The Truth About Buying a Used Mercedes Benz Car

The Truth About Buying a Used Mercedes Benz Car

rev up your engines, Fernandes TV says Scotty
my dad wants to get a new car, deciding
between two 2015 Lexus is350 and a 2015 Mercedes Benz C 400, which would you choose
haha, buy the Lexus, unless your father’s got
money to burn, the Lexus is gonna last five times as
long with ten times less problems or even more or less problems that a
mercedes-benz and Mercedes Benzes they’re fun to drive but you know the
only problem you’re gonna find is you’re probably gonna pay more for the Lexus
than the Mercedes cuz the Mercedes values dropped like a lead balloon when
they’re four or five years old and the Lexus hold their values more, so you know I’ve had
customers buy late model Mercedes cheap and driving for two years and then get
rid of them they don’t care cuz they didn’t pay much, but if he’s looking for
a long-term vehicle get the Lexus don’t even think about the Mercedes Benz, Z
says Scotty I want to know your opinion of a 2001 Suzuki Ignis not VVT
is reliable and will not become a money pit, okay it’s not V V T so it’s very
simple engine, if that’s a big if, you take care of that engine, I’ve had
customers drive them a long time but they were people that really took care
of their machinery, they were guys that would change the oil every 3,000 miles
would change the coolant every three four years would really take care of the
vehicle and being a Suzuki they were all standard transmissions the ones that
lasted a long time, the Suzuki automatic transmissions are garbage but the
standard transmissions are pretty well built you know I mean you got to
understand Suzuki started out as a motorcycle company and you know they
don’t make automatic transmissions and motorcycles, their standard, so they know
standard transmissions and it could be a good car if you take care of it,
Bobby banks says, I got a 2009 Camry how do I fix the throwing rod and how
much would it cost okay if it is throwing a rod and you hear the rod knock
,you rev it up and it goes rrrr
the rods are knocking, you don’t know what it’s
gonna cause to fix it and what’s wrong until the engines completely taken apart
because it starts with just the rod bearings, the piston rods have a long rod
that’s what’s called the piston rod, that bolts to the crankshaft and there is the
bearings there, so it can go up and down and be smooth, once those bearings wear
and those rods start knocking, they could where the inside of the block all kinds
of damage can be done you would have no idea until the engine is taken apart
it costs a really lot of money but those cars have really good engines so
put in a used engine, guys wreck them, when they’re older and they get wrecked the
car’s not worth fixing because the value of the car isn’t enough so there’s
plenty of good used toyota engines in junkyards, just replace the whole engine
that’s the smartest thing to do, I can find engines for something like that
that’s a ten year old Toyota I can get them all day long for eight or nine
hundred bucks used, then just put the whole engine in it don’t even think about
fixing it cuz once you take an engine apart you have no idea what’s wrong
until it’s taken apart and then usually it’s more money than you want to spend
and you got to pay the guy to take it apart it’s better to just replace the
whole thing, Luke sky says I got a 98 Jaguar with
50,000 miles kicks when it switches gears, it’s an automatic, what could it be
it’s been sitting for a few years but the engine is great
yeah well that’s typical on those the Jaguars do it very good engines I got
nothing against the Brit engines, but the transmissions are garbage you got a
problem in the transmission but it sat all those years, my advice would be to change
the fluid and filter and the transmission put in full synthetic fluid and then
drive it for two to three hundred miles you might find that solves the whole problem
because when they sit for years automatic transmissions have tiny little
passage holes and if it sits for years they get a little bit gummed up and not
be cleaned out with 50,000 miles on it yeah it shouldn’t have any mechanical
problems it should be more that the fluids dirty and something’s clogged up
in it try that first, Adam A says Scotty I got a 2008 PT
Cruiser the rear hatch won’t open with a key fob it’s the only way to open it
I tried a new latch and check for frayed wires, okay well it won’t open with a key
fob if you can still open it from the inside
just do that and now if you can’t even open it
from the inside you’ll have to do what I do on customers cars and it’s a royal
pain and the heinie but it’s only way you can do it, is you got to crawl back
in there, then you gotta get that inner panel out and it’s a pain in the butt
cuz it wasn’t made to be taken apart with it closed, but it can be done and
you get screwdrivers and little cutter and you pull and un snap plastic places
and then once you get it open then you can see the problem that’s inside there
and usually it’s the unit that receives it doesn’t get the unit, it doesn’t open the
motor to open it, but if you can open it from the inside I just live with it that
way you, could try another key fob but it’s probably the receiving unit they’re
not cheap they cost a lot of money if you can get into it otherwise I’d just
live with it, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Don’t. I know you want to but be smart and buy a reliable 4Runner or Camry. Buy one when you can verify it was treated correctly and has very low miles or brand new. They are only good used cars if you sunday drive them and baby the absolute hell out of them. BMW and Mercedes are my favorite cars, but they require hours of DIY work or thousands of dollars if you want someone else to correctly do the work for you. They’re way better cars than Scotty makes them sound, they jus get beat to hell by people who don’t take care of their car even though theyre built to perform; any performance car requires repeated maintenance. But he’s right overall, get a reliable jdm❤️

