The Truth About Audi Cars

The Truth About Audi Cars

Rev up your engines,
flash says, scotty I want a used Audi TT I heard their good gearboxes what are your thoughts,
Audis are money pits, I had a neighbor who was a corporate lawyer, he made a lot of money
and he had one of those and he got rid of it because he said, Scotty I can’t stand this
thing, it’s a piece of junk it costs me so much money and it’s always breaking and it
had a nice standard transmission and the thing blew up twice,
the things just aren’t that well done, their plies of junk as they age, their fun
to drive when their new, there’s no arguing that, their quick and zippy,
but they are money pits as they age, that’s just the way that those cars are,
now maybe in Europe they make better ones and sell different ones, I don’t know but
here in the US they are just endless money pits,
and every single customer I’ve ever had in the last 40 years that bought them never bought
another one, that says a lot, Heim says, scotty what do you think about
the 1991 Toyota MR2 turbo, ok here’s the thing that was an oddball car, with an engine in
the back, and I’m a Toyota fan, and they were fun to drive, but the didn’t
sell that well, and their not the greatest handling vehicles,
with the engine in the back you’d think they would be but their front suspension was a
little bit weak and the turbos would of course burn the engine out faster,
so you know if you’re thinking about buying one, have a mechanic like me check it out
long before you buy it and realize that their not a collectors item,
they don’t have any residual value in them, so if you can get one cheap and a mechanic
says it’s in decent shape, and you want it as a toy, nothing wrong with that, but don’t
think you’re going to buy a car like that and use it for an every day driver and not
put a lot of money into it, because they weren’t made for that,
my customers that bought them, they liked them but when the turbos went out or the engines
went out, they just got rid of them because they didn’t want to put too much money into
them, their fun to drive but you know their not
a true performance car, the suspension is kind of weak, their fun little toy if you
get it cheap and have a fun toy go ahead but, don’t think it’s something you can buy like
a Corolla or Camry and it’s going to run forever, Jacob says, I’m looking to buy a 2000 Buick
it needs a transmission, is it worth to buy, ok those aren’t bad cars the weak point is
the transmission, since it has a bad transmission, if you can get it for almost nothing go ahead
and have another transmission put in, you can get a rebuilt transmission and put
it in and that’s going to cost you maybe $1,800 if you get a good one, so if you get it for
almost nothing, they can be very good cars, but don’t pay much, because if a car needs
a transmission like that it’s not worth hardly anything, I got customers that buy those things
and they probably pay 400-500 bucks for the car and if it’s in really good shape and put
the transmission in, they could have a good car,
you know there’s nothing wrong with doing that,
Ben says, I have a 2002 Dodge Durango it’s in good shape I bought it for $1,000 the transmission
slips between 2nd and 3rd did I pay too much and is it worth rebuilding,
ok you got something for $1,000 and if it’s in good shape have the transmission rebuilt,
why not, those have weak automatic transmissions there’s
no doubt it’s wearing out, but you only paid $1,000 for it, so lets say
that’s a pretty simple transmission, lets say you pay someone $1,500 to rebuild it correctly,
then for $2,500 you got a vehicle that runs good which is a good deal, you know there’s
nothing wrong with what you paid if it’s in good shape otherwise, because the weak point
of those is the transmission, and if you’re fixing that then you don’t have to think about
that for a long time, now if it had an engine problem I’d say no
don’t put money into it because if the engine has a problem now it going to cost more to
fix and then the transmission is going to go out because that’s the real weak point
of those, but if you’re fixing the weak point, I’d say go ahead and fix it, I’m not a Dodge
fan but you only paid $1,000 and if you get a good vehicle for $2,300 there’s nothing
wrong with that, Matt D says, Scotty when either front tire
hits a bump at 25 mph or faster, there’s a sound of metal parts hitting each other, suspension
bushings, how can I find out, if it only does it when you hit a bump really
bad, generally that’s the struts wearing out, now what you can do like I said earlier is
jack the front end up in the air, pull on the tires, see if you got any play, now if
you don’t see any, then take the tires off, and see if you see any metal rub parts, because
metal rub parts, you never see shinny metal parts and if you do that means metal rubbing
and that part is worn, generally when it does it only when you hit bumps, usually it’s the
struts are just wearing out and then they hit a bump and instead of absorbing the shock
the just bang because the can’t do it and then part of the strut will hit the bumper,
there’s a rubber bumper there and it will still make a bang noise when it hits it when
it’s not absorbing the shock, that’s usually worn out struts that do that, so if you never
want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell!

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  2. @Scotty Kilmer or anyone else eith input am i crazy to be thing of a 2000 mr2 spyder for a daily driver? I do 100 miles a day 5 days a week and want something that is fun to drive I am in Northeast but plan to get a 4×4 pickup for weekends.

  3. Hey Scotty I have a Lexus 2007 ES350 with 140,000 miles and the rack and pinion started leaking is this normal? Mech said $2,200 to fix and he gives a 2 year warranty on everything and provides a loaner while shop is this good deal.

