The Top 5 Used SUVs Owners Love (And the 3 to Avoid) | Consumer Reports

The Top 5 Used SUVs Owners Love (And the 3 to Avoid) | Consumer Reports

In the market for a
used SUV and wondering which ones other
owners like the best? Check out our list of the
most loved used midsize SUVs from our owner
satisfaction survey. And find out which ones
owners regret buying most. The best SUVs are models that
are three to five years old. Cars with a lot of
life still left in them that can be had for a bargain. The Honda Pilot scored well
in our survey among three to five-year-old SUVs. Buyers thought the Pilot
drove well, and was a good value for the
money, with 67% saying they would buy it again. 70% of people who bought
a Volkswagen Touareg said they would get another. They found the
Touareg comfortable, and loved the styling
and driving experience. Jeep fans are a loyal bunch, and
their enthusiasm for the brand continues with the Wrangler. Despite telling us it wasn’t
actually comfortable to drive, owners loved taking
the Wrangler off road. And 73% said they would
buy another used one. Toyota 4Runner owners were
also dedicated to the model. 76% say they would
buy another 4Runner, even while admitting
they weren’t thrilled by its audio
system, comfort level, or driving performance. And the most satisfying
used SUV out there, that’s the Toyota Highlander. 78% of people who owned this SUV
said they would buy it again, citing a superb driving
experience, attractive styling, and overall comfort. But not all drivers
who bought an SUV were happy with their purchase. These are the three used SUVs
that had the lowest owner’s satisfaction. Used Mazda CX-9s
didn’t impress buyers. Although they were very
satisfied by how it drove, only 48% said they
would buy the car again. Only 39% of use Nissan
Pathfinder buyers would make that same choice again. Owners didn’t find
the Pathfinder particularly comfortable. And they didn’t think it was
a great value for the money either. And at the bottom of the
list is the Dodge Journey, which didn’t appeal to
the majority of people who bought one used. Calling it out for
being uncomfortable and a bad driving
experience, only 31% said they was purchased
the Journey again. For more on used cars, check

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Drab & dull! Plus none these "so called" top rated vehicles any better than new Explorers, Traverse, Escape, CR-V, Expedition etc. Nobody builds bad stuff save maybe KIA. Ford Trucks & Lincoln sedans or SUVs for our family thankyou!

  2. I love my ancient 2004 German spec'd RAV4 4wd with 5sp manual. If they still made the 4.2 versions I would buy another one of those.

  3. 2016 vw touareg tdi owner here, can't believe it was mentioned. not because i don't love the car cause i do, the only thing i hate is vw customer service

  4. So has nothing to do with reliability just feelings? You do know some fools love there Fiats. Just saying cute information not necessarily helpful.

  5. I bought a used 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe and I like it. Only a 4 cylinder. But it is AWD. Rides well and is great in the snow.

  6. Jennifer does a great job, love her presentation and note that the American cars once again fall behind and also the French-owned Nissan. Stick with Japanese cars folks. Even the VW may be OK in 3-5 years but then reliability issues creep up.

  7. I'm watching all these videos on the best and worst SUVs and none of them even mention Yukon Denali's, Expeditions, Explorers, Tahoes, Durangos, Suburbans, etc. How can I believe these are legit comparisons?

  8. Well I knew this video had no value when it mentioned jeep. My mom owns a Jeep Wrangler and it's the biggest hunk of crap I've ever seen. Constant problems with the engine, transmission, transfer case and all sorts of electrical. Crap crap crap

  9. The Toureg is the most unreliable pile of crap in all VW models. The old Honda Pilot is completely underpowered and insanely fuel inefficient. This lady only read biased feedback. She never drove any 1 of these.

  10. Worthliess survey. You should not compare Jeep owner to other SUV owners because Jeep is an off road only vehicles. Also, why would any one wanted to buy a VW? or a Dodge? Of course nothing could compare to Toyota, the most reliable vehicles in the world. Also, no one could judge any vehicles buying them used. No one is going to tell me that is a good choice.

  11. VW Touareg is the best ever powerful, safety, comfortable and stylish! Have one over 5yrs to now. I will always buy another, great suv. With a good tires, you can almost drive through anything.