  3. It always amazes me how much OEMs cheap out on transmissions , it's true, and they are the 2nd most expensive part of the car too!

  4. Why whould u even put a question where he needs to choose from a Mercedes or a Lexus?If it was a scooter or a Mercedes Scotty whould say scooter.

  5. Talks about toyota/lexus reliability and 2 mins later some dude is throwing a rod in a camry lol.

    If you shop wisely your maintenance costs wont even come close to the difference in purchase price between the merc and the lexus. Old lexus'need maintenance too.

  6. actually he's just telling the truth.if you have money to burn than go for the Benz. if you want it to last for a long time with minimal problems..definitely Lexus

  7. Should I get a 2016 c300 from a dealer with warranty it has 30000km on it clean car fax no problems reported or spend the same money on a brand new Honda Accord 2018 sport model ?

  8. Would you mind telling me what is wrong with the face-lifted 2013-2016 Mercedes Benz E-Class? I have had one for several years, put over 130k miles on it and haven't had a single issue except for regular maintenance, a few recalls, and one power seat switch replacement. It still drives like a dream…Is this actually an anomaly because the way you talk about Mercedes' is as if they are so unreliable and while there are certain models that have their share of issues, what are your thoughts on the W212, specifically after the facelift when many earlier problems have been solved. Is there anything I should be looking out for?

  9. Hi scotty…should I buy a isuzu v,,he crossover .it's a limited addition 1998 with 50 th miles on it. Why is the book on it for 1998 so high? Thanks.. Johnny boy

  10. To service and repair a Mercedes, the mechanics must have experience with German cars. Many of the undercarriage, electrical solutions are different compared to American and Japanese cars, just as well as engines. This favors specialized service stations and keeps the legend alive that any Merc or Beamer older than 5 years will immediately fall apart. If this was the case, European buyers wouldn´t buy them because there would be no market for any used cars thus making it a bad investment. But it isn´t so.
    The older E and C class are still decent cars, they were built to last and if that car not from the cost cutting era of early 2000´s, the overall quality is good. Any S-class, SL or the high powered E500 or AMG´s can prove to be demanding on maintenance, no doubt. Still the ride comfort and ergonomics are good. It´s a car made for the passengers and overall experience. Toyota still feels that it was made by accountants for accountants, it gets the job done but it has just barely enough of comfort, meaning sound insulation and smaller details like using the same mirror adjustment switches and dashboard clocks throughout 15 years (for example same cheap digital clock in an 1995 Corolla as 2004 Prado).

  11. How would it cost to open a 98 svt cobra 5.0 I have already remove the engine from the car. How much would you as mechanic charge. Thank you and have a great day

  12. The majority of Mercedes Benz cars are reliable. Very reliable infact. Its not unusual to see just about any model new or old rack up over 300k-400k miles. But there's a huge caveat there…. HAS THE CAR BEEN SERVICED PROPERLY? As with any car, it needs regular maintenance in order to stay running correctly. take it from a guy who owns 5 now and many more over the years, when maintained properly, they last a long time. The reason WHY depreciated German luxury gets a bad wrap and DOES depreciate so fast, is because maintenance is so expensive. the parts don't cost much more Than domestic or Asian car parts, its the LABOR, its the prestige and the brand name, that's where they get the name "stealerships." 2nd or 3rd owners end up skimping on maintenance because it costs too much, and guess what….. THE CARS BREAK. I mean honestly people, this isn't too hard to understand. Mercedes Benz makes great cars. but you cant buy a 5-10 year old car that's been neglected and expect smooth trouble free ownership. i dont recommend these cars to anyone that WONT work on it themselves, or at least know the honest cost of regular maintenance and common repairs first.

