The Truth About Cadillac Cars

The Truth About Cadillac Cars

rev up your engines,
eldar says scotty do you think a cadillac cts is reliable, especially the older generation,
no their not reliable at all, if you go for a v8 engine if it’s not the
northstar engine they can be ok, if it’s northstar engine run,
but if it’s a v6 engine their all junk as they age, you’d never want to buy a used v6
cadillac engine they add turbos to them and stuff to get enough power but they don’t hold
up they can’t take it, if you do find one that’s a v8 and has a manual
transmission, I’ve got customers with them their fun to drive,
their still going to have a lot of problems with motor mounts breaking and then you’re
going to have to spend $1,000 or so changing the motor mounts out but they can be fun to
drive, I still wouldn’t buy one though myself,
Peno says greetings from Romania, my father wants to buy a new 2018 Mazda CX-5 what do
you think I want a gas engine and a manual transmission, I’m on the fence on that one,
it’s a manual transmission which is good but it’s a CX-5 and that’s bad,
when those things age, they have engine problems they have this vvt system that breaks down
and it costs thousands of dollars to fix, I’ve seen customers be trouble free for 100-120,000
miles on those, but I’ve had customers buy them used with 120-130,000 miles then the
engines broke and then they would have to put almost all the money they paid for the
vehicle into just fixing that one part of it,
so realize that, now if your a person that’s going to buy a car and your happy with 100-120,000
miles of reasonably trouble free driving go right ahead, but don’t think it’s going to
go 200-300,000 miles like a Toyota or Honda can often go,
rj87 says scotty, I found a 2005 Kia with under 100,000 miles for $5,560 did a test
drive and scan and everything is good, should I buy it, well like I said I’m not a fan of
those things, but if it runs good, your talking about a
14 year old Kia, under 100,000 miles I’m assuming it’s close to 100,000 miles for $5,560, it’s
too much money for my taste but it depends on where you live,
if you live in Canada that’s what they go for, Canadian dollar is worth less and cars
cost more there, if you lived in Texas here, 14 year old Kia I wouldn’t pay more than $2,500
tops for that car, and a lot less if I could get away with it,
but if you like it depending on the prices in your area go ahead,
mr anaconda says scotty isn’t GM’s 3400 engine one of the best v6’s they ever made, yes they
are, that was a very good engine, it was the rest of the vehicles that the electronics
were bad, the automatic transmissions were garbage of you really poured them on, if you
an old man or old lady and you only drove 45-55 on the highway but younger people that
had them and their doing burnouts and spinning around it would eat it, I had a customer eat
out a transmission in 15,000 miles, he destroyed the thing so, they don’t hold up with that
kind of power, but the engine itself they are very good engines, there was nothing wrong
with that engine design they were solid and reliable and they didn’t have any problems
really, chris says scotty what’s the best way to find
a good mechanic like yourself, it’s hard to find a good mechanic these days, there’s no
arguing that, I’m the last of a dying breed, I learned from my grandfather who was a mechanic
and we care about our customers, these days there’s hardly any independent good shops
lying around, most places are affiliated with a dealership or their a huge chain and the
people that run it they put all the workers under intense pressure to sell things to the
customer, so that people that are doing the work, they’ll get a cut of what’s sold so
of course their going to tell you you need $1,500 of work because part of that is going
in their own pocket, it’s very hard now I’ve never advertised in my life, it’s all word
of mouth, so ask your friends see who they use, look around,
read reviews on the internet but of course you got to take it all with a gain of salt
because, I know a guy down the street and when his workers aren’t busy, he has them
going on the internet pretending to be other people saying what a great mechanic he is,
when he’s actually a lousy mechanic so a lot of stuff on the internet you can’t believe
that you read anymore, because everybody knows you know that people are putting false reviews
on their just to get more people to say good things about them so,
you really need your friends word of mouth, find somebody and then talk to them, find
an older guy like me or a middle age guy that has experience you know, experience beats
everything when it comes to fixing anything, just like a doctor, I once saw a doctor who
was 25 years old and she was an idiot she didn’t know what she was doing and I said
when did you get your diploma and I looked on the wall and there it was, University of
Houston and it was the year before, and I said no wonder you’ve never seen anything
like this before, you’ve only been doing this for one year, you need experience,
alexander says scotty I got a 2013 Dodge Dart what do you suggest I do when the steering
wheel is a bit harder to turn when driving, does the computer need replacing,
2013 dodge dart, it’s really a fiat it’s got all fiat technology in it, and Italian stuff,
the electronics break, you probably are starting to have a problem in your electronic power
steering system, that’s typical on those things as they age,
the only way that thing can be tested, you got to get a guy like me, a professional mechanic,
and we get out our $5,000 scan tool and then we run all the tests that we can on the electric
power steering system, we push on the steering system and then it gives us all these different
tests that can be done and if there is a code for the power steering, we’ll get it, your
not going to get a check engine light on it because they don’t set them up that way, they’re
kind of evil that’s only for anti pollution stuff, it has nothing to do with power steering,
we have to analyze all that stuff and then see what’s going on,
if it’s only every once in a while and it’s a little harder, a lot of people will live
with it, put do have it scanned first and see if there’s
anything starting to go out, sometimes it’s a sensor and it’s not that expensive, but
you have to find an honest mechanic because a lot of guys they’re just going to tell you
that you need a new power steering motor, you got to find an honest mechanic and that’s
a hard thing to do these days, it’s unfortunate but it’s true,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that bell!

