The Secret Military Road to Big Sur | California Motorcycle Road Trip (Day 4)

The Secret Military Road to Big Sur |  California Motorcycle Road Trip (Day 4)

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back to our California motorcycle adventure. We are in Paso Robles. Bikes are packed up, and we’re going to grab a coffee before today’s adventure starts. You might know as of summer 2017, the road to Big Sur, the PCH, is closed on both the north and the south. A lot of people think it’s impossible to get there, but there is a way, and we’re going to show it to you by taking the following steps. Let’s go. First step: caffeine. Most people are assuming that Big Sur is closed because of landslides that took out the bridges up in the north and also mudslides closer to the south. There’s a ton of parts that are closed and restricted to only local traffic. However, there is a road called the Furgeson Naciamento Road that we’re going to try to take today. It should drop us down a really narrow canyon and put us right out on the coast. Hopefully, we can have it to ourselves. Big Sur is all about solitude, which is a rare commodity these days. Brother, are you ready for another great day riding? Let’s do it, Bro. G-40 I liked Paso Robles. Me too. It’s chill. A bit bousi for my taste. I prefer the wine culture of Santa Ynez. San Luis Obispo so far sticks out to me as one of the best places that we’ve been. Well, it’s just a younger crowd. They have the university there, and they have a lot of the same things that Paso Robles has, but just catering towards more of our demographic. Look at these houses, though. Look at this, Dude. This place, Paso Robles, developed a lot in the 1920s. There was a pianist, a Polish pianist, who helped cultivate wine and bring this on the national, an international reputation as a wine destination, in addition to being the natural hot springs that it always was. Today we are heading out of Paso Robles, making our way to Big Sur. Problem is that the highway is closed, like we said. So, we’re taking a back route through the mountains, through an army base. We’ve heard from other motorcyclist that it’s a really, really fun road…. very remote, and I’m looking forward to it. I think that it’s one of those situations where what might seem like a road block is actually an invitation to get off the beaten path, to try a new way there and in the process, hopefully, discover something even better. Confucius once said that open roads are meant for journeys, not destinations. Let’s go on a journey. All right, you guys. We’ve just pulled over to the one store out here in the middle of nowhere. We’re at Lockwood. It’s 90 + degrees right now. Seems like all the motorcyclist are doing the same thing, pulling over, getting some shade. How are you feeling? Trying to figure out where the next gas station is because I don’t think there is one until we get to Big Sur. Use one of your little spares. We have fuel reserves that we’re going to have to use to get over the mountain. It’s cool. This is like a really……. I really enjoy this section of the ride because it’s kind of like……….. I never knew that this part of California existed. The mountain range is inland from the coast, but the climate is different. It’s hot. It’s dry. There ‘re oaks, ranches It’s just a different vibe. Just on the other side is Big Sur and the Pacific Coast Highway. It’s cool Check this out. Jesus is alive. That guy’s bike set off that person’s car alarm. Got to fill up on water. There’re no stops until Big Sur, and it’s like 100 degrees right now. Get it while you can. Looks like we’ve just entered Fort Hunter Liggett. This is a U.S Army base. Welcome to Fort Hunter Liggett. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve just stumbled upon this awesome mission. Mission San Antonio de Padua right next to Fort Hunter Liggett, actually on Fort Hunter Liggett. Apparently, it’s the third mission in California. We grew up next to the first one, which is in San Diego. It just shows you that the interior of California, back in the day, was really integral to this ranching culture, which formed the history of early California. At one point there were 1300 natives from the Salinas tribe here with the missionaries, and this was basically a large ranch. It’s such a trip to discover this. It’s right off the military base. If we hadn’t had this detour, there’s no way we would have found it. Beautiful place. Got to come back. It’s all being restored and earthquake proof so it should be around for another couple hundred years. Go take a little walk through here, but continue on to Big Sur. We’ve been driving up the road a little bit, and we’ve just found this beautiful little river. It’s super hot today, so……. should we take a swim? I’m doing it. There’re tons of wasps, and I just got stung twice. It’s hard to meditate when you’re getting stung, but after four days on the road, this is the day when I really feel we are sinking into the moment, really appreciating the here and now, not worrying about what comes next, what happened in the past, just being present. Even though I’m swarmed by bugs, it’s still nice to be here. We’ve just crested the peak, and we’ve just passed a sign that says Road Closed 6 Miles Ahead on 1. Although we can see Big Sur in the distance, it’s shrouded in clouds and mystery. We don’t know really what lies ahead. We know that we can get down there, but we’re not sure how much of the coast that we can explore. What a magical place, honestly. I love this part of California…… Big Sur, the geography. These mountains are so rugged that there’s really only one way in and out, especially now that the PCH is blocked off from the north and the south. There is only one way in and out. I cannot wait to get down there and to soak it all in. This is my favorite place in California. First sight: the PCH Yes. Now we’ve made it to the end of the road. Our adventure has not ended. We need to go get some gas; we’ve got to go get some food, then we’ve got to go find somewhere to sleep. Not to mention there’s still 10 miles of coastline to explore. Let’s hop on the bikes and see what else we can find here in Big Sur. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen We slept like babies. We’re totally soaked. We’re pretty much in a cloud, still. Fog that rolled in yesterday has yet to lift so everything is totally soaked. Cheers. Bro. Coffee cheers. Boom. Cheers. We made it. Can you believe it? I can. I need my bike Rocinante because I was not sure whether to try to take her beyond Los Angeles was an exotic dream or whether it was possible, but it’s actually totally capable of traveling long distance. And I can go super far, and it just makes me look at my bike as a vehicle that can take me all the way around the world. I really had a great time with my brother. Rediscovered the joy of motorcycle travel, which I have not felt since almost 10 years ago traveling through Vietnam. Discovered so much of our home state. It’s just been an amazing experience. So thank you, Alex, for getting the idea together to go travel by motorbike together. Thank you Marko for finally saying “yes” because I feel like I’ve been pestering you and annoying you for at least a year now. What was your favorite part? Favorite part……..I think probably the roads out behind Santa Barbara in the Santa Ynez… that kind of ridgeline road where you had views of the mountains to the inland and the coast off to the left, and then also back in Jalama Beach area was gorgeous. Honestly, there’s just nothing better than the freedom of two wheels and the fact that we got to get out on bikes together and explore our home state of California and take all you guys and girls with us. It makes me so happy. I just want to keep doing it. I want to keep going. I don’t want to end it here. We’d love to hear from all you guys and girls out there in the comment section. If you enjoyed this series, please let us know. This is something we definitely want to continue doing. We should give a big thanks to all the companies that helped us make this possible: to Sena for the audio bluetooth video connection; to Tobacco jeans for our jeans with Kevlar, Pack Animal for my saddle bags, and Rev’it for hooking up Alex’s jacket. All right ladies and gentlemen, that’s where we’re going to end it. Hopefully, if you’ve enjoyed this video, this series, make sure you subscribe to our channel and turn on notifications. Give this video a big thumbs-up, and drop a comment and let us know what you thought. In the meantime, stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road. Peace.