  13. I got a 2001 Mercedes SL600, with 479,893 miles! Mercedes is the best car I have ever driven, and will NEVER get any other brand!

  14. I have a young friend, he's 30, but he only wants to drive high end German cars. He presently had an 08 Audi A4 but wants to trade it for an 2015 MB C Class. I'm trying to gently steer him to a Lexus, Infinite or heck, even a Genesis. But he has his heart set on the Mercedes.
    But when I was his age I bought what I wanted against older wiser folks advise.
    All I can do is pray he gets one that won't bankrupt him.

  15. Mercedes e class w212 e class and c class w204 are very reliable not my words you can check on internet. Mercedes benz has improved from 2009 since they separeted from crylser.

  16. I used to have w204 and now w205 never really have any big issue, my friend has a Lexus is and I drove it, I feel like the c class is a class above the is

  17. Eh. I guess older MB were not quite as reliable as a Lexus but nowadays they are just as good. Hell you can get a 10 year old Merc and they will last another 10-15 years easy if you treat it right.

  18. [deep commanding voice over]
    "At Mercedes Benz, we make every car eye-catchingly beautiful,
    eye-poppingly expensive,
    and eye-wateringly horrible"

  19. 2012 c250 at 80k. No problem so far, beautiful car. If you find a specialized mechanic for Benz then the maintenance is so much cheaper. Ive owned a 5 series, IS 250, and 3 series. My c250 is by far the best. Although the IS250 is very close.

  20. Every car manufacturers has it's stregths and weekends..but to knock what is one of the world's best car maker is wrong…..there are models from Mercedes that are still running decade's after they were manufactured

  21. Scotty, I really — REALLY! — want to buy a 2014 BMW 640i Gran Coupe! I found a few with about 55,000 miles for $26,000. Should I buy it…?

  22. I have both. I agree partially. They both break… just cheaper to fix the Lexus. I also have seen other videos where you are using prices from the dealer? Lexus sticks it to you almost as bad! If you find a mechanic who works on European vehicles it not that bad! They can usually get oem parts fairly cheap! I think you are a little hard on German cars.

  23. So,- according to Scotty;- no Porsche, no Mercedes, no Audi and no Range Rover.
    I guess also no Bmws, Alfa Romeos, Fiats, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maseratis, Jaguars, Aston Martins, Morgans, VWs, Vauxhalls (Opels), Volvos, Citroens, Renaults, Peugeots, Seats etc. In other words: Don´t ever buy a European car,- unreliable expensive pieces of S**t that break down all the time if they start at all provided the computer lets them.
    Tell it to all of the more than 300 million people in Europe and Russia that drive these brands of cars daily, Scotty,- there´s a good sport.
     So what´s left if not a ricer`?
    I know;- wait for it,- an American made proper car!
    Big lumbering hunks of heavy steel with oversized engines guzzling up half the petrol in the world with every ½ mile and crash the second they try to go around a corner….
    I hear you Scotty,- I hear you…. 🙂

  24. C300 3.0 engine fail.. rod went through oil pan.. 2400 bucks.. other than that it's been good.. 225k and going on the rest of the car

  25. I've been a mechanic for 23 years and I must admit Mercedes are junk and yap I own a 2013 Land Cruiser best suv I have ever owned:), as a mechanic Toyota for life

  26. I have a 2007 Toyota Tundra and im so happy I have it because my 2nd car is 2008 e63 amg and I've owed it for 3 years already have spent about 4 grand in repairs lol . while my tundra just keeps running like a champ. No more mercedes for me after this one. I want to stay in something fast so I might go with a Lexus isf when im ready to get rid of the mercedes.

  27. Is this why Daimler is the world’s 2nd richest car manufacturer? Like what even is a Lexus, that’s like saying a Kia is as good as a Lamborghini

  28. What do you think about used certified Mercedes Benz B-250 Sport Tourer AWD (2015) and BMW X1 xDrive28i AWD (2015)? Both are <50000 kms driven in Canada. Opinion or feedback will be appreciated !

