The Truth About Dual Clutch Transmission Cars

The Truth About Dual Clutch Transmission Cars

rev up your engines, what is a dual
clutch transmission, dual clutch transmissions are kind of an interesting
design that was starting in Europe to make transmissions that shifted really
fast now the first tried a dual clutch
transmission was a frenchman and he had designed it for a half-track,
but yeah 1939 well let’s just say the Germans took over and that was the end
of the French building any kind of military vehicles, strangely enough the
first real use was by Germans themselves audi and Porsche messed around with them,
hey their all owned by the same company now Volkswagen, and in 1986 they want to race
with the Porsche that was the first one that had a dual clutch semi-automatic
paddle shifter transmission, so it ended up being Volkswagen who really pioneered
the commercial use of them one of the most well known one was the dual clutch
transmission was the Volkswagen New Beetle, their automatics were a dual
clutch transmission now this European design of a dual clutch transmission was
really thought of because they knew that high-end sports cars, the guy didn’t want
standard transmissions anymore but they want a good shifting, so he decided to
have a system where either the computer automatically operates the clutches
inside the dual clutch transmission, or you use those little paddle shifters to
shift gears when you want, now these transmission can be operate in a fully
automatic mode, where you just have it in gear and the computer decides when to
shift from one gear to the next, or you can override it manually with the paddle
shifters, the thing is a computer can shift faster and more accurately than
any human being can, a professional Grand Prix race driver can’t shift as
efficiently as a computer can I mean that’s just the way it is, they like
leaving the paddle shifters in so people in their rich luxury cars can drive
around pretend that you know they’re really a great driver when in reality
the computer would do a better job than they do anyway, take the fancy BMW dual
clutch transmission in they’re high-end they can consistently upshift in 60
milliseconds, so they’re really fast but at the same time any modern dual clutch
transmission being computer-controlled can be set up to work in a variety of
ways, so let’s say you put it on the economy mode, well that thing is going to
get better gas mileage as a dual clutch automatic transmission then you ever
will in a standard transmission, because the computer sets up so you get the
best gas mileage and some of these systems have four or five different
settings, so you could drive it any way you want and the computer does all the
work and it’s going to do it a lot more efficiently than a human being can
either for gas mileage or for efficiency of speed to get the best track times, so
with one of these things you can either switch it to a sport experience, some of
you have a track one so they’re really revved up or you can go to the paddle
shifter and start shifting it yourself if your in mind to do that, they do have
some interesting upsides these dual clutch transmissions but on the other
hand, man alive they got two really big disadvantages, the first is they’re a lot
heavier than the normal transmissions you got that weight and the size they got
to fit in and they’re making car smaller and smaller, that’s a problem but the
real big one is, they are super expensive to build, most things it’s a $2,000 or
more extra because it costs a lot more to build them, and they are uber uber
uber more expensive to repair when they break and man they break down quite a
bit, if you remember me talking earlier about the Volkswagen Beetle the new
beetle that came with a dual clutch automatic transmission, I’ve had
customers with those that was one of the worst ever put in a car, they go bad and
then when they had to get it rebuilt or repaired or replaced, guys that really
know how to rebuild them I had a customer have to pay seven grand to have
his replaced on a Volkswagen Beetle and the car was older and the car wasn’t
worth even $4,000, yes it’s a race car design yes it shifts really good, but it
costs so much more when you think what really are the advantages for an
everyday driving car, uh it’s not something I’d put
my money down for, in 2018 dual clutch transmissions were in 8.5%
of the car shipped globally, but only 5% in the United States so it isn’t that
many in the United States, and some of its cost, people don’t want to pay more some
of it is people aren’t used to the way that
they run especially in the lower end cars, they just don’t like the feel they
do tend to be Slusher at lower speeds, and driving around in town these things
were designed for the racetrack in the first place, they weren’t really designed
for everyday driving, now Fiat Chrysler Honda and Ford all learned the hard way
about these dual clutch transmissions they offer them in everyday cars and a
lot of buyers thought oh there’s something wrong with my car doesn’t work
right and Ford even has a class action pending against them for these dual
clutch transmissions they put in some of their lower end cars, it’s kind of a dumb
idea when you think about it, these are designed for high-end racecars
why on earth would be putting them into lower end cars like Volkswagen New
Beetle, and the lower end Fords I mean it just doesn’t make sense to me, and as a
professional mechanic myself, and my customers have had them and had problems
I would never buy one, I wouldn’t advise somebody to buy one like that, why do you
want to do a clutch transmission that’s got all this extra complexity in it, just
so oh you can say you’ve got a fancy car that can go real fast and it really
doesn’t make any sense to put it in smaller cars like the Volkswagen Beetles
well they don’t make the beetles anymore anyways, so that ended up it’s a failure
let’s face it anybody who knows cars and those Chrysler’s had more problems
with automatic transmissions over the last 50 years than anyone else
why on earth would you want to buy a Fiat Chrysler product that has a dual clutch
transmission, it’s sort of like a total recipe for disaster
now maybe years and years ago like in 1986 when Porsche was messing around
with the first ones that they were putting in cars people were actually
driving around in, back then the automatic transmissions were a little
slushy shift and they did lose a lot of power, but these days even with a
conventional automatic transmission you can get decent power, and you can also
get just about the same gas mileage that you get in a standard transmission
so far as I’m concerned there’s really no need for a dual clutch transmission
for most people, okay so you’re gonna buy a Ferrari or a Porsche yeah well you’re
throwing money away then anyway so you want to have this ultimate performance
you know go right ahead, just realize what it’s gonna cost and also realize
that while the paddle shifters are actually kind of a joke, because oh
you’re shifting with the panel shifters if you really want to go fast let the
computer do it because the computer is going to do a better job than you do
that’s been proven in the test tracks already, but if you like shifting the car
yourself heck get a standard transmission there’s so much simpler and
the things just don’t break down, like these dual clutch transmissions do and
if you want better gas mileage you just shift into higher gear faster, and if you
want more power you just keep it in the lower gears longer to rev the engine up
more you, know you don’t need a fancy dual clutch transmission that costs more
that weighs more, and man when it breaks down it’s gonna cost a fortune to repair
so now you know a little bit more about dual clutch transmissions, and why you
probably would not want to own a car that has one, so if you never want to
miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Chrysler has had transmission trouble for over 50yrs? The 727/904 transmission was the best transmissions of there time.

