The Truth About Buying a Ford Mustang

Rev up your engines,
117 says, Scotty I’m thinking of buying a Ford Mustang as my first car what do you think
about Mustangs, they are fun cars to drive, that said, if
your going to buy a new one, get a V8 their more fun to drive and they
last longer, if you get a used one, have a mechanic like
me check it out period, you don’t ever want to buy a used Mustang
without a good mechanic checking it out and here’s the main reason, the main reason is,
guys that buy Mustangs, a lot of them drive them really hard and you don’t want to buy
something somebody wore out, so you want to have a mechanic like me check
it out and if you are buying a used one hey, your better off buying from a middle aged
or older guy than a young kid, never buy a used Mustang from a young kid, because generally
they beat the heck out of those things, hey Scotty, No 9 says, my 2012 Nissan Altima
has trouble getting up over the 610 bridge channel bridge, it has 102,000 miles any idea,
ok here’s the thing, when you got a vehicle and that’s a steep bridge,
and it won’t make it up the bridge much, your losing power under load, so the first
thing I’d say is, change the fuel filter, a clogged fuel filter will do that,
of course change the spark plugs and air filter if you haven’t tuned it up in a while, it
can be that too, if those don’t fix it, generally it’s dirty
fuel injectors, and I’ve got a video, how to clean fuel injectors without removal, watch
that video and try that, you can often clean it up and make it run better,
now if that didn’t do it, what you can do is, have a mechanic pressure test the fuel
pump, because if it is weak and it won’t accelerate up hill, the fuel pump itself could be going
out, and with modern cars they don’t have any place
to screw a fuel pressure gauge on, so you really got to pay a mechanic because we have
the special tools where we have to take the fuel rail apart, put our gauge on the rail
and re-hook it up and road test it to see what the pressure is,
Kaufman says, I have a 1986 S10 that runs fine but sometimes the check engine light
comes on but after I turn it off and turn it on it goes away any tips,
ok if you want to know what it is, when a check engine light is on, have a mechanic
scan it with his computer and see what code comes out, it’s an 86 so it’s really old,
and it doesn’t have the good data that a 95 or new car has on it, but they way they work
is, when your driving your car, if there’s a problem,
the check engine light comes on and sets a code but that’s such an old car, it’s OBD
1, once you shut it off then it restarts the
system again and when you start it up, if it’s not on but then it comes on later then
when you turn it off and it goes on, it’s a really minor problem that your not going
to have to worry about, if you do want to know what it is, your going
to have to get it scanned while that light is on, because those old systems they don’t
keep much data, if it was a newer car, a 95 or newer, it wouldn’t matter whether you turned
it on or off, it would have the historical data and show you what that code was but that
old thing doesn’t work that way, they were much more basic computers in them, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell!

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