The Rise Of Liva by Amana Toyota

The Rise Of Liva by Amana Toyota

This is a success story The story of how the people in Amana created magic with their record sales
of Liva in 2017 Now you will be wondering
what I am doing here, right ? A beautiful girl in the
northern part of Kerala who’s dying to fall in
love and get hitched. Well! because this is my story too Confused ? That’s the surprise These bunch of good looking and
hardworking people in Amana As part of their record
breaking Liva adventure helped me have my family Now how that spanned out,
that’s for later The month was Spetember The all IMPORTANT meeting! They had gone beyond and
met the targets so far Not once, but twice! Ok so, good morning everyone
Good morning We had a fantastic July and August. It was a big shock to me when our
team requested directly to Raja san You know asking for more cars for December We should be aiming for
6000 cars for this annum and 500 livas by December and 1000 used cars by year end Asking for 500 cars, it was you know
an unbelievable situation for me I don’t know how much practical it is to
achieve the 500 numbers in our market This is like working backwards But I hope you have all
done enough homework because once Raja san commits to the plant,
then there’s no going back We know we will be in trouble
if it doesn’t happen We have to do almost 110
per month for three months Our present average is 78.
We might need to hype it up by 30-40% We are fixing this number. If it’s acceptable for you,
we will look for recruitment, training whatever is possible for this mission My only doubt is with this fellow Sir, we will achieve at any cost! Ok. If you achieve it,
then everyone else will achieve too We will be the first to finish the race by 2018 Are you ready ?
Yes Sir! And you are going to be the flag
bearers of project Transcend The challenge was on 500 livas in December The race to success began I think we can easily hit
6450 mark for this year Good morning everybody
Good morning Today we are here to celebrate
our success for 2017 Especially in Livas Our target for December
was around 300 and finally we ended up doing 535 Livas Our overall sales
for the year was 6500 which is our record high for Amana Toyota Now… About me ? Remember the magical number
they decided three months back 500 right ? But my number was 535 So I was at a big risk Will I reach it ?
Will they reach it ? looked very bleak and impossible But on the last
working day in 2017, I was embraced in Love Thank you Amana! It was pure magic I, a dual tone special model, 6495th business for the year 535 for the month The magical Liva from Amana Toyota And this…. My Story

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