The Truth About Buying a New Volvo Car

The Truth About Buying a New Volvo Car

Rev up your engines,
Michael says, Scotty I have a 2015 Volvo V60 T5, what are your thoughts on it, I have no
problems so far, I’m curious about issues, ok it’s only a 2015, Volvo used to make great
cars, I had an Aunt that had a P1800, those little cute sports cars, and and she had over
a million miles on that thing, but this was in the 1960’s,
now Volvos are European high tech cars, if you like it and you’re having fun with
it great, just realize when it gets older it’s going
to turn into a money pit, all of my customers that bought one in the
last decade and a half never bought another one if they kept it for long,
because they found out that, oh my god I have to spend a fortune fixing
this thing and it breaks down all the time, but yours is new enough and you bought it,
take car of it and drive it, because if you try selling it now, you’re
going to find out how much money you’re going to lose selling it,
I mean you’re going to lose probably 70-80% of what you paid for it,
so don’t sell it now, take car of it and you never know it might last for a really long
time, it’s not going to last you know, 15-20 years
or even longer like the old Volvos and the modern Toyotas still do,
Sing says, my car’s air intake got flooded with water, it’s fixed but it makes a high
pitched sound when I start it, it makes a metal spinning sound when driving,
ok odds are the engine was damaged, if your intake got flooded with water, especially
if it was while you were driving, air and fuel mixture compresses with the pistons,
then the spark plug ignites it to make it go,
if you get water in there, water cannot compress, so the water gets sucked in and when the piston
goes up, it can’t compress it and the valves are closed so what happens is,
it bends the piston rod, you can’t see it,
and a lot of times you can’t even test for it,
but when it starts doing that, and then you get an internal noise, it means the engine
is shot and you’d have to rebuild the whole engine and as I said earlier, modern cars
cost so much money to rebuild correctly, hardly anybody does it,
so find a mechanic like me, or make a video of it, upload it to me, I’ll watch it, and
I hear the noise, and if I hear it’s the pistons going, get rid of it, don’t even think about
fixing it, or put another engine in the car,
sometimes guys get lucky and they get used ones from a salvage yard for $600-$700 and
they put them in and they run good, but actually rebuilding them costs so much
money it’s not really worth it, Daniel says, do I need to change my front
brakes at 80,000 KM, my brakes have never been changed, well that’s what, like 44,000
miles or so, if it works ok and it doesn’t shake when you
step on the brake why bother, I’ve got customers that go 100,000 miles in
modern cars and they haven’t worn out yet so they just leave them alone, leave them
be, I mean if you’re curious, just take off your
right front wheel, that’s the one that wears out first,
and if you see it’s still pretty thick, don’t even worry about it, modern braking systems
can really last a long time, they’re pretty well made,
rocket racer says, Mr. Kilmer, what was your first car and do you miss it,
yeah first car i ever had was an Opel, and I used to have dreams about it all the time,
by wife said, you’re nuts, you’re still dreaming about that car,
I said yeah you know, it was one of those sports car, and yeah it was me, my first car
was a German car, but I only paid $500 for it,
so you know it was only like 6 years old, it only had like 60,000 miles on it so,
and I miss it from that extent that it’s sentimental but hey their nothing compared to Toyotas
I mean, since then my own personal cars,
I’ve owned 2 Toyotas you know, so when was a Corolla SR5 and the other is
the Celica I have now so, you know you’re talking about 30 something
years, I’d rather have the Toyotas by far, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell!

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  2. Yes agree with Scotty. I think of my old 1990 Corolla SR-5. It had the GT-S side skirts &spoiler. Shiny red, 5 speed, comfy car, peppy & never broke down & easy maintenance. I wasn't into the metal sunroof, preferred glass but as my first car I ever bought , I enjoyed it very much ?

  3. i love Toyota's but when Scotty acts biased towards Toyota's i feel like he is paid to do it… it's just that won't stop bashing other car makers

  4. I have owned Volvo’s since 1998. Great cars. Still have a 98 c70. Drive a 2012 S60. Ex has a 04 XC90 over 220,000 mile. Maintain them and drive them. Much more reliable than my Mini Cooper and VW.

