The Toyota Sienna Wheelchair/Scooter Accessible Van by BraunAbility®

The Toyota Sienna Wheelchair/Scooter Accessible Van by BraunAbility®

Hello! I’m Debbie Graddin here to introduce
you to the 2011 Toyota Sienna with the BraunAbility Rampvan XT conversion. This wheelchair accessible vehicle offers a new level of comfort, convenience, and advanced technology while building on
Toyota’s well-earned reputation for safety, quality and reliability. If you’re unfamiliar
with wheelchair accessible vehicles, there are several key features including: a low,
a flat floor, a power door, the power ramp, and the automatic kneeling system. And let’s not forget that a well-designed wheelchair accessible vehicle offers flexible seating.
We’ll take a look at all of these features, plus several others, that will ensure you’ll have a satisfying ownership experience for years to come. But first, did you know that BraunAbility is Toyota’s exclusive mobility partner? This close relationship, allows us to build a conversion that is more tightly integrated than ever before. Everything we’ve learned from over 20 years of converting minivans comes down to this: the Sienna Rampvan is a vehicle you can rely on to get you where you need to go day in and day out. In this video, we’re featuring the Sienna SE, the sportiest model of the Sienna. BraunAbility converts four different Sienna models ranging from the LE to the top of the line, Limited. With BraunAbility, accessibility starts at
the touch of a button. Like all of our conversions, the power door, power ramp and kneeling system
are operated by the original key fob remote. This is a unique patented feature that you
won’t find on any other wheelchair accessible van on the market. Just press the button and
hold it briefly. The door opens, the ramp unfolds and the vehicle kneels. It’s really
that easy. The ramp has a quick unfold feature allowing it to clear curbs and unfold more
reliably on uneven surfaces or even on grass. It unfolds thirty percent faster than previous
models so you’ll spend less time waiting to get into your van, and that’s especially
nice when it’s cold or raining. The all-aluminum construction of the ramp will give you years of reliable, rust-free service. And with a 750 pound capacity, this ramp will accommodate
the heaviest of chairs with minimal flex. Speaking of flex, why is that so important?
Here’s why: the slope of the ramp has a big impact on the efforts required to enter
the van. Even a slight flex in the ramp will actually increase the slope substantially.
And as a wheelchair user, you know that that can make a world of difference. We engineered
the Sienna with a low ramp angle and a minimal flex to make it as user friendly as possible.
Another component that helps you get into the van more easily is the kneeling system. The Sienna Rampvan actually kneels down when the ramp deploys. This reduces the slope of the ramp making it even easier to enter and exit the van. In certain situations, you may
want to unfold the ramp without having the Sienna kneel. Perhaps when your vehicle is parked next to a high curb or on an uphill slope. If you don’t want the vehicle to
kneel, you can easily disable the system by simply pressing the dashboard switch, located to the left of the steering wheel. Inside the Rampvan, you’ll immediately notice
BraunAbility’s unmatched fit and finish. As we do with all of our conversions, we’ve
gone to great lengths to match Toyota’s original panels and compliment the styling
of the original interior. We’ve integrated the controls so well you might not notice
we have conveniently located the switches throughout the interior. The slim, one touch
buttons blend perfectly with the Sienna’s interior. The Sienna Rampvan’s spacious
interior is hard to miss. The Rampvan XT conversion gives you a whole 56 inches of clearance through the door and 60 inches of clearance in the center of the van. If you sit taller in your chair,
you’ll certainly appreciate the additional headroom the Rampvan offers. With a floor
that has been lowered up to thirteen inches. Regardless of your wheelchair’s turning
radius, you’ll certainly appreciate a full sixty-one and a half inches in width and fifty-one
inches in length behind the front seats. Our engineers have taken advantage of every available
inch to make the Sienna Rampvan meet your needs and then some. The Sienna Rampvan features removable seating which allows you the flexibility to choose exactly where you want to ride in the van. In the second row, in the front passenger position or, if you’re able, even in the
driver’s position when the vehicle is equipped with the proper hand controls. Built in floor
tracks are positioned for manual tie-down systems. And the Rampvan is pre-wired to accept automatic tie-down systems and power transfer seats, that your local BraunAbility dealer
can install for you. BraunAbility’s exclusive step and roll seating makes removing the seats a snap. The seats can easily be rolled in or out of the vehicle, and the removable driver and passenger seats feature a new cantilever seat-based design which allows wheelchair
foot rests to easily pass underneath. It’s another thoughtful feature that you’ll appreciate
every day. The rear bench seat features a unique split foot rest making it much more
