(upbeat hip-hop music) (humming beats) (fingers snapping) – [Woman] The guy? – When we first started
this series of Tire History, we went into different
brands, good brands, and well, I’d say old-school
brands lik BFGoodrich, Michelin, everything in between that just had this big heritage behind it. We went into the history
of Toyo, Nitto, and now, we’re going into the history
of one of those brands that has become so insanely popular in the last five or 10 years. On this episode of tire
history, we’re going to cover none other than Nankang. (slo-mo) Nan. Nankang. Nankang, we’re just going to
call it Nankang Tire History. So, don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the links below, and check out
if you get bored as we talk about Nankang Tires. Now, Nankang Tires was
founded in 1940 in Taiwan, and they were one of the first
tire companies in Taiwan. In fact, their name is an actually an ode to where the company
was originally founded and where one of their two
major production plants is still in existence
producing tires to this day. A lot of their initial growth came from their Hsinfung plant, which if you want to try
saying three times fast, you can definitely give it a best shot. A lot of their growth came from that. Over time, what they
really just got involved in was making good, affordable tires. Now, they have a lot of
creditation, accreditation, accomplishments, whatever, what have you, that are cool, but not like our cool. They did the things. They introduced tires that were
like the first of their kind from Taiwan, but they’re tractor tires, and they’re just not very exciting. So, we’re not, we’re gonna, we’re just going to skip over that. We are going to say that they do claim that they were the first ones
to introduce the radial tire, which if you guys didn’t
watch the BFGoodrich, it actually is a little bit
of a controversial thing on if they actually did or not, and that’s entirely, we’re
just not going to get into it because we if we stated
that that’s not true, than Nankang is going
to call us and be like, “Yo, take your video down.” “But you said it in your stuff.” And they’re going to be like, “Yeah, but we’re loaded,” and we’re going to say, “OK,
we’ll take the video down.” So, we’re just not going
to get into the discussion about who came first. You guys can make that out on your own, but what you do need to know is a lot of Nankang’s initial
success came from that plant, and then, afterwords, their
success and cooperation with getting involved
with the Yokohama name. Now, Yokohama is name that’s been around for quite a long time and
because of the cooperation and partnership with Yokohama,
they essentially blew up even more so in the late 70s. Now, Nankang was originally
a state-operated company that specialized in
military rubber supplies. So, they essentially weren’t really, they were like the DMV, pretty much. They were just another department
of something for Taiwan, and they really never were a privatized, established
business until the late 70s when they were like,
“Hey, can we, why are we “the department of motor vehicles “when we can be our own car dealership?” And that’s a terrible analogy
to make about a tire company, but in short, that’s
essentially what they did, and they broke off from just being a state-owned, military op. They officially changed their name to the Nankang Tire Corporation in 1959, and with their partnership
with Yokohama behind them, they had everything that they would need to essentially get bigger and better. From there, they
implemented plants in China in the late 70’s, and they
implemented different plants in Taiwan, and they just
essentially got established in a lot of international trade. Because of the Yokohama
partnership that they had and the fact that they essentially
went privatized in 1996, Nankang essentially became
more, and more, and more an individualistic person
that then needed to take help from no man because they could
just do whatever they want, and they did. They started producing
tires and everything for everything they possibly could, and while they did make
stuff for airplanes back in the early 70’s,
just like everybody else, and they made different bus tires. So, then they made airplane tires. They did do it in a
way that allowed people to essentially get signed
onboard with the Nankang brand, and if you guys didn’t know, there’s a lot more money
in commercial partnership than there is with selling $600 tires to your normal Joe and Schmoe, and what ended up happening is, because of those established partnerships, especially in the late 70’s and 80’s, Nankang essentially
started to get some money under their belt, and they began to grow, and they never really
featured any sort of cutbacks or setbacks like a lot
of other tire brands do. You see, with tire brands,
this is what happens. They start the business. They get super popular. A lot of people start running them. They start making lots of tires, and then they’re like, “Well,
why don’t we just go sell “everything everywhere?” So, they get involved in rubber grommets and then different sorts of widgets, anything that they could possibly produce. The next thing you know, they’re in over there head in inventory, and they’ve made absolutely no money because their headquarters are spread all throughout the world,
and it’s just a massive mess, and then, companies have to
resize, cutback, setback, and have to start all over like new, and then, you have
companies that have to start back from the ground and go back up, and it happens with almost
