The Truth About Modifying a Toyota Corolla

The Truth About Modifying a Toyota Corolla

rev up your engines, cat Mario says Scotty love your channel by the way what do you think about tuning the Corolla 2012 my engine so I can make up to 200 horsepower cuz I want to add horsepower in my car, well they’re well made engines and the matrix designed engine that some of the Corolla is used hey that’s the same engine they use in the baby lotuses so you can if you want to put a turbocharger or supercharger you can those are very good engines just realize your gas mileage will plummet when you to stuff like that too you know you might really not want to get that much horsepower you might be happy with the gas mileage it’s get enough but if you want more power my advice is generally the easiest thing is to put a supercharger on it because the turbo you got to mess with the exhaust system and stuff and the supercharger just a bolt on kit, Phoenix s Subaru Forester XT 2002 to 2006 should’ve gone for the automatic or the manual, I heard the automatic is bad and I don’t like automatics but the XT’s with the manual transmissions are twice as expensive, that tells you that’s why they’re twice as expensive because they’re good and they don’t have problems now they weren’t twice as expensive when they were brand new but now they are because the automatic the value of them goes, because everybody knows Subaru automatic transmissions are garbage but the standard transmissions are excellent transmissions so you’re gonna pay more for a used one yes but if you do want to get one do get a standard you find out if the automatic transmission goes out on a forester all-wheel drive, you can spend anywhere from $3,500-$6,500 having it either completely replaced with a new unit or having it rebuilt by somebody who really knows what they’re doing, Todd war says love the channel Scotty what do you think of the 2011 Tacoma four-cylinder I may trade my Forester I’m looking for reliability, it would be a very smart move those 4-cylinder tacomas can last for a really long time, the only thing that they had problems with for a few years they had frames that could rot now that’s long before the 2011 they didn’t have any problems with the frames on those but those things can really run for ever, my son’s got one and he’s even got an automatic transmission in his and he uses it to haul stuff around he says he has no problems at all with it you’ll notice if you try to buy a used one you know the prices are really high because everybody knows they’re good vehicles so it’s hard to get a good price on one but they are really well made, Jason Lobo says Scotty they got a civic 2010 with intermittent a/c issues sometimes it cuts out when I’m driving but the fans on the only way to get to it working is to stop it and start it again, well that’s kind of funny cuz I’m working on one today that does the same exact thing and for the woman who owns it she said it’s done it for the last six years, a lot of times on those it’s a computer system problem you have to understand even though you push a little button that says AC, all that is is a five volt reference signal that goes to a computer and there is a air-conditioning control module that decides from all the data it gets how often to run the compressor, when to turn it on, if it’s getting too cold to turn it off or if the pressure is too high to turn it off it’s a very complex system, so my advice with you is, find a guy like me that knows Honda that has a dealer level scan computer have them hook it up while you’re watching and they’ll analyze the data and they can see maybe your controller is going bad maybe an actuator is going bad and from my experience with those a lot of times it’s actually the compressor starting to go bad on that particular model, that’s just something that happens with those as the age, Michael Gomez says my work van shakes when I brake what can be the issue well normally it’s warped rotors if you are driving down the road and say you’re going 60 and you slam on the brakes and it starts shaking it usually means your rotors and the brake pads are warped so instead of squeezing a flat rotor they’re warped, now the only warped a few thousandths of an inch but when you’re going fast those wheels are really spinning so that makes the brake pads like that even though it’s only thousands of an inch it’s so fast when you’re braking from sixty that it makes the whole van shake, that’s the first thing to check now if it’s not that, Jack it up see if there’s playing the wheels, it could be a tie rod, ball joint, lots of things a frame bushing and do it but normally it means your brake rotors and the pads are warped and you’d want to replace both the pads and the rotors, matt master says I got a 2012 Jeep Wrangler it grinds when it goes into third gear any idea why, okay I’m assuming you got a standard transmission well if it grinds only when going into third gear that means that the synchromesh and third gear is going out and it would have to be rebuilt which is a relatively expensive process having that done so what you might do is either baby it in third gear or bypass third gear I had a car like that once, I just bypassed third gear, I Drive it really high in second gear and then I’d shift to fourth gear and I’d bypass third gear entirely doesn’t hurt anything it’s just that you’re gonna lose a little bit acceleration of the third gear but I mean if you go pretty fast and second and then go into fourth you can bypass the gear and then I won’t wear anymore, I have a lot of people that’ll do that, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Scotty my 2010 mazda 3 hatchback manual transmission is hard to shift into and out of gears after driving in the highway for a long time in hot weather. What could it be?

