The Truth About Buying a Lexus ES 350

Rev up your engines! Victor says, Scotty what do you think about
a Lexus ES 350 as a first car, okay they’re very well made cars, they can
last a really long time, now if you’re talking about brand new stuff,
they cost a lot of money, if you’ve got that kind of money and you can
afford it, go right ahead, now if you’re buying a used one, then you
have think, ok how much am I paying and what shape is the car in,
like anything, you trust no one, but a mechanic that you know that knows his
stuff like me, before you buy a used one of those, you have
a mechanic check it out, because like I said earlier, you get a high level scan tool, when
I hook it up they can’t hide anything from that,
they could reset the codes in the computer, but that doesn’t mean anything,
when a guy like me plugs it in, drives it around for 5 minutes, then looks at the data,
you can’t hide it, that computer is going to show anything that’s got a problem in it
up to something that might only last for a thousands of a second, so you can’t hide it
from a good mechanic, if you’re buying it used, always have a guy
like me check it out, Wall says, I live in Arizona it got really
hot, my car wouldn’t start, it’s been fine and it only did it once, any ideas I bought
a battery for it, 2006 Pontiac, ok here’s the thing, when did
it not start, if it didn’t start first thing in the morning,
then odds are your starter is starting to go out,
but if it did it after you drove it, and the car was hot,
and then it had a hot soak and it wouldn’t start, there’s a lot of reasons they could
do that, it could be the starter like I said, or it could be that the fuel injectors are
leaking a little, flooded the engine out, but if you found that
it was cold and you tried to start it and nothing happened, and you put a new battery
in it, change the starter it means the start is starting to go out,
but I mean if it only did it once, see what happens, but if it starts doing it regularly,
replace the starter that’s the most common thing on one of those,
Adrian says, I got a 2002 V6 Mustang, the AC compressor makes horrible noises, whats
the best way to fix it, I heard the AC clutch was the best way to go,
well I totally disagree with that, here’s the thing, if you have an AC compressor and
it starts making noises, it doesn’t matter if it’s the compressor itself or the clutch
that’s making noise, if a clutch is wearing out on an AC compressor,
9 times out of 10 it’s wearing out because the compressor itself is wearing out, it’s
straining the clutch too much and it starts to break down,
whenever you’re going to replace a compressor on a modern car, replace the whole thing,
don’t even think about rebuilt either, I’ve got a video, why not to buy a rebuilt AC compressor
watch it, only buy brand new, now you don’t have to
buy brand new factory, I buy a lot of aftermarket AC compressors
that last for year and years, but you got to go new and don’t try to fix
your old one, because years ago when people had less money I tried for my customers and
every time I replaced the clutch and leave the compressor within a year or so, the compressor
would go out and then they would be mad at me,
and now I explain to them, look if you want to buy a clutch I can put it on but I’m not
guaranteeing anything other than I put it on right, because odds are the compressor
is going to go out too soon, you have to be logical when you’re fixing
those things, you can’t just start thinking, oh I can replace
pieces of it, you want to replace the whole thing,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that bell!

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