The Truth About Buying a Used Infiniti Car

The Truth About Buying a Used Infiniti Car

Rev up you engines,
Martin Sue says scotty how are you, are Infiniti I30’s from 1996-99 good cars,
would they be reliable and low maintenance cars since they’re similar to the Nissan Maxima
of the same era with the same engine, yes they were well made cars it was after
that the Renault merged with Nissan so they were better made cars those days,
now you do have to realize that if you do get a 1996 that’s a 23 year old car, it’s
an old car don’t pay much for one, regardless you’re not going to get any warranty
on it, but they can still be good cars yes,
but don’t ever pay much for a 23 year old car,
it’s foolhardy because you’re not getting any warranty now the only way I’d pay money
for a car like that is if you really liked it and you got it from the original owner
and it was an old man and he had 60,000 miles on it or something,
otherwise you don’t pay too much because they’re going to have mileage and they’re just old,
McLovin’s fun house says, how long can an average car sit when it’s
turned off without the battery dying in it, ok that depends on what kind of car you got,
see all cars these days have some parasitic drain when you turn it off the battery does
drain power and that’s because there’s all these computer modules now a days,
now if you take a really high end car like a Mercedes,
I’ve seen them drain the battery in a week because they’re running so much stuff, burglar
alarms system all kinds of computer stuff are running the whole time,
so a lot of time they’ll go out in a short period of time,
but you take like a Toyota or a Honda they generally don’t drain that much I’ve had customer
leave them at the airport for a month and get back in and they start right back up with
no problems at all, but if you’re ever really worried I made that
video a few weeks ago about those solar battery chargers if you’re sitting at an airport for
like 60-70 bucks you can buy a nice solar battery charger, plug it into the cigarette
lighter and leave it on the dash, and that will keep it charged and you don’t
have to worry about the battery going bad, it’s not really a bad idea,
Kevin says I want to buy a Silverado 2500 HD gas job with a 6 liter gasoline engine,
any advice or should I save up for a diesel, yes save up for a diesel, if you want a big
truck like that you’re better off with a diesel, they’re made to haul stuff, they’re made to
tow stuff and that’s just a better deal if you’re going to pull a lot of weight you won’t
be happy with a gasoline engine, because gasoline engines are gas hogs when
they’re pulling a lot of weight, they’re not made for towing that’s why all the big trucks
the 19 wheelers are diesel because if they were gasoline engines, they’d get 3 or 4 miles
a gallon and that’s why they’re diesels, save up for the diesel it would be a wiser
one and truthfully I’d save up for the Ford diesel if I were you I wouldn’t buy a GM diesel
I’d buy the Ford before that they’re better made,
Dora says, scotty do chemical rust treatments actually work,
well to some extent they do, realize that they’re not miracles,
if you have a rust bucket and you get that chemical treatment that you put on that says,
converts rust into paint primer, now it does to some extent but only weakly rusted stuff,
like if you’ve got a big area and it’s all rusted and it’s flaking off,
you got to at least get sandpaper and a metal brush and wipe off all the pieces that flake
off that fall off, sand it down to the bare metal and then you can use that rust preventative
paint stuff that will help it somewhat but you know if you’re really rotten away you
got to cut all the rust away weld on now metal, and then prime it and then paint it, that’s
the only thing that’s really going to last, but if you got little surface stuff and you
can buff it off a little, yeah they can last for a while, I use to use
them when I was a kid and I didn’t have any money and sometimes it lasts for 3 or 4 years
before it would start to rust through again, Sultan says scotty my car gives an error code,
throttle position sensor failure, and the car hesitates and shuts off at low
rpm what should I do, well change the throttle position sensor if you’ve got a car that you
can change it, on many cars you can buy just the throttle
position sensor bolt it off and bolt another one on and away you go,
now other cars you have to buy the entire throttle assembly, a lot of modern cars are
so computerized and they’re so complex that they only allow you to buy the entire throttle
assembly, I had a Ford a few weeks ago that was like 4 years old and the throttle assembly
was bad and I had to buy the whole throttle assembly but Ford knew they had a problem
so I went to the dealer and they had a newly designed one, it was only like hundred and
fifty bucks so I bought the brand new one and put it on and it ran fine,
but if you can buy a throttle position sensor go to a place like Autozone and see if they
sell them, just replace the sensor first, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos remember to ring that bell!

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  2. My wife and I had a 2001 Infiniti I30. Worst car we have ever had. By the time it reached 80,000 miles, we had electrical system issues, the engine cooling fans quit, two frozen brake calipers, and a lot of rust around the radiator mounts. Total crap and that's the reason I will never buy another Nissan product.

  3. The most common issues on older Maximas/i30s are the coils, dried up valve cover gaskets (the rear one costs a fortune to get done) and the electronic motor mounts. Be careful about the last one as you cannot get OEM/NOS main CPUs for these things anymore. When those mounts short out from road salt corrosion, they take the main CPU with them. Best to just disconnect them.