every single tire brand. Every tire brand we talk about has always had an issue like that, and Nankang really hasn’t. They’ve always been
involved in making things that just work. Nankang, essentially, has become 99% commercial tire business, and do nothing more than produce tires. Even though they can do other stuff, they really just don’t
because they don’t need to. They provide themselves
on using raw material instead of getting it from
other people and places, and they were one of the first
people to coin the studless and stud-winter tire, as
well as the radial tire, which I’ve already said once,
but I’m going to say it again because you guys like facts. You can do whatever you want with that. It really doesn’t do anything for us. I know what you really want
to know is about the NS-20, and we’re going to get
that in just a little bit. Just hold on, and if you
want any other fun facts, in 1974, they developed the
first steel-belted tire. Two years after, they developed
the first fuselage tire for the T-28 coach plane. They developed 70 series
radial tires in 1977. They developed another tire in 1979, a fuselage for a T-33 coach plane. Do you really care? Maybe if you’re on, y’know,
“Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” and you’re looking for
a question to answer. But for the most part, what you do need to know is
that Nankang got involved, they got established, and now
here they are in the America. Now, Nankang is a brand
that isn’t super popular, I would say, in the
grand scheme of things. However, in current day and age, especially with people that we talk to, Nankang has become insanely popular. The Nankang NS-20 is probably by far one of the most popular tires that we sell to you guys for wheels and
tires and things like that. And the questions comes into is why has Nankang hit a
market at a price point that they have for so long,
and how do they do it? And then, of course, are
the tires, y’know, any good? What you do have to know is that they produce tires for Geostar, Milestar, and a whole bunch of other companies that also sell tires
under a different name. They do private label
their tires if you want to. The biggest thing that
happens with Nankang is that their in a very peculiar spot. So, if you look at different brands, you have brands like Ohtsu,
Nankang, Nitto, Toyo, Michelin, BFGoodrich, and then
all of them come together, and they focus on different markets. Is Nankang involved in motor sports, like Toyo and Nitto are? No. Is Nankang involved in absolutely
nothing, like Ohstu is? Probably not, but is Ohstu an absolute
behemoth of a company? Yeah, they are. Nankang is just like,
they’re just kind of there. Their sole purpose is just to make. It’s like going to McDonald’s, you can get a dollar menu burger, or they have like a two-for-fiver deal, or you can get a whole meal. Like the two-for-fiver, that’s Nankang. They’re there. Like they’re budget affordable, they work, but they’re not crazy when it comes to different research and development. Now they do have R and
D put into their tires, but nothing in compared
to what other brands do to essentially mark up a lot
of the pricing on their tires. You’re not gonna see Nankang
put next a Proxes 888R, you’re not gonna see Nankang get put next to a Pilot Sport 4 S, you’re not gonna see them compared to those brands cause that’s
not what they specialize in. Especially the Nankang NS-20, which is the iconic tire right
now for the Nankang brand, especially when it
comes to passenger cars. It’s pretty much meant to
be a tire that just works, that survives, and that
just gets the job done for a pretty cheap price. Does that mean Nankang tires are bad? Not necessarily. Nankang’s are what you would get when you talk about bang for your buck. Nankang really is that brand. And that’s where you get into a lot of people arguing about the brand, saying that they’re just a run-off brand, and that they’re not good. And by definition, that would be no. Nankang has history in Taiwan as one of the first tires companies
to exist over there. They have developed
tons of the first tire, the first of studless
tire, the first stud tire, the first radial tire if you want to consider that in the tire business, and for the most part they
aren’t a super huge company, so they are doing pretty well
for themselves considering just how involved they are in
China, America, and Taiwan. And of course, they also produce
tires for other countries. For the most part that
doesn’t really matter because in the United States of America we really only think
about, y’know, ourselves, which is, y’know, not a big deal. But, if you guys are
looking for Nankang tires, and you want to know if they’re good, what it really comes down
to is what kind of tire you’re buying, and what
you’re putting it on. Because at the end of the day, Nankang tires are a bang-for-buck tire. I don’t know what this is. (lofi music) So is Nankang chock-full of history? Not really, no. But do they have something going for them? Absolutely. Why they’re so popular? I have absolutely no idea, but I’m assuming it has everything
to do with the fact that they come in a 240-540 series, and they’re not that expensive, and everybody loves
running 8 and a half-wide’s on their FRS and BRZ. With that being said, let
us know what you guys think about Nankang in the comments below. Let me know what you’d like to see next from Wheel History Tires,
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and we will see you later. Peace.