  3. Scotty, those dual clutch transmissions used in lower end cars are not exactly the same ones being used high end supercars like Ferrari, McLaren etc… Or in mid range cars like BMW, Mercedes etc. They ones being used in low end cars like Honda, Ford,etc are toned down cheaper versions, very similar but cheaper and inferior so what do people expect.

  4. I like Scotty. Can watch him after midnight, family asleep, mute is on, no audio only vision, and I can understand everything.

  5. Scotty, would you trade in your Celica for a the same Celica with manual transmission? Say they are in near same condition.

  6. DSGs are awesome. Great gas mileage and performance, plus they're tunable. Paddle shifters are perfect for passing. Some of us actually like to drive Scotty – rather than rotting in a 20yr old POS Toyota.

  7. My 93 chevy silverado had dual clutch. I converted it because of the cost but now it makes noise. Any thoughts??

  8. To give you an idea how bad dual clutch transmissions are, there is a YouTube video by an attorney about the ones Ford used.

  9. I'll hang on a second. You dangle half-tracks in front of us, then go on to talk about sports cars? Suppose someone wants to know more about dual-clutch transmissions in heavy vehicles?

  10. You need to be more careful of your speech, Chrysler built the best automatic transmission is on the planet for about 50 years, the torque flight 727 and the 904. Stupidly they got rid of that design.