  3. Toyota frame rust settlement could cost the company $3.4 billion
    About 1.5 million vehicles are affected including
    2005-2010 Tacoma
    2007-08 Tundra
    2005-2008 Sequoia

    Your son is in MA now right? Watch what happens if he doesn't garage and baby it. There's a reason you don't see old Toyotas in New England much…

  4. Hey I have the same corolla and I did modified it a bit by changing the air intake, exhaust and suspension but I did not add supercharger.

  5. I've got a question. I have a 2012 Kia Rio, when I start it when its cold I hear a slight squeal from what sounds like the serpentine belt. When this happens the car wants to stall for a second or so and then all is normal. Its an intermittent issue that will happen once and then does not happen again for weeks. Not sure what it is and mechanics at Kia see nothing wrong!

  6. Scotty love the channel came across a lady beating up on a 92 ford Festiva could they broke down on her and found out it was a broken camshaft but I notice I put two people in the car in a bogesdown now in California the rules are strict do you advise on the BP or newer like Ford Focus engine

  7. Not sure why your saying Subaru automatics are garbage… I personally own a 4EAT and it’s a beast. 14 years and still going strong…

  8. Even the new Corolla still has the same 1.8 liter engine as the 2009 Corolla which generates only 132hp. Toyota didn't feel need to upgrade the engine when they redesigned the Corolla in 2014 because it is so reliable.

  9. ALL CVT TRANSMISSION ARE A CHEAP POS FACSIMILE OF A REAL TRANSMISSION. Cars that come equipped with CVT's should be $5000 cheaper than the same model equipped with a real transmission.

  10. Hello I have a 1999 Grand Am and it has a hard shift in the transmission would you recommend changing the fluid and putting in a new filter in the transmission

  11. I love your pictures on the picture in picture
    They are hilarious
    As someone that spends a ton of time editing videos for my channel I know it takes time

  12. Great, Scotty! I have a 2005 Taurus 3.0 Vulcan O H V. It had 153,000 just switched from Motorcraft synthetic blend 5W20 to Valveoline 5W20 full synthetic high mileage. Trying for 200,000 miles. Did all the maintenance to go the distance! Any suggestions Scotty! What to look out for? SHAWN

  13. Hey Scottie, i'm fat like boogie2998 in that picture you posted, which cars/minivan/trucks are go for 400-500lb fatboys like us?

  14. Yeah just bolt on a supercharger. Lounge its that simple. What's wrong with you dude?!?! Do you know anything about cars??!!??!! You can't just bolt them on. There are tons of supporting mods. Fuel pump injectors better internals head gaskets head bolts ignition a tune. Saying a turbo you have to mess with a exhaust. My goodness stop giving performance mod advice

  15. His channel is nothing but making money on dumb stuff. Too opinionated too. He told me my high temps were the head gasket letting go soon but it was nothing but the CHT sensor was bad.

  16. Hey scotty I have 2003 mercedes c class that i twin turbocharged. now I’m getting a knocking sound and I don’t know what to do! I also grinded 4th gear a few weeks ago, but it runs fine.

  17. Scotty! I'm really enjoying these new videos, short, sweet, easy to digest, lots of good info, and they're hilarious.
    I had to watch your videos to figure out why my car was overheating, then, had to watch your videos on how to change my headgasket. Going on 10 months since I changed my head gasket in my garage, my car runs great, and now I get to enjoy your other videos!

  18. I bought a 1984 Honda Civic that started dropping gears, one by one. I got a full year out of it before losing 4th gear, without 4th and 5th, it was junk. I then found out they ALL had junk transmissions that year. Good thing I only paid $350 for it.

  19. if you will buy a new car, considering only how much it last and maintenance cost and fuel consumption, what it would be ? if it was only 2wd what it will be ? and if only 4wd what it will be ?

  20. Scotty I love you're channel! Best tips ever! What's your opinion on buying a old school bus and turning it into an rv "schoolie"?

  21. Hey, Scotty. On my '96 Corolla I added a reverse camera and a flip out touch screen radio. Other than that, it is factory. With that said, should I upgrade my car battery size to accommodate the electronics?

  22. Hey Scott, question for you: What do you think of the new 3rd Gen Tacoma V6 with the 6speed auto tranny? I bought one last year because my good old 01 Tacoma isn't ready to tow what I need it to and I didnt want to buy a full size truck. I'm not hauling heavy but do you think these trucks are going to be reliable like my 01 was. Love the truck overall just wondering your thoughts! Thanks!

  23. I used to drive a Sterling semi with a synchronized Spicer 7 speed
    and the 6th gear went bad and my company was to cheap to fix the trans so I would max out 5th gear's rpms and dump it into 7th gear and pray I had enough rpms to not lug out the engine and it worked most of the time. .lol..

