The Truth About Buying an Old Toyota Pickup Truck

The Truth About Buying an Old Toyota Pickup Truck

rev up your engines,
Levi Wagner says, Scotty what’s your opinion on the old Toyota pickups like
the ones from the 80s and 90s, I’m looking at one that has 120,000 miles I’m wondering
if you know anything about the reliability, oh those things were
really reliable the only thing you got to worry about is
the mid and late 90s ones had a problem with the frames rotting, so if you’re
looking at one with that mileage, jeez that’s low mileage you know for one
of those things, crawl under if you see the frames are rotten, on the rails going
back from the front to the back, don’t buy it because the frame is rotting away, if
it’s not, they can last a long time and if anybody who watches all my videos I
got one for free from an auction company for making a video for them, and it had
the rotten frame on the one side and I welded quarter inch plate steel on there
and then sent it to my son in Boston and he’s still driving it three years later,
I was just up there for the grandkid’s first birthday party and my weld is holding up,
it’s still strong as can be and hasn’t broken off, so you know you can weld it
up, but stay away from buying one with a rotten frame, you don’t mess with it
the first place because there’s plenty of them out there, and they didn’t rot in the 80s,
so if you went even older they’re not gonna have that problem, Etho says,
Scotty why does my engine only knock when it’s cold and go away once it’s
warm, very good question here’s the answer, you start up an engine cold, the
metal is cold, when metals cold it shrinks a little bit, so let’s say you got rod
knock, rod knock is, you start it up well the rods knock because the bearings
are worn that hold it in place but they’re only worn a few thousandths
of an inch, once the engine heats up the oil gets hot, the metal expands as metal
heats up it expands, then that gap is smaller because it’s expanded and the noise
goes away, I see that all the time now if it’s really minor bearing wear and it
only knocks for a few seconds and stops sometimes guys can drive them years that
way, but if it happens all the time generally it means your engine starting I
go out and you might think about either putting another engine in
or get another car, Cosec says what do you think about putting bigger
tires on a Honda CRV 2004, what maximum tires can we put on it, okay I don’t
advise changing cars tire sizes for one main reason, engineers spent years and
decades designing a particular vehicle for the right size tire, the right size
wheel, so it rides right and it corners right, you start putting bigger wheels on
it, yeah it might look cooler, but it’s gonna ruin the suspensions, it’s gonna ruin
the way that it rides, it can even if you have an automatic transmission help wear
out the automated transmission further because if you got bigger tires that put
a bigger strain you can wear the transmission out, I do not personally
advise doing it, but if you really want to do that, go to one of those Honda website
see what other Honda guys have done and follow their advice, just realize Scotty
says not a smart thing to do, I wouldn’t do it at all, so if you never want to
miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Yeah, 80's Toyota did also rust away. At least in the mid-west. I had one and quit driving it after I had the frame welded twice. ALL vehicles rust severely on salted mid-west roads. An excellent vehicle though. Put probably in excess of 200K miles on it. A 1983 4 x 4 that if it had not rusted severely would probably still be running.

  3. Love the Beavis & Butthead reference, door bell ditching episode.
    Who wants to put bigger tires on a Honda Crappy Road Vehicle? It's not going off road.

  4. Watch out for ball joints breaking at around 200,000 miles too. Very dangerous at high speeds. Luckily my 99 tacoma was just being backed up when mine broke. But one month later I saw a guy on the freeway lose his at high speed.. not good.

  5. They the best trucks, but try to find one in the desert states, no rust… Ca, Az, Nevada, NM, West Texas…

  6. REV UP YOUR ROD KNOCK! (or lifter tick, commonly caused by blocked oil passages OR cold engine oil not reaching the valve train)

  7. Idk im 14 and i bought a 1985 toyota pickup 4×4 small cabin for 2k and its lifted… 😁 ofc need work tho inside and outside….. my dad took it to wash and someone already asked him if he would sell it to him 😂😂😂😂

  8. My dad had a 88 toyota pick up, he had 284k miles, he drove it to Idaho from California and back then a few weeks after he went to Utah and back to california, he was trying to kill it to buy a new Tacoma. He let a friend borrow it, friend took it into Mexico and down to Guatemala, he kept for about A month out there, the friend drive it back from Guatemala and gave it back, at the end my dad gave it to me and he bought himself a tacoma, I was working on getting my license, took it offroading a lot and still wouldn't break. Finally some guy did some iron work for my dad, my dad gave him the trick as a payment, the guy took it to Texas and who knows where it is now.

