The Truth About BMW 3 Series Cars

The Truth About BMW 3 Series Cars

rev up your engines, WI is the awesome,
what’s your opinion on BMW 318i 2001 143 horsepower, what experience do you have with
them, I’m thinking about buying one soon thank you, okay well if you believe my
advice and you think I know what I’m talking about, don’t buy that
car they’re endless money pits, all BMWs are, on the other hand if it’s cheap
enough and you want a toy I’ve had people buy those things, what is
it now 2001 you’re talking about you know 18 year old car, 2019 just came out
so it’s an old car, if you could buy one for a thousand fifteen hundred dollars
go ahead and have it as a toy, but don’t expect to use it for an everyday driver,
it’s just not something you want to do, they’re endless money pits as
they age, that cost a fortune to fix the parts cost a lot, and you often need a
special BMW computer to reprogram just about everything on it, Jonathan
zharko says, hey Scotty what do you think of a 2005 Scion xB,
okay those are excellent cars I don’t know why Toyota did that, for a while
they made Scions and same company Toyota made them, but they call them
Scions, they’re a pretty bulletproof cars they lasted a long time there are
well made cars and now they don’t make them anymore, they just selling them
under the Toyota brand again, I guess they thought, oh we’ll sell a whole bunch of
these to the young kids, it’ll be a new brand of car, they’re kind of
silly for doing that, I think they should have just kept it with Toyota,
those are good cars, but any car like that that’s 14 years old, you still want
a mechanic like me to check it out before you buy it, because you can’t
trust anybody, you don’t know if it’s been wrecked, flooded, stolen, and we
mechanics can tell them half an hour if it’s got any serious problems by
scanning it and driving it around, JM says, help me I’ve got a 2013 Ford
f-150 and in bumper and bumper traffic it stays stuck on first gear and the RPM
stays stuck until I push on a gas, if I let go of the gas it keeps going on its
own, okay well if you let go of the gas and keeps going, first thing you want to
fix is that, sometimes the throttles just stick, I got a video make your car run
better a little spray cleaner, it shows how to spray the throttle
to get the cleaner in there, so you don’t have to worry about the throttle stick,
and pray it’s just a sticking throttle because if you fix that and it doesn’t
idle high anymore and it still stays stuck in first gear, then you’ve got some
kind of a transmission problem and those can be very expensive to fix, but realize
that the transmission shifts by data it gets from the throttle position sensor,
so if the throttle sticking it’s gonna make the transmission get weird too, so try
cleaning that throttle first, Liberty City Kelley says, I got a 2001 Pontiac
Aztek, I bought it for 1,500 bucks it makes a clicking sound when I turn the
wheel tends to pull to the left, I have multiple oil leaks in the front too, ok
well the first thing you want to do is fix the clicking noise, that’s generally
worn CV joints, just jack the car up look under and look at the inside of each
wheel, they have CV joints they have rubber boots, odds are one of those boots
is ripped, the grease is leaked out, then you just buy a whole CV axle, you don’t
change the joint because now you can get aftermarket entire axle assemblies for
like 59 bucks for those things and just replace the whole axle, as for the oil
leaks on those it’s usually it’s just a valve
cover gasket leaking, look at the valve cover and you see oil under it just change
that you, can do it yourself it’s a pretty simple job,
Donna cloody, says I got an 88 Chevy Astro van, should I do a tune-up before
replacing the cat, can I wait to do the tune-up or should I replace the cat
first, ok that’s kind of a chicken and the egg question, if your car runs poorly
it can trip a code for bad catalytic converter, so the first thing you always
want to do is tune up the car put some cleaner in it and drive it around a week or so,
sometimes if you have an inefficient cat code it’ll go away, now once you
tune it up if it still has a problem with the cat and that’s an 88 you’re
probably gonna need a cat, but at least it’s an old car, so on the old ones you can
just have a universal one put on, on the new ones
they’re pretty vehicle specific and if you don’t use the correct one that cost
a lot of money, it probably won’t work right, but with those older ones you can
often put on a universal cat and they’ll work perfectly fine,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell!