  4. I will have to disagree with the claim that the Powerstroke diesel is better than the Duramax (respectfully, of course). The Duramax diesel is going to trump the Powerstroke diesel these days, especially the 6.0 or 6.4. Any diesel mechanic (especially all the ones I know in the shop and on the road) will tell you that they are constantly getting calls to repair the newer Powerstroke diesels without even crossing the 100,000 mile mark. They rarely get calls for the Duramax diesel, and almost never get calls on the Cummins diesels, specifically the good old 16V 5.9L I6 (but the mechanics tell me the Ram trucks themselves fall apart before the engine after 300,000 miles). The 7.3 Powerstroke was the last good diesel that Ford put in their trucks and they were absolutely bulletproof engines (and probably one of the best diesels ever build next to the 5.9 Cummins) and would run hundreds of thousands of miles with just routine maintenace. They trumped in the 90s because the GM diesels at the time were absolute garbage.

  5. Hey Scotty, does a car that skipped 4 years of service history ( or 30000 miles) is compromised? I bought a 2004 hyundai coupe with 93k miles with 900£

  6. I got my first ticket in my parent's Infiniti I30 trying to race some in a older model Z. Lol I had just finished watching The Fast and The Furious too.

  7. Always a big debate of Toyota vs Nissan. Most of the Japanese auto manufactures make quality cars. My Experience with Infiniti/Nissan has been great. I had a 99 Infiniti I30 with 280K Miles , 03 G35 with 230K Miles, and now a 07 G35X Sedan with 159K. Only reason I got other infiniti's were because previous ones were totaled by cars hitting me. They are solid cars especially if you get the "V6s". In my opinion Nissan by far makes the best V6s in the world.

  8. Scotty!!I live in Chicago and the roads are horrible condition thanks to government incompetence and corruption. The last car I had was an ‘03 Ford Focus, the engine, drive train, and mechanical parts were great (no doubt in country/highway driving it would’ve got 250 probably 300 thousand miles) but the components like the shocks, struts, ENGINE BRACKETS that were badly made and brakes not made well enough to withstand the small ditches encountered on our daily roads, were made worse by rough roads (car became unusable problem at 117,000 and junked). What’s a new car and what’s a used car that can stand to the potholes (aka small ditches) and construction ditches in my city (without having to change the engine brackets every 3000 and suspension every 5000 miles after 50000)?? Do I want an AWD or FWD car? Thanks!!!

  9. Ever drive a high mileage used car and not really have any problems for super long periods of time and get extremely worried because you're afraid when something does fail it's gonna be either catastrophic or just cost a ton of money to repair? Well, that's me right now. Been driving my 2010 Lincoln MKS Ecoboost for nearly a year now with 120K miles now and I've had minimal issues, I'm shaking in my boots over here! I just know something big is bound to happen!

  10. I have a 98 i30, with 240k on it. Paid 1200. Runs great. Had to put an alternator and brakes on it. Gets 30mpg. Start to show it's age though, struts need replaced

  11. Unless your actually pulling a load on a regular basis get the gas engine instead. The price premium and repair costs aren’t worth it.

  12. Dear Scotty, i see you answer the idle issue, i have new issue and i think it is related your answer, when i tryed to start my car and in full throttle, engine are stutterer. Another thing, in the same issue when i turn the AC on, in low idle engine are stall. You think that related to the throttle sensor ?

  13. Dear Scotty,
    I'm thinking of buying either a bmw e38 740i or an audi d2 a8 4.2. Which do you think is the better choice in terms of reliability, maintenance and gas mileage?

  14. Only downside to a 6.0 Chevy is the fuel mileage. But at the same time the 6.6 is going to cost you an arm and a leg to buy but also repair! At the end of the day your spending the same amount of cash and I should know I tow trailers all over town on a daily basis with both a gas and a diesel truck, and guess what the cash I save on fuel just goes to maintenance on the diesel. So just get whatever you want.

  15. Don’t CHANGE the throttle position sensor, without trying to calibrate your original one, first. Even a new TPS will need to be calibrated. You can test your TPS with the ohm setting on your DVM for dead spots, as well as calibrate it with the DVM as well.

  16. Lexus is the most successful and most reliable luxury car brand, after all it's a Toyota. Acura and Infinity never found there spot in the market like Lexus did

  17. @scotty please help. Want to buy a 2011-2013 CTS COUPE. What should I pay and is that caddy I good selection????? Please help

  18. Sorry to say Scotty but your wrong about newer Infiniti’s because they use a 7 speed auto and are more reliable than the cvts Nissan uses trust me my girlfriend owned a 2010 g37 coupe and it had only 10,000 miles on it when she bought it when she got rid of it a few years later it had over 198,000
    Miles on it and ran just as strong

  19. Scotty, please help, I have a 04 Impala LS, with 217,000 miles on it. With what I believe to be the transmission slipping when I take off like normal shifting from first to second gear, it does that when its cold. But when I take off when its hot it doesn’t do it at all whether I take of like normal or aggressively. Is my Transmission going out?