comfortable for ambulatory passengers. No more feet dangling in mid-air. When they’re not needed, the foot rests fold flat against the rear wall of the lowered floor area where they will not interfere with your wheelchair’s turning radius. So that takes care of the features you can see for yourself. But we’d like to take a few minutes to highlight a few of the many unseen features that enhance the reliability, safety and service ability of the Sienna Rampvan. These features set BraunAbility apart; proving
that all wheelchair vans are not created equal. Let’s start with the device that makes the
door open, ramp deploy and vehicle kneel called the BraunAbility controller. This is a critical
system, and it’s not something that you’d ever want to worry about. To ensure reliable, trouble-free operation, the BraunAbility controller is completely isolated from the Sienna’s
wiring. That means that the ramp system will never be affected by the Sienna, nor will
the reliability of the Sienna ever be impacted by the ramp system. In the event that you
ever encounter any issues with the ramp system, the BraunAbility controller features built in diagnostic software so your dealer can quickly get you back on the road. Another way that we ensure reliable, trouble-free operation of the ramp system is by utilizing
factory original Toyota connectors. Why is this important? Over the life of the vehicle, the vibrations from various road surfaces can cause wires that are not properly connected
to separate, seriously impacting the operation of the ramp system. With the BraunAbility
Conversion, you’ll never have to worry about that happening. Our philosophy of providing,
safe, reliable, and trouble-free conversion carries through to the fuel and brake lines
too. Our conversion utilizes fuel and brake lines that are manufactured to Toyota standards by Toyota suppliers, ensuring maximum safety and reliability. It’s just one more thing
you’ll never have to worry about. Since we’re mentioning safety, let’s talk
about how BraunAbility prioritizes safety in our design process. Where did our engineers start; with the lowered floor of course. The floor is the foundation of the vehicle structure and the foundation for protecting the vehicle occupants in the event of a crash. Our aluminized and stainless steel floor construction is fully integrated into the original Sienna
body and is designed to give years of rust free service. Next stop; let’s look at the gas tank. Our engineers designed a heavy gauged steel safety cage to completely surround the gas tank. In the event of a rear-end collision, this cage is designed to channel force around the tank, greatly enhancing your safety. The bottom line is the Sienna Rampvan is a very solid vehicle that meets or exceeds all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. How do we know? Each BraunAbility Wheelchair Van is fully tested for front, side and rear impacts according to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety
Standards. And just to make sure that the Sienna van will hold up in real world use,
we conduct a durability test where a 100,000 mile real world life cycle is compressed into 2,500 punishing miles. This test, defined by the federal government, includes road surfaces ranging from chuckholes to washboard surfaces to frame twisting bumps. And the Sienna passed with flying colors. To give you added peace of mind; we offer the best warranty in the
industry. A three-year limited warranty for the conversion in conjunction with Toyota’s
original vehicle warranty. So that about wraps it up. We’re proud to
build on the solid foundation of our exclusive partnership with Toyota. To offer the 2011
Sienna with the Rampvan XT conversion. This vehicle is an exciting addition to our complete line up of wheelchair accessible vehicles. Our local BraunAbility dealers are staffed
with Ability experts that will work closely with you to determine the best mobility equipment for your needs. You can find your nearest dealer at or give us a call at 1-800-THE-LIFT. And if you decide that the Sienna Rampvan XT fits your needs be sure to ask about Toyota’s Mobility Assistance Program, which offers a thousand dollars toward the cost of conversion. Join the thousands of customers who have already discovered reliable freedom. On behalf of Ralph Braun and everyone at BraunAbility, thank you for watching.

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  1. That's just the way the vans are built. There is nothing wrong with them being low, you just need to be more careful driving. You can't have a wheelchair accessible van without it being low.

  2. I drive from my chair and won't be buying one of these! Floor is soo low can hardly see over the dash or reach the top of the steering wheel!!!

  3. Hi John – we have other models that may fit you better – have you tried out all our conversions at a dealer? Some models are lowered more than others to accommodate people who sit taller in their wheelchairs.

  4. Great until you find out tires need replacement at less than 20K miles. This vehicle has issues with tires wearing uneven and excessively. Be ready to change tires at just 17K miles. Read complaints at Sienna chat forum. Toyota has no fix for this issue as of now and dealers will tell you it’s normal tire wear. If you have less than 12K miles and within the first year I suggest check your tires ASAP for the uneven and excessive wear and complaint right away with Toyota USA they might cover your tires warranty. Past one year and 12K Miles you’re on your own. I’m planning to trade mine for a Honda ASAP as tire or suspension issues could potentially be a safety issue. This is a family car and safety should be top priority!

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