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  2. Cadillacs are great cars. I currently have a CTS and an SRX and both are great vehicles. I’ve bought mostly GM vehicles over a 40 year period and have had great dependability. Bought an ordered 2000 GMC YUKON XL and still own it with 300,000 miles. My brother has a 1998 Yukon with 450,000 miles and it’s still in great shape. Japanese cars do not come close to a Cadillac ride. Sorry Scotty you’re just plain wrong.

  3. Those 3.4 V6's were okay engines but there design wasn't perfect. My Pontiac Montana I owned had the 3.4, and it had piston slap. I had to replace the head gasket once, and also by the end of its lifetime it was leaking oil. The van did last 350,000km with the motor still okay, but I scrapped it because it was seriously rusting bad.

  4. I had a 2005 STS. Never had a problem with it. Although I did change the oil like religion. Had a for four years before I crashed it. Man I miss that car

  5. For those in Ontario,Canada go to a mechanic called Fast Roadways great honest mechanic he only does what you ask for and only what the problem is he will never rip you off. An example is the dealership charged me $180 plus $45 for labor to get a battery that guy he charged me only $140 for it and it was the original factory battery and he does not push hard advertisements it's all word of mouth hope this helps fellow torontnians 🙂

  6. I'm sorry but I disagree on the 3400 V6. My mother had two cars with that engine, the head gasket went out on both of them

  7. Hey Scotty,

    My dad has been working on a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica for a few weeks now and the code given is saying that the fuel system is too lean. What could be causing the problem? Thanks 🙂

  8. I still have my 02 Deville DTS running good. Then again, I get regular maintenance done and my year of Northstar has longer header bolts.

  9. As always he is full of it. I see and know plenty of XTS Cadillac owners with the 3.6 and they are good cars some with 200K and zero zero drive train issues. The big fuss over current Cadillac reliability from our friends over at CR is there inability to adapt to newer technologies like Cue or stop/start. The 4T45 and 4T65 transaxles from GM during the 2000's were some of the better units around and with proper service could easily go the limit. The 4T65 did have issues in early runs with the TPC solenoid but once that is corrected these are good units behind 3100/3400 and 3800 engines.

  10. So true about decent mechanics these days. Same with any business these days, nothing counts apart from the money

  11. I have an xts and love it. Only issue thus far (180,000 miles) is I replaced the TPS sensor. 3.0 auto in a mid size suv getting close to 30mpg.

    Has a northstar. If the heads were properly time certed , you could rag them 300k no problem
    In my Eldorado I got 300hp 300tq and 30 mpg

  12. I got a 2007 Cadillac DTS performance package 292HP 4th Cadillac and I love them but I do all the work myself.

  13. Scotty, 2011 Honda Pilot power steering loud when slightly turning. 116K miles. I saw a video of a crushed o ring that can cause that? Your thoughts? O ring or pump?

