The Truth About Car Covers

Rev up your engines,
today I’m going to tell you the truth about car covers,
now if you park your car under trees like I do and the birds are crapping all over the
place, well you could cut down the trees but I like
the oxygen and shade, so why not try a car cover,
you could just hide you car from the elements, they’re pretty easy to put on, this one has
little mirror side ones so you know the mirrors go here,
and over here, then you get the front strap and snap it on,
and tighten it up so it doesn’t blow off, then do the same in the back,
snap it on and then tighten it up, now this cover is made by a small company
and it’s cheap only $39.99, and it’s actually made for a large car and I put it on a small
Celica just to show how it works, but of course if you’re going to buy a cover
for your car, you need to know which one to get and that
depends on what are you planning on doing with the cover,
for example this is a very lightweight cover, hardly weighs anything, I don’t know maybe
a pound and a half or something for the whole thing, it’s not going to go through strong
weather for very long, other people who bought it said, oh I loved
it at first but after 3 or 4 months it got rips and tears and it even started leaking
if it was in an area where it rained a lot, even though it says it’s water proof, over
time this thin stuff is going to crack and leak, and that’s just the way it goes if you’re
buying a $39 car cover, now lets say you got a car that you’re storing
indoors in a garage, it perfect for that it will keep all the dust
and everything out, there’s nothing wrong with that, or lets say
you’re going camping or going to a friends house out in the woods that has trees everywhere,
you can just leave it in your trunk and then put in on and use it every once in a while,
it’s not some permanent car cover you can buy that’s going to last for years and years,
it’s just too thin, which is perfect if you just want to throw
something in your trunk that doesn’t take up much space, doesn’t weigh much,
then you can use it in emergency situations, or like I said indoors, but if want a serious
one there you’re going to leave a car outdoors for extended periods of time, you’re going
to have to buy a custom made one if you really want it to last,
now if you want a serious car cover, you’re starting pretty much $200 and up for a decent
one, this one says $171 but most are going to be over $200, you want to get one that’s
well made, where you pick your vehicle’s year make and model,
but in my case, I paid $350 for this entire Celica, I certainly not going to spend $350
for a cover to put over it, that would just be crazy,
now with this inexpensive cover, you don’t have to worry about grommets scratching anything
because there aren’t any, you can see the ties are just sewed into the material, it
going to fall apart eventually but you don’t have to worry about it scratching anything,
everything is soft here so you’re not going to ruin the paint or anything, but on a higher
end ones, you want to check out what kind of grommets
they use, if they got steel or brass grommets, hey they
can scratch your paint, the good ones use soft plastic or leather, you don’t want to
have metal grommets because you’re pulling this thing on and off and if you pull it off
and there’s metal parts, it could scratch your paint, and yes it may sound insane but
there are actually are companies out there overseas that are making car cover and they
have brass or metal eyelids in them and then you pull them up and down you’re going to
scratch the paint, so certainly don’t buy one of those,
now lightweight ones like these do have an advantage,
they’re really easy to take on and take off, you can easily do it as a one man operation,
the really fancy one you’re better off doing it with two people so you can stretch it out,
make it fit just perfectly, but hey this is a generic pretty much one size fits all, so
it’s pretty easy to get them on and off compared to the more expensive ones, which are of course
going to protect them better but it’s not something you’re just going to stick in the
trunk and forget about it and put it on in an emergency when you want one,
so in that respect, these lightweight ones, hey think of them as a poncho, if you’re going
to the woods or something and you got a lightweight poncho and it starts to rain, hey you can
put it on and use it a few times, but if you’re going into the deep woods for
months, you’re going to get yourself a serious rain
coat, not just a little poncho, you’re going to get something that thick, that’s going
to protect better and last a long time, but of course you’re going to pay more for it
so, it’s you’re choice, you can decide what you want to do, but since this is mechanic
Monday, I’m giving away one of these lightweight ones,
and to have a chance to win, just place a clean non-offensive comment on the YouTube
comments below, and the winner will be chosen randomly by a computer to get a nice lightweight
car cover to keep junk off your car when you don’t want it on, so if you never want to
miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell!

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