The Truth About Buying a Fiat 500 Car

The Truth About Buying a Fiat 500 Car

rev up your engines, Asti 32003 says Scotty what do you think of it getting used Fiat 2013 500 Abarth with low mileage is a secondary fun car I know FCA products of lousy reliability that’s the truth well here’s the thing they’re cute little cars to fiddle around with, you know they got they don’t have the stupid Fiat engine they got the Alfa Romeo and you which is a better made engine but it’s Italian technology too, if you can get it cheap enough for a toy why not they have no resale value believe me so if you can pick one up for 2,3,4 grand and you want to get around with it go ahead it could be a fun toy you know if it really is low mileage what the heck just don’t drive it every day you know it could be a fun little toy and take advantage of some fool buying a new one if you can get it cheap enough go ahead and buy it, there’s nothing wrong with that just don’t drive it every day and if it’s the secondary fun car why not Nelson Rodriguez says Scotty I got a 95 Chevy Blazer with 80,000 miles it is a good purchase okay it depends what you paid I’m not a GM fan but back in 1995 they were building better they were stronger transmissions were better and if it’s in good shape you didn’t pay much for it it can still last a long time just realize course it’s a 95 so what are you talking about you talking about a 24 year old vehicle, generally with 24 year old vehicle something’s gonna go wrong and you’re gonna have to repair stuff so you know if you didn’t pay that much it could still last a long time if it really only has 80,000 miles you know a lot of guys go to a junkyard they’ll just buy a used dash for 50 bucks that has lower mileage and throw it in so you don’t know you’d want some proof that it really only had that much mileage on it next year says please help me mr. Scotty I have a 98 proton Saga Ishwara are red coolants better than green coolants okay first thing you gotta realize the color of your coolant is just a dye, they don’t have any color it’s a dye that gives them a certain color and they can dye them any color they want now classically when I was young in the 60s all they had was green coolant and it was the old-fashioned coolant that didn’t last that long, you had to change it every three years, it didn’t work as well but now there’s long coolants which you can put in any cars and they can last seven years 150,000 miles so if yours came with red that’s probably the long life coolant so when you change it, you change it with the same type of long life coolant they’re called oat organic acid technology and the really good one are called oats hOAT which is hybrid acid organic technology and they last the longest and as long as you flush out your old coolant you can use any of the new ones the HOAT is the best to cost a lot more and the oats can still last for five years or a hundred thousand miles, so the color doesn’t really mean anything it’s the type that it is, cuz it’s just a dye robert love dog says, good morning Scotty I got a 1990 Ford Ranger put brand new tires all the way around and brand new brakes the tires are four years old do you think it could be the tires cuz it slides now okay, well you said you had brand new tires all the way around now you’re saying there four years old now well I’m assuming they’re four years old now, if it slides the only reason cars generally slide is because the tires are worn and if they’re cheaper tires they’ll slide real fast I had that problem with these cheap Korean tires that came on my wife’s matrix when I bought it secondhand, they look great they had 95% of the tread wear on them but they were just cheap Korean tires and they would slide because they didn’t grip right, they were actually too hard too soft tires will wear out faster but the grip better, well the opposite the really cheap tires are too hard and then they don’t grip and they slide so odds are it’s the tires the only other way you can get sliding is if your suspension is so bad the alignment is bad and the tires are sitting wrong cuz one sides at an angle yeah it’ll slide that but normally it’s the tires make them slide Daniel Geraldo, says Scotty my tie rod is broken should I fix it now or can I leave it for a while, definitely you want to fix it now, tie rods are what pull your tire in and out when you’re driving you dont want that and watch my video on fixing a tie rod anybody can put them on you can go to autozone and get an aftermarket tie rod for most cars for like 20 and 25 dollars and they’re solid metal they’r well made the video shows you how you can change it yourself and then if the alignment isn’t bad now, when you take it off there’s threaded rods you count the threads and then when you screw the new one in screw it in the same threads and then if it doesn’t track right you take it to a front-end shop and say look I put a tie right on a line the front end and they’ll line the front end for you so it’s something you can easily do yourself, don’t chance it cuz if a tie rod breaks off the wheel can just turn on its own and you can be killed on the highway, you don’t want to go to broke a tie rod for very long and you don’t want, I know this one guy he welded a tie rod on once, you don’t want to just try welding them on, just get another one they aren’t that expensive, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. What's your view on the new jettas? I'm seeing some base models with a 6 speed manual being sold between 13,500 and 15000 dollars. They come with a 6 year 72,000 mile warranty.

