The Truth About Hybrid Cars, Buyer Beware

The Truth About Hybrid Cars, Buyer Beware

Rev up your engines,
taser eyes says scotty what do you think about the Ford Escape, ok I got a customer with
one and she’s got 150,000 miles on it and it’s been a pretty good vehicle for her, she
bought it used with like 60,000 miles and she’s happy with it and I’ve had customers
with it that are happy with it you know, the only thing I warn people is, if you’re
going to buy a vehicle like that I would stay away from the hybrid versions because the
hybrid versions as they age the parts cost a lot of money, the batteries cost a fortune
and everything just costs more money and yeah you get better gas mileage but you never get
back the difference between the gas mileage, the price you pay for the car and then the
repairs as they get older, they just get to be too expensive,
unless you can amortize it and put a ton of mileage on it, like an uber driver, I know
uber drivers that have those things and they’re putting on like 60,000 miles a year so, they
are amortizing it with better gas mileage especially if they drive in town a lot, but
for the normal person you never get your money back,
Gola says scotty what do you think of the dodge hellcat I know your not a fan of Chrysler
but I think they’re the best bargain for power and dragging thanks,
well yes the dodge hellcat puts out a really large amount of power for the money that it
costs, now strangely enough, Musk with his Tesla, the top of the line Tesla
goes 0-60 and 0-100 faster than the Hellcat because it’s got electric motors that have
100 percent torque all the time so they just take off like gang busters,
and a hellcat costs a lot less, if you want something dragging and pushing around yeah
the hellcat is a screamer of a vehicle but then again it’s a Chrysler product and it’s
going to break down especially if you drive it like a Hellcat you know, but for the power
and money you know, you want to spend that kind of money go right
ahead, there’s nothing wrong with that, just realize it isn’t going to be running down
the road 10 years from now without putting a fortune into it as it wears out,
eagle says hey scotty, I want to get a audi a3 2007 diesel for around 6,000 euros, there’s
a lot of them around where I live so tell me is an Audi worth it,
ok I would never buy one of those in the US parts costs a fortune, their endless money
pits but I just came back from England and a lot of people have them, you’re talking
about a manual transmission diesel engine, it’s a VW engine really,
they’re pretty reliable engines and at that price in Europe it’s probably a decent buy
and guy know how to work on them there and as long as you maintain it that would probably
not be a bad buy in Europe, you know they don’t last forever but it’s
a 07 and if it doesn’t have that many miles because in Europe they generally don’t drive
them as far, it could be a decent deal and what I like about Europe from what I’ve seen
is the used car prices are much lower than in the US because they don’t go by that fake
book value that they give in the US where they say a 10 year old car is worth a whole
bunch of money, where in Europe they’re going for 2,000 US dollars and in the US the same
vehicle might go for 8,000 US dollars, so if you can get them cheaper there why not,
everything you didn’t know says, scotty whats the difference between all wheel drive and
four wheel drive, all wheel drive systems generally their all wheel drive all the time
or they automatically turn themselves on and off depending on the conditions, if it’s snowing
or raining or whatever, four wheel drive means all four wheels can be operating and you get
the choice like you can put it on four wheel drive, high four wheel drive, low or just
rear wheel drive high, so it’s always just in rear wheel drive,
it’s all adjustable and for most people four wheel drive is actually better than all wheel
drive because all wheel drive you’re going to get worse gas mileage because your running
all four wheels, there’s more friction involved, you get worse gas mileage,
where a four wheel drive you can run it four wheel drive when you need it in the snow or
if it’s raining and you’re going to drive fast and you want better traction and cornering,
but when you want better gas mileage just going 60 mph down the highway on dry road,
you can put it in just rear wheel drive, v8 lover says scotty I got 2001 chevy suburban
2500 with 235,000 miles, every time I go on the interstate speed the rpms are running
high like 2,200 rpm what do you think, well your transmission starting to go, your lucky
you got 235,000 miles, all my customers that have suburbans have had their transmission
overhauled generally long before that, usually at 135,000 miles, you probably baby your vehicle
so your getting more mileage out of the thing, which is a good thing for you, but it’s going
to need rebuilding at some point in time, and now yours is going higher it’s probably
not shifting into overdrive, you know you might check with a good mechanic like me to
see if maybe they can do something to the overdrive and try to get the overdrive to
work again, but with that mileage your probably going to need a full overhaul in a short period
of time, I rarely see them last that long on those things,
tree line says scotty I got a non vtec integra with 90,000 miles, my timing belt was changed
20,000 miles later than it was suppose to, at idle there’s a bit of vibration, should
I be worried, you know I wouldn’t worry about it, odds are the guy that did the timing belt
didn’t do it perfectly, if you find out it vibrates more now than it did before you had
the timing belt, the guy just didn’t do a perfect job, I see that all the time, because
with those things you have to have it just right and when you change the timing belt
and put the new one on, a lot of time when you let the tensioner go, the cam will move
one tooth and it will be off one tooth, I see that all the time, it doesn’t really hurt
anything if your gas mileage is about normal, ah if I were you I would live with it, you
know because you’d have to take it all apart again and if you paid the same guy he might
screw up again, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell!

