The Time Zack Morris Arranged His Friend’s Murder For A Used Dirtbike

The Time Zack Morris Arranged His Friend’s Murder For A Used Dirtbike

♪ Zack Morris is trash ♪ (school bell rings) – [Narrator] It’s Career Week at Bayside. Zack is sad to learn he can’t
live off his parents forever. Zack wants to be a game show host, making a profession of putting strangers through his nonsense. Slater’s preparing for his big wrestling match against Valley. He’s ready to hit the
beach after practice, but Zack says, “No distractions
on the road to victory.” Slater wonders why Zack
suddenly gives a shit about anyone but himself. Surprise, he doesn’t. Slater’s wrestling Nedick,
Valley’s undefeated champ. Every year, Zack gambles
on Bayside and loses, but this year, Slater is a guaranteed win. What will Zack win? A brand new dirt bike that’s actually used. It belongs to the guy Slater’s wrestling who took Zack’s bet. Lisa wants to go into fashion. Zack makes her news all about him, to do more bad game show
host material nobody wants. That’s somehow the worst performance at a table with chicken hat sorcery. Kelly wants to be an
actress with lots of kids. Zack graciously offers to help. Slater doesn’t have a career. Zack says, “Who needs one?” High school wrestling will
obviously last forever. Slater’s real friends implore
him to think of the future. Zack is pretend dirt biking with Screech in a delusional fantasy
where girls are clamoring to hop on his overcrowded,
underpowered preowned vehicle. Screech wonders how
Zack can bet a dirt bike if he does not own one. Who needs a dirt bike
when Slater is a lock. Zack commands Slater to get
his lazy butt to practice, but Slater quit wrestling
to find his calling. Instead of congratulating him
on his newfound discipline, Zack calls him crazy. Zack is seeking counsel
from Poultry the Magnificent who says his dad quit driving a taxi and his mom made him cook
and he hated cooking, or whatever, who cares, so he
went back to driving a taxi. This gives Zack a great idea. He calls Slater’s dad,
pretending to be from school to rat on Slater for quitting. Zack checks if Slater is filling his time productively without wrestling. Huh, those were the
exact words his dad used. Slater needs a new activity, but he just wants to hang out with girls. Zack knows a place he says
is definitely full of girls, Cooking Club, of course. Zack is positive Slater
will be so devastated by the female company and delicious food that he’ll go back to sweaty dude fights. Zack joins Cooking Club to laugh at Slater’s ridiculous apron, except Zack got the only
goofy apron in the joint. Wow, really showed him, Zack. Cooking Club is fine, I guess. Nobody cares. Everyone, except Zack, made a decent cake. Slater is an exceptional chef. He has a natural talent that Zack ignores, to whine about getting his face punched over his latest fraudulent wager. Someone tipped Nedick
off to Slater’s baking. Slater is proud of his
culinary capabilities. Nedick mocks Slater’s dumb apron. Gee, wonder who’s feeding
him this apron intel. But instead of taking the bait, Slater relaxes into his
new and upgraded life. Nedick says if nobody
fights, he wins by default. Zack is sure someone will step up. Nedick says someone better
because if someone doesn’t, and he doesn’t get his bike, he’s going to fuck
Zack’s world up sideways. But instead of taking the world
fucking punches he earned, Zack volunteers Screech to wrestle an undefeated heavyweight champion, a champion with a very real
personal motive to win. Zack’s brilliant plan is
to make Slater feel bad about Screech’s certain death, so he’ll volunteer to take his place. And if Zack’s wrong, he’ll name the gym after his deceased lackey, a hollow promise he is
in no position to ratify. Zack pulls Slater from the
kitchen for Operation Guilt Trip. Slater laughs at anyone
being foolish enough to send Screech against that widow maker. Zack pushes him again, but Slater has to go check on his quiche and nurture his promising new passion. Screech takes a sad crack
at intimidating Nedick who mercifully tries to get rid of him. So Screech is forced to
say unforgivable things about Nedick’s family at Zack’s behest. Zack says Slater is not coming, then does nothing to stop
the bloodbath he arranged. Screech is about to get his
spine snapped like a twig, when Slater comes to
his rescue, thank God, and whups Nedick posthaste,
while Zack does zero. Slater’s quiche was ruined because of Zack’s locker room shaming. Now he’s back to not
worrying about his career until it will be far too late. And Zack yells he won his bike
in front of the one person who shouldn’t hear he was gambling. Fucking idiot. Let’s review. Zack Morris gambled on a
high school wrestling match with a dirt bike he didn’t have. Then when his friend,
concerned for his future, tried to better himself, used life lessons from a rooster wizard to shame him back into violence sports. Only his brain dead scheme didn’t work because Cooking Club rules, and there’s nothing wrong with aprons. Then when Slate displayed a real gift, unsuccessfully tried
to embarrass him again, and played with Screech’s life to guilt a reluctant Slater
into abandoning his dreams to clean up Zack’s lethal disaster, all for a dirt bike Zack didn’t even get because he can’t keep his mouth shut. Zack Morris is trash. ♪ Zack Morris is trash ♪ (school bell rings)