  11. I own a 2009 Volks Jetta TDI with the DSG transmission and I never had problem with it to this day. I am at 300 000 km and the transmission runs like new. Only thing I noticed from the beginning, you need a good, fresh and fully charged battery. If the battery becomes too low on power for any reason, the transmission will become crazy. It doesn't know how to shift anymore, or doesn't even engage at all. The car becomes impossible to run. But with a fully charged battery, I never had any issues. And I must say, the last couple of years, I have not been too meticulous on oil change on the DSG. I did the engine oil change but the tranny is long past due. Talking about that, I will have to take an appointement soon to change it (the oil, not the tranny). All in all, I really like this transmission, I have been lucky I guess.

  12. When I bought my ford siesta it was thousands cheaper than a used escort. Ford is putting used car dealers out because fiesta's have so little resale value you have to drive them till they drop. I like a hick shift, no body can steal them but they have no resale value  and if you are young they make your insurance higher.

  13. That Ford DCT issue really turned me off from both Fords AND dual-clutches… Even if they are a "good one". That said, once I found the "best" way to drive it, it became a lot more bearable. But every time that I can't drive it that way for whatever reason (usually someone in front of me accelerating then slowing down) I curse the transmission hard.
    Can't wait to get out of it…

  14. Great scotty you just fucked up my night with this lol. I have a350Z disk trans and I daily drive it in manual mode. I do not use to peddles. I use the shifter.

  15. My car has a duel clutch trans. It's fun to drive but the best use is that you can hold the car in gear longer and stop it hunting for gears when going up hills etc. The key to avoiding trouble is to sell the car before it gives you any 😆

  16. Thanks. This was very informative, I have a dual clutch automatic transmission in my Hyundai Veloster. I do find she feels like she’s between when traveling slow in certain. I wonder if I should pull the shifter over and use the manual in town.

  17. I like the paddle shifters when driving in the mountains. I get frustrated when the transmission hunts for a gear, up, down, up, down, every half mile or less. Using the paddle, I can just get it to stay until the grade changes.

  18. Scotty what about the Acura’s dct? It is the only one with torque converter to make it smoother at low speed . I have an 2016 ilx and so far it’s been great. I just replace the fluid by my self at 40000k because is wet clutch and needs more love than a regular automatic.

  19. My Fiesta has a dual-clutch transmission. So far I have not had any issues with it but it does take some getting used to.

  20. Scotty, please, please pronounce Porsche correctly. It’s Por-sche, two syllables, not Porsche, one syllable. For someone who’s been in the business forever, it makes you appear uninformed and inaccurate. It also perpetuates mispronunciation among the masses.

  21. My 2015 Honda Accord has the paddles you use while in Sport mode.
    Used it once myself.
    Eh. I just stick to regular drive mode.

  22. My little Kia Rio has a 1.0 turbo 118 bhp 3 cylinder GDI engine and a 7 speed DCT, bought it new with the 7 yr warranty and up to now it's amazing to drive and feels really fast. The DCT is smooth and quick all what Scotty says for both this engine and gearbox may be true but for Mr average the car will be long gone before it breaks.

  23. Computer controlled transmission save you on gas, but the repair bill when it comes will put you in the poor house. So, you dont really save in the end.

  24. Moral of the story like every other video Scotty makes, don't buy it from a shitty company or it will break down.

  25. Worth it to me, but I enjoy driving. Repair costs are similar to other automatics. Sure first 5-6 years they had a few issues but they’re very reliable now just change the fluid and filter every 40k. Most the issues these days are the owners. The flywheel and clutches cost a few bucks more but it’ll last 2-3x as long as a typical GM automatic anyway. I couldn’t buy an automatic that wasn’t DSG anymore.

  26. Actually the M-DCT is relatively bulletproof. Google 335i/m3 DCT failures. You'll only find a handful, and these issues have sometimes been solved with just replacing or upgraded clutch packs.

  27. Paddle shift gives ppl more control about when to change gear. The computer doesn’t know what the road layout ahead is, but the driver does.

