The Truth About Cars that Burn Oil

rev up your engines,
Elite skills should I keep my oil-burning 2010 xB 188 thousand miles
or get rid of it, well if it’s in good shape otherwise oil is cheap as they age
modern engines will often burn some oil if you’re burning said a quart oil every
thousand miles or 800 miles, oil is cheap just keep buying oil the spark plugs
eventually will foul out, but on that vehicle changing the spark plugs is an
absolutely nothing job it’s so easy to do, I’d keep it as it still running okay I
got customers with those things that they started burning oil and four or five years
later they’re still driving them and just adding oil as they need, don’t let it get
more than a quart or quart and a half low while you’re driving it so carry some
spares in the trunk, but not really a reason to get rid of it, cow Moo says my
2007 Chevy Colorado has some milky substance on the oil cap, can it be the
head gasket it only has one hundred twenty six thousand five hundred miles, well it
depends on how you drive and where you drive, if you don’t drive your vehicle
much you do like my wife used to when she used to teach she drove a couple
miles back and forth to school so doesn’t give the engine time to warm up and
blow everything out, byproduct of burning gasoline in Earth’s atmosphere is
water vapor ,and you can get some water vapor in there it’ll make the top of the
oil cap milky, and that can happen if you don’t drive it enough, but if you drive it
normally it’s generally means the head gasket is starting to blow, and I have a
very good video for that called how to tell if your head gasket is blown watch
it you can go to Amazon you can buy one of those head gasket leak testing kits
for like twenty nine bucks when they’re on sale they work perfectly fine and
they’ll tell you could starting to blow or not
chavez says is a vehicle that’s repaired after frame damage reliable, it
really depends, some guys are really good at frame repair, some guys are crappy
how bad was the frame damaged that’s what you have to do, you have to
understand how far did they go, what did they actually repair, realize that modern
cars have what’s called unibody construction, so there’s no actual frame
the car in the body are all unibody, so that’s why it’s called unibody construction
so if stuff is bent here and there and they can
bend it back and fix it fine, but if the whole main part and the bottom is twisted
and stuff, and then you have to understand too what about the rest of the
vehicle is it crushed in four or five feet and if so I’d never fix it, bary says
why does Toyota’s exhaust manifold face
the radiator, if you think about it really doesn’t matter because you’re
driving and the engine is sucking air through the radiator first then it goes
to the engine, the air is traveling in that direction so you really don’t care, and
if you’re stopped and it gets hot your cooling fans are sucking it through and
blowing air on the engine right there so it really doesn’t hurt anything you know
it’s just kind of an engineering thing it really does hurt anything that way
cuz the air is always flowing that way unless you drive backwards all the time,
if you’re driving backwards all the time yes it would be a bad design, but you
know your not driving 40 50 60 miles an hour going in Reverse so it doesn’t really
matter nexter says Scotty should I keep or
sell my 06 Volvo s60 all wheel drive 2.5 to get a Toyota or Honda,
I just want it till it dies there’s one
hundred ninety one thousand miles, you know if I were you I would just drive it
till it dies, those are fun cars to drive, but they’re Volvo’s and they’re endless
money pits as they age, but yours seems to be treating you okay drive it, cuz
you’re gonna get nothing for it with that mileage, you’re going to get absolutely
nothing then you know Volvo now I got bought by the Chinese and they claim
they’re only gonna be making electric and hybrid cars, so if it runs drive it
and then get a Toyota when it finally give out, you never know maybe it will last
a few years who knows, Michael Earl says what do you think of a Mazda miata
94, their pretty good cars you know they can be fun to drive around, I
just had a guy do my brakes now e brake won’t work and it worked before
they messed up the rear brakes when he did the
job, yeah you know that’s unfortunate, there’s a
lot of guys out there don’t know what they’re doing and call themselves in
quotes mechanics, a lot of modern cars the emergency brake system is part of
the caliper and so when you pull on your emergency brake it actually twists the
caliper piston to squeeze the brakes, it’s a
cheaper way of making them like you take a Toyota most of those they’ll have disc
brakes in the back, but then they have drum brakes on the inside that are just for
the emergency brake, better system but of course it costs more to make, on those
mazda is what you have to do is there’s a special tool and you have to turn the piston
and the caliper in while it’s pressed in the tools really don’t cost that much, I
got one from Harbor Freight I think it cost me 35 bucks
and it works great, it’s solid steel you fit it in the hole and when you turn the
ratchet on it, it both squeezes it in and turns it at the same time, so it turns
into the screw, it’s all the guy needed he screwed up, stay away from him that’s
for sure, but they can be pretty good cars you know, so if you never want to
miss another one of my new car repair videos remember to ring that Bell!

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