The Truth About Consumer Reports

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Jack says hello someone suggested Consumer Reports is a
good source to research the reliability of a vehicle make and model is it true
well it is to some extent but the problem is you can never really trust
print media because a lot of times the people that work for print media don’t
make all that much money I had a friend once that I met when I
was in Los Angeles and he worked for one of these magazines and I said well what
do you get paid and he said I get paid $1000 an article and I’m like okay so if
you make 12 articles a year you get $12,000 that’s not very much money it
leaves things open for bribery a lot of companies spend them millions and
millions designing and building vehicles and I sure they spend millions of
millions advertising them I personally don’t trust people who are not mechanics
like myself who actually work on them and see what the problems are or own
them for years to see how reliable they are over time the only way you can tell
is from the horse’s mouth I had no ulterior motive I fixed all
kinds of cars for people I don’t sell cars I don’t buy cars except my own I
need one I’ll tell the truth to me it makes no difference I say tell how to
make good cars they do they start making crappy cars somebody makes better ones
I’ll say yes that’s the case these things I just see what’s out there and
tell the truth I have no ulterior motives well actually my real
motive is to tell the truth because the more I tell the truth some more people
out there see Scotty tells the truth the more people watch the more people I
help out and the more money that I make on the advertising that Google runs I
had no control over they advertise they just run them, gwl 78 says why do
American cars have such big engines well they’re starting to try to get smaller
American sites like big fast cars when I was kid everybody wanted a v8 engine for
power when I was kidding against it was 30 cents a gallon it didn’t cost much
people didn’t care if they drove a gas hog it didn’t make that big of a
difference but now just see even the big Chevy pickup trucks they’re going for v6
doesn’t even have a four-cylinder one now Americans always want vehicles that can
take off that can go fast and that’s why they went to bigger engines same thing
with like giant suvs, gasoline is still cheap for some strange
world economic reason but eventually it’s a limited commodity there’s only so
much oil the person will start going up higher and higher and higher in a way
it’s really high when gas in the United States is going for five six seven
dollars a gallon these gigantic SUVs that only get like 12 miles a gallon in town
people will stop driving them at least most people will
Khalid says what are tips when buying a new car thanks in advance
kind of decide what you want before you go looking for a car because if you
start looking at a car the salesman is gonna try to sell you the kitchen
sink and everything else and add on and say oh this guy wants this and this
and they’ll try to sell you in the car that they make the biggest profit on
what kind of car you want and then decide are you gonna finances or take
cash cuz you’re gonna take cash you’re gonna get a better deal they won’t tell
you that right off the bat but eventually they will cuz you’re not
financing it but you must understand what’s your payment the whole price of
the car not just the monthly payment because a lot of people oh they give me
a monthly payment of one eighty nine ninety five but how long is it then are
there any balloon payments on it you have to study the financing before don’t
have it happen in the middle of it and of course before you even go looking for
a car ask guys like me what’s a reliable for when I’m looking
for you know do I want a nice economy car like I told you how to Corolla or
you want a big four-door sedan what do you want you gotta decide before you go
out cuz don’t make decisions while you’re looking it’ll make it way too
complicated you want to simplify it, Greg Gilliam says Scotty relaunched Ford
Ranger get one used or wait until there’s major issues I never believed
buying any new models because you had no idea what changes occurs and I don’t
either they can give you a song and dance routine about oh this that and
everything else who knows would actually happen until they’re out for a few years
they get 50 60 70 80 thousand miles some more and see if they hold up why be
someone else’s guinea pig let other people be the guinea pigs and then do
like I do buy a good vehicle that showed it was reliable and since it’s four or
five years old or longer you pay a lot less as an example I bought my wife’s
Lexus ES 300 for three grand and yeah was ten years old but that was less than
one tenth of the price at sixty thousand miles I seen them go three hundred
thousand miles easy with no problem you’re getting a
car that still has probably 80% of its lifespan and I paid one tenth of the
original price so that’s the best way to go,
rick s90 Scotty how long do manual clutches on average last for
compact subcompact cars thanks well they generally last longer than for
bigger cars because they weigh less so there’s less strain on but ultimately
the life of a clutch depends on you the driver if your conservative you don’t
peel out you just shift gears smoothly you can easily get a hundred thousand
miles out of a compact or subcompact clutch but I’ve had customers that
getting the hard drive they’ve got one foot on the clutch
there were forever shifting gears and peeling out and sometimes they’d wear
clutch out in twenty five thirty thousand miles if you don’t drive
conservatively you can wear em out a lot faster but if you’re conservative they
can last a long long time, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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