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  2. Scotty,
    You need to update your knowledge on the cost and durability of electric cars today.
    A Tesla Model 3 performance model costs less than a Hellcat and outperforms it.
    Also, the batteries are rated for half a million miles and their AC motors are much better than the original DC ones.

  3. The reason cars in Europe generally are cheaper is because of the fact that we pay a lot mor road taxes. That's why you see so much cheap (bigger) cars.

  4. There is a guy here on you tube that got a Hellcat LEMON and he has been playing hell getting them to take it back. 4 Wheel drive uses more gas too. Even when it is in 2 wheel drive you are pulling around about 700 lbs in extra weight.

  5. Hey Scotty, I have a 2010 mini Cooper clubman. If it idles for too long it blows out a lot of white smoke, and my coolant is oily. I'm pretty sure I have a blown head gasket, but I wanted your opinion.

  6. This guy has a fixation on transmission. The truth is i worked as a mechanic and never had seen a car with broke transmission. Ever. Clutch problem, yes but no transmission.

  7. Hey Scotty do you think 2000 finity QX4 4×4 you think it's a good vehicle to buy for $500 guy rebuild engine Brandy part all the way around the motor but no rust on the bottom either

  8. Hey Scotty, I have a 1994 chevy s10 with only 126,000 miles on it, is it bad to keep it in overdrive all the time? It seems to run better that way

  9. Hybrid goes bad by time, but put up more mileage along the time may worth it as you said. Maintenance still be costly at the end of its life, even though it saves a lot of gas at first. Best thing is it has no transmission box to worry about. It just won’t start and go anymore, LOL.

  10. Scotty, what is the best combination of reliability, practicality and fun for a first car for me? Choosing from 1995-99 Subaru Legacy, 1994-1999 Toyota Celica or 1993-1998 BMW 3 series? Thanks

  11. But scotty! My Audi 4000cs quattro is all wheel drive and has a 2wd option, and my chevy k10 and jeep grand Cherokee are four wheel drive but is full time, all of which had some sort of locking center differential… is the difference not hi/low range? Pretty sure it is

  12. My Chevy Volt has 150,000 miles on it. I have had minimal issues with it (less than most cars) and I have already recuperated the price difference in fuel savings, even comparing it to my previous hybrid, and including electric costs! It's a 2011, so I've had it for 7 years now. Love the car too, it still looks brand new inside and out.

  13. Hey Scotty. I currently own a 09 Ford Escape V6 Automatic with 220k miles on it. Transmission jitters at low gears and I get a lake on my passenger side when it rains a lot. It also has rust bought it like that and I live in NY. I was looking to buy a Honda 2015 Coupe V6 automatic. Should I buy the Honda and sell the Ford? Or should I fix the Ford? Thanks.

  14. FACT : a Tesla can run 200,000 miles with ZERO maintenance and it’s battery for over 500,000 miles.
    In fact Tesla has a 8 year UNLIMITED MILEAGE warranty on the battery and you can drive 1,000,000 miles with the same motor.