  20. Duramax is superior to Powerstroke, Scotty. Bad advice there. The GM diesels are essentially Isuzu engines designed in Japan and made in Ohio.

  21. 2016 sprinter van. custom shop replaced head lamp bulb with LED. they flicker. custom shop replaced them again. still flicker. custom shop says bad alternator. dealer says alternator ok. custom shop also installed drl led they also flicker and dont fully light up. any suggestions

  22. At time 1:50, you mentioned a solar trickle charger. I have a 2010 Honda Accord that automatically disconnects 12V power supply after the key is pulled out of the ignition lock. Will this trickle charger still work to charge the battery when when plugged into the 12V power charger?

  23. Scotty I have a 2010 Infiniti M35x. I bought it 5 months ago. It rides great. It had 80k on it. Paid 12k Did I make a good choice?

  24. I have a 2003 fx45 with 267k on it and still running strong. People don't believe it when I tell them it's an 03 because how clean it is

  25. If I would buy a Diesel truck I would buy a Dodge because it has the Cummins Diesel which is the best diesel engine
    made for light trucks—GM Diesels are 2-stroke engines which are notorious for burning engine oil

  26. 2013 G37 Convertible. Zero issues. 6 years old and people still say wow, amazing how that roof comes down. No one says its an old car. I have no reason to buy a new car. Its not a V8, no match for a Corvette, but goes pretty good when you step on it!

  27. The thing about Infiniti cars they take premium fuel and is costly to fill the tank at times and if you start using regular gas instead over time it will damage the motor

  28. Hey Scotty, I've been driving V8s since high school. I'm 32 and I'm in love with my 2005 V8 Infiniti m45. In your opinion what do I do if I want a newer car that's 300+hp?

  29. I've owned a fx45 with 150k no issues what's so ever and I have a G37 sedan right now with 150k and have had zero issues plus I know pleanty of people in the forums with 200k + and no issues.

  30. Ummmm, I was expecting you to talk about the Q50 since it was on your thumbnail and I'm thinking of buying one, but ok.

  31. I want to lower my 2015 Infiniti Q50 AWD Premium. Not too low that it's scraping the ground but low enough. Does anyone have any tips on what to get? Thanks in advance.

  32. First car I had was Infiniti I30 1999, I had it from 2007 to 2015 of it's life. The original owner was a grandma who put 89k miles on it. I ended up putting an additional 130k miles on the car before a U-haul clipped it and broke the engine mounts. If that accident hadn't happened I'd still have that car.

  33. I own 1990 q45 ran perfect 0 problems till sumbody Total it in 2003 own 2004 fx35 I over heated it 3 times still ran strong and sold it no problem I got 2009 fx35 with 0 problems just regular maintenance I sold on infiniti my next car will be 2018 q70s 3.7 until I have major problems I will stay the 3.7 Motor will run forever

  34. i30t, best car ever made: t for touring, sport tuned suspension, bbs factory wheels, no repairs ever! Thank you Japan!

  35. hi Scotty, my daughter bought a used 2000 nissan infinity q45 special edition, yesterday her car overheated and when we popped the hood it looked like there was oil in her radiator refill container do you know what could be the problem

  36. scotty isn't happy about the VC-T engine, he didn't even go as far as to mention the steer by wire system in the Q50…

  37. Multiple people in my area have Nissans with the VQ35 or the 3.7 with flash tunes. I witness the beatings these things go through every day, I've seen dudes bounce off the rev limiter until their exhaust pipes are glowing red. They even have "Flame map" tunes that are designed to just shoot flames lol. These motors are stout, I've seen the same dudes running around beating the hell out of these things for years now. Pretty surprising, but impressive to see what abuse these cars are put through. They are everywhere in Atlanta

  38. Need an advice asap .. they selling me an2006 infinity qx56 suv for 3,000 with 191,000 miles on it .. is it anygood ?? Should i get it .. ?

  39. Hey Scotty do you think a used 2009 Infinity G37 under 30k miles is a bad idea. My dad says “I shouldn’t buy someone’s else’s problems.” He thinks I’m gonna run into problems highly likely since it’s a 10 year old car. What are your thoughts?

  40. My 2007 G35 sedan has 150,000 miles runs like a bat out of hell. The 35hr engine is awesome like the 37hr. The g37's had the 7 speed AT which supposed is not as solid as the older 5 AT in the G35's. My 2 cents

  41. Just got a 2019 Q50 3.0t Luxe the other day with 22k miles used. Loving it, really quick car with fun torque and two tiny turbos. Not a lot of experience with fast cars but I went 110 in a 45 the other day in just a few seconds to pass…would have got arrested if a cop was there for sure.

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