz bring back inline 6 .what about 2jz pound for pound the best engine ever produced. Scotty ya need to do a bit more research.

  11. Hey Scotty I have a 2001 madza tribute it's been a great car over the past year I've owed it has almost 280000 miles I took it in to get my breaks checked because they seem to lose pressure some times the replaced the master cylinder saying it was bone dry but didn't change much of anything any advice on what it could be

  12. My dad drives a 14.6 liter inline 6 It can drive for a million miles and then my dad replaces the fuel injectors for another 500000 before there's too much wear. It has torque. It pulls 80,000 all the time

  13. The problem with American cars is that management was there for the shareholders and not for the customers. Other car companies strike a (slightly) different balance.

  14. Best straight six i had was GM 3.3 ltr in a Vauxhall est cut down into a truck from 1973 it was more reliable than $100 hooker !

  15. Oh Scotty 😂. “ i6 doesn’t have torque”
    Truth is, i6 generally have a longer stroke, and this have more torque. Don’t argue with me, I know you’re wrong. I worked on hundreds of inline 6 already. Generally 10 liters or more 😏

  16. I'm thinking fords sticking with v6 because they are shorter and fit traverse and even if trucks have RWD and mount them inline to the drive shaft, they'd rather not have more engines to make.

  17. The 300 was good but its smaller 240 cubic inch Sister was way better. The longer stroke of the 300 caused the piston skirts to wear out and slap loudly. The Chrysler slant 6 was probably the longest lasting inline 6.

  18. It’s because of packaging. An in-line is longer so it requires a longer engine bay. Inline 6s are known to be torquey( is that a word? ) A V6 will fit in a shorter engine bay, shorter nose on the car, less body weight. Though I wonder if between the 2 engines if a straight 6 wouldn’t weigh less because it doesn’t need the balance shafts that some V6s have.

  19. If they used wide band 02 sensors in each exhaust runner, they could make the straight six less emission problematic.

  20. I know you dont like chevy and for good reason but my trailblazer 08 straight 6 is a real solid car and at around 117,000 miles. Never had any major work done to the motor. Most ive done is buy new shocks/struts.

  21. The death of the L6 … JDM did a video on that. No more Supras, Silvias or Skylines, they were all dropping it. In Europe BMW went for a V8 in the M3. Those were terrifying times. All of those engines could be build to around 1000 hps and still be quite reliable. They just wanted the super car out of the hands of the regular Joe. Now you must be stuck with shitty cars because rich people don't want you going faster than them in their Italian cars. They own the place.

  22. All front wheel drive cars have traverse mounted engines. Which means an in-line 6 will not fit traversed. Simple mathematics!

  23. My uncle was an engineer for MCI, the bus manufacturer. He said the inline six was his favorite engine. Before he worked for MCU, he never saw them wear out in all of his years in the race car industry.

  24. I had a 1976 F150 4X4 with a 300 I6. Warner T18 transmission and cast iron transfer case. It wasn't fast but it never ran out of power. It was a great off-road motor. Later on I put an Offenhauser intake and 465cfm Holley 4-barrel on it. That woke it up on the top end. I sure wish I had that truck today.

  25. I think Scotty got this one wrong. The straight six is coming back. With a turbocharger and moderate boost, the straight six is fairly unbeatable. It's cheap to make and is turbine smooth.

  26. Just when you start to think Scotty is never wrong. He’s wrong. As a general rule. In line sixes are torque monsters. V6’s aren’t.

  27. It's my understanding that inline motors have less resistance on the crank and rods because of the vertical movement. V configurations, on the other hand, are more compact and will fit transverse for FWD cars. Then there's the VR6 which is somewhat of a V/inline hybrid where the cylinders are slightly staggered and share a cylinder head.

  28. 'Doesn't have the torque and horsepower of a v6 engine'.
    A wild barra walks in to the room
    Pity you don't get them in USA or you wouldn't say that. Top drag builds often reduce the torque via shorter rods (and more rpm/hp) as they are so torquey..

  29. 300 straight 6 Ford made was a great engine . Ford should have never quit making that engine . I don't even like Ford ….

