The STILLEN 500 HP Supercharged Nissan 370Z – /TUNED

The STILLEN 500 HP Supercharged Nissan 370Z – /TUNED

MATT FARAH: New Zealand is
an incredible place– one of the most beautiful
on Earth. It was the least corrupt
country of 2009. They export delicious
baby sheep. It made Peter Jackson a
billionaire and Elijah Wood relevant again. They’re Australia without
the drinking problem. Wikipedia says their main
exports are wood and machinery, but I think they
forgot something– racing drivers. Steve Millen was an incredibly
successful racing driver. In fact, he was the best
in IMSA GT history. And three people in his family
are racing drivers– his brother Rod, his son Kyle,
and his nephew, Rhys Millen. After he retired, he
opened STILLEN– AKA Steve Millen sport parts. Now, Steve has raced rally cars,
GT cars, trophy trucks, Formula Fords, a Ford
GT, and a GTR. Guess what the first
cars he tuned were? Mini trucks. You laugh, but now he builds the
brakes for the Varon and McLaren MP4-12C. And his relationship with Nissan
hasn’t gone anywhere. That’s what we’re here
today to drive– the STILLEN 370Z. Now we are no strangers
to STILLEN. We’ve been here before. Steve came on The Car Show. But the last time I was here,
this car was in a bunch of pieces because they were
making a body for it. And now it’s done,
and here’s Kyle. What’s happening, man? KYLE MILLEN: How’s
it going, Matt? MATT FARAH: Thanks
for having me. KYLE MILLEN: Thank you
for coming back. MATT FARAH: Nice to see
the 370 is done. KYLE MILLEN: Yep. All ready to go. MATT FARAH: I am very excited
to drive this car– I got to be honest. KYLE MILLEN: Drive? MATT FARAH: Yeah, dude, drive. KYLE MILLEN: Did you
sign the waiver? MATT FARAH: What waiver? No waivers. KYLE MILLEN: They didn’t get
the waiver from you? MATT FARAH: No, I don’t
have any waiver. KYLE MILLEN: Do you have
the insurance? MATT FARAH: No. What do you think this
is, Top Gear? Come on. I’ll bring it back
in one piece. KYLE MILLEN: All right. Take it easy. MATT FARAH: Come on. I haven’t broken anything yet. We’re good. KYLE MILLEN: We did a front
fascia for it, our own STILLEN urethane front fascia that we
made here in-house, everything from the design to
the manufacture. It’s also a pretty trick
front fascia. It actually incorporates
two oil coolers. It incorporates front fangs
for the brake ducting that actually has functional ducts
that go to the backing plates of the hub and blow air
into the rotors. It also has a little slit in the
underside of the top that you can’t really see when you’re
looking at it normally, but that actually directs the
air flow into the intakes or, in this case, the supercharger
intercooler. And it was something that we
really spent a lot of time developing. STEVE MILLEN: We
did everything. We did wheels and tires and
suspension, exhaust, and the engine improvements. We did the supercharger kit. We did body work, and we did
everything to that car. And it’s, again, it’s a very
successful car for us. Where some people like to just
go to the drag track– and that’s different. You’re mostly all concerned
about is traction, air, and a lot of horsepower. But because of my racing
background, it’s important that you do everything
correctly. Get as much aerodynamic help
as you can with a car, good braking, good handling, good
drivable horsepower with a supercharger. The whole package to me
is what’s important. MATT FARAH: The whole point
of this car is that it’s well-rounded. It could be a daily driver, it
could be a canyon car, it could be a track car. It could really be all of
them at the same time. And I like it because
of the balance– because it doesn’t
feel overdone. There’s no weird squeaks or
rattles because things have been gutted and rebuild
so many times. There’s no strange noises
from the suspension because it’s a race car. It’s a street car– it’s just a really good one. STEVE MILLEN: There’s such
a nice linear power band. And with the centrifugal
supercharger, the boost matches the revs. So the harder you rev the
engine, the more boost you get, the more power you get. So if you just want to cruise
around town, low RPM, not a lot of throttle response,
it’s very, very docile. But you start to rev that
engine and get into the throttle hard, you’ll
enjoy it. MATT FARAH: There is a lot
to like about this car. The Z is a great platform
from the beginning. It’s short, it’s got
a wide stance, it rotates really well. But on the other hand, there is
plenty of room to improve it from the factory. These things have been widely
documented for having really bad cooling issues. I remember when I drove
one on the track, it overheated in two laps. The brakes have been an issue. Fortunately, all that’s been
handled with this car. KYLE MILLEN: We kept it
pretty streetable. That’s kind of the whole goal
with this car, is a rolling billboard of what’s capable
with all of our parts. So this car has our 50-state
legal supercharger with a three-year, 36,000 mile power
train warranty, and so it’s pretty mild as far
as power goes. It’s little over 500 flywheel. STEVE MILLEN: The big thing with
us is we like to be able to sell our parts to the dealers
around the country and let them install the parts
for their customers. We thought it would be a very,
very difficult task to get a turbocharge kit CARB-approved
smog compliance. And so that’s why we went with
a [INAUDIBLE] for the supercharger. MATT FARAH: I also like it
because it’s kind of inoffensive. It’s not like someone’s going
to go, “hey ricer!” when you’re driving this thing. It’s not that loud– barely
louder than stock. Just a little bit
of supercharger hum, which I like. Some of those other blowers
now, they’re so quiet, you don’t even know they’re there. I like that ssssh, that little
air building [INAUDIBLE]. I like that. STEVE MILLEN: When I was doing a
lot of the endurance testing with the supercharger kit,
we’d take it out to the desert, we’d take it up into the
mountains, cold weather, hot weather, and so on. And whereas you got bigger fuel
mileage than with the standard engine. Now, that’s in a situation where
you’re driving down the freeway at, say, 70 miles an
hour, you actually use less throttle pedal because even
though it’s only got a very low amount of boost at that
speed and RPM, it still gets some assistance with power, so
you need less throttle input. So if you drive it really
hard, and you’re in the [INAUDIBLE], sure, you’re
going to use more gas. But every day driving on the
freeway, it’s actually more economical. MATT FARAH: With a guy
like Steve Millen behind it, I trust him. He knows Nissans. He knows Zs. He’s raced them. He’s raced them very
successfully. So when he sells me a complete
car and says, here you go, here’s a 500-horsepower Z with
a 36,000-mile warranty– I just trust the guy. New Zealanders are
honest people. I know that. They are. They don’t want to screw
me, they just want me to go faster. I love the turn-in. The turn-in on this car is
really direct with the suspension like this. You don’t have to use
too many inputs. Right here, going to third,
and then just throw it right in. Boom. It’s right there– no tires squealing, no bump. There’s two kinds of tuning
that I really like– the over-the-top, crazy,
1,000-horsepower kind, and the balanced streetcar kind. And this is definitely
the latter. It makes a perfect street car. I like it. I like it a lot. In fact, I have to say, after
driving it, this car has officially been properly
tuned. I really like this car. It’s balanced, it’s fast, it
corners well, it feels solid, and most importantly, it
hasn’t been screwed up. It’s not too stiff, and it has
power down low so you can drive it around town. I’d like to thank STILLEN for
letting me drive their car. I’d like to thank Steve
and Kyle for appearing on our show. And you can find their parts
through Nissan dealers nationwide and, in fact, in
other countries as well. Car, tuned, with a warranty? What’s not to like? If you want to see more of
our work, check us out of and The
Smoking Tire on YouTube. Until next time, I’m Matt
Farah, and you’ve been watching Tuned right here
on The Drive Network. [THEME MUSIC]