  15. Ha ha ha, Audi, Porsche, VW, and BMW are going to STOP SELLING Diesel cars in the United States, NEW Diesel cars are already banned in UK, Europe and China.

  16. I hate hybrids! I hate hybrids! I hate hybrids! I HATE HYBRIDS!!!!! Did I mention that I hate hybrids? And the pretentious Yuppie wannabes who drive them!

  17. Hello. I agree with everything in this video except for one.; All wheel drive cars getting worse gas mileage than 4 Wheel Dr. cars. Typically part time for wheel drive cars tend to be vehicles like a Jeep liberty or a ford F1 50. AWD vehicles tend to be lighter vehicles such as a Ford Taurus or in my case a Subaru forester and they get way better gas mileage. Other than that awesome video and thank you so much

  18. Batteries are relately easy to change and will just keep getting less expensive. Also consider that the actual engine run time for a hybrid could be considerable less when compared to a conventional non hybrid vehicle with the same mileage. Also hybrids run close to peak efficiency rpm depending on the type and that will cut down carbon buildup and cylinder wash from fuel during idling. But hey whatever you people wanna think

  19. I have three Ford Escape hybrids. All are 2010,2011,2012. They al have over 500k mileage on the original engine, transmission, and hybrid battery.

  20. I have a 2012 Camry hybrid… 78k miles. No problems. I wonder how long it'll last as long as I keep up with the maintenance? 300k? 400k?

  21. How is a electric car better than combustion ? The electricity comes from polluting power plants. And the batteries end up as poison land fills. As electric car batteries are far worse than gas engines batteries.

  22. Scottie you’re a fool! I’ve had a hybrid for more than a decade, zero problems, and maintenance is the same as a non hybrid (no battery issues, replacement). Even if you don’t recoup the money in the long run, you save time at the pump…& time is money.

  23. Teslas may be faster at the low end. I don't think they are as fast on the top end. So you can't say it is faster unless it is faster at all speeds.

  24. I strongly disagree with you on your Hybrid advice. Although I cannot speak about other brands, I have owned two different Toyota Prius cars and I did a calculation on gas savings versus price before buying. It has worked out to be a good decision economically for us. Of course we purchased both cars used but neither car has given any problems. Sold the first Prius at 65,000 miles to a brother-in-law, and he has had no problems so far at ~100K.either. Second now has 140,000 miles with zero problems so far. Just customary oil changes, wiper blades, etc. as specified by Toyota.
    I think Toyota has the hybrid thing really dialed in. Toyota reliability and unbelievable gas mileage. What's not to love?

  25. Hey scotty, I had a 78 camaro with 2.73rear gears and overdrive tranny. I couldn't drive the speed limit in overdrive couse it would bog down the moter to slow, at 65 im running 1200 Rpm. 4spd auto 2nd gear 100 mph, so my question is my speedo goes from 0 to 130 and in the middle it says mph so i took the car to the m, so i think i was going like 180 ?. what do you think?

  26. A 2000 Honda Insight on Insightcentral dot com just hit 600k miles. There are several other examples past the 300k mark.

  27. Scotty i must contradict, VW dont build reliable dieselengines at all . Especially the modern since 2000 . Gruß

  28. Where do all these huge battery packs go when they no longer work? For GOD'S SAKE, we are worried about straws and foam cups filling our landfills. Oh Yeah, where does our electricity come from to charge all these batteries? Could it be your electric utility company that probably burns fossil fuel to make electricity. Now that you own a hybrid you can feel good about yourself, you phoney.

  29. Our family drives a 2010 Ford Escape hybrid and we've put a lot of miles on it in the past 8 years. Luckily none of its parts have broken yet, knock on wood. Honestly if we can get more than 10 years out of the car I would be satisfied and so far it's been very reliable.

  30. A video on how to drive a manual transmission for those who want to learn
    What’s you thoughts on the TOYOTA Avalon?
    I have a 2000 AVALON XLS with 300,000 miles,
    And it has a clicking noise when accelerating
    Sounds like the belt tapping but mechanics say it’s not that. Thoughts?

