The Truth About Buying a Jaguar Car

Carlos Garcia says, Scotty what are your
opinion on Jaguars, big fan, okay they were great cars historically, you
know in the forties and fifties they were state of the art but since the 1960s
they’re known as endless money pits, and they’ve actually gotten worse over time
because a while back that Indian company Tata the one that makes those cars in
India that cost like $1,600 they bought Jaguar and Land Rover, and if
anything they’re worse than they are today
and they used to be in the sixties, their endless money pits, their beautiful cars,
you know for a while Ford owned them and then they lost so much money then they
sold it to Tata, I wouldn’t buy one, they’re beautiful cars but if you want a
fun toy and you can buy a used one with lower mileage and you’re only gonna
drive it on the weekend, hey have some fun you can get them all day long for a
thousand or two thousand dollars and if they still run good you can have a good
toy, just don’t buy one of those and think you can use it as a daily driver, I
mean there’s guys in there that they take out the Jag engine and transmission
put in a Chevy or Ford v8, and then they run great, so I mean there’s lots of
things you can do, because you can get them dirt cheap when they’re old, nobody with
their right mind pays much for them when their used, Ryan’s rev says, Scotty what’s
your opinion a GMC Yukon are they reliable, okay the older ones are
relatively reliable, just like the older Suburbans were pretty reliable, but then
the problem came they started making them cheaper, and that’s just what
General Motors has done, so I wouldn’t buy late-model one, if you wanted
something like that I’d go Ford or Toyota, I wouldn’t buy a GM but the
older ones were more reliable that’s just how the world was, Jose Sakata says,
I got a 2006 Chevy Monte Carlo it’s got 70,000 miles any known issue, drives
okay for the most part but it’s hiccups now and then, sometimes it feels like it
has trouble accelerating, okay first thing you want to do is pressure test the
fuel pump after changing the fuel filter is the fuel filters are clogged the pump will get weak
can do that, now it’s 13 years old you only got 70,000 miles so it’s low
mileage, the transmissions on those things, automatics are really weak, so I
mean just baby the transmission and take care of it, that’s the main maintenance
you want to do on that, because I would never buy that car but you
have it and it’s low mileage, so you mind as well take care of it, because if
you try selling it now you’re gonna get nothing for 13 year old Monte Carlo with
70,000 miles, nobody’s gonna give you much, so you mind as well take care of
it, you never know you might have bought one that was made on a Wednesday that’s in better shape,
Eli Hernandez says, Scotty what would you recommend as my first car, a 2001 lexus
LS 300 or a v6 Mustang from 1999, oh I’d go for the 2001 Lexus, because those things
can run for ever, I have my wife, I got her 2002 Lexus and she loves the car, it’s the
best car we ever bought, now I bought it used from a customer of mine when his father
died it only had 60,000 miles and I paid four grand for it because it needed a
little bodywork and I paid my body guy a thousand dollars to take all the dings
out and paint the bumpers, so it looked great, but that that car can run forever
if you take care of it, I’m the last of my kind hey maybe you’re not I’m might be one too,
Scotty I have a Ford Crown Victoria two thousand six, hundred thousand kilometers,
and the main problem is when I take on long drives, sometimes when I stop the
car the engine shuts down, if it’s a real long drive, that thing is thirteen years old,
a lot of times the fuel injectors will get a little bit off, so when it’s hot
they spray a little bit better more gas in the engine, well when you’re
driving down the road, the engine doesn’t care all that much, but when you come to a
stop, if it’s too much fuel it’ll stall the engine out, now one way you can check
that if it does stall out and then you start it back up and black smoke comes out
of the back, yes then it is stalling out from too much fuel, now if black smoke
doesn’t come out it when it starts back up, it could be the fuel pump you could
pressure test that, because if it’s getting no fuel it won’t smoke black when it
restarts, because it’s not getting too much fuel, it’s getting not enough that’s a
good way you can check it, inspired by Keith says, Scotty I have a 2008 Honda Accord
with an oil leak even after replacing the valve cover gasket, VTEC solenoid gasket, oil filter housing gasket, what could it be,
well it could be a lot of things, generally it’s the crank or the cam
seals on those, but I have a video that’s called, finding engine oil leaks,
watch that you get a little ultraviolet leak dye, you can buy a kit that has
dye, yellow sunglasses and a little UV light, then
when you put the stuff in, you drive it around for 15 or 20 minutes, now it’s
best if you do that at night, because at night it’s dark out, then when you check
it with a UV light, you can see the glowing green a lot easier at night, in
the daytime it’s harder to see, especially in broad sunlight or if you
have a dark garage that you can pull it in but you want to check it when it’s
darker, because when it’s real dark then the dye really lights up great when it’s
dark outside, with the Sun not shining on you really get a better view of where
it’s leaking from, and that’ll always show you where the leak is coming from,
huapi says, my golf mark 2 GTI 16 valve will not idle normal when it’s cold when
the old temperature is hot it rides fine, okay first thing you want to do
since it’s a Volkswagen, if it runs poor when it’s cold but when the oil
temperature gets hot it runs fine, it could be a worn engine, you want a mechanic
like me to do what’s called a wet and dry compression test, they do a
compression test of the engine dry, then they squirt a little oil in each cylinder and do it,
and see if the pressure goes up or down they can tell you what shape the engine
is inside, because it could just be your engine is just flat wearing out,
now if the engine isn’t flat wearing out then do my video, how to clean fuel
injectors without removal, could be dirty fuel injectors, when an engine is cold it
has to get the perfect amount of gas or it will run crappy, but once the engine’s
warmed up, if the fuel is a little bit off it can still run pretty good, so
you’d want to try that if the engine checks out to be still in good shape,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember
to ring that Bell!

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