  29. Need advice was thinking of getting a 2014/ 2015 Mercedes CLA 250 want a real opinion. Usually, cars in their first generations are more reliable that's why I'm asking

  30. People need to know that the engines of european cars are a bit different for the EU/NA market…. when i go to germany 9/10 taxis are a e class. My dad loved mercedes never had problems most of them got over 300.000km without problems just regular oil changes brakes etc etc. i have a e class with 250.000km and its still smooth af. And the parts arent that expensive here but they are in the US because they need to be imported. Btw i love japanese cars and i would rather drive a lexus than a merc in the US, but in europe its a different story

  31. The only Mercedes I would ever own would be any of them made from the early 90’s to maybe early 2000’s. That’s when they had quality. From 2003 – 2008, a majority of them were manufactured with Chrysler’s help and caused them to have terrible reliability.

  32. People keeping post stupid comments about their used Mercedes running great but that is misleading. Just because your car didn’t give you problems it doesn’t mean that they are good cars. Fact is that most of those cars are crap. Stop misleading people.

  33. Scotty doesn't like MB because these German beautiful cars are too complicated for him, he is from different era and just don't understand new technology.

  34. I had check engine light for nothing. Just an unidentified error, dtc cleared and everything is fine now. This is a Iittle bit anoying, but don't see a big problem on this brand. Just a full of electronics. That's the trend on modern cars.

  35. Hi there, am planning to buy a GMC Yukon 2015 do you have any advice for me, or which is better options

  36. Ain’t the the truth. Had a used 1 year old 2003-04 BMW 325ci with 15k miles and it started giving me transmission problems around 60k and I did my maintenance on time. Trash. I took it in to trade for an 2010 Acura TSX and took care of every maintenance with 175k miles and I’m still driving it without any problems. Been driving it for 10 years. I’m thinking of getting a GS this time.

  37. everything Scotty has said about the Mercedes is absolute bs. My dad bought a 2008 E550 and it was in amazing quality (it was used duh) and he's had it for 4 years now with not a single problem it's still in amazing shape smh don't listen to this guy, I also plan on buying a 2013 E350 coupe for myself (also used duh) I've seen a lot of Scotty's videos and he seems to not know crap about what he's talking about, I mean no disrespect buy that guy's dad probably missed out on not getting that Mercedes over that Lexus assuming he took your "advise"

  38. That is true about the value drop but I disagree with the money pit part I’ve owned a Mercedes e550 for a while now I always change my oil 3k miles i haven’t had many problems and I did fix a lot of things on it but I got discount from an employee and work on my car myself I’ve had to change things only once and it lasts very long haven’t had any problems since then

  39. My car is well built for the year the spring system isn’t air bag based so they last much longer and the transmission is strong just had to change my trans fluid once at 100k felt a little rumbly and I found out later that I had a bad motor mount I love your channel and your wisdom you share thanks man keep it up I just like to share my opinion doesn’t mean your wrong about a lot of things but I do agree with the money pit if you go to the dealership I have a personal mechanic I always go to who repairs my car for very cheap

  40. I feel like the naturally aspirated 6 cylinders in the Mercedes are pretty solid engines. They are defiantly ALOT more reliable than the 6 cyl turbos in the bmws or the 3.0 supercharged on the Audi’s. I’m not to sure about the 6 cyl turbos in the c400 though. but yea japan made vehicles are number one as far as reliability goes but you can get a used 2014-2015 e350 for pretty damn cheap nowadays and they are pretty reliable. In my opinion I’d rather drive around an e class than any Japan made vehicle in that class but that’s just me. Sorry Scotty

  41. I have a 1998 Merced’s c230 with 251000 miles on it and it still runs awesome …..the doors are rotting out but runs like a champ

  42. I’ve had a 2001 w210 e320 for over seven years. It has over 200,000 miles on it. The only major issue I had with it was the alternator; A 140$ replacement that I was able to do myself. Most repairs for this model can be found on YouTube and be done yourself. Great in all seasons.

  43. Hi, I'm planning to buy this car very soon! Is it worth buying this today? I'm a university student and I live in Kuwait and I found this one used but its conditions are very good, it worth about 1600$ where I live. I appreciate if you helped me.

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