The Truth About New Jeeps

The Truth About New Jeeps

rev up your engines,
Lucas Ritter says, what do you think about the Jeep 2015 or so, jeeps are
becoming trendy should I get an automatic transmission, well personally I
would not buy one, jeeps are made by Chrysler, Chrysler got bought by Fiat, now
a lot of people are really getting confused you know as you say this is
trendy, well people watch ads things become trendy, doesn’t mean it makes any
sense like those ads they have, renegade Jeep
renegade, Jeep renegade isn’t a Jeep it’s a fancy four-wheel-drive Fiat 500, it’s a
four-wheel-drive Fiat it has nothing to do with Jeep, it’s just they decided to
sell their stuff and call it a Jeep and the quality of those things, do a little
history lesson, research Fiat and the problems they’ve had and you’d see, gee I
don’t think I’m gonna buy a Fiat, I mean I read recently that Fiats even
contemplating not selling Fiats in the United States, they’re not gonna get rid
of the Chrysler Fiat merger, but they’re gonna, they might be stopping
selling Fiats because they have such low sales that the slide them in like they’ll
say, well this is a Chrysler 200, well it’s got a Fiat engine, a Fiat
transmission, some of them have Alfa Romeo engines in them, it’s Italian stuff it’s
not Chrysler at all, so you know I would not buy a modern-day Jeep, if you want a
jeep get an old one and it’s been fixed up or fix it up yourself, those old ones
that had the straight six, I worked on a Grand Cherokee was a 1986 still ran like a
clock, the AC still blew cold, so you know the old ones are fun but the new ones I
wouldn’t buy one, squeezy says Scotty what do you think of the older TDIs, okay
well TDI you know you’re talking about turbo Diesels, if it’s a brand
that’s been making them for a long time they’re very reliable, diesels are
inherently reliable engines if they’re made right, they’re stronger made because
they have more compression, they don’t have an ignition system so they’re
simpler, but the one thing about diesels are, is they don’t have that much
acceleration, they have torque once they get going but not acceleration, and
that’s why they turbocharged diesel engine, the first people that really mass
producing that stuff was Mercedes with a 300 D, the 300 D was a big heavy car and
it could go and last a long time, but really slow with a 5-cylinder diesel
engine, soon as they made them with turbos they sold a lot more of them
because there’s a lot more pick up, and if they’re well made, they can last a long
time most diesel trucks these days the big
ones, are turbocharged they have to because they’re pulling a lot of weight
and that’s the only way they can get acceleration is by sticking turbochargers
on them and as long as it’s a company that’s made them for years they can be very
dependable vehicles, Jackson McNichols my 2003 Ford Ranger shifts into fourth
gear at about 2,000 rpms when all the other times it shifts at about 37 how
can I fix that, okay well your transmission is just basically wearing,
it should shift before 3,700 RPMs into the other gears, it’s just old age now
the problem is, it’s a Ford and it’s old if you do change the filter and fluid
now, it can actually make it worse, so my advice would be, take one quart of
transmission fluid out, put in one quart of Lucas automatic transmission additive
and sometimes that’ll make it shift normally through the whole range, but hey
it’s still shifting and if it’s running okay, I wouldn’t complain too much on
something that’s that old, because eventually it would have to be rebuilt
and that cost a lot of money and if it’s still working and you might be able to
get years out of it if you baby it, but do try taking one quart out and putting one
quart of the Lucas automatic transmission additive in, a lot of times it’ll
help it after a couple hundred miles of driving, Stone25 Steve here, how do you
find bad electrical wire under the hood well the first thing is, use your eyes be
visual, if it’s really old car, you’ll see that the wires are copper and then
they’re coated with a plastic coating if the plastic coating if you bend it and
it cracks and rips, you’re gonna have to replace all that wiring, because it’s
just going bad, now if it’s the thing that you can’t personally see, then you
test them, I have a video called how to find electoral shorts in your car watch
that, basically what you do is what’s called load testing, you get a meter and
then you do ohms resistance testing of the wiring, and you know that hey if it’s
too high, some is wrong, there should be very little resistance
in copper wiring and for that what you do is test it from end to end, like you got
a sensor you unplug the sensor, then you check the wiring and go to the other end
of the wiring and then unplug that and then test the wire to see if there’s a
short in it, that’s the best way to test it because you can’t really test
it when they’re plugged in because then you’re also testing what’s at each end,
you got a check section at a time that’s why on wiring harness they have
connectors that you can disconnect and once you to disconnect them you can
easily check that section of the wiring, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. There were a lot of problems with the ZF 9HP 9-speed automatic transmissions in the early years, which were also used by Honda, Jaguar, and Land Rover. Maybe the problems were eventually fixed?