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  1. Matt – From someone who has driven a well built 350z (One take episode), and this car. What is your take on the quote "350 is the better drivers car, the 370 is the better luxury sport"??Do you agree? disagree? I'd like to hear your opinion. Thanks!

  2. how much could you drop the weight on a 370z by gutting it (but adding a roll cage)?
    would this car still comply to most racing organization's rules?

  3. sweet !! but don't forget that the kit cost 8,200$ you also need a new clutch and flywheel to hold the power good if your going to race the car also a oil coller will def need be in need , and a fuel pump and injectors and a custom tune. which totals 12,000$ you get 155 hp

  4. New Zealanders are honest people, I know them, they don't want to screw me, they want me to go faster, hahaha. I like people who don't want to screw me, but want me to go faster instead. I like going faster, I like fast cars:)

  5. Love when he tells Kyle Millen "What do you think, you think this is Top Gear! C'mon, I'll bring it back in one piece." RLMAO, that was genius and hilarious.

  6. Rhys Millen, his son, raced with an electric car built in my country – Latvia, in 2015, going up against the big guys from Japan and the States. And got to 2nd place – Something I'm proud of. Keep up the work!

  7. It seems that the company never refined and improve there kit for the Nissan 370Z as competitors are making more and not blowing up.

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  9. Love stillen but you don't get 500hp more like 390 to 430 max it's carb legal in the US so it won't push out that much power idk about other countries but here in the US you don't get 500hp

  10. I always get the butterflies when I see Americans collaborating with New Zealanders.

    I think its got to do with the accents and the fact that America is such an amazing place …. minus the 'hoods'

  11. Aight, let's have it, a clean 240z restomod (Red, 305WHP, some suspension/brake upgrades, no interior updates) or the Stillen 370z?

  12. Every time I watch this video it brings joy to me. NISSAN 370z is far ahead of it's game, especially with the STILLEN after market parts. NISSAN needs to collaborate with STILLEN USA to bring the next generation Z to life.

  13. Steve Millen is such a cool guy, idk why Stillen isnt more popular than it is. Nissan should sell Stillen built cars next to Nismos

  14. My friend’s friend got caught driving the 350 240km/h on 80 zone in Australia, stop the car and hand over the license. He got 3 years and a massive fine.

  15. Matt, you need to work on your speech and history skills. I know you're trying to sound sophisticated and descriptive when making this video, but when you say that "racing drivers" are some of New Zealand's "main exports" is not only hilarious, but so wrong at the same time. You could've worded it a different way to make it sound like New Zealand was exporting people as race car drivers haha!!

  16. New Zealand is so cool. Invented the car, the aeroplane, pavlova, horse racing and rugby union. Easily the best country in the world.

  17. Hi . What would be the best exhaust to buy …buck for the money . I dont want to spend $1200 . I there anything that would give a nice sound ( not too lound) without being expensive .thank you for your advice .

  18. is there some mail or something like that to contact them?
    i wanna a 370z Sport touring with nismo Motor and the superchargers an bi-turbo xdd

  19. Why does this car have a roof spoiler? That spoiler is separating the smooth air that would've been heading to the rear spoiler. Along the rear window is where the flow loses pressure, you don't want to disturb it or it spirals off, causing additional drag and hindering the effect that the rear spoiler has. Take that off, and the car is perfect.

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