  30. Ford have a really nice Straight 6 named the BARRA. 4lt straight 6 DOCH. They also make a turbo version making 270kw Standard.

  31. Obviously haven't heard of the Ford Australia inline 6's ( 4 litre SOHC and DOHC ) Scotty, do more research b4 you open your mouth to change feet .

  32. Just read an article today that Mazda is soon producing an inline 6. Will be interesting to see where that goes. Since mazda broke away from ford they seem to be taking their company to better places.

  33. I'm not sold that car companies don't want to make cars that last a long time. The demographic that buys new cars generally don't care whether the car will last 20 years or 400k miles since they will even buy a Toyota and only own it for 3-5 years before they trade it in for a new vehicle.
    This mindset forces car companies to constantly make new vehicles with new tech. So yeah they probably aren't refining the current tech because they gotta create new stuff to keep new car buyers to be coming back for more.

  34. Mercedes has an inline six now that is very high tech. They dropped the pulleys to get it to fit in the engine bay with a little room to spare.

  35. How strange. When i bought my Matrix in 2012 there was a Cx5 next to it 4the same price. I looked at both and picked the Matrix. Im so glad i did !!! 😬😬😬

  36. All the straight 6 motors I owned years ago were very reliable and had decent power, but were less refined than a small V-8 of similar displacement ,with a rougher idle and would shake and make more noise under acceleration , probably because the V is a more balanced design , I can remember when people bought a truck purely as a machine to do work, and wanted the most rugged simple design they could get , manual transmission, minimal dash clutter or power accessories , no power steering , no air conditioning , harsh ride from the heavy duty suspension and having a noisy motor was expected , like the old saying, It rode like a truck, Now a lot of people just buy trucks as a luxury vehicle and want a soft ride and a quiet smooth motor, and do not put simplicity or reliability as their number one priority in a truck.

  37. I love my 95 6cyl f150.(265,000) miles..replaced most /all freezeplugs..and harmonic balancer…owned it 20+ yrs…I also bought a 94 a back up truck..a bit rusty..will always own purchase..94 was 1,900 bucks..needed a back gas tank..both have ice cold a/c..I will say they both crawl up mountains..on the way to Payson ,AZ.. everybody passing me up….not fast uphill… grrrr..

  38. At UPS I had a very hard time keeping spark plugs on the 4.9 EFI (300). They had a rediculously long hot tip.

  39. Please don't hate me guys but Chrysler I6 4.0 they used to put on those Jeeps with a 5speed manual where tough, fun fuckers!

  40. High Vehicle prices Vs short longevity will be vehicle manufacturers downfall. The future successful companies will be the ones that put quality first, not more and more bells and whistles.

  41. I loved my ford 1989 f150 it had the inline 6 300 standard shift in it and when I got it it had 60,000 miles on it,when I sold it i had 408,000 miles on it and only thing I ever did was new waterpump,ball joints,tie rods and clutch,other than that just changing the oil and that's it

  42. I believe the inline six makes more horsepower but does not produce the amount of torque a v6 will produce. The amount of torque that can be produced is also affected by different angles at the crank.

  43. I had a 250 straight 6 and man that thing was bullet proof. I had over 300k miles on it and it was still running great.

  44. An inline 6 in inherently balanced. One power stroke every 60 degrees of crankshaft rotation, My AMC 3.8 I-6 had 7 main bearings-absolutely indestructable.

  45. Pretty much ALL the straight 6's were very reliable….this one ….the Chevy and of course the Jeep 4.0 inline 6….which has pretty good torque for what it is….

  46. I had a ford f 150, i6 300, 5 speed stick. Replaced the two barrel motorcraft carb with a small 4 barrel edelbrock. Gave me a lot more low end, when I needed it, and it didn't really mess with the mpg much, as long as I kept my foot out of it. It leaked a little oil, but what old ford doesn't? Had to replace the reverse foot and retainer spring once in the standard transmission. That was it, in over 300,000 miles. Sold it to a friend who kept it until it had over 500,000 on it, and still running.
    Wish like heck I could find another one just like it, or a van with the same power train. I'd snag it up in a heart beat, come hook or crook. 😉 So easy to work on to.

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