  28. 2 clutch gearbox…ba..humbug…some new fangled design intended for people who lack the skill to powershift a real stick shift trans… nothing sweeter than an old school Nash/,Richmond 5 or 6 gear, properly broke in. A shifter that bolts to the trans for the proper feel, the mechanical sounds of levers and linkage as you shift through the gears. The feeling of control it gives, knowing each shift is a product of your coordination, shift it fast, shift it slow, blip the throttle a little between gears and shift a few gears without the clutch, just to see if your passenger notices…the entire time knowing that in a split second, you can pin the gas pedal, a little tap on the clutch pedal for more rpm and it's launch time at any speed you desire. No need to let off on the gas for the next gear, you own the coordination that allows you to tap the clutch pedal and yank that macho t handle shifter at just the right time and to all those who know…they say that man knows how to shift 👍 and stupid easy to fix if parts fail, a clutch is as simple as a dozen bolts and an alignment tool and old school side shift gearboxes even an 18 year old kid can learn one with a one time lesson from his g-friends dad. Been there done that…been 45 years and I still have the skills. What dumbshits would put one of those high dollar over complicated 2 slut deals in 70 Chevelle SS 454 or a boss mustang? Or maybe a 100 point hemi cuda? Give me a zf box out of a Pantera if the motor happens to be in the middle…I give up a couple 10ths in the qtr mile any day. Have a buddy with one of those McLaren things…540s I think…he thought it was so fast. We went out to see…my little stock cbr 1100xx….he gave me a decent run… paddle shift and all… didn't have the heart to tell him I was granny shifting @7500 rpm until 5th gear when I speed shifted 100 rpm shy of the rev limiter. I drove the mc…it's kinda cool and I guess if you have 200k to drop on a car 24k to fix the trans don't much matter…but it will never be old school cool😀

  29. It dosent matter if a automatic can shift faster. It still can´t predict traffic. I want 3rd and be ready to overtake. Not have a debate with a cpu that gives me 4rd then 3rd´. I hate that. I like a car to be a machine, not a computer.

  30. I can't take a guy serious who can't even pronounce PorschE! It's PorschE not "porsch"… btw getrag has some light and cheap dct's.

  31. Here in Brazil Ford sold thousands of Fiesta with dual clutch. Guess what happened? Recalls and a bunch of problems with it. Single or Dual, automatic transmissions with clutch didn´t work well here. They were not reliable and cost too much to repair.

  32. This is one of those situations that tells us you work on cars but you do not drive, you are a mechanic but not a car guy at all. Manual and DC transmissions will always be relevant because a computer doesn't know that you are heading in to a turn so the car must be downshifted. shifting speed is only part of the equation, the engine must be rev matched when down shifted or the tires will break traction, a DCT is capable of doing this. The entire reason for DCT and manuals is HANDLING, not really speed. Most automatics are faster in a straight line than their manual counterparts anyway.

  33. DCT's avoid the approx 8% power loss from torque converters plus they shift faster. The faster shifting is important when you start to get into the 7-10 speed transmissions which basically mandates the sequential layout of a DCT and faster gear changes to reduce the amount of wasted power as it tried to maintain a optimal torque and fuel consumption.

  34. Shifting a dual clutch manually versus automatically doesn’t change the shift times. It’s still the computer performing the shift lol which is what makes it fast. The paddles just give the driver control over when the shifts happen

  35. Yeah, dual clutch transmissions are better for weekend fun cars, not low-end daily drivers. I've driven them all, and they shift in the blink of an eye. But, they are "manual" transmissions with computer controlled clutches. A good automatic transmission will feel better on your daily commute. I even prefer a regular manual six-speed for getting from point A to point B.