  9. I have owned two Toyota HiLuxes – Not the US made toyotas – one from 1980 – that is still running today (after 3 different owners – the second owner used it to transport materials for his home building small business, the third owner used to to transport folk up the mountains where there wernt much roads, I bought a new one in 2008 – and they never need nothing more than fluids and consumables. You have nothing that matches the Toyota HiLux in the US at present.

  10. I bought a 1994 Toyota T100 with over 200k but no frame rust or rot. Living in New Mexico definitely has its advantages.

  11. Actually, the 6 cylinder engines on the toyota trucks and 4-runners had a problem with head gaskets blowing. I had it happen on two separate vehicles, one with about 80,000 miles and the other with about 100,000. In the first case, a 1990 truck, it was covered by a recall. In the second, a 1994, the problem had supposedly been fixed. It had not. The gasket blew except in this case, I got to foot the bill. This was, it turns out, well known problem (I just didn't realize that the folks at Toyota had decided to bail on the problem rather than actually fixing it after 1990).

  12. Please mention the insane prices for a used 200k+ mile Toyota. I've seen guys try to sell early 2000s v6 Tacomas with 230k miles on them for 4k even with massive rust, oil leaks, no a/c or heat etc. They're reliable but they aren't THAT reliable. The cult following people like you have created for these things has really fucked up the used prices.

  13. Personally I love my 88 Toyota pick up now for 17 years it’s been a loyal trusted friend 22re a single cab long bed automatic Drive anywhere anytime and I do

  14. Clattering sound on a 22r or 22re at start-up is usually timing-chain noise ,time to replace it.

  15. There’s nothing like the sound of an old Toyota truck starter sound. In the first movie of Toy Story, the pizza planet truck was a Toyota. Because of marketing reasons they spelled “yo” on the back of the truck instead of the full”Toyota” name.

  16. i have a '98 hilux (tecoma) 2 litre with 600000 kms ive owned since new 21 years ago..not 1 mechanical issue and still an everyday driver..replaced an alternator bearing and a rocker cover gasket weeping oil, thats it, extremely easy and cheap to find parts for and i noticed 3rd world militia use these to bolt .50 caliber machine guns to..they're the AK 47 of pickups

  17. My 2010 chevy Silverado had 17 inch rims with 245 and i got some 18 inch wheels off a z71 Silverado and now my tires are 265 and my truck runs the same

  18. I feel like he's talking to me, like a one on one, I was responding and talking to him to wtf lol, thanks man!

  19. 1986 Toyota for 33 years and 468,000 miles. Parts are cheap and plentiful. No rust on frames. They are in high demand as I get 2-3 people a year walk up and offer to buy it. They are everywhere.

  20. Watching one at an auction. It says in the description: "Run and drive, starts with a jump, clear title….other re-marketing" What can you tell me about this?

  21. Had almost every year of Toyota 4×4 till 2002 , skipped a few 90s , 22r and 3.4 liter Taco's are unkillable ! Early Toyota diesel not good , late 80s bad input shaft berrings ! I'd try and find a 98-2003 taco 3.4 liter , but good luck with that !