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  1. I’ve only just discovered these and I’m hooked! It’s exactly what I thought when this show was on! Except I was more convinced that Kelly had an abusive dad since she was so hooked on that sociopath Zack…

  2. Look at the guy at 2:39. Dude was looking straight into the camera. Even leans over to stay in the shot.

  3. Are we all just going to ignore the fact that Screech wouldn't even be allowed to wrestle Needak because they are obviously not in the same weight class?

  4. To quote "Welcome Freshmen," "Don't you know anything about wrestling?" Screech shouldn't have been allowed to fight that guy because he outweighs Screech by about 100 lbs. Wrestling, even high school wrestling, has weight-classes.

  5. Do the episode where they were having the contest to write the New school song and Zack sabotaged all the other entries so he could win. Also, I would love to see one about Zack and Kelly's break up; Zack had some REALLY trashy moments in that one!

  6. When I was a kid, I loved this show. As an adult, I thought it was cringy.

    After watching these videos, I came to learn just how screwed up the whole ting was.

  7. I think if Screech had never known Zack and had had an actual best friend instead, he may have been more well-adjusted. I mean, all that abuse he went through just to cater to Zack and his schemes couldn't have been good.

  8. Zach Morris is responsible for the explosion of the Challenger; IIRC it had to do with Slater wanting to intern with NASA.

  9. The saddest things about this episode is that Slater is a man of many talents (sports, mechanics, business, etc) but didn’t think he had one until he started cooking.

    While Zach who really has no talent at all had his life planned out.

  10. When I was young I remember Screech being a funny character. But pay attention to his eyes every time he appears. He looks so sad.

  11. all jokes aside, how would Screech be wrestling Nedick anyways? Screech DEFINITELY would not be wrestling in the same weight class.

  12. And after needick’s loss after being tricked by Zach Morris into a bet he couldn’t fulfill on in the god damn first place, he probably fucking killed himself. Zack Morris is trash… there I finished it for you haha

  13. Not sure if it was this or another episode were Slater was so sick of Zack’s bullshit he just went on the mat and hit a shoot Perfect Plex on a guy from Valley.

  14. You should do Rachel Berry is Trash. I hated her for no reason lol

    Edit: a few reasons actually. She reminds me of a girl I don’t like in theatre

  15. It's funny how easily every single commenter is manipulated by this channel into believing a fictional character is 'trash'.

  16. That wasn't a sanctioned match was it? Because were was the ref when the guy was spinning Screech around; that sure as hell was not legal, and also Screech would be in the 120 range or less for his weight class and you can only wrestle one (maybe two) class above your qualified weight and the Valley guy was defiantly heavyweight so there is no way that was legal.

  17. Why couldn’t the series have been about Slater instead of Zach Morris? He is a better human being than Zach.

  18. 2:39 – I am creeped out by the guy in the background (eyeglasses, GREEN and WHITE varsity jacket – those aren't the colors of Bayside or Valley!) watching Zack and the Valley wrestling bully.

  19. It's weird how awful these sitcoms are but we still like them to this day. Does this mean I'm dumb? Lol

  20. The other students wait for the bell not so they can get away from that sociopathic punk then, they were truly saved by the Bell

  21. That dude's name not Needdick lmfao, it is not lmfao. You need to stop with the comedy Reggie, ya almost killed me.

  22. "Now he's back to not worrying about his career, until it will be far too late" was that a jab at Mario Lopez?

  23. description to saved by the bell:

    zack morris is a scumbag that only cares about himself as he puts his ''friends'' through stupid shit that he thinks he is going to make money off of but actually just ends up looking like a jackass.

  24. Notice how in any episode Zack never looks at himself in the mirror to see his own passive aggressive bully reflection – it's because Zack Morris is trash

  25. At this point, it wouldn't surprise me if Zack Morris was the one who convinced Screech to squeeze that womans boob on Big Brother UK.

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