  5. Hey Scotty, I am a fan of your channel and respect your opinion, however I have to disagree a bit about the Volvos. I have had really good luck with my 05 Volvo S60R. I have repaired it a few times over the 270,000 miles but still original engine and transmission. You just gotta get used to how they are put together and then they are reasonably easy to fix. (and you have to be able to ignore the message center as long as you know nothing is wrong.) I do realize the electronics have been taken overboard on these newer ones though.

  6. He is right. Older Volvos are fantastic. I have 1992 940T with 475,000 miles and 1993 240 with 380,000 miles. Both daily trouble free drivers. Cost me peanuts to insure and maintain.

  7. Why don't modern Volvos sustain much damage in a frontal collision?
    Because the tow truck absorbs most of the impact!

  8. My first car was an Opel also. The Opel Kadet red 2 door station wagon. I added a radio, it was as basic as it got even for that year. I loved it because it was mine to explore the world. It was so small that I question my memory on how many people and things I would haul in it and on it. I made great use of the roof rack. The steering wheel was angled like a bus or truck and when I went through big puddles I would have to pull out the choke for a while so it wouldn't stall out. I think I would pay 500 to have another one. I paid 900 since it was only 2 years old.

  9. I drive what I like. If you like volvo get a volvo. I’ve driven a few s60 models and really enjoyed them but I ended up buying saab. I’ll eventually get a volvo as well some day

  10. Volvo owner here (2012 s60 with the 6 cylinder turbo). Scotty is not wrong, I would not buy a new Volvo, the depreciation on them is insane. However I think a slightly used Volvo is one of the best values in the car industry, especially with their certified pre-owned warranty (7 years/100k miles). I got my 2012 back in 2015 for essentially half off the original sticker price. With the inline 6 cylinder turbo and AWD its been a very fun daily driver…..0 to 60 in less than 6 seconds.

    Where Scotty is wrong I think is that he seems to insinuate that a Volvo is gonna fall apart on your within 10 years, my experience is that Volvos seem to be very well put together. My car has no squeeks, rattles, or anything after about 60k miles with very little wear and tear anywhere in the interior. And even in the rust-belt of Ohio I still see a fair number of 10+ year old Volvos running around on the road. Not to mention Volvos are still some of the safest cars you can drive, the s60 even got a rating of "good" from the IIHS for small front overlap crashes, a weak point of many cars.

    The key is once the warranty runs out you need to find an independent Volvo mechanic, the dealer will definitely bleed you dry, but that's true of many cars.

  11. I purchase a 1997 S80 just before I retired from the military in 2001. Piece of crap!! Put it for sale for almost a year and didn't get one offer. Had to trade it in and lost my butt on it. Traded for a 1996 Lexus LS 400, built like a TANK! great car but luxury car gas mileage. After many years sold it and got a 2011 Avalon, awesome car and great gas millage.

  12. I love the knuckle dragging people who buy trash like european, ford, dodge, etc. It leaves more option to buy whats good and will last haha

  13. I have to disagree about modern Volvo reliability. You MUST avoid the first few model years after any new model is released. If there was an issue, it's been fixed. Other than that, maintenance cost is as low as any other I've owned. I buy 8-10 year old used ones and run the hell out of them. Most importantly, I live in the rust belt, they are fully galvanized!!! Cars corrode quickly hear and Volvo is the only car I can keep.

  14. You need the best of both worlds. Got a 2009 Volvo S40 2.0 diesel and a 1998 toyota Camry 200si both auto.. volvo has currently 60 000km more on the clock than the Toyota a runs like a dream… However the Toyota is way cheaper on maintenance. Lol

  15. Scotty modern Toyota cars are crap, our 07 Toyota Avensis gear box bearings went in under 70,000 and apparently that's common for 5 year old model…. Shocking.