  3. Funny story…….I got into a car accident a couple of years ago and called a rent-a-car place to reserve a "mid size economy car" and when I got there they had a red Fiat waiting for me WTF?!?!?! WHATTA AM I DOING WITH THIS THING?!?!? I CALLED IT AN EGG!! Now whenever I see one of them I call it an egg. I actually took it and was surprised at how fast it was but I thought it was way too small and dangerous to actually own as your car.

  4. I had 2-Fiat 500 Bianchina(one ran, out of first gear at 9mph), 2-Fiat 600 Multiplas, and 2-Fiat850 sedans. The plan was to adapt the motors to ethyl alcohol and develop a sugar beet mash or sugar cane mash supply to make one's own fuel, but these cars were for somebody with a junk pile in the back 40 of a farm someplace. Fix It Again Tony. Japanese mechanical adaption was not worth discussing.

  5. Scotty, how do I tell if the oil in my car is too thin? For my 2007 Subaru Forester, the owner's manual suggests a few different oils, depending on the temperature range where you live: 10W30/10W40 for hotter temperatues, or 5W30 suitable for all temperature ranges. Last service I used fully synthetic 5W30 oil because I often do a lot of shorter trips early in the morning (currently winter here in Australia, easily gets below 5°C/41°F) and the oil doesn't have time to heat up properly. My mechanic suggested, due to the car's age, that I use a thicker grade of oil in case this one is too thin. Problem is, what sounds/behaviour do I look for to know that my oil is too thin, and that I need a thicker one?

  6. I got my Abarth for about 7k with 65k miles… I drive it daily…. Been about 6 months… But I do feel it's a ticking time bomb hahaha

  7. Should remind people not to mix different colors of coolant. If you mix the wrong types together you get a gooey gel that will basically ruin your engine. If you're going to switch types make sure you drain out all the old stuff and even rinse with some water if you can. Friend of mine mixed Dexcool with some regular green antifreeze and it turned into sludge.

  8. Hi Scotty, the 500 (or any of the other Fiats for that matter) doesn't have an Alfa Romeo engine, unless you're talking about the special Giannini Model with over 300bhp.

  9. Love the insert pics while Scotty is givin' w the knowledge. Especially like the urban dudes makin' it real w some down to earth smack talk!!

  10. Scotty, you need to publish a Scotty Kilmer Blue Book. Seems like you're always getting questions on car prices (including from myself).

  11. I would never buy a fiat, mini cooper, nissan cube or kia soul. All these box cars have terrible engines, Can't resell them and even if you do you will get nothing. Get a good little civic or toyota.

  12. I deliver pizza in a 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth. 82,000 miles so far and it just had regular maintenance. Stage 1 tune, catless downpipe, drilled and slotted rotors on the front and a short shift shifter. A good and cheap daily that is fun and it gets good gas mileage if I want it to.

  13. Scotty – I think if we were talking pre-1990's American Fiats – you would be on the money. After all, they earned the name "Fix It Again Tony" for a reason. However, though I don't generally disagree too much with you, modern Fiat 500's are on a platform that is pushing 20 years old, and the engine is just an evolution of a 1999 design. They have been well tested by consumers by now. For the money, they are a great deal – and actually fun to drive and reliable. I would have only one real caution about used ones. Being fun to drive high rev little cars – they tend to get driven a bit hard.

  14. Scotty, please help, I have a 04 Impala LS, with 217,000 miles on it. With what I believe to be the transmission slipping when I take off like normal shifting from first to second gear, it does that when its cold. But when I take off when its hot it doesn’t do it at all whether I take of like normal or aggressively. Is my Transmission going out?