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  1. I used to be a die hard Michelin guy. Hankook is equally as good if not better in quality and longevity. I work as a mechanic on cars, trucks and class c motor homes

  2. Nankang sells a 265/30/19, is that too thin of a profile and could cause driveability issues?? or should I go for a 35

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    2 PZero replacement tires are gonna cost me $475…the tire shop said that for $450 I can get 4 Nankang uhp NS25 all season tires. I think I will try them out

  4. I live in Taiwan.Nankang is not the most popular tire brand in Taiwan.Taiwanese like international brands more.Also,taiwanese brands don’t really like to innovate and take risks.

  5. I run nankangs, I believe the ATR 2s. Not 100% sure on that since it's been over a year since I bought my tires. BUT!!!! They stretch real nice (205/40/18) on an 8.5. Also note I drive on them 1k miles a week as a pizza guy. I shit you not, I roll hard, maxed out coils, stretched tires, and deliver pizzas….. because I'm stupid. But I've put about 20k miles on mine with 1% camber front, 2% camber rear, and have loved these tires. THEY DO NOT PERFORM WELL AROUND FREEZING TEMP WITH WATER ON ROAD WHEN STRETCHED! But other than that they are a fantastic tire

  6. It's a great brand of affordable tires. Have them on my daily, I wouldn't try to beat any personal best with them on tho lmao!

  7. Great video! Nankang has been a great tire and the ns-2r is a nice option if you want a tire with grip from this manufacturer.

  8. "And everybody loves 8 & 1/2 wides on their FRS or BRZ" – GUILTY.
    "I don't know we just have stuff" – Legitimately makes me like your store more than super professional sales peoples (cough TireRack cough).

    I love the gallery and the see what others are running on my car button and all the very specific info given. No other site does this far as I know. I mean TireRack (again) was overpriced and only shows wheels on a stock car, and viewing aftermarket wheels on a stock photo FRS with Tonka Truck status ride height doesn't really help me picture how they're gonna look on mar particular car that's kissing pavement everywhere it goes.

    Also relatively cheap. Up here in Canada it's goddamn hard to get wheels and tires without importing. But less than $2k I can actually swallow. +30% Currency conversion, +13% tax, and anal duty reaming when customs sees the pricetag. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut still cheaper than any other store I've seen.

  9. have a set of 245/35/20's on the Subaru and they are fine for daily driving no complaints here for the price and quality.

  10. I love Nankang .. they're gudd .. under heavy driving they don't last … for what it's worth .. they I've great performance .. like a energy shot persay .. versus $200 a tire 200 treadware S-tires that aren't going to last that long

  11. These tires are dangerous. With just slightly worn tires they are horrible in wet conditions and there's absolutely no grip. Buy American!

  12. Most complaints seem to be regarding wear.

    They make tires in wear ratings from 180-560. Take your choice.

    In the name of all that’s holy stop Beto-waving like an inebriated gibbon.

  13. It's pronounced Nann Gang

    I've had NS-20 XL's on my C63 Coupe for nearly 3 years & they have been brilliant in every respect.

  14. I have the milestar variant in the ms932 xp sport and so far they have held there own vs my previous falken and Goodyears.

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  17. The true quality of the tires reveal more accurately on the larger scales like 20” size if its good rated on the big scale it probably will be amazing on the smaller scales

  18. Idk if im proud or embarrassed to say but i rock some Nankang on my 2003 acura tl for 4 years now. Tires have more than 200k on it. Yes the same pair no patches or repair so far. Its on its last leg but hey it still runs good. Hope it can last til the end of the year. Knock on wood!!

  19. I’m running Nankang NS 25 on my 09’ M3. They’re amazing. I abuse the tires and they still look good paid $160 a tire for 265/35/19. Taking the car to the track soon. I’ll see how they hold up

  20. I only know of this company, because they were the only tires I could find that were small enough to fit my ford festiva. And they were $40. Lol

  21. I have 195/40/r17 Nankang AS-1 Tires on my 17×9 rims and I have to say, They are really durable and still have alot of grip.

  22. Just bought my first set nankang all-terrains conqueror 285 70 17 couldn't beat the price Walmart online 467 dollars online $110 to have put on with 40000 mile road hazard warranty so far so good and they look good too if they give me two years I know I got way more than my money's worth especially if I had to pay 250 to $300 a piece for a name brand tire had BFG all terrains on my 1500 Chevy 20000 mi and the tread started coming off dealer where I got wouldn't cover cuz they said they were too old only had them on for 3 years they said the Florida Heats too much on them the way I look at it that was $1,000 wasted in that was 10 years ago

  23. I'm running nankang ns-25 all season also lowered and got a stretched tire with ‐6 camber all around let see how they hold up

  24. Hey what is the name and model of the silver wheel next to your left arm on the bottom row in this video. Thanks before hand

  25. Want to put them on a 20 inch for a Yukon size 275,55,20. For moms truck she not racing anybody what you think a go or stay

  26. Please stop making a cut in the video every 2 seconds. This is incredibly hard to watch as you jump too often for no particular reason.

