The Truth About New Lexus Cars, Big Problem

The Truth About New Lexus Cars, Big Problem

rev up your engines, Adrian
says Scotty how do you think about Lexus is 200-300 service cost, motor,
transmission and so on they’re well made vehicles the problem is
they cost too much when they’re new that’s just the way that it goes,
my wife is presently driving a 2002 that I bought for 4 grand used from a
customer when his father died and had a heart attack and he didn’t want it, now was
an old car what 12 years old when I bought it but it’s been the best car I ever had it’s
fantastic, but on the other hand I wouldn’t have paid 37,000 for a new one
which is what his father paid for it so you know but if you can get a used one
at a good price they’re great cars their maintenance isn’t all that high and there’s
a lot of stuff you can do yourself change your own filters and stuff don’t
trust people there’s a lot of crooks out there you learn how to change your own
oil or stuff or if there’s an oil change place near you, get a relationship
with them where they let you watch where they change it, so you know they’re
actually doing the work they say they do so you know they aren’t that expensive
to maintain if you get one that’s got at least less than a couple hundred
thousand miles on it, z ton says will the 1998 jaguar XKR go up or down in value
okay well you know it’s 20 years old and you can probably get one pretty cheap
you never know if it’s in really good shape and you buy it cheap yeah might go up in
value who knows, don’t buying it as an every day driver, buy it as a toy and if
it’s in decent shape I’ve had some customers that would do that and
especially if it’s a convertible convertibles are always worth money and
you never know it’s never gonna be worth a ton of money, but you can get one cheap
enough and use it as a toy yeah I’ve had customers do that but I’ve also that but I’ve also had customers that were dumb and they paid too much money for them and then five six years later
they sell them and they lose 90% of what they paid for the thing just realise
that, you can buy it cheap enough and you want a toy, especially if it’s a
convertible, why not but just don’t think it’s gonna be an everyday driver,
things like that just don’t happen, ash ex says, what do you think of a 2007
Honda Civic with 83 thousand miles and an automatic transmission, they can be
great cars yes Honda makes weak automated
transmissions, but that’s a little bit Civic and if the previous owner
wasn’t an eighteen year old kid who did burnouts and stuff all the time they can
still last a long time I got customers Honda Civics that have
240,000 miles with an automatic transmission, the one I’m talking about is
this woman who’s a schoolteacher and she drives conservatively and it still works
perfectly fine, so there’s nothing wrong with buying a car like that but realized
it’s a 12 year old car, so its value is not all that high, just don’t pay too
much for it if you’re buying a used one and of course have a guy like me check
it out before you buy, we’ve got these high-level scam tools we plug them in
and we can tell you just about everything that needs to be known about
that vehicle in 20 30 minutes of checking it out, Atom Bomb Scotty what’s
the story about the downfall of the American Motor Company AMC well you know they didn’t
exist for all that long, they were a combination of I believe Nash, Rambler,
and Jeep they were all combined and it was a small company and so they didn’t
make that many cars, then when they started to ramp it up, you know their big
ramp up car was that crazy AMC with the big windows on it that’s
really weird-looking and for a while was popular they sold a few hundred thousand
because it was kind of a unique looking car with the big windows going all the
way around, but they found out after the first two years everybody in the United
States that wanted to buy something that looked weird like that bought it, then they
couldn’t give the things away then they shoehorned a v8 engine in them that
was hard to work on that was all jammed in and then the EPA came along and said
we’re gonna make pollution control and it lost the horsepower that they had, and
then you know they kind of merged with Renault the French company and they made
that Renault Alliance which was one of the biggest pieces of crap that was ever
made, Chrysler bought them away from Renault for peanut money just because they
wanted to Jeep version and they shut down AMC entirely and just sold jeeps,
and that’s the basic and a nutshell what happened to AMC, face says Scotty I got
a 2013 Toyota Corolla with 155 thousand miles, when I break on the highway the
steering shakes, do I need to replace the brakes, yes you need to replace the front
brakes and the front rotors don’t turn the rotors they’re not that well made,
once their warped they’re warped you buy new ones, but that said, you go to a place
like autozone you can get brand-new rotors for like 30 bucks apiece for
those things they aren’t that expensive and put new
pads, what happens is, when you brake at higher speeds the rotors are warped, now
they’re supposed to be flat so when they break they stop squeeze them and they
stop, but when they’re warped and it’s only a few thousands of an inch, then the
brake pads go in and out now they only go in and out a few thousandths of an
inch, but the wheels are spinning pretty fast at 60 miles an hour when you do hit
that, that pulsing makes the steering wheel shake, so change the rotors and
the pads, use new ones, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car
repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Scotty, your channel is very useful. I like your graphics. They are very funny. Thanks a lot for all you.
    Question: i am about to buy a 2004 honda accord with 170k. What’s the lifespan of front valipers