  3. thanx scotty….if it's still shiftin' that 'ok…and heck eventually it'll have to be rebuilt! got the reflect on that ol' man!

  4. It's sad how Jeep declined over the years I had a 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I loved it I had the straight six absolutely love that engine but I bought it off of a guy that did not take of it and I had for a year and in the beginning like the first 6 months it was absolute hell and I got it to last until the death of that engine unfortunately I had no other choice to get rid of it I still miss it and always saying if I only had this and that back when the engine was on it's death bed. I love old Jeeps especially the Cherokees from 98 down and the Comanches 92 – 86 the old Jeeps are the True Jeeps they can keep that Fiat crap.

  5. Scotty. I love ya, but I'm sure when asking about TDI"s he was asking your opinion on VW TDI"s! They are GREAT as far as Power/Economy/Reliability and Longevity. I've owned one 2006 and currently has 327k with NO major work done except the timing belts and water pumps as preventative every 100k or so. One of my son's has an 04 with 350k with the same situation. No major issues YET! However to get even more power, I had a Malone Stage 3 kit installed about 100k ago, and it SCREAMS! 0-60 in <6 sec and gets even better fuel economy than factory spec,….Best I got has been 56mpg at 65mph. I've driven 85 mph on freeway trips out to Wyoming from Wisconsin over 650 miles not refilling and STILL getting 48 PLUS mpg… going like CRAZY !
    If well taken care of (Most guys who own them keep good records) I would not be afraid of a high mile one.
    I know a friend who has a 1996 TDI Wagon I found for him, it HAD 250k when He bought it, but now has 325k, runs like new and I'm sure will run at LEAST another 1o0k if not 200. Best small car ever produced in my book. YES you are correct, for GAS cars, Toy's and Honda's. Lex's and Acura's. but as far as TDI"s It's VW !
    Not VW Gas though… you're right on that too !
    Keep up the Awesome work !

  6. Ya scotty , love your show , you think a lot like i do . I like to help people too 👍👌 but the other day you said said that cars wear out .. ha ha ha ( donkey face ) and someday scotty will wear out too ….that was very sad . Your humor always brighten z my dad . The world will not be as good if you ever wear out ! 🙂

  7. I have a 82 CJ-7 with the 258, that thing runs forever, torgue galore. I built it recently, put a mild performance cam, had to bore it .60 over, intake, small 4 barrel and headers, unreal how it runs now!

  8. Jeep Wrangler. I am suspicious of the other "Jeeps" but I bought a 2014 JK Wrangler and I have been driving it trouble free for 5 years (knock on wood). My belief is that the Wrangler is so iconic that they don't want to kill the goose that laid the golden egg, so they put more care into the design to avoid ruining it's reputation. Of course I bought the simplest one I could get. Partly for less repairs and partly I like "old School" stuff. No electric seats, roll up windows, a REAL key, etc.. So far it has been as good as my Toyotas. And I can park it anywhere. I got the 2 door of course. Absolutely love it.

  9. Keeps Are middle class status symbol now.Femist, soy boy are the one that drive them.Hell they wouldn’t know hoe to drive a CJ 7, with no air and manual shift.Use drive my into the local lake up to the seats and even fish out of it.Crank up and drive out it.Just a show you now with no real back country muscle

  10. My 2001 jeep wrangler was the worst car I've ever had. Reliability was horrible. Never again. Yes I had a manual.

  11. 100% agree with that, the older Jeeps with the 4l like my tj, are the most reliable ones. I would probably still buy a new one when they come down in price

  12. I thought the Penstar and the torque flight transmission used in the jeep was pretty good. Lots of people have them where I live and they really like them.