  36. Ford Focus/Fiesta have been plagued with bad DCTs.TCM/leaking seals. Just had mine in shop. I;m the 4d owner of this car. Las two owners sold the car after only a year or two of ownership. They had transmission work done via recalls/service bulletins. Fortunately for me Ford had extended the warranty of the transmission issues. My car is running great….for the moment. 😉 We have our fingers crossed. Its our only car. And yes we are still paying for it. FINANCED! Bought it through CARVANA.

  37. Ford did this apparently to have a car that saved on gas. This DCT alledgedly did this. In a way it did. It spent more time in the shop than it did out on the road burning gas. lol! Nice job Ford!

  38. Scotty God bless you for your knowledge on cars. I just bought a 2016 Ford Focus and noticed the sluggish sound after I bought it. The dealer told me that it's a dual Clutch transmission. I immediately came on your channel to learn more about this tranmission.

  39. The main problem with letting a computer run things, is that a computer can't see "down the road" and make changes BEFORE something happens. They have a long way to go before anyone can match the total control of the human brain when making decisions involving multiple, simultaneous inputs of upcoming events. For example, no computer will know in advance that a steep hill is coming up in a quarter mile, with a side road intersection containing a vehicle pulling out slowly, and both oncoming and rear approaching traffic at different speeds are signalling lane changes, while at the same time, you are wanting to slow down using a lower gear before you get to the intersection. Heck, I can drive my car on the highway, go up-and-down hills with light pedal pressure, and never drop a gear …. but leave it up to cruise control and a computer, and the same car is dropping gears, revving the engine, ruining my fuel mileage. You'll never TOTALLY replace the good ol' human brain for every circumstance. I LOVE OLD CARS !!!

  40. Please consider:
    *Very few new cars come w/ manual transmissions.
    *When options between a DCT & conventional automatic transmission are available, they are usually combined with engine and/or trim packages. If you want 90% of the features a higher trim option offers, do you really want to base that choice on the tranny alone? Check long term ownership costs.
    *Scotty owns older cars, of course he wouldn't pay extra for a DCT… he's not in the market.
    *Almost all transmission repairs are going to be for more than the value of the car if they fail out of warranty. A $6000 repair bill is expensive, but so is a $4500 bill.
    *Until there are enough used cars on the market with DCT, the choice is but a used manual or new automatic.
    *If you live in a bad traffic region, do you really want a manual, even if it's cheaper to repair?
    Also, coincidentally, the dual clutch transmission on my Ford Transit T350 is probably the only good thing the van has going for it (commercial application).

  41. CVTs are very good…until they break.
    Going home yesterday, the '18 Nissan Sentra SV got 47.9 mpg. The road is hilly and curvy.
    The theory is that the throttle opening and transmission ratio are optimized by the software for the accelerator pedal position.
    When I had a manual shift I got the best mileage by shifting into 5th (high) as soon as it wouldn't lug the engine. The engine would run smoothly in 5th at about 22 mph with a small throttle opening.

  42. The writing is on the wall. We are all going electric in some way or form. The latest generation of drivers will probably be the last to learn with any form of gearbox.

  43. Not only do I not need a dual clutch transmission, I don't need one at all in my Tesla. One less thing to break.

  44. I have vw DSG 6 gears with 200k miles, no problem at all. Just regular oil change. And it is really much better than any other transmission. Of course some dual clutch are unreliable, as every product, u need to do research before u buy. This is reason i bought 6 gears instead of 7 gears DSG

  45. Lincoln Mks with 220.000 miles Dual Clutch Transmission.And still keep going…. If you change the Fluids on those transmissions more often that the factory is recommended it will last forever….

  46. I had a 2015 vw tiguan with 6speed dsg wet clutch , the gearbox seemed confuse while i drove under 10kph in traffic jam, it kept shifting from gear 1 to 2 and back to 1 repeatedly. I replaced 4 abs sensors twice in 3 years of ownership. The aircon sometimes didnt want to blow ice cold air, it was junk . In just 3 years of ownership the car lost half the price when itwas new. Thanks scotty , now i drive a toyota, no problems at all 😂

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