The Truth About Mitsubishi Cars

The Truth About Mitsubishi Cars

rev up your engines, dj kid says
you never talk about Mitsubishi’s, okay I’ll talk about them now, when Mitsubishi
first started selling cars in the United States they were cheaply made piles of
junk, they would burn oil, all my customers that had them, they get fifty
sixty thousand miles they start smoking blue and white like mad burning oil, blowing
head gaskets, now they’re better made than they used to be, but they’re still
using cheap parts, I still see them they get eighty ninety thousand miles they
start burning oil again, because they use cheaper piston rings, a lot of them use
those Jatco transmissions that Nissan makes that are terrible automatic
transmissions, you know now I’ve had a few customers that got Mitsubishis and
liked them, but they got used ones and they got sporty ones that had standard
transmissions in them, then they bypassed all that automatic transmission stuff that
they had problems with and didn’t have to think about that, I personally wouldn’t
buy one myself, now if you’re really nuts about them, you want to buy a brand new
one and you’re happy with a car that lasts
maybe 100,000 miles and doesn’t break down much, go right ahead
they cost a lot less than Toyota’s, they look nice they can be fun to drive, just
don’t think you’re gonna buy a Mitsubishi and it’s gonna last like a
Toyota or a Honda and go to three four hundred thousand miles and not have that
many problems, but if you want a cheaper car and you like the way they look and
you can afford a new one and you don’t mind buying a new one every hundred
thousand miles go right ahead I got customers that do
that, cm says what are the worst problems with Chrysler’s I don’t own one,
well I’ don’t have time for that, that would probably take about a year and a
half to explain them all, cheap design and production and many errors made over
the years, the company’s gone bankrupt Mercedes bought them, then they lost the
fortune they sold them to a Canadian holding company, then they were smart and they
sold them to Fiat and made a bunch of money now Fiat stuck with them,
they’re just quality control is garbage and then they keep coming up with
different designs and a lot of the designs just don’t pan out, that horrible
2.7 liter v6 engine they put out for years it was just a pile of junk, they
just don’t do good engineering decisions and good production decisions, now I
noticed lately they’ve been farming a lot of stuff out like their trucks they
had horrible transmissions but then they started using
American transmissions in them and then they started using jatco
transmissions and I and now I know I see a lot of their trucks they’re using
Aisin transmissions, those are the toyota transmissions so hey at least are
getting better now, but they’re not making that stuff they’re just buying it,
I guess they figured out they know they
make junk so they’ll buy the transmissions from Toyota instead, Johnson
Paraguay says Scotty I’m a mobile mechanic looking for a bigger vehicle for my
tools, is a 2003 Nissan Xterra a reliable car
well you know they can be very reliable cars, but only for a certain period of
time, I have customers with them that loved them, but then when they got 120-130
thousand miles they started to fall apart and they didn’t like them anymore, if
you’re gonna get one I would not buy one that had more than eighty or ninety
thousand miles unless you got a dirt cheap, cuz if you’re a mobile mechanic
you’re probably gonna do a reasonable amount of driving and if you’re gonna
move fifteen twenty thousand miles or more a year and it’s high mileage, it will
fall apart on you that’s just the way those things are, but if you can find a
low mileage one on it you can still get some decent mileage on them
I’ve had customers that like them that way, and I had customers that bought them
used with like seventy thousand reasonably cheap and they loved it cuz
they didn’t pay that much and then they still got forty fifty thousand miles out
of the vehicle, super Reno says I get a noise in my driver axle when I
decelerate or brake, my all-wheel drive suv, what could the problem be
okay deceleration or brake is you’re getting
strain on a drive axle both ways, check the drive axle first, check both ends
check the outer CV joint and the inner CV joint if the boots are ripped and
grease is coming out, just replace the whole thing as an assembly, because you
can get aftermarket ones that work fine for 70 80 bucks or so most of the time
they’re not all that expensive, since its when you decelerate or when you brake
all kinds of things move when you brake, so jacking up in the air and pull on the
wheels and if you see you got a tie rod that’s loose or a ball joint that’s
wearing out, that’s obvious stuff, but most of the time it’s in the drive train
and you want to pray that it’s not inside the transmission, cuz that gets
really expensive on all wheel drive vehicles, if you can’t pinpoint the sound
go to a mechanic like me and we use our electronic devices and you can stick
them all over and then you can pinpoint exactly where the noise is coming by
that sensor and listening to it with headphones when you’re driving the car around
mechanics do that all the time, william Kelly says why do you always have dark
glasses on, well one I got a bunch of stage lights pointed at my head, I’m old as
can be and I look better with the glasses on, and three I am blind as a bat
this is clearer, anything further is blurry as can be, I can’t see I’ve had
bad eyesight my whole life but man you get older, you have a tendency of
knocking out more and the docs and say if you wear shady glasses all the time
that’ll keep your retina and stuff from being degraded as much, so that’s what I
do, you only get one set of eyes you might as
well try to make them last you know, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that Bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. The current Mitsubishi we have right now one of the best cars ever . 07 eclipse not one minute's trouble since new. And she still loves it.