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  2. Bmw hater. I have a 2003 and 2011 3 series and neither have given me problems. As long as you give it it’s maintenance, you’re good.

  3. My 2009 E90 M3 has 160k miles and I drive it everyday. I maintain it, 7.5K miles OCI, spent about 2K in parts from FCPEuro over the past 4 years of ownership. Only went to dealership for alignments. da fuq are you talking about?

  4. clearly, the BMW owners in this comment section don’t understand the concept of anecdotal evidence. look it up, i’ll wait.

  5. nonsense. my brother's 325 i has 160k miles and my 2008 335i has 130. we've both put over 70k on them. fantastic cars.much better put together than most cars, esp the interior./

  6. in some your statement sound like a typical non car statement or maybe your just not a fan of bmw, but from experience yes bmw do make a lot of their parts from cheap material to keep down the cost of the car over time those will eventually fail on there own or as soon as you touch but if you do your research stay on top your maintenance, u will have car that runs like every other car out there, and also i would going with an e90 just because its a bit newer fcpeuro to order your parts you get a lifetime warranty on everything you buy there even engine oil. I dont mean to offend anyone

  7. Lmao, I was one of those idiots who bought a cheap 2001 BMW for a first car. Luckily I somehow managed to sell it really soon even after it immediately became a mechanical basket case

  8. The main reason why I started my BMW channel! 34k subs strong I’m happy to have saved BMW owners by helping them to do their own repairs. These cars are easy to work on and I have plenty of DIYs and what to look out for when buying your first BMW 😀👍🏻

    156k miles on my 2008 BMW 335i Twin Turbo and just crossed the 5 years of ownership – love it to death 👌🏻

  9. I have 2003 bmw 330i zhp, 144k miles. I drove it across the country, never got me stranded. Just do cooling refresh every 60-80k miles. BMW e46 straight 6 engines known to last 500k miles. Sure it might have a bad sensor here and there. But these cars are easy to work on, actually easier than V6 from Honda/Toyota from same era. E46 bmw drives better than most sedans of today that are suppose to be sporty.

  10. I bought a BMW E36 94 318i for $1000 from a family friend who had it from new… It's a great car to drive but I'm not going to spend much on it and will most likely wreck it if it has any major problems

  11. Bullshit..i've been daily driving an '03 (e46) 330xi for 11 years And 11 New England winters. Routine maintenance is all she's required. Nothing major or catastrophic has occurred. i cant say the same about my 05 Impreza however, it grenaded itself at 120k. I sold my previous 03 325xit with 237k miles. it was registered, inspected and ran very well at the time of sale.

  12. This guy is a stone age guy who only likes old Toyota cars and hates New car technologies and hate New inventions and engineering introduced to the car industry

  13. I have to push back a little bit on BMW's being endless money pits. While there are some parts that can be expensive most parts I buy are very reasonably priced. I would not recommend a BMW for someone looking for a cheap driver, as they do require more initial maintenance upon purchase than say a Honda or Toyota. A used 96-03 BMW with a straight 6 engine will require approximately $1,500 to $2,500 (depending on how well the car was maintained) in initial maintenance and repairs to be a reliable daily driver. As long as you can DIY the repairs, I would rather drive an E36, E46, E39, over any Honda or Toyota or American car for that matter.

  14. i have a 11yo bmw z4 and never gave me any problems and it's one of the most amazing cars i've ever driven.

  15. I own a BMW E85 2003 3.0I
    1) parking sensor 60 euro painted
    2) cup holder original bmw 60 euro (that hurts)
    3) water pump 100 euro including labor
    15 years old car is this a money pit?
    Maintenance by the book except oil changes which I make every 10.000 km (6.000 miles)

  16. Getting the plastic out of the engine bay makes a huge difference in reliability. My 309,000mi E46 can testify.
    You'll take endless sneering and hissing for the badge, but go looking for another manual-transmission rear-drive four-door sedan and your options are either 'Used', 'Out of Production', or 'Not Manual Transmission in the US'.
    The chassis code system makes finding DIY repair information dead-simple, the aftermarket is global, and the car can be anything you want it to be.