  16. My 2007 Volvo S60 D5 has 300 000km on it right now. Works perfect, I have replaced the clutch last year tho, but I guess my aggressive driving style affects that also. I really like my car, its 11 years old now, and im sure it will last that good 20 years.

  17. From your videos, I want a wife named Toyota. She’ll be a keeper for sure… just can’t be boxy looking like an old Volvo. ?

  18. Hey Scotty; I have a 2008 astra saturn and the problem is on a hot sunny day it makes alot of noise when accelerating but if it's on a rainy n cold day I don't hear much noise from it what do u think the problem Could be????

  19. Rev up your Toyotas Toyotas Toyotas Toyotas Toyotas Toyotas Toyotas Toyotas Toyotas Toyotas Toyotas Toyotas Toyotas Toyotas Toyotas Toyotas Toyotas Toyotas Toyotas Toyotas Toyotas Toyotas

  20. If I am not mistaken my information says Volvo is no longer a European made car. It was sold by Volve to China. so now its made in China!!!!

  21. Hello Scotty……..only American cars are good or what????? Every car which is not an American you think is not good, bullshit!!!

  22. Seems to me that any car made with actual metal and steel parts are simply gonna last longer! Compared to today's polymers/plastics/long chain hydro carbons of various materials you simply are not gonna have any long term value added to them.

  23. Scotty, your videos are getting boring. Unless it's a Toyota or a us domestic it's not worth buying.

    Several Volvos in the family, notably a 2007 C70 D5 and a 2004 V90 and a 2006 XC90 V8 and a 1995 850 T5.

    All going strong with high mileages, no breakdowns and no significant issues asides a slightly displaced top engine mount on the D5 causing some really strange noises. Mount realigned in a vice and edges centre punched to stop it moving again and has been fine ever since, took me about half an hour to do (initial mount movement likely caused when the car was cannoned into a sharp curb edge by my father in law which damaged the sump, necessitating its removal and welding which I carried out.)

  24. I have a 97 jeep grand cheroke with a 4.0 engine, the air conditioning cuts out when i give it gas, but when I let off the air conditioning comes back…any thoughts?

  25. You are a very humble man scotty may god countiune to bless u your family, friends and subscribers u just earned a new sub today first time ever seeing one of your vids

  26. So if you go on autotrader UK, cars with in excess of 200,000 miles are mainly Volkswagen group / Volvo cars, and they are still marketable. How is that possible Scotty !?

  27. Well some Volvo’s have the Aisin transmissions in them these days the parent company is Toyota so it might make scotty a little happier

  28. Hey… why do you have to yell and scream like that…. are you smoking weed or what?

    Watching your vids gives me a headache..

  29. Always like VOLVO C30s-can you buy one with a manual transmission and no 4WD? I figure such a car would be pretty easy to maintain.

  30. The engine keeps running for few seconds on very low rpm after shutting off the car usually if it it idled for some time, what's the problem?

  31. I hear early 2000s Volvos are worth it still. How late can i go? Im looking at a 2004 S80 Volvo turbo, wanna know if its worth the trip to look at it?

  32. Scotty I'm looking to buy a 2007 Volvo S40 for $1,000 the only thing it needs is a power steering rack. Is this a good deal?

  33. Yes but you have to factor in inflation. I was talking about what I paid for airline tickets in 1971. (It was $525) Someone pointed out that that would be over $3000 now.

  34. He obviously has no idea, what he's really talking about, and certainly has never driven a Volvo car. If he did, he'd not be so ignorant.

  35. Anyone here saying that newer Volvo’s don’t last. I have a 2008 Volvo S40 with 250,000 miles and the original clutch and transmission in it. I can’t speak for the really new models but you can easily drive early 2000s Volvo’s to 200,000 miles plus.

  36. 2004 volvo xc90 with 207K and still driving. Everyone thinks I have a new car when they get in it. Can be a little more $$ to fix but they are extremely reliable

  37. Plz anylne help me. Im willing to buy Volvo S40 T5 2005 wich have been driven for 193 000 kilometers and it will cost me 7900€ (around 7300$ if im correct) so tell me should I buy it? I mean that is one hell of a beast and beautiful car.