  15. i bought my fiat 500 sport with the max life warranty. only thing that broke was the door handle. i got the warranty, just in case it was a turd. it's a car you can drive hard with no worries of it breaking down and still get good mpg.

  16. Scotty, I love your channel, but on Fiat being unreliable you are dead wrong. Yes the use shitty materials for the interior but they really know how to build cars and innovate. The little Fiat F.I.R.E. 1000 engine was probably THE most reliable engine ever produce in human history.

  17. Hi scotty, i have a question, Do you recomend 1993 Toyota Celica 2.0L as my first car? I really like the styling of a 5th gen.i Found one with 190 000km for around 2500€,or is the 1.6L better option? It is manual. And iam from middle Europe.

  18. i drive a fiat and i absolutely hate it! i crashed it a year ago and all the love i had for it left. great car to learn how to drive in though.

  19. Fiat 500 1.4 multiair owner here. 78k miles all driven to the limit and no problems whatsoever .
    Timing belt done at 75k by me .
    A little jewel .

  20. Lots of bull Scotty. You dont know nothing about Fiat engines. Forget the fact that I drive and drove Fiat , Alfa , and Lancia all my life for hundreds of thousands of kms for the last 20 years. Those engines are Great !! the way they were put together was not that great but that was ancient history. Fiat engines were always great , Half of italy is/was driving FIAT many of them with 500,000 km's or more – Focus on what you know (American/japanese cars) Coz you dont know Fiat.

  21. Oh, Americans… everything must be big, heavy, V8, 4000 lb – otherwise it is not a car.
    FIAT is a very decent brand. In many aspects much better than "Americans". Look in Europe.

  22. My 2017 Abarth has 12k miles and has had two problems – the left door speaker didn't work when I got it from the dealer (dealer fixed it), and the A/C light went out (dealer will fix at next oil change).

  23. Just bought a 2014 500e for $6700. Can charge for free at work, plenty of electricity for about 2 days of 34 mile round trip… and don't have to burn gas in Los Angeles Traffic. WIN!

  24. Scotty. Are you a journalist working for car company's. Lost all respect for you mate that fiat tjet engine is very very good 134 miles per hour from a 1.4. maybe you are not cool enough to drive an Italian car. Don't think it will suit you mate.

  25. My used Abarth is quite a good car. It is reliable, it is fun to drive, it is fast. I don't know what you are ranting about.

  26. Scotty, two things: when people says «scotty 4 president!» they are insulting you! and don't give your pearls to pigs and the holy to dogs… only God deserves your fidelity. if you are having a good time with this, enjoy, but retire you before it will be late…

  27. I bought two new Fiat 500s…the first was a 2013 500 Pop, and I got it brand new…absolutely ZERO issues with it…I drove it from the NYC area to Indiana via Gettysburg Pa in January during a snowstorm…I stayed behind the 18 wheelers and never had any problems going either way…I traded up to a 2015 Abarth Cabrio when I took it in for service and saw the Abarth on the showroom floor…There wasn't anything wrong with the 2013…I just liked the Abarth…Both cars were so much fun, and I drove them every day, just like you said not to…I suspect that you've never owned one…Now I drive a 2017 Fiat 124 Spider, aka. the "Fiata", which is the Mazda MX5 with Fiat engine and suspension, plus a few other Fiat tweaks…I've owned Fiats way back in the 1960s and 70s when they were simply transportation and rust buckets…All were cheap and fun.

  28. Oh, that’s funny…years ago I drove my 78 T-Bird around for a week with a busted tie rod. There is a trick to it but it can be done….NEVER slam on the brakes and leave a shitload of space between you and the car in front….😏

  29. 2:00 red and blue coolants react with copper/brass typically found in older car radiators and will cause problems. Some of these new coolants supposedly last 5+ years blah blah blah, but it's better to change it every two years regardless of the colour. It gives you a reason to inspect the condition of the radiator, hoses and clamps if nothing else. I find it interesting that Scotty recommends more frequent oil changes yet he seems to advocate leaving coolant for 5-7years. Coolant is as vital to the moor as good oil – in fact an engine will run longer with no oil, than it will with no coolant. Don't be cheap, flush and change bi-annually.