  13. Hopefully the new tariffs on Mexico,,,. Puts Ford Chevy and what's left of Chrysler out of business,,,. Or they leave the United States,,,. can't believe I just said that but they're pretty much all junk,,,. I've been recommending a two-year-old Kia optima,,,. Laid out loaded with every option,,,. Way out of my price range,,,. But the best car you can get for 20 grand,,,.

  14. Sorry bro..but Cummins have been building diesels a loooonnnnggg time..and there the best on market..period

  15. I'm a mechanic of 40 years. I've seen many different designs, makes and models. I always liked the old muscle mopar cars ,my personal vehicles are 2 – 1975 dodge 4×4 trucks both with 5.9 Cummins no computers turn key every day i don't want to complicate my life. After Chrysler was sold from Daimler Benz to Fiat.Chrysler-Fiat products have gone down hill in quality only thing great is with Dodge division there is the Cummins in the trucks and the Hemi in the Chargers and Challengers which are great and durable. Jeep was awesome up to 1999 -2000 but after that they got really poor in design and durability , the jeep compass line is horrible its a car made as a 4×4 using a AWD design that sucks. I prefer straight axles front and rear a lot more durable with a 4.0 – 6 cylinder or 5.2 V -8 parts are cheap and abundant all these new cars today( all makes) are like toilet paper, plain junk 10 years and throw away. With aluminum component and body panels now its like recycling beer cans for cars & trucks i won't own nothing passed 1990 in cars and in trucks passed 2000 but thats my opinion and knowledge for not complicating my life , the older i get the simpler i want . god bless the newer vehicle owners with all expensive repairs.

  16. 1986 grand cherokee???Not such a thing…they did make a 86 cherokee but it was junk with the gm 2.8 v6 not the 4.0

  17. I just got finished rebuilding my 96 f150 with 300 ford straight 6 and a 5 speed manual I'm happier than ever I hate these modern turbo charged plastic wagons


  19. Hi Scotty,
    Kindly do a detailed review of the "JEEP RENEGADE"
    I own a 2016 Jeep Renegade….
    So much of "sudden" problems..

  20. 05 tj here 4.0 luv this thing
    It’s my tractor wood hauler
    Camper convertible sand dunes fun machine truth to the
    People Scotty luv ya though

  21. Modern Jeeps are poorly make Chrysler-fiat junk. They are not the jeeps of the past. Just jeep in name only

  22. 1st: there is a big difference between the W123 Turbo Diesel (Mercedes 300) with an old school – you can drive it with olive oil – vortex chamber Diesel and a direct injection turbo Diesel TDI what made the Diesel very popular in europe. Actually Fiat had the first direct injected in a car with the Fiat Croma shortly before Audi hat the first 1.9 TDI.
    And than came the first one with a common rail system, it was Fiat again with it's brand Alfa shortly before Mercedes had their first 2.2 CDI (both developed it together with Bosch).
    2nd: I had two Fiats as a student. One was a mid 80's Ritmo, the next was an early 90's Uno. They never made any trouble, have been very reliable. Fiat has not best image in europe neither. But I had no complains. And with my Uno I went all over europe. The Ritmo Was about 10 years when I bought it, the Uno about 7.

  23. Me: im gonna get a car
    Me: a Je..
    Scotty: A 94 celica, what a amazing choice
    Me: but..
    Scotty: still shifts like a dream

  24. I have a 2000 wrangler with the straight 6 4.0. It’s got 128943 miles on it and still gets around great. I don’t drive it over 55😂🤣

  25. Really wranglers are great but really the rest of the lineup is trash, especially the Cherokee my dad has the first redesign style, but the new ones are essentially a fiat RAV4

  26. I had a 2012 Rubi and a 2016 Rubi it was ok but to many people have them now but you not talking about Jeeps you talking those things Now I a drive a GEN II Raptor

  27. When it some to Chrysler products Scotty has not a clue what he’s talking about. They don’t use fiat engines in Chrysler’s besides the ecodiesel

  28. Ever notice when he bashes Jeeps he only says they are owned by Fiat and brings up the Jeep Renegade? When I think of Jeeps Renegade is not what comes to mind.