  14. I got a Chaldean Old mechanic and he and his cre have been working on cars for many decades and works in downtown area closer to Detroit MI, one of the most trustworthy mechanics I have and he charges like 50$ a service hour, his place is all dirty and old so yea it is a word of mouth to try to find trust worthy mechanics out of the bunch, usually it seems like allot of the older more rundown car mechanic buisnesses around here are the more trust worthy ones compared to a cleaner newer building.

  15. I dont like the new cadillacs they went more performance and luxury kind of went down I miss the old standard luxury of the world even though I love my cts wagon

  16. Ok so I know I may be coming from a biased standpoint but I’ve had relatively good luck with both of my Cadillacs, a Northstar and a V6. My 04 CTS with the 3.6 V6 we purchased new and now has 212K miles on the original (other than maintenance and minor repairs) untouched powertrain! Despite how common timing chain issues are on those motors we never had an issue like that. Our 07 DTS has also had very few and minimal issues in the years we’ve owned it and now has almost 150K on it. That being said the CTS was far from being problem free, we had to have quite a bit of warranty work done which isn’t all that bad considering it wasn’t costing us anything. Funny because I say it was more reliable 100K to 200K than it was new to 100K lmao. I hardly ever recommend Cadillacs to people who don’t know what they’re getting into though, especially as they age and have been passed through different owners and how they were maintained is questionable. Over all I love Cadillacs but if you’re on a budget, can’t afford to fix it if it breaks, or looking for a first car I’d say it’s not the car for you however the same can be said of most Luxury vehicles.

  17. I own a 2006 Cadillac srx, no major problems. All wheel drive, turbocharged, moonroof, still rolls like a champ

  18. Scotty I live in Poland. I want to buy a sporty coupe with nice power . Im thinking about some bmw e46 , mitsubishi eclipse,hyundai coupe, toyota celica and honda prelude.

  19. Ah you're one of those people that like to step on others to get ahead. Funny, you talk about those same types in your video. Maybe the young doctor has a good heart and intentions, and might have actually been right in their assessment you used as an example. You will run into older doctors that are "set in their ways" and feel they cannot be wrong. Heaven forbid I take advice from them.

  20. I have an 07 Cadillac cts and other than basic wear and tear it's doing great. 190,000 miles both highway and city

  21. Hello,
    Help steer me in the right direction. I am looking for a reliable suv under 30k; what is your recommendation as far as bang for the buck, engine, maintenance, etc. I don't particularly want to do used. I am in my 50's. I tend to need something reliable to move around the city and haul small antique furniture from time to time. Could u offer some suggestions. I'm sure other females are looking for this suggestive video. Thanks.

  22. how about a Cadillac Allante without the northstar engine? what is wrong with the northstar. can it be fixed?

  23. Scotty
    I guess I should give myself 40 whacks with a stupid stick here and now!
    I just took out a loan on a one time rental Chrysler 200 with 87K on the odometer.
    Within 48 hrs. a blend door actuator on the passenger/cabin compartment air unit
    is failing and an annoying rapid plastic clicking sound is heard coming out from under the driver's side dash.
    To some degree of luck the used car dealer wants a satisfied customer and so even though the extended warranty they sold me covers such systems and their parts the dealer won't be asking me to pay the $40.00 deductible.
    I should have viewed your videos referencing Chrysler in today's world market and tried to secure a loan on nearly anything else.

  24. Funny how the advertisement for this particular video was for Cadillac, then you tell me Cadillac isn’t reliable at all… I laughed 😂

  25. Hey Scottie, what are your thoughts on the 2.5? Just bought a 14 ATS and I haven't heard anything. Thanks again for the good work!

  26. I thought this was gonna be a full video on caddy’s…I wanna know the in and outs of the company, best models and years, full cadillac MO.

  27. Dear viewers. Scotty is the best mechanic that I've worked for..sorry… I mean the best mechanic that I have had work upon my wife's and my car's. I unbiasedly recommend Mr. Scotty for all of your automobile repairs…….