  3. I was forced to drive a Pacer in 1980 and I have driven many cars. It was the biggest piece of junk you could ever drive. I think Hugo's were better. I became friends with the tow truck driver. Parts would literally come off in your hand. The car once broke down 4 times in 2 weeks and it was used for business. So, instead of me being in front of a potential customer, I was waiting for Mike the tow driver to come and get me. Gas mileage was terrible for such a light car and you could be fried inside on a hot day because all that glass made in into an atrium and the joke of AC couldn't keep up. As far as Renault goes, their marriage with AMC had a lot to do with French politics. The Socialists had won the elections and Renault was afraid they would nationalize the large companies. They were trying to get their assets out of France and one way was to move them here. A French engineer who came to Milwaukee to work on the renovation of the plant told me that and it makes sense. Could be a fairy tale, but what reason would he have to tell me that?

  4. I bought a 2007 Lexus ES for $4,000 as a first car, best car I ever had, then not even 2 weeks later someone hit me totaling it.

  5. Scotty,

    Can you do a review on the 2018 honda accord…. what do think about them specifically sports with the 1.5

    Thanks in advance.

  6. I assume that most people who drive a new Lexus lease them. Then after 3 years
    they go back out for sale as a certified pre-owned Lexus.

  7. So I bought a new toy Lexus of my 1½ Year old son and all they are are money pits like the stickers are falling off and there is a dent

  8. Scotty: You always say to have a mechanic check out a used car before buying it because they can use a scan tool to tell them everything about the car. What if the seller already used a scan tool to clear the codes? I realize you can get live information, but would all the history be gone?

  9. I just bought one of my dream cars 2 weeks ago. A used 14 Lexus IS 350 F Sport. Only 24K miles and I got a screaming deal. I love the car. Be patient people and wait for the right deal and take your time when buying. I waited 10 months just looking for the right one for the right price!

  10. Are there any other cars that are as reliable as Toyotas and lexus' that you can think of? If not any brands in particular, how about models? I think the f150 would be up there.

  11. The worst years for Civic transmissions were 2001 and 2002. All other years would last 200,000 miles plus if properly maintained and not abused.

  12. I have a 1994 Lexus LS 400 with 215,000 miles.light clear coat fade on top. Instrument cluster issues all else straight. My mother has had two newer Lexus. 2008 350, and a 2014 350 loaded. Both of those cars have some nice hyped DIVA features and convenience with lots of computers and flur De Le to go wrong. The 350s ride suck in comparison to the BILLION DOLLAR spent on development lS 400. She has offered to give/sell both cars over the years. I have turned them both down as they dont have the same ride unique appeal long term investment potential as one the best top 5 cars every built. Coupled with the grand daddy to Toyota Sport car motors the legendary UZFE-1 motor.

  13. What about the Lexus GS 350s from the late 2000's to about 2014 (2015 & up is still fairly expensive as I'm typing despite 2013-14 being the exact same gen)? Any moderate-major issues with those particular cars? Kinda asking bc it's supposedly their more sporty/performance oriented car… which usually NEGATIVELY affects long term reliability…

    For the long term, I'm setting my sights for either one of those or the RC's… which I hear the earliest versions are already falling into the early $20k range… they'll probably be worth even less in the coming years since there's less than 4 doors, less than 3 rows & you're not "sittin' high"…

  14. Mister Scotty Kilmer!

    What do you think about Lexus RC Coupe ?

    Your authentic and genuine opinions are well appreciate!