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  1. Awesome Guys! That was truly wonderful. California being my home state as well, you showed me roads I have yet ride down. You guys help set up one of my next great adventures. Thank you, George S.

  2. Hey Guys. Took that road years ago in 1967 being 18 years old (summer of love) after riding a Honda 50cc from Santa Cruz to Yosemite and back down to Big Sur and home at a cruising avg speed of 15 – 20 mph At that time a lot of the road was dirt & gravel Then hopped on my bicycle and pedaled up to Lake Tahoe and back from Santa Cruz. To be young again. Still riding at 68. Enjoyed your video

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  8. Just binged watch this series. I loved it!!!!! I just did a solo ride from my home in NYC, upstate, then into Canada through Toronto and to Niagara falls. Then I went home after 6 days on the road solo and logging 1,300 miles. Now I want to head to Cali, meet you both and ride the back roads with you two awesome brothers! I subbed your channel, Keep up the two wheeled moto-travel.


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  18. this has great cinematography but it also is filled with deception. First off at the time of shooting this video CAMP FIRES ARE BANNED and these boys are lucky to have not encountered locals, forrest service or police and somehow mysteriously avoided the 5,000$ fines. Big Sur was ravaged by fires and floods all in a short time frame and locals lost their homes and lives so to see a illegal roadside fire in the Eucalyptus grove just North of Gorda is especially concerning. Another rider traveling through (AFTER this video was shot) has been arrested and charged, served jail time and still faces the fines. If Big Sur is your favorite spot in California then respect it when you come. DO NOT HAVE AN ILLEGAL CAMP FIRE spend the 35$ to get a legal campsite (especially if your sponsored) and enjoy a worry free camp fire that won't cost you 5 grand. I'm glad these fellas didn't get to show even more secrets of Big Sur.

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    The California Motorcycle Road Trip series is for sure my all time video to watch and every time I review the series it just gets better. I was in Cali and had hoped to recreate your tour, but work called and I'm now living in Italy (I know what a bummer right) LOL. As soon as my bikes get here I'll be vlogging and documenting wonderful memories like you two…Please keep doing what you do.

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