  22. Got a 92'. Almost 200k. Runs like a champ. Only problem I've had is with the cooling system. Fortunately, it's simple and easy to diag and fix 🙂

  23. Well Scotty finally missed something on the Toyota pickup truck. Mine had really bad wiring on it I mean the lights would never work for the most part. I had a the same problem with my 92 Jeep Wrangler. When I bought that thing to headlights wouldn't work if I hit a bump so if you want to buy an old Toyota or an old Jeep Wrangler or something like that be prepared to install a wiring harness if you want it to be reliably safe because having your lights and tail lights not working is pretty dangerous. Everything else was really good on both vehicles

  24. I have a 90' gen2 22re. It's well over 350k in mileage, and has had pretty much every engine ailment for it's age. If it weren't so easy and cheap to keep fixing, I'd of sold it a long time ago. It's very slow on the highway and doesn't have enough weight to be good in bad weather or driving conditions. I'm too afraid to take it off road even tho it's been adapted and modified for it. It's okay for short drives under 50mph and probably okay for modest trail riding. Either tune and build it for the road, or build a off road right, it's not a good truck for both at the same time.

  25. The 20-r 22-r and 22-re 4 cylinders can be killed by warn timing chain gaurds as well and are sometimes misdiagnosed as blown head gaskets

  26. SCOTTY my father just bought a 1992 Toyota pick up 4×4 with just 248k miles , he's finally happy with his dream truck .

  27. I disagree about changing tire/wheel size. Engineers may have considered handling to some degree when choosing the tire/wheel size for a vehicle. But their primary consideration is always COST. Upgrading to a larger rim with a wider, lower profile tire will virtually ALWAYS improve handling. Likewise, more offroad-worthy tires will improve the off road capabilities of an SUV, at least within the limitations of the vehicle itself (ie the CR-V is not really an off road SUV).

  28. Those 80’s Toyota’s had bulletproof engines. But I have to say of all the trucks from that decade, at least in my area, I have never saw another brand of truck that had so many on the road with either no bed at all, or a homemade treated lumber bed. Bottom line. Engine=unstoppable, Body= crap.

  29. If they had stainless or galvanized frames and aluminum bodies you could pass them down to your great grandchildren.

  30. a walrus walking down the street eating ice cream, Scotty says did you blow a seal, walrus says, it's ice cream.

  31. I have 90 2wd that has 280k miles. Rebuilt lower end, stock head. Burns no oil. I recently resealed the oil pan and it has no leaks. A/C blows cold, power steering works great. I decided to lower it, give it some wheels, replaced the front bushings with polyeurethane bushings, bearings, HID headlights, aftermarket valence, flowmaster exhaust, long tube header, LCE cam, LCE stage one head, new injectors. It’s been my daily driver for about 6 years, runs like a dream. Has never left me stranded.

  32. My brother turned his life around and started his own auto-glass business with one he’s had for over 10 years. When his new ford transit van was down one winter during a snow storm , we started it right up and drove from Albany to about half way up a mountain in a snow storm for a job. And it was a RWD ‘89 and it did the job!

  33. 88 fj62 Land cruiser with a 4.0 straight 6 3fe engine and automatic tranny….250,000 and still climbing trees…. Thanks to your videos Scotty!

  34. I got a old 4runner for free, ive had it forever, over 300K on it and ive never taken it to a mechanic or a shop, all the repairs done one it were minor and I did then my self. Still runs like a champ which is suprising considering a heroin junkie stole it and had it for 28 days. Got lucky and saw it parked in front of a bar. Almost felt bad for taking it since the lady who had it got ripped off by her own junkie son. Those old toyotas and old nissan trucks last forever.

  35. Hay Scotty witch is better the Nissan hardbody with a 4 cylinder vs the Toyota pickup with the 22re 4 cylinder please make a video on witch is better at lasting the longest if taking care of and better to have my dad had a Nissan hardbody and it lasted for ever his Speed monitor broke at 200,000 miles and he still drove if for many years and iv herd nothing but great news on how the 22re is probably one of or not the best moter Toyota ever made so witch is better please make a great detailed video on theses Legendary trucks

  36. These videos are fantastic Scotty!
    My wife and I are moving to Manitoba Canada and are looking for a reliable suv/or truck. Cold winters and hot summers. What should we be looking for? Any particular brand? Thank a million!
    Take care!

  37. Got a recall notice on my 2010 Tacoma for frame rust. They inspected and found 2 holes.
    A new free replacement frame is on order, but takes 6 months to arrive.

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