  4. It never stops shocking me how AWFUL my 2016 Audi S3 drives. Worst ride quality since the covered wagon. Brakes are not linear at all, horrible feel. The turbo lag is absurd. Worst of all, the number of steering turns changes lock to lock depending on what mode youre in. Whos dumb idea was that? Plus it yells at me constantly about stupid things, like my phone battery. It's like having another wife.

  5. This video is ridiculous. On consumer reports, Audi has been one of the highest companies for satisfaction, and reliability. I have several myself and I will never change. They have great tec and I have never had a problem with mine ever. I have never heard anyone with the complaints you have had. I guess your neighbor must have had a really old one.

  6. It's not Audi , Mercedes or BMW that are money pits. It's the rip-offs who run the service centres when you take your car in.

  7. Audi, this was true on older models. Like pre- 2005. So this depends on the year you're talking about. Audi is actually second in reliability now.

  8. I have worked as a mechanic in the UK and Europe for over 30 years and Audi are just as bad here as they are in the states I can promise you.

  9. DSG Transmissions are fantastic but have stringent requirements for maintenance. If you change the oil every 40k miles and use the specified grade you will have no problems. Forget or use normal ATF the transmission will fail.
    I always find it odd that reliable cars in Europe are classed as 'unreliable' in the USA. Why so different? This is probably because in Europe people want to maintain a full dealer service history to preserve resale value. This means that they are maintained properly as the engineers intended. Anyone who has ever bought a used car in the US knows there is no chance of a FSH being supplied with it. So, the difference is likely to be the quality of the maintenance.

  10. I can’t agree with Scotty on his opinion about Audi cars because here in the 🇬🇧 Audi’s are very reliable cars. I believe Scotty needs to do more research on Audi’s & other European vehicles before he gives his opinion about them otherwise he can become misleading.

  11. The Japanese do make reliable cars but they have never understood what good handling is all about.
    Unfortunately if one wants good handling you have to buy French,Italian and even German cars.

  12. So in your 40 years you have probably come across a lot of people who bought an Audi the question is did the service the Audi at their approximate service intervals. Secondly, if the cars are so terrible and 'junk' why do they sell so many Audi's "they once again achieved very strong sales in 2018, ending the year with 223,323 customers." (bestselling just in the US. Very confusing indeed.

  13. I have two Audi's, one is 21 years old and the other is 26 and both run great, very few issues and I have not put that much money into them
    I do much of the work myself unless it's a job where you need a lift or really special tools.

  14. Funny, my dad had an Audi A6 (C7) with 150k miles which had to be brought to the shop outside regular maintenance once only (it was like a 1'000$ repair). They're well built cars, just comes down to how you drive them and maintain them.

  15. The truth abt Audi cars, makes one of the best cars on the market, there are fast and stunning and if you do a well maintenance are one of the most reliable cars in the market it is expensive to maintain them yes if you can't afford an Audi get a suzuki plus it owns Lamborghini, VW bought Lamborghini in 1998

  16. So,- according to Scotty;- no Porsche, no Mercedes and no Audi.
    I guess also no Bmws, Alfa Romeos, Fiats, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maseratis, Jaguars, Aston Martins, Morgans, VWs, Vauxhalls (Opels), Volvos
    Citroens, Renaults, Peugeots, Seats etc.
    In other words: Don´t ever buy a European car,- expensive pieces of S**t that break down all the time if they start at all provided the computer lets them.
    Tell it to all of the more than 300 million people in Europe and Russia that drive these brands of cars daily, Scotty,- there´s a good sport.
    So what´s left if not a ricer`?
    I know;- wait for it,- an American made proper car!
    Big lumbering hunks of heavy steel with oversized engines guzzling up half the petrol in the world with every ½ mile and crash the second they try to go around a corner….
    I hear you Scotty,- I hear you…. 🙂

  17. I don't trust this old fool. My mom has had an Audi for 13 years and it has 150k miles on it. The only major repair it needed was the water pump.

  18. The truth about Audi Cars is that the top-models were usually way ahead of their time and the competition. But in recent years they became ridiculously expensive and the innovations became less significant.

  19. Yup volkwagen and audi suck i had a 2012 gli kept up with all the recomemnded mantanince and the turbo when out got rid of it and got a honda accord best desision i ever made

  20. My little A3Audi was a money pit. With 55Kmiles it puffed smoke and the motor was knocking. The technician at the dealership found nothing wrong with the car. We believed him, it got worse and they still could find nothing wrong. We would have liked to sell, but with an issue like that, we could not in good conscience sell it. As retirees, we drove the car locally, it was very expensive, my husband topped the oil off and the mechanics said the car does not burn oil, they can't find anything wrong. One cylinder was sporadic, then another one and then it just blew up, we replaced spark plugs more often too because they were gummed with with oil, still, they could not tell what was wrong, so they said. It was the most expensive car we ever owned. It was towed to the dealer and the service was lousy. Not even a minimum of courtesy, they could not tell what caused the problem unless they installed some part for an additional $1000.00 (did not pay it). Still, they could not tell. It was the most expensive car we ever had. Our loss is about $20K considering the purchase and all the expenses to maintain it until it just died with 65 thousand miles a total loss. An Audi in any shape or form never again, I would not take one someone gave it to me. Never again

  21. I have a 2014 A4 that I’ve modded with a new intake, new intercooler, stage 2 ecu upgrade, down pipe, high flow cat, among other things…and can say that I love it! Never a mechanical issue. Knock on wood.