  24. Scotty, please help, I have a 04 Impala LS, with 217,000 miles on it. With what I believe to be the transmission slipping when I take off like normal shifting from first to second gear, it does that when its cold. But when I take off when its hot it doesn’t do it at all whether I take of like normal or aggressively. Is my Transmission going out?

  25. Hey Scotty , looking for a car for my grandaughter. I told her to go with a Toyota product. Besides the hvac system are there any differences between the matrix and the Pontiac vibe. Was looking them both up on car complaints .Com and the Pontiac had complaints for its heater core(go figure). How are the awd systems? Also looking at a rav 4. Tried to get her to look at a Camry but she says it's too much of an "old lady car". We live in the great white North so all wheel drive would be handy but not necessary. Thanks, you the best

  26. Scotty. Sure the shaking van steering while braking is caused by warped rotors. If that is a Ford with standard issue Ford parts, always retorque the lug nuts in the proper order and in 3 stages manually with a torque wrench. The break stick on the impact wrenches are no blerpin' good fir putting Ford wheels back on. I had my dealership teach their service guys and the service advisors. Not a well known cure. This cure comes straight from Popular Mechanics and I can testify that it works! So ANYTIME a Ford wheel is taken off you MUST retorque it manually and precisely in 3 rounds. Only way is with a manual torque wrench.

  27. If you get much newer than a 2012, you could have a CVT tranny and I doubt you want to put much more power to one of those…

  28. Toyota..😳I don't think so, best bet to swap the engine and trans, a 4AGE or a 2ZZ would give u a little more punch with less compromises.. some matrix and Pontiac vibe came with the 2ZZ if a guy can find one🤔 Toyota's are reliable when not subjected to that level of stress, i kno people have boost Stock engines not even close to the power they had in mind and they still wasn't even marginally reliable

  29. Civic ac was the compressor clutch, you can remove the shim to bring it back to working consistently. Worked for me.

  30. another thing you can do about a 3rd gear syncro going out is to just shift without using the clutch. kinda inconvenient but it works

  31. Scotty, what's the top three mainstream car brands you would recommended based on reliability and quality? And what would be your top three luxury brands as well?

  32. on my 2011 si it cutnoff and out fans,compressor and blower at different times. IT was a bad ground and the oem blower connector was bad.

  33. If your synchro is going out you could double clutch through it; I believe. synchro's do the job of… well synchronizing the tranny speed and they wear out doing their job. Some old cars like the first mini coopers didn't even have syncros. Skipping third would probably be less of a hassle though.

    Am I correct in this Mr. Kilmer?

    Maybe do a video on what double clutching is?

  34. watched a few of your videos and I am hooked… loved your straight talking honesty Scott… subbed and if you don't mind… i'll need to binge watch a few more… lol

  35. Hey Scotty 🙌 looking to buy a Toyota Celsior Spec C F-package. This car is the RHD / JDM equivalent of the Lexus LS400.. Current kilometers on the car are 143709 which translates to about 89297 miles for 7k.. Think its a good deal? Thanks

  36. I had a 2009 Civic with the same A/C issue, replaced the compressor clutch, and that fixed it, never had a problem again.

  37. Too bad the new generation Toyotas are intentionally made to fail just like the other brands. Everyone seems to be having electrical problems and can't stand the transmissions constantly shifting up and down.

  38. Anybody who wants to do that to a Corolla is never going keep the car long. Those thinkers destroy all they drive.

  39. Scotty Scotty I need your help I have a 2,06 Corolla it’s been forever with the engine light on I took it to the dealer thinking they should know what the hell is wrong with it all they did taking my money for different parts I don’t need I spend like 8 or 9 hundred dollars 😩 and the car still have the engine light is a p0171 is have to do with the senior intake but I bought the senior on eBay got it cheap I put it on and still the light is on I took it to another person he change the pcv valves and head gasket and still nothing he also change the Manifold sensor two behind the engine and still and all nothing there’s no leaks I drives it is good takes me where I need to go but that engine light doesn’t want to go away now he’s referring me to another mechanic now I called and to diagnosed the problem he wants to charge me 110.00 I told him his friend referred me to him that he can tell him what’s the problem everywhere I go they want just to diagnose it about 120.00 I am a old woman and these people just want to scam me I don’t know who to trust…. I need help 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 they call this a trouble code because it could be this or that no one knows what the hell it could be 😩😩😩😩😩😩

  40. Is it true I can put supercharger in that Toyota? I have the same model and I wanted to put turbo, but a mechanic told me "We don't advise you'.

  41. I had really bad pulsating while braking and new tires fixed about 90% of the pulsation but the rotors still do a very small amount. Awesome video

  42. The truth about Toyota Corolla there isn’t much aftermarket support. But I love seeing people do their thing. I wanna see a muscle car killer corolla lol.

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