  3. 2003 lancer ce 270km never broken down and I take it off road a lot bought it at 190km love the car so much my next car is an Evo 7

  4. I'm not a fan of Mitsubishi but in Canada they're been offering 10 yr warranty on their cars for long time. If their that shitty company would of closed. Let's see honda and toyota offer 10 yr warranty ??

  5. We have 5 Mitsubishi in the family Galants & Outlanders, and a 2015 Camry, my son's 2007 Outlander ES with 156,000 miles drives like the day I bought it ( No trouble what so ever, no burning or leaking). I tow my 17 foot boat to the lake all summer long. I had a Montaro sport before with over 200K+ miles and sold it for $4,500.00 it was still driving very nice. I don't know where you get your info about Mitsubishi, but I will pick the Outlander over the wife's Camry at any time. My Brother has the Toyota 4 Runner with 120K miles, he just spent $2,500 on the Transmission repair. So I will buy another Mitsubishi with confident since I am on my 6th one with no problem so far.

  6. I saw a lot of heavy equipment using mitsubishi's brand, and even the airplane. That is more reliable than the combined of corolla, land cruiser and hilux altogether..😋

  7. i have a 2008 mitsubishi lancer es I've had it for over 10 years now, it has 220k miles in the odometer and I've never taken it to the mechanic, i only give it a good maintenance and it still runs like new

  8. I have a 2009 Mitsubishi Galant with 200,000 miles and ive never had to take it in to a shop is still ice cold. Most reliable car ive ever had. Sorry but your all the way

  9. I had a 04 lancer put 450,000 kms on it sold it to a co worker who still has it on the road I now have a 13 lancer with 280,000 kms by far the best cars I ever owned

  10. My 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer ES was honestly the worst car I've ever owned. Clutch went out at 68,000 miles, almost every sensor went out within a year of buying it, it shreds tires, the alignment went out at the drop of a hat, the shockes/ suspension were completely shot by 78,000 miles…

    Just don't buy one you guys

  11. Scotty please can you talk about the Subaru. toyota and subaru which is making better cars.

  12. Honda makes okay cars but they have very shady service techs. I think they import them from Mexico.

  13. Motor on my 4g eclipse is awesome. Everything else was replaced and there's still a recall on the faulty master brake cylinder that was only flushed…

  14. I replaced both of my vehicle every 100,000 miles even if it is a Lexus or Toyota so no worries don’t be cheap people replace your cars every 10 years

  15. We have a Pajero that has clocked more than 600k and is running better than most of the newer vehicles in our fleet. What bull crap is this guy talking about?

  16. Like most of the comments:
    I've had my Mitubish Eclipse for 11 years and have never had a major issue with it! Of course it only has 55K on it but 11 years and still going!

  17. I bought a new 2011 lancer with cvt, the only car I've ever had that has had no issues. Just have been doing the regular maintenance like oil changes, only thing I've need to do so far is change the battery.

    Yeah the parts are cheaply made, but i really don't think it's fair to say they are junk

    Now my chevrolet malibu, cavalier have all been garbage that broke down constantly

  18. Made great Zero airplanes, based on German plans! Rev up your one way trip kamikaze! Mitsubishi!

  19. I own a Mitsubishi lancer 2010 GTS and have done the regular maintenance and has over 200,000 miles.

  20. We have a 2008 Mitsubishi Colt with over 400K and is solid like a rock. Our Mitsubishi L200 diesel truck is a beast and always looks like new.