  28. This is not the truth about Cadillac cars. A car is a car, they all need fixed from time to time. I personally own an 08 CTS and it's been great. My friend has had his 09 for several years and put over 100,000 miles on it without any major issues. Obviously, common issues happened, like any other car. I've seen and heard of many people with an older V6 CTS and again, nothing more happened to it than any other car. Parts are parts, cars are cars, some need fixed a little more than others. But there's nothing wrong with buying a used V6 CTS. Do your research in the car before investing

  29. What do you think about
    2013 FWD 3.6L Cadillac SRx 90k miles.. im thinking about buying a used one as a luxury weekend car/ summer car.. I drive a 2008 Honda CRv AWD for a daily driver and winter… i know your not a fan of Cadillac or GM cars but do you think the SRX is something to run away from like the Cadillac deville's?.

  30. Scotty, my friend has a 2004 Cadillac deville that is overheating, and running lean. The codes, are PO171,PO174,PO300,PO420,PO455,PO442,PO1258, about how much can she expect to spend fixing these issues. Thanks

  31. Scotty, you might be slightly older than me. I love your videos. My personal Mechanic is a young guy, worked for Ford dealership I used. Then he opened his own shop in our small town. He is crazy busy with work. I have known him personally since he was in high school. I trust him completely! He has turn away work when he thinks it makes no sense.

  32. I have a standard Cadillac cts With almost 160,000 miles it works perfect, Very reliable for me. And Northstar is a good engine just High maintenance. If your not ready for the maintenance stick with toyota.

  33. I don't trust GM as soon as you buy one they will kill t he car and place there attention on China. Gm has abandoned the American Car market. the are so anti America Toyota Is more American than GM is.

  34. Almost got the 17 xt5 w 30k miles yikes but went with 17 Lincoln mkx w 13k miles for less than half sticker price… Love the car gorgeous inside out. Can you do new Lincolns?

  35. Wrong again. My Northstar 4.6l in my 2003 Cadillac Deville DTS Is still running strong with 200 thousand-plus miles. Original engine & transmission. I will keep driving it everyday, as I have, reliably.

  36. We have a Cadillac xt5 and it's the most un reliable car we've ever owned and it's almost brand new it sucks

  37. Wow 45 seconds about a Cadillac and the rest is random rants. I have a 2008 Cadillac CTS v6 with 140k on it & it runs just fine no problems other than maintenance it needs at this mileage.

  38. auto Paint guys are scumbags..My buddy trying to get his sun faded hood on his car painted been getting quotes of $1200..One guy said he didnt even want to waste his time just painting a hood…..ran into a buddy who knows a paint guy…Indian guy been in the country a few years has his own little shop..Told him I will do if for $500 did a excellent job blended the fenders …..Most Americans are money hungry scumbags today

  39. I had a '13 XTS top of the line, all options except the turbo. Drove it from 68k to 98k with no issues whatsoever other than the ones I caused myself.

  40. 09 cts 3.6L DI ….320k miles still runs and drives like new. Oil changes since new every 3k miles mobil 1 oil. No leaks and No seepage either. Looks new still.

  41. Thoughts on how reliable and durable a 94 Fleetwood with LT1 engine is? About to hit 200k, recently replaced water pump, radiator, fuel pump and brakes in the approximately 18 months I've owned it. Hoping to keep it long term.

  42. Scotty whats your take 2001 cadilac catera? Just purchased one 2,000$ Engine and Tran runs excellent so far

  43. V6 Cadillac is crap Hahahah. The 94 Celica can out gun it Hahahah. Why? Rev up your engines!!!!!!! hahahahah

  44. The CTS never had a Northstar engine, the V8 CTS-V model used the Corvette's LS engine. Northstar engines are luck of the draw, my 99 Seville (which I absolutely love) has nearly 200,000 miles with no head gasket issues but I know many people whose cars have less than half the miles and they have the head gasket issues.

  45. Scotty kilmer at the begging of your video at 0:14 you said northstars run did you try to say there good engines? or no

  46. Have a 05 cts. 200,000. Still running. Has a small oil leak. Just fixed purge valve. Runs like new. Transmission may be going soon. Non turbo 3.6.

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