  12. Jeep's are garbage. I owned two. First one stalled on the way home from the dealer. Second was given back to dealer via lemon law. I will not make three mistakes

  13. I have a 2015 Kia sportage sx turbo AWD. Excellent…but will not buy another one..depreciate too fast
    That's my only complaint about it with out being nit picky. 2019 rav4 is my next one.
    Also have dodge dakota 4×4 great truck.
    Also have a 1998 toyota tacoma 4×4..230k miles and runs great..cant kill it.

  14. I wish that Toyota considers offering the Highlander in the Gulf Region… I personally have Toyota FJ since 2008 and it still drives like a new car after more than 365k km. As my family members are more than what the FJ can haul, I took a Hyundai Santa Fe since 4 years ago but to be honest, it is nowhere near the ride quality and the reliability of the FJ…

  15. So where is the CR-V? I'm pretty sure your narrow survey didn't include it. The CR-V not only has excellent resale value it also is very reliable, comfortable and fuel efficient as well. Sure the highlander is right up there but I can't see how a dumb ass Jeep wrangler could get on this list. Shocking! ?

  16. That 31% of Journey owners were just lying, in an effort to goose their resale value so they could unload that P.O.S. without losing their shirts!

  17. My youth pastor drives a 2008 Mazda CX-9, he bought for only about 2 grand, and it’s ok, not the best car in the world, but at least it’s better than the Volvo he was previously driving, and at the 7-seat capacity of the CX-9 really helps with the youth trips

  18. Stay away from Dodge / Chrysler/ Mazda / Fiat I would not be interested in a Jeep, lousy Gas milage, ride, comfort and not quiet on the road. People buy them cause they think they're cool, I don't get it.

  19. I own a Lincoln MKX and will keep buying them. Incredible vehicles. Just a pleasure to drive. Affordable if you bye it a couple years old.

  20. When you look at the statistics of owners that have purchased the same model the 4runner tops list.
    Subaru is statistically the number one car model for those on a 100% carpet diet. Just cant argue with the data.

  21. You don't see the Honda CRVs on that list, because nobody is selling theirs after three years. I know I'm on my third one and will get another one after this. LOL!!

  22. There just cars, people are just so picky these day. I would be happy with any car cause at least you have something to drive too

  23. Nice that the VW TOUAREG was in there… I have the TDI (2010 model) that I bought at 1/2 the original price about 5 years ago with 58K miles on it and am turning 129K and agree completely…. Would do it all over again – but it HAS to be the TDI….!

  24. Honda Pilot
    Volkswagen Tourag
    Jeep Wrangler
    Toyota 4Runner
    Toyota Highlander

    Mazda CX9
    Nissan Pathfinder
    Dodge Journey

  25. The Chevy Tahoe,GMC Yukon and maybe the Escalade are good SUVs they can last if you can forgive the plastics, they are also very safe

  26. People are in denial about Toyota! Learn the Japanese culture and manufacturing process and you will understand why they are so reliable! Especially the ones built in Japan!

  27. this video is just bullshit..a jeep is garbage vehicle… I don't know where they get this stadistics

  28. Trail blazers suck lots of bad part cluster stop working gas gauge stop all stop shifter fall off can't get in geAr envoy gmc just as bad wish I knew before buying

  29. Um, wheres Hyundai in this list? The all new Tucson and Sante Fe are AMAZING SUVs… Definitely should be at the top of any list

  30. In my country, there is a cult around Subaru as a car brand. I am part of it and I would sell my 2015 Forester only for a newer one!

  31. Yes, I first bought a used Touareg TDI and now I have a brand new V6. Shame VW stopped selling this model in North America.

  32. I own the Top 1 and 2 hated crossovers, a 2012 Dodge Journey RT and a 2013 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum, how unfortunate I am. But I still have both and are still in superb conditions. ??

  33. A boring,but large segment in the automotive world.The Wrangler is arguably at the top of the heap as it at least has some fun factor.That is ,if it manages to stay out of the shop.

  34. I wonder where and who you did your surveys with.. Some old ppl

    The list of regrets are right up there tho u r so correct in that field

  35. About the Journey. The 4 cylinder is terrible. But with the pentastar V6, it's a great little SUV. And inexpensive.

  36. I bought a 06 Honda CRV in 2015. It had been garage kept and was like new inside and outside, 105,000 miles. To date, it has 132, 000 miles. I have not had any problems and would buy another if I could find one in that condition.

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