  17. I have a 2005 325i. Sapphire black with sandy beige interior, last year of the e46 body style, replaced mass air flow for 45$. Paid 2800 for the entire car, few little dings here and there but for being a 13 year old city car, it’s held up great and is my daily, 158k going up. Puts a smile on my face everytime I sit behind the wheel.

  18. You are pretty stupid got a 2009 328i bought it with 20k in 2011 it now has 215k all i had to do was a coil pack that cost 650 with labor

  19. BMW's is the ultimate driving luxury performance garbage. Unless you buy with extended warranty. Your looking to pay 30 – 60% of the value of the car in mechanical failures, "Repairs". If you buy it with EXTENDED warranty, any repairs you will only end up paying out of pockets 5-10% of the value of the car on repairs within the warranty range.

    My two BMWs that I owned:
    2011 BMW M3
    – Repairs under extended warranty $23,000
    – out of pocket diductable and repairs
    – sold it at 75,000 miles

    And a
    2016 BMW M4
    – Reapairs under extended warranty
    – out of pocket diductable and repairs.
    – Just got rid of it at 55,000

    My 2008 Lexus IS F with
    – no extended warranty
    – Maintenance costs $1,400
    – Still driving like new

    My friends that own a BMW also have the same headaches. Any other person that tells you otherwise, is either lying, is a Mechanic or works for BMW… Dont trust any of these people, it's all lies.

  20. Scion was a move in the right direction. Toyota has the image of old owners attached to it. Scion was a brand for the youth that handled better and were cheap cars more focused on infotainment and modifying. It would have worked if they made better looking cars that actually have good fuel economy? (most young people are broke). Scion IA and FRS were a step in the right direction but too little too late. They could have easily made a civic/mazda 3 killer but decided not to enter that segment.

  21. Scotty scotty. Where I live, such beemers are the most common, with that engine and a 2.0 turbodiesel named a 320d. They're praised for everything, including their reliability. So from the experiences of many people I know that have them (not with a simple N/A petrol like in the car you were asked about but the "complicated" turbodiesel engines). And here, in Southeastern Europe, those are the most famed daily drivers, and every second BMW is a 320d, and with the VW TDI models from about the same age, it is one of the most common cars on our roads. Please stop fanboying on Toyota Scotty, please.

  22. Maintenance is everything with BMWs. When you buy one, make sure it's been maintained meticulously (<15.000 km oil intervals, and only using BMW oil (0W30), preferably dealer maintained + all invoices. Do NOT cheap out on oil. Additionally I always combine the oil service with an emission service (engine flush + oil conditioner), and my European 2005 E90 325i is still running as smooth as a baby's bottom. Finally, when buying a BMW, don't forget: "there's nothing more expensive than a cheap BMW'.

  23. Well according to JD power surveys you buy a new BMW with two problems already. Its based on facts. Pointless in saying u got it with what milage and only driven it a year or two not knowing what it costed in the past.

  24. Stuck gas pedal! Hey Scotty! I remember when Toyota had to recall 5,2 million cars because the gas pedal stuck to the floor and killing people every day. Stay away from Japanese cars, they are very cheap but boring and dangerous. My neighbour broke a tail light on his Toyota, he waited 9 weeks for it to arrive with boat from Japan! Everybody still teases him about his stupid little car.

  25. BMW is one the best cars to have if you like cars. Because they are expensive people don't keep them for long. So if you buy a used one there is so much DIY material on the internet you will enjoy working on the car. Everything makes sense on a BMW it's just more time consuming then others when replacing parts. I own a 2001 BMW 740i with 75,000 miles.

  26. Why is this guy still in my recommendation list?! I am a car guy and he is clearly from greens, as per him, there is no car that is worth buying

  27. BMW=Brings More Women, and thats excactly what my 2016 750 does. I buy my 7 series 2-3 years old as CPO vehicles keep them 3-4 years and trade in. Never had a problem. If you're complaining about cost, its because you can't afford them, not beacause they are shitty.

  28. Why would you buy a 2001 318? Virtually every modern car has more than 143 hp (except maybe a Yaris or something). So you're not impressing anyone by owning it and it's far from a sports car. Just buy a 2008 honda accord or something.