  31. Wasn't the Ford Escape inspired by the 1994 OJ Ford Bronco chase? And will OJ be part of the promotion of the 2020 Bronco? 😉

  32. I bought a used 2013 Chevy Volt with 135K miles on it. It now has 150K, no problems, battery is very strong. 35-40 miles of electric range and then gas after that. Very economical and sporty. Electric drivetrains are mature nowadays.
    Check out Rich Rebuilds channel for breaking down the Tesla Model S, taking parts out from a salvage and making into a working car.

  33. That was a pretty LAZY comparison of 4WD and AWD, and even Hybrids! I CALL A REDO!

    4WD doesn't power all four wheels unless you have even resistance/traction. Otherwise, only the two opposite wheels will spin, and you wouldn't need front and rear locking differentials for serious off roading. It is also NOT recommend to use 4WD on pavement for long periods of time or above 45mph. 4WD also limits your turning radius when engaged. Of course if you're going that fast in conditions that need 4WD you're asking for trouble as it is… This is why the Tacoma can now be purchased with AWD. There are towing considerations for each as well.

    The friction in modern AWD systems is negligible, and only changes mpg's by 1-2mpg. The major downside of AWD is a bit more scheduled maintenance, and potentially having to prematurely change all four tires if you have a sidewall puncture or blow out. With modern driving aids (VSC, TRAC, ABS, etc.), modern tire technology, and relatively quick clearing of roads with salt, the need for all wheel drive has diminished greatly IMO. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to buy a well optioned SUV without AWD in the Northeast.

    Do a quick search on reconditioned battery replacement/swaps for hybrids. It can be done for under $1,000.

  34. I always love the comment "you gotta make it check by a GOOD MECHANIC like ME"!!!! pretty humble from you Scotty!!! 🙂

  35. Hey Scotty, I have a 2008 Ford Escape that has almost 160,000miles. I bought it at 150,000 and it has been great so far. The only thing I have had to do with it so far was replace the battery seeing it was 4 years old when I bought it. I have a code reader and it has nothing wrong with it. I change my oil every 3-5 thousand miles. How long do you think it will last as long as I keep it up and perform maintenance whenever needed? I have had it for a year so far.

  36. Hey Scotty what do you think about installing a cng ( compressed natural gas) kit in a 1996 Toyota Corolla wagon? The car is just burning too much gas. Costing a fortune

  37. Scotty I hear you making videos about cars that you should not buy what about cars you should buy I mean something reliable and fuel efficient

  38. Tile says buyer beware like the video has everything to do what the words posted in actuality only the first minute is about the title of the video everything else is just rambling and answering people's questions

  39. OK, the Chrysler bashing is crazy. I have 2 300's one is an 05 C Hemi, still running strong off regular maintenance and scheduled tune ups and what not. I have my 2018 S Hemi which has also been a no issue vehicle.

    Maybe there are junk Chryslers (Smaller car dodge family) but the 300's have been rock solid.

  40. I actually disagree depending on the car because a prius will get 300,000 miles so it is worth it and has a great resale.

  41. KELLY BLUE BOOKS are worthless and unreliable??!!

    I assumed they know what they're talking about?! And I thought Scotty would agree with them 0_0

  42. Hi Scotty! Your videos are very informative, thanks! I have a quetion for you, and I hope you can reply AsAp. We found a 2006 Lexus Rx400h. It has 220,000 km (we're in Canada) Do you think it's a good idea to buy a used Lexus hybrid car or suv? Your advice will be appreciated. Many thanks!

  43. Thanks Scotty!
    Videos like this will drive down the price of electric cars making them an absolute bargain for savvy buyers!
    Keep it up.

  44. Gee they run cars hard in the US. I shun 2nd hand cars that have over 160K km(100K miles), and in the US they are happy with 320K km(200K miles).

  45. The truth about used hybrids is that with little research they are pretty reliable. Look up the Ford Escape Hybrid Taxis.

  46. Trump needs to stop the imports of these hybrids and electrics. People need to start driving regular cars again. Cars we can actually work on. If it wasnt for california, we wouldnt have to deal with this junk

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