The Truth About Acura Cars

Rev up your engines, Chima says Scotty what do you think about Acuras sedans are they worth the money regards from Mexico, okay well you know one of the first really well-made Japanese luxury sedans was the Acura Legend the v6 engine and I mean it was a long time ago, pushing thirty years ago, they were excellent cars now they were high tech with a v6 engine but people love those cars they make good cars it’s just a fancy Honda and of course you pay more money for them, the parts cost more when you have to fix it but they can be excellent cars but like any Honda automatic transmissions are always a little bit on the weak side and especially if you’re talking about the Acura SUVs because the Acura SUVs I’ve had many customers have the automatic transmissions go out on those especially the four-wheel or all-wheel drive Acura SUVs and man some of those got five six thousand dollar repair bill when those went out so if you were really looking at a luxury SUV I’d go with Lexus before I’d go with Acura, Scarface says Scotty you talk about how you shouldn’t change tires or suspension cuz it messes up the geometry what are your thoughts on modding tacoma’s for off-roading okay well now you’re talking a different ballgame you’re talking about modifying a pickup truck to go off-roading and I’m assuming you’re talking about a four-wheel drive one too, if you’re really gonna go off-roading you don’t really care about the geometry all that much because you’re not driving 80 miles an hour you’re going off-roading you’re going at lower speeds, modify them to your heart’s content just realize it you’ve lifted up real high and the drive joints are now in a steeper angle the u-joints will break and pieces will wear out faster, but you’re going off-roading and if you’re going off-roading you’re gonna expect stuff to break that’s the name of the game, it’s not like hey you’re gonna drive it a hundred thousand miles trouble-free, you go off-roading you’re gonna find things are gonna break and then you modify them and you want it higher for climbing on rocks and stuff like that, so there’s nothing wrong with that, just don’t you know think you’re gonna modify it for off-roading and it’s gonna be trouble free driving in the city, if you really want to do off-roading do like guys that I know do, they got one that’s their off-road toy and then I got another one that’s the regular truck to use in town it’s not a good idea to use an off-roading truck in town, gets worse gas mileage, things wear out and you know one should be for the street one should be for the off-roading Eli says Scotty what do you do if moisture gets inside your headlights okay here’s a trick I did years ago when moisture gets inside headlights it’s getting in there cuz there’s a crack somewhere so you gotta seal the crack find where the crack is and seal it and you can use silicone clear sealer and stuff now if you want to get it out on the fast, you can take the bulb out on the inside and then get a hairdryer and dry it out until it’s all gone or you can do what I often do, usually the plastic the assemblies are plastic I got these giant drill bits that are like two three feet long and I stick them on my drill and then I go under the car and inside where you can’t see it, I drill a couple holes in the middle of the bottom of the headlight because water’s always gonna drain down, so if any water gets inside it’s gonna drain down there and if you would have to say halogen light bulbs they put out a lot of heat and that heat will evaporate the moisture and since there’s those holes now the moisture will go out the holes, if you still have a little moisture coming in from cracks it won’t evaporate, cuz there’s not big enough hole for it to evaporate but once you drill a couple holes on the bottom, then hey it will go out of those holes and I often do that on people that don’t want to spend money and buy new headlight assemblies, drill a little holes on the bottom you can’t see them cuz it’s inside and then the water that’s inside the halogens I’ll heat it up enough that the moisture will go down and leave, Cavill says Scotty I got 2012 Camaro that makes a rattling noise and I step on the gas, did a little research and saw it could be a loose exhaust pipe what your opinion, sure Jack it up in the air and see, now often it’s your catalytic converter rattling, inside the catalytic converter that burns hydrocarbons, there’s a substratum and they have little holes with the platinum on and then the gas goes through and the platinum burns the hydrocarbons when they get older they will rattle so if you jack it up and you see the catalytic converter and you got a little rubber mallet and you hit it, and here it’s rattling when you tap it means the cat’s going out, but if it runs okay you don’t have any problems, you can live with it when it really gets bad and the pieces break and jam the exhaust, it built up too much bad pressure then it will only go like 55 miles an hour and no faster and you notice the temperature gauge will start running a little hotter because the hot exhaust gas is backing up into the engine, but it runs okay you know you can live with it, it isn’t going to hurt anything, System max says I got a 99 Oldsmobile intrigue, the emergency brake light comes on after driving a while when it turns off when I stopped at a light, the ebrake is off, okay there’s only three ways that brake light can come on one is, you’re low on fluid check the fluid, if you’re low on fluid the float goes too low and then it gives you a warning, if the switch on your emergency cable is not working, it’ll stick on like that and the other one is the worst one if your brake system is losing pressure there’s pressure sensors that’ll put that light on, so it could be that too but a lot of times your just low on brake fluid or the switch that activates it isn’t working anymore and you need to replace it, so check those it’s got to be one of those three things, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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