  29. I have one of these endless money pits, 243000 miles still going strong, if I’d had to drive a Toyota that far I’d have slit my wrists 200000 miles ago

  30. E46 are now less than 4k ,cheaper than hyundai and kia there is one on guntree for 300bucks Lol people buy that junk call it a great car 😂😂😂only 330i is fun others are over priced our e90 320i slow as compared to so many other cars on road

  31. I drive a 2012 135i with the n55. Twinscroll turbo and easy to mod and get great gains while still relatively reliable for a performance car. But my other car is an 07 corolla that is absolutely bulletproof so i might just have high standards for reliability

  32. How do you 3-series fans feel about the Tesla Model 3? If you were out to buy a new car today would you consider it? Test drive it?

  33. Ummm, if BMWs were so bad i wouldn't be seeing a bunch of them driving in my city (especially f30s). My friends have a '92 325is, '97 740i, and a 2010 535i xDrive, my dad owned a 2000 328i, now drives a '17 330i xDrive, and there's no car out there that can compete with BMW. Audis are money pits. My friend test drove an A4 and the turbo blew up on the highway. I saw a honda civic break down yesterday. if you maintain your car properly and don't pick the cheapest oil change from valvoline once a year your car can run forever.

  34. I think to say that all used BMW’s are ‘endless money pits’ is somewhat of a generalisation on a couple of premises. Firstly, how reliable a car is depends on, to an extent, how well it was looked after by the previous owner(s). Secondly, you can save costs on maintenance by doing the repairs and maintenance yourself instead of taking it to the mechanic for simple things like oil changes. Also, as far as usage goes, a 2001 318i would be fine as a daily driver provided you are meticulous about performing the correct general maintenance at the correct intervals and just generally look after it, although you may want to reconsider the car if you plan on driving many miles a year (Toyota?) :).

  35. I DD my 2001 BIG turbo A4. its great! yes I have built and replaced everything needed to do this. In a nut shell I have a $10K 1.8t liter mustang eater that rocks in the snow! I also did all the work my self. If you don't want to work on it or pay for it don't by German.

    Note on that 88 van… CAT Delete and never look back.

  36. Scotty I got a 2012 BMW 328i while I was driving it with my friend in another car behind me he saw black smoke coming from the exhaust when I was accelerating hard. What could cause that could it be a bad turbo?

  37. I love my BMW. I truly believe they constructed the engine to be indestructible if taken care of. However, i've seen a horrible grimy and noisy BMW engine that didnt have its oil changed in forever. The BMW requires normal maintenance costs + better part costs and the car itself has many other features which can break as well. A good example is the valvetronic shaft sensor. This costly part is embedded deep within the engine, if you do not work on cars of a living, it will be a costly replacement. 300$ for the part and 150$+ for labor. Other than that, all of the other things i've had to replace would have to be replaced on any other car as well:
    – spark plugs
    – ignition coils
    – engine oil
    – gas cap/EVAP parts
    – TPMS sensors
    – gear shift LED status position light
    – brakes
    – rotors
    – tires
    – timing belt/other belts
    – etc.

  38. buy a e46 6 cylinder. those engines are very reliable. and bmw parts are not expensive. i buy all my parts for my bmw from a trusted website (autodoc for europeans). only thing that have gone wrong on my bmw is a maf sensor. it only costed 50 euros

  39. I understand why you say BMW's are money pits because yes they are expensive to fix. But I think saying that all of them are is a little too broad of a statement. Just like anything else there are a lot of factors that go into it my family has always owned BMW's and out of the 4 or 5 my Mom and Step father had, they never had any real problems. The only real issue I can remember is my Mom had a white 89 3.25i and the fuel pump went out. At around 190000 miles. My step dad a similar one at the time that was a convertable, and had no problems. Then we got a 92 3.25i just to upgrade. Spent around $3000 on it and my Mom had it 4 years until I got my license and it became my car. The only problem that car ever had was the window motor on the passenger door went out. Mom then bought a 2003 3.25i and still drives it with no problems. Regular oil changes, and other regular maintenance and it still runs great with no problems. So really as with everything else it's about how well was it was maintained and how well you maintain it once you own it. Just be ready to spend a lot of money if something does go wrong. They are fun cars to drive, have good balance and I loved my 92 all the way up until I wrecked it being stupid about 6 years ago.