  22. this guy doesn't know what he's talking about…i have 2004 mercedes that is running great at 210,000 miles, and it's been absolutely beat on by my family. when i say beat on i mean crashed three separate times, totaled twice. European cars almost always outlives american cars.

  23. An auto mechanic for 50 yrs? What on, model train sets? Every cars have weaknesses….like anything, look after it and it will look after you. Toyota's are know for reliabilty, but not all of them. Plus how boring are they? They are for beige people!!!

  24. I just got a 2004 audio A4 Quattro 3.0 because it only had 59k miles on it. 3 weeks later it’s doing a crank no start. Luckily the Toyota dealership is ok with having the car looked at and possibly repaired , as it seems to just be a sensor issue or gas line / vacuum or perhaps spark plugs etc. I really hope it’s a minor fix because I fell in love with how he car feels and drives. Never thought I’d have an Audi but now im a fan despite this issue. If the problem is bad I’ll just trade it back for a Toyota though 🙁 I’ve driven every kind of car and Audi feels the best to me. The heated leather seats and wood interior . Yum

  25. I’ve been an unfortunate owner of an Audi for 10 months now and I 100% agree with you, Scotty. AUDIS ARE JUNK !!

  26. I notice nobody who praises their Audi lists their mileage here. 142k miles is nothing on a modern car. If a car can't go 200k miles without major maint. costs in 2019, it's a POS. My friends 1999 Rav 4 is at 316k miles and she doesn't even know how to maintain it other than oil changes. Her current timing belt is nearing 200k even though I told her it needs changed out. Pretty impressive reliability. My Subarus are at 166k and 177k respectably without major issue. I would never own an Audi or BMW out of warranty unless I was schooled up on them mechanically and had access to free parts. $150/hr labor and crazy expensive parts are a bad combo.

  27. I would never have you touch any of my cars. I dont like your channel and i think youre a joke. I have an audi a4 b5 with 1.8 turbo…i beat the piss out of it and she never fails me. I autocross it on the weekends and daily drive it during the week….im running 300hp on an APR tune and i would walk circles around your shitbox toyota any day of the week. Any audi with the v6 or v8 is junk…but i think you need to tell people about the reliable models…yes there are reliable models. Just sayin…

  28. I've had less problems with my 08 Audi A4 Quattro, than anyone of my 8 previous American made junk…..

  29. Few of my mates here in the UK drive old Audi A3s I think below 2008 models and they are running fine as hell

  30. My 2010 tt wasnt too bad only a water pump, timing chain. Rear diff, trans, haldex fluid change, new gaskets for valve cover/timing chain housing. Then my turbos thrust bearing starting showing signs of damage, so a new turbo aswell 😉

  31. I live in Europe I have an Audi a4 1998 ,1.9 turbo diesel automatic transmission 4 automatically and had 400000 miles on its I buyed with 300000 miles and never send to service only maintain change oil filter only this ,for me is a good car is like a tank the best car good looking very strong car but for bad roads I suggest only Nissan

  32. He's damn right. Myself speaking from experience Audi, BMW, Merc are all very over rated and cost a arm and leg when they go wrong. Its all an urban myth.

  33. as a owner of a audi and a old 20 yr audi this video tells me u know nothing about Audi's, if u dont do the maintenance then yes a money pit like all cars but you keep up maintenance and the car keeps going if you a a mechanic or have a good mechanic not a wanna be mechanic aka parts changer

  34. Yeah there money pits if your the typical merican who thinks: all I need to do is oil changes like my civic. Well your civic doesn't have the balls to break itself🤣

  35. German cars are money pits if you DONT TAKE CARE of it. If you baby the car and stay ON TOP of it you won’t have to use your wallet as much especially if you know how to fix it yourself.

  36. Consumer reports say Audi is the most reliable luxury car you can buy. I believe them more than a Toyota Bias youtuber. Being Audi is a Luxury brand, yes your going to pay more than a basic Corolla. But being I own several Audi's (2003 and 2016 A4's), both with over 100 thousand miles, and both no real issues and quattro systems that cant be beat, your qualification as a mechanic comes into question. Ive also owned several Vw's, which again had high mileage and lasted me forever with really no major issues. If you know how to take care of them, like having the timing done on the older model when its due, they last you forever. Their basically a luxury vw for their motors and most other mechanical components.

  37. To be fair Audi don`t make bad engines or cars Scotty. Yes there engines can be high maintenance at high mileage but there are much worse engines and cars out there. Look at the Quattro Sport, that was a legend of a rally car. My Skoda Octavia in the UK uses a AUQ engine, Audi TT engine. it is currently at 145,000 miles and all i`ve had to do to it is a timing belt change and your usual maintenance bits like oil changes and coolant change. They are well built engines if you look after them and don`t abuse.

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