  21. Why is this guy keep hating on automatics transmissions? They’re 1. Easy to use 2. Don’t distract you from having fun driving 3. Don’t break from incorrect use (apart from changing to R when in motion but that’s just mental) 4. Faster shifting

  22. Just for the oil burning aspect, Mitsubishi is way better than both American and German cars. Actually all Japanese cars have the least oil burning issues

  23. Haha Right in the feels, driving on my 2010 Lancer Manual transmission with 198k miles and so far no issues with regular services and A/C compressor that gave up at 160k

  24. Worked for Mitsubishi dealer for a while, and while there I got to use (as demos) a Montero, Tredia, and Starion turbo. All were great—especially the Starion turbo, which I frequently used to outperform what many considered "power" machines. I also owned a Dodge Colt (Mitsu Mirage) which I drove several times cross-country. Its 4-speed manual averaged 41 MPG highway…..

  25. In 2017 i bought my first car.. A 2006 mitsubishi eclipse 3.8 6MT with only 86k ODO. Marked as one of the most "failed" mitsubishi cars ever. Today I drive that same Eclipse with over 160,00 miles.. Its taken me up and down California and honestly couldn't ask for a better first car.. Take care of your car and it will last you, end of story

  26. I am curious why JD Power rated the Mitsu Outlander 2016 2 out of 5 stars. I have one with 43500 miles here in Canada and all ok. But the 2 stars scared me. Any idea?

  27. My first car was an eagle summit, it was very reliable despite parts being expensive. Basic car but bullet proof as long as you did not beat it like a honda

  28. I liked American cars before watching scotty bash through almost all of em, i liked nissans because i have one that has 200k miles on it but now i just don't know what to buy other than Toyota's? Wtf is going on scotty tell us which cars to buy other than Toyota's and old cars!

  29. Boy we own a Montero (Pajero) 7 seater with over 250k and still flawless, traveling from Colombia to Ecuador all over our country. I love this brand.

  30. Well I have a Mitsubishi…Scotty said hed never get one 😞 but then someone asked him about Chrysler’s and now I’m just happy I don’t own one of those 😂

  31. I just purchased a used outlander sport se with manual transmission and 65,000 on the dash. I loving it so far. I kinda wish they made the manuals AWD. Mitsubishi put AWD on that junk CVT transmission

  32. I owned like 10 Mitsubishi's and they are reliable cars if you take care of them.. if you do oil,timing belt and water pump every 80k miles it will run for ever… I just got rid of a 01 Galant with 250k miles on dash

  33. Totally disagree. Has no idea about Mitsubishi n the company. Guess the only unselfish car company . Makes great afford cars for all class of people.

  34. I sold my 03 Galant with over 200000 miles and still driving around same transmission and engine my 2012 Galant has 100000 miles no problems to report all factory parts still good and everything works on the car. keep it real man!!!

  35. Actually to his credit Scotty says if U buy older manual sporty cars they can last which is true and that the new cars ones to stay away unless u plan to buy a new one every 100,000 miles is which what most people do that anyways that buy new cars.

  36. Hell all my cars are Mitusbishi and they are reliable as hell, I never tried Toyota's and Honda's because I didn't have too.

  37. Hey Scotty. I have a 2015 Outlander SE V6. It is 4 years old with 65 kms on it. Are they reliable. Also what are the do's and don'ts. What can I do to make it last a long time

  38. Hey Scotty I have a 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander SE with the all-wheel control it was 4 years old when I got it and it has 65,000 kilometres on it and only one owner. Is this reliable enough for me and will it last me also what are the do's and the don'ts

  39. I've had two Mitsubishis and I had them both around 300 000km. Both were extremely reliable. To be frank I've never had unreliable car.

  40. I have mitsubishi with 400k, still going strong, more recent i change my clush at 380k !!! For the 1° time. Mitsubishi they go, end go, go go go go go go forever

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