  15. Hey Scotty what do you think a about a 2013 Hyundai Genesis luxury sedan 3.8 v6 8 speed automatic with 140k miles for $6000. Thanks

  16. Just picked up an 08 ISF with 143k on the odometer… There's one with over 300k and multiple running over 200k miles lets hope for the best ✊

  17. After the transmission of my 1999 Lexus RX300 broke down on me in 2009 with 100k miles I never bought a Toyota again.

  18. So whats problem for Lexus? The price of new Luxury vehicle. Did you know they retain one of highest resale values! That 10yr old ISF currently retains 42% of its original MSRP and thats with 50k miles on it and well maintained. That even 10 yr old ES and RX retain roughly 38% of their MSRP. While most cars including Mercedes, BMW, Audi retain on average 15% to 10% an and American cars 10% on average of their MSRP. Buy Lexus new keep for 10yrs then sell it use that money to put down on new Lexus. My current Lexus ISF 2011 brought it new paid off in 4yrs driving it so No payment for last 5yrs. Just normal routine maintenance. The German cars lease them for 3yrs and walk away. IMO waste of money. You could be investing that cash

  19. Coworker was always bragging how great his 2008 or 2009 lexus was. Then his water pump went out and was well over $1500 job by a mechanic because the engine had to be pulled from the car

  20. You pay for the quality lmao, Lexus is a luxury brand therefore they target people with a little disposable income. If you want similar reliability but less luxury go get a Toyota.

  21. Just picked up a 2016 IS 300 for 25k with 34,000 miles. Great buy, what a fun car and we will drive it until the wheels fall off.

  22. Still waiting to find out what the "Truth about new Lexus cars" and "The big problem"!!! Where? What?! I feel tricked 🙂

  23. I clicked on this cause of the thumbnail. Badass blue lexus isF. But didnt even have the car in the video🤔

  24. Scotty, is it advisable to use 20 w 50 to solve oil consumption issues in a rav4 when the manufacturer recommends 5w 30?


  26. Worked for Lexus, their rated #1 2019 for cheapest vehicle to maintain after purchase. They are great vehicles all around. Great for canadian seasons with AWD in practically every vehicle.

  27. The thing that really stands out with these videos, apart from the excellent advice, is the inserted pictures, they are brilliant, so funny, keep up the great work, Scotty!

  28. Hey Scotty I know you don’t answer questions on videos that you post on fridays but I was just looking for some advice, I own a 2003 pt cruiser with a 5 speed manual and 74,000 miles, I’m considering selling it and buying a 2004 v6 mustang with 78,000 miles and a 6 speed manual transmission, should I keep what I have or buy the mustang? Thanks

  29. I’ve seen some issues with the Lexus IS second gen like on the 3.5 liters the fuel pumps will go bad after a long time the clear coat on most wheels chip and I’ve heard of transmission issues but have only seen chipping clear coat on the wheels

  30. Sorry sir my friend has a lexus isF 2009 and no issue and he still drive it untill to day my grandmother has a LS 460 Lexus with no issues and I am getting a Lexus also this summer i dont care what Scotty say am still getting a Lexus ISF are LS 460 or IS250. He talk about a lot of cars not to drive my grandfather used to race cars back in his day he said it's how you take care of your car

  31. 🤦🏾‍♂️ of all the Lexus “IS” lines you used the IS-F(not f sport trash) as the thumbnail. That car is badass and doesn’t deserve to be the thumbnail, im still a subscriber C’MON MAN!

  32. One of the best used cars is a Toyota highlander .Just make sure to change timing belt with Kevlar belt at 70 to 90 k.Also watch the oil cooler tube for damage or leakage.

  33. There’s a few Lexus 250s 07 through 10 that are going for 8k to 10k in excellent condition. Are they good cars? I’m looking at one with a manual transmission

  34. What do you guys think of a 2014 Lexus IS 250 with 58,000 miles. I’m debating if $19,000 is too much of a price..

    I don’t know much about the Lexus.. any suggestions?

  35. hey Scotty don't you have to take the cap off of your brake reservoir so the fluid don't go all over the place when you squeeze the caliper in

  36. I just bought a 2014 Lexus LS460L . They are good vehicles !!!!!! Just make sure you go to Toyota instead of Lexus because they will charge u way more

  37. But @scottykilmer I just looked at another video when u said that the Lexus GS 350 is the best car to own now this about a is 350 is a gs 350 better

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