  29. WRONG! Love your videos but it was the older Jeeps (the CJ's in fact) that gave Jeep a bad wrap because they were unreliable. The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is the most capable off-road vehicle on the planet that you can still drive it to work. You pointed out the Renegade as if it represented the entire Jeep Brand…it doesn't! Besides, all Jeep Wranglers are designed and built right here in America in Toledo, Ohio! I have 2 Jeep Wranglers…I drive a 1998 TJ and the wife drives a 2017 JKU Rubicon…LOVE them both!

  30. I had many jeeps over the years . Cj , yj , Tj and now I just bought my 2012 jk and it’s by far the best and most powerful Jeep I ever owned!

  31. chrysler products are only reliable 3 to 4 yrs from new. 2nd or maybe 3rd day after that your payment you have been paying to the bank now it will being spent on parts & labor, toyota knows how to build cars

  32. Your opinion is noted.
    But regardless of most of what you said Jeep is a Jeep.

    There great as 4×4’s that perform well if not exceed there abilities. Not to mention I own one and I love it. It has not failed me, the customization options are beyond most other types of vehicles.

    The file economy is not great but then again I personally don’t give a Sh*t about how much pollution and gas I’m consuming.

    Anyways. If your going to say to others why they mostly “Should not buy a Jeep Wrangler or Jeep in general” you should try and drive one yourself before you give your opinion.

  33. I’ve only owned 4Runners, tacomas and one Honda Civic si in 89’.
    I’ve never even thought of buying a Chrysler product based on they look cheap.
    I wonder how they hold up with the police departments that use the 4 door charger/challenger?

  34. Hello Scotty, I have a Ford F150 5.0 six speed trans and I dont listen to ford, I have 30000 and I just changed the trans filter. Ill do it again at 90000 and have a complete flush and fill at 120000. I will change the rear diff fluid at 50000 and the front at 60. Do you agree with this.

  35. Hi Scotty, I'm from Brunei. Was wondering about the hemi v8 engine on jeep Cherokee. The new ones.. are they any good?

  36. Fiat bought Chrysler in January of 2014. Does that mean that all the Jeeps pre 2014 are good buys? I'm a fan of the newer Jeep Wangler body style and would like to know which year would be a prudent purchase.

  37. fiat built dino ferraris so they are not dependable ! they are in italy the climate and everything is different in italy they build the vehicle for a different world

  38. Funny video great personality and probably even a great mechanic…. but damn he comes off like a living boomer meme

  39. Like always great video.Jesus bless. Please everyone read the Gospel 1Corint 15:1-4,Rom 3:25, 10:9-10, John 3:16 & Ephes 2:8-9.

  40. I see many wranglers with well over 300,000km and still daily drivers and wheeling on the weekends. They also hold their resale very well.

    Stick to your little Asian women cars, Scotty.

  41. Jeeps are for morons who don't know pick up trucks are the way to go for off-roading. Plus Chrysler is a corrupt vile company so buying from them is immoral.

  42. Scotty., I would like to buy a used Wrangler is there a certain year I should look for or should I give up the idea all together. Thanks, Mike. Also, you have a great channel.

  43. You should mention that Fiats are not made in Italy as you might think, but in Poland. Therefore jeeps are using Polish engines and transmissions.

  44. got a 2013 jeep wrangler. bought it with 3 miles and now have 187k. this vehicle has been good to me. ive done regular maintenance. only major thing ive had to change was a driver side u joint at around 135k

  45. I bought a brand new 2019 jeep Cherokee by latitude. Took it hunting and went through some wet muddy roads, when I drove home it was throwing up all kinds of lights on the dash. So I took it to get looked at because I had a bumper to bumper warranty, I had only had the jeep 2 month's, and the dealership told me they dont cover water damage so I had to go through my insurance,,, insurance ended up totaling my jeep sitting there was 21 thousand dollars water damages…. it still bows my mind that a vehicle thats supposed to be an offroad type vehicle, brand new , taken off road once on muddly wet dirt roads could total it.

  46. When were Jeeps starting to be poorly built? I’m thinking of buying a 2008 Jeep but is that when they were cheap?

  47. You can choose boring vs fun, just as toyota vs jeep. I have a 2005 land rover defender 110 td5 diesel. I equate it to a sports tractor. Big fun factor. The same is said of the defender as is said of the wrangler but these are not cars but fun machines with great versatility and capability to work and explore. Scotty, enjoy your celica. It will survive both you and me, albeit, in mundane style.

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