  30. 1988-1989 used Fiat Ritmo cabrio (few Kms, small problems with the roof)
    1989-1994 Fiat Uno (90 000Km no problems)
    1994-2000 Fiat Bravo (100 000 Km no major problems)
    2000-2006 Fiat Punto Mk2 (100/150 000 Km no probles at all)
    2006-2012 Fiat Punto Mk3 (150 000 Km, no mechanical problems at all but the grill pop out during a travel :-P)
    2012-2017 Fiat Punto Mk4 GPL (120 000 km, a lot of problems, fuell and gas injection, clutch, LED tail lights constantly broke and others small problems)
    Now I have a 2017 1.2L fiat Panda as a secondary car… 20 000 Km with no probles at all

  31. Scotty you are just prejudiced against smaller cars. Not everyone drives a 210 inch long car with an acre of hood and loooonnnggg tail fins
    Why, there are Fiat mili-centos (1100 cc) in good shape, running around in Asia. The earliest ones, from 1955?, have front doors opening from the front and back doors opening from the back. Fun to drive. Easy to fix at the neighborhood mechanic's place.
    Fiat had intro the cruise control around 1960. Put the car in 5th and engage cruise control, take your foot off the accelerator on highways.
    And with steel bodies, these beauties could win a "high noon" face off with today's fibreglass bodied cheapo builds

  32. Not a big fan of Consumer Reports, but they rate the 500 very poorly-I tend to give CR some measure of credibility-are they wrong?

  33. Thinking about getting a 500 Abarth myself. 2012 with only 18k miles, manual transmission, clean service record, really only considering it because its cheap and insurance is cheap.

  34. There isn't a single street in Europe where you don't see a fiat 500. That said, it's one of the most appreciated cars in Europe.

  35. What are your thoughts on a used electric Fiat 500e under $5000 as a secondary car for short distance local commutes?

    I'd imagine it has all cuteness and fun one could want from a Fiat, minus the possibility of engine and transmission issues.

  36. Scotty I really like your knowledge and your channel, but let's be honest about italian cars: they are not that well built, but they are not unreliable. They become unreliable and thirsty if you thrash them because they are not that well built, and so one day they'll start to crumble.
    But other than that, the engines (especially the Fire ones) are reliable and punchy. I have a 2001 Fiat Punto mk2 with 157000 kms and my father had an Alfasud that lasted 232000 kms. We only changed perishable parts.

  37. I love this bc it detracts people from these amazing cars so that they are cheaper for all of us who REALLY know what's going on. Keep it on the low guys but these cars are awesome.

  38. My fiat 500 dualogic start to skip odd gears 🙁 It is worth to replace the the clutch or the hole transmission?

  39. One of the first jokes on the first episode of King of the Hill was Dale Gribble saying Ford meant "Fix It Again Tony", to which Hank responded "That's a Fiat, Dale."

  40. I bought a new Fiat 500 w/5 speed manual transmission in 2013. It's ball to drive! In 4 years of daily driving, NO mechanical troubles at all. The only time it went to the shop was to have an optional spare tire installed, and once for a recall that dealt with limiting the clutch pedal travel. It was FUN and trouble free and I once recorded a 52 MPG. I'd still be driving it, except it just wouldn't handle 4×8 sheets of plywood very well (!), so I bought one of them dastardly 2017 Ram pickups two and a half years ago to fill my 'bigger' needs. So far NO problems with it EITHER…..two vehicles that are on the 'don't buy' list according to Scotty. Who would have ever guessed that I would get the only two units that never gave trouble!

    I'm an old 74 yrs and agree, by way of experience, with about 90% of everything Scotty says, but I do think he does have some bias… 🙂 BTW, he is RIGHT about the Fiat's resale value… If you buy one, buy it to keep!
    I do enjoy his channel and subscribe.

  41. When I saw the Fiat badge for the first time, i though the brand was not "Fiat", but "Flat". Now it's apparent that Fiat is "Flat" out unreliable. Coincidence much?

  42. It really did not answer the question if the Fiat 500 is a reliable car. It sounds like Scotty doesn't really know. I guess we will have to ask someone who has own one for years.

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