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  28. Where I work we offer Nankang as a kid level tire we have Fuzion for lower/cheap tires (which for their price point they're really good), Nankang for mid tier and Firestone for name brand tires and I really like the Nankangs they're really good for what they cost

  29. Great content. The editing/cutting style of the video is a little tough for me to take, but kudos for jamming a ton of information in a short video. Thanks!

  30. Put NS-25's 245/35 on the back of my 135i. They're cheap and grippy (thumbs up) but flexy (thumbs down) over 35 mph and 60+ requires constant course correction straight line or through curves. Great for drifting lol

  31. Considering Nangkang for a set of JNC005 wheels on my MK6 GTI, FI has the set for around a grip. I figure, even if they aren't as good as the Toyo Proxes6 on my OEM setup they should last long enough to upgrade later.

  32. nankang could be a good tyre providing the manufacture when back to basics and learned how to cure there tyres before sale!

  33. When it comes to tires, safety is paramount. I would not go any lower. They are an old, established Taiwanese company. Nankang seems to be a sweet spot to me. Low price with reliable quality.

  34. They are one of the few manufacturers still offering 13 inch diameter with a few width and profile choices. 185/60/13 go great on my Escort and look the business too.

  35. Hey everyone i just put 4 new Nankang SP-9 Cross Sport tires on my 2015 Lincoln MKC AWD which is a small to medium sized SUV. And i have to admit that they are by far MUCH BETTER then the stock OEM Michelin Latitude Tour HP that my vehicle came with. Simply an excellent tire for someone on a budget that still requires; reliability, performance, and a good tread design for bad weather snow etc…

  36. Thanks for the info, one more thing I would like to know is what are those wheels to the left of you, top row next to the yellow/gold ones. Chrome lip and 10 spoke silver.

  37. Im actually excited to try out the as-1 100tw semi slick tire next year. Curently using 245/40/17 Bridgestone RE71Rs

  38. Have about 30k miles on my Nankangs. 245 45 18, just had to get the front driver side replaced due to a large bulge forming under the tread. This is the 2nd one in about 4 months. They were cheap so 30k is fine, just don’t like the bulging under the tread, might kill someone some day. Oh still plenty of tread left

  39. Nankang ar1 vs ns2r on all day use, and a little bit of fun? O yes and in rain to be ok! I have a Leon Cupra 300 and it have an problem whit traction, FWD..

  40. the only reason I use them now too is because some years ago (actually in 2012) I bought a used 5 Series rear wheel drive BMW here in Germany. It came complete with a set of Nankang winters. I had my doubts about them as over here anything that doesn't have a "premium" name is considered utter shyte, as a matter of principle. It's a german way of thinking. The winter came so I decided I'd use them as they still had good tread, so why waste money on a new set if I don't know yet how "bad" these tyres are. So I tried them. Then came the day when it snowed like mad… and I had to get up a mildly inclined road to get home. My Pirelli Asimmetricos never got me up that slight incline, they just simply didn't work. I just left the car at the bottom and just walked up. Standard procedure. Same street with plenty of snow and the BMW equipped with Nankang "Snow SV-2" tyres got me up the hill !! These things made it up the incline, the Pirellis just simply didn't… couldn't.
    Clearly a premium name is not tantamount to necessarily always being better than everything else.

  41. "bang for a buck" doesnt that mean that they should be okay and not dangerous?

    or do germans automotive magazines just have higher standards then americans?

    the overall review of nankang ns20: "do not use / not recommended / grave security flaws"

    braking tests on wet roads 100km/h to full stop -> 14 meters more on nankang ns20 compared to continental sport contact. so when a car with conti stops, the one with nankang still has 50kmh on the speedometer.

    so if u want to drive fast on german autobahn with nankangs. please don't. you are a danger for other people. Thanks

  42. I have them on my daughters 2008 BMW 335I. They are scary. No traction leaving from a stoplight in the rain. Literally sets off the traction control. Going off exit ramps you feel like you were going to lose the backend.

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