  40. Never understood the appeal of BMW…I worked at an auction and drove so many different BMW's…everything is so tight and stiff…even the M series…screw all of them

  41. Any 18 year old car is gonna be a money pit and it shouldn’t be used as a daily driver that’s why I don’t drive my 29 year bmw 3 series everyday because it’s 29 years old and tell the real truth why there endless money pits and don’t use you own opinion as the truth.

  42. I just got a 00 323i and use to drive a Honda Accord. It costs more for the BMW but the driving experience is like night and day. I'll keep the BMW.

  43. Hell… This is an arrogant guy who hates all cars except the Toyota brand. There is no point in listening to him. Really unprofessional! What a waste of time!!!

  44. I might of course be biased because I only had driven my dads 2001 B5 Passat 1.9 and just got my first car which is a 2000 e46 and it's just such a blast to drive even though its an automatic. Not to mention that it is simply a joy to look at.

  45. You only live once. For the amount of time people spend in their cars, you can understand why many people would want a REAL luxury car or sports car, instead of buying a rebadged Toyota aka Lexus, with its unibody and front wheel drive engineering. Not exactly like the Lexus is easy to work on. Just try changing the valve cover gasket located near the back firewall sometime, if you think they are easy to work on and maintain. The BMW 3 series has a straight six engine. Easy to change parts on in comparison to a sideways v-6 front wheel drive. I've owned a few hundred 3 series BMW's. They are great cars. They are safer, with heavier steel and an actual frame and they handle far superior to the Toyota "Luxury" cars and in addition they aren't much more to work on. Millions of 3 series on the road and the parts are everywhere.

  46. I own a e60 2008 528i N52k motor. Got it 10 years ago with 20k and today it has 155k and all I have done is the required maintenance plus valve cover gaskets on my own. Drives like the day I bought it. If you know how to mess with cars and you get the simplest BMW you will have less issues. The problem lays when you buy an M series with all those complicated bells and whistles, something is bound to break and very fast. Speaking about fast, people beat these cars up driving them hard because in their mind it’s an expensive car and it “should” never break down because it cost a lot of money! Like any other car, if you take care of it, it will last. If you beat it, it will cost you. Even Toyota’s.

  47. My 2009 BMW 328i has been a great car.. bought with 78,000 about 4 years ago and now has about 140,000 and only thing I've had to replace was a belt tensioner for 100 bucks other than that just yst change oil every 8,000 miles with full synthetic and always use premium gas.. knock on wood it's never left me stranded and started right up everytime.. BMWs like mine with the inline 6 n52 engine are great motors!! Take care of the bimmer she will take care of you.

  48. My ‘11 BMW 328i has been reliable. Ive has it for two years and besides one minor leak which was only $200 to fix, nothing unexpected has gone wrong.

  49. My BMW is the most reliable car I have ever owned, it’s all about maintaining the car. And this cars will run forever. I used to own Toyota, most of the time it stayed in the garage.

  50. "ThE tRuTh AbOuT bMwS"
    ok here's the truth, they're mostly clapped out if you're buying a $1000 2001, (duhh!) but if you fix it up and do preventative maintenance it's a PERFECT daily driver. oh let me guess, your cousins friends uncle says they're expensive to maintain? wrong. find out who makes the oem part you need (siemens vdo, mahle, ect) and buy it for 1/4th the cost of the exact part at the dealer.

  51. He's so incorrect with that comment everybody knows that a naturally aspirated inline straight 6 in the three series are very reliable had three of them one had more than 260k

  52. The E36 is probably the best 3 Series BMW built. I wouldn't mind an E46. The E39 5 Series is one for the bucket list. The 540i is the next best thing to the M5 at a fraction of the cost to buy.

  53. BMWs are as reliable as you make them. Take care of the engine and do regular oil changes you will be fine. Just don't buy a 2001. Buy a 2016 or newer. 🙂

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