  38. My first car was a 2001 Opel Astra 1.6 Petrol. What a brilliant car for it's day! I used it for 11 years. Served me pretty well.

  39. I enjoy learning from old car guys who can diagnose and fix old cars. They have a wealth of direct experience from past repairs. But I have no confidence in old car guys predicting the future of cars and technology because they are usually wrong. If an old car guy could predict future engineering based on cars from the past, he would not be wrenching old cars.

  40. You got to buy the Volvo with the right engine with the original volvo engine, they work as a swiss watch and those were around 2001 to 2003 and the S60 models those years usually had the original volvo engines the Volvos D5 engines D5244T and D5244T2 were excelent engine and also newer models. And every new car looses a lot of price when it gets old that applies for almost every new car i think.

  41. So when did volvos exactly start going down hill as far as reliability? I've been looking at a few Volvo s40's for sell and I seen a 2001 Volvo s40 for sale.

  42. My brother just bought a used 2017 something 60 the crossover crap. Told him don’t you dare 37k and he did I said when he calls me next year to find him a car. I’m going to say yea ok that thing is maybe worth 15k next year

  43. I am from Germany. Why are nearly all Taxis and vans Mercedeses here, when they are soo unreliable. Last Week i was in Italy nearly all Taxis were Mercedeses as well. They cant be that bad..

    As well as volvos: every slitely older volvo like 1990 to 2005 on the german auto trader if Patrol or Diesel, stick or Auto has at least 300.000 kms on the Clock. Why? Not because they are crap. Surely Not. Why schould volvo Stop Making good cars in modern Times, if they were Doing good ones in the past

  44. my volvo is great but now due to some software problem the car is sitting in service with all kinds of errors

  45. A reliable car isn’t just about one that will run forever. If I got into an accident, I want MYSELF to be in one piece and preferably the pedestrian, and I don’t care if my car would have an early grave, not me or anyone in my car. Sure, a car that needs no repairing for decades is great but never forget they are made to take you to places SAFELY. And for me the modern Volvos offer that. Life is priceless so I think I’ll pay for that.

  46. I been a Toyota guy since 1979 however I also own a 2014 XC60 and this car is a beautiful, extremely safe and reliable. It feels very heavy and solid with great handling around curbs. Believe me, Toyota doesn't come close to this beauty. Toyota designs are just plain ugly now since they moved the team from Japan to California. Just look how ugly 4runner, Rav4, lexus 350 are compare to Volvo SUVs.

  47. Stupid video!! How can you compare sophisticated, luxurious, safe, smooth car with an ugly Toyota? You are only looking at reliability? If you seating on a bucket with thin metal, I guess it's okay as long as it doesn't break. That's idiotic point of view.

  48. We have had 8 new Volvo's since 2001, P2 platform vehicles, mostly S/60 AWD's and 1 S/80 AWD. Most were from Sweden, others from Belgium, 1 from China and 1 from South Carolina. All were handed down through out the family. All dealer maintained with no big issues with anything. The T6 turbo 6cyl and T5 turbo 5cyl engines are solid, just to the timing belts at 75k/80k miles and you good for another 70k miles. Volvo sells it as a kit. Had a 2003 S/60 AWD that needed front struts at 122k miles. Got a new 2019 S/60 AWD and love it so far with 11k miles. Its a T6 4cyl supercharged turbo. Its Volvo's new Scalable Platform Architecture (SPA). Shared technology between SPA and the smaller CMA will include powertrains (both conventional and new plug-in hybrid variants). Anyways Scotty, No body builds a car like they use to PERIOD. I have had Chevys, Pontiacs, Buicks,Oldsmobiles, Cadillacs, Fords, Lincolns, Mercedes, Audis and yes Toyotas, heck I used to be a GM guy. I love Volvos now and have no reason not too!
    Remember, you can spend more and get worse. 🙂 (Range Rover)

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