– You can’t go wrong with
German wheels, you just can’t. BBS, Keskin, Messer’s, just
like a match made in heaven. Like beer in Germany, or beer in Okturbofest, or beer just any day. I might have a problem, but
that’s besides the point. Now, there’s been a company
that’s truly been involved in the automotive wheel
community for decades, and pretty much led to the German market being involved when it came
to wheels, from the start. We’re deciding to talk about the rich German history of Ronal wheels. Ronal, you have to say it
with your throat, Ronal. – Ronal AG is a conglomerate
company that was based in 1969. Founded with a name
which was an abbreviation of aluminum and his name, Ronald. Centric, action, fun, excitement, 50,000 subscribers by the
way, thank you so much. Roland Wirth changed the
way people did wheels. Then it was just kind of wheel stuff. You see back in the day, Karl was doing his own thing in 1967. He won the German Formula V Junior Cup, which is a pretty cool thing. I mean I got a B in my science class, and this guy was winning races. But it’s besides the point, no big deal. The next year, he decided to
found Ron-Motor-Testequipment. Now, Karl wanted to do all sorts of things with the new company, and that would go into his
passion of just racing cars. But there was only one
really small problem. His clients didn’t really care about what he was trying to make. Instead, they cared about the wheels that he managed to put on his Opel. It didn’t really make sense. He was trying to do race
car stuff, and they’re like, Yo, Roland, we wanna know what’s
up with those wheels, dog. We trying to get on StanceNation’s I-G, and we wanna know how we can do that. The wheels Karl had were Remotecs, fitted by a man named Norbert Oberschmidt. Now, Norbert would spend his
spare time doing wheel designs while he was studying math and physics, which now is also a
pretty cool thing to do. Now, Norbert was a pretty smart guy. Karl realized that,
because Norbert had a craft that would probably benefit his company, if he could bring him onboard, which at the time, was still Ron-Motor. So, they decided to essentially partner, and convince Norbert to come onboard, and begin making wheel
designs in his spare time. So Karl began spending and
selling aluminum wheels that Norbert would design in-house. And that’s really how the
company began to fruition and begin making products that
you actually wanted to buy. The name naturally changed from Ron-Motor-Testingequipment to Ronal. Now, the most wheel
history is built within the difficult decades of
adversity, but not with Ronal. Ronal was like they just kinda came onboard and started making wheels, and because they were one
of the first to really jump into a market that didn’t exist at the time, everybody wanted them. Now, they woke up one day, and they just decided
that they had a company that could make wheels, and people wanted their wheels more than anything else possible on their race cars, at the time. And well, because of the
convenience in locality, they just, it worked. So Ronal began making a lot
of their sand casted wheels, because it was just convenient, it was cheap, it was effective. And it worked kind of,
sort of, for the most part. Now instead of trying
to find a larger company and outsource to, Karl was like, “No.” You wanna know why? Because he’s German, and
this is what Germans do. Karl decided to bring it all in-house. And by building really, a new factory, he just brought the entire
mold casting process into Forst, Germany, and from there, he didn’t have to worry about
any sand casting processes. By building a new factory, he had now a bigger market to make
aftermarket wheels. But, at the same time,
companies were coming up to him and asking if they could just
make OEM wheels for their cars and Ronal was like (makes noise) Das, why not? So, while the OEM growth
continued, Ronal entered the multi piece game that
was made with cast magnesium that was used for pretty
much all their racing stuff. So, how did it do? Pretty good, growth
followed, I mean Ronal, because they just continued to make stuff that people continued to buy. And because there was no
competition at the time, because they were involved
in both OEM and aftermarket, they pretty much had money coming out of every orifice you
could possibly imagine. This Tiny Tin company began making wheels for pretty much everybody. Based out of Waldorf, Germany, Ronal hit the market running. They had more factories, and more money, and more everything, they didn’t really know what to do with it. By the end of 1969,
Ronal had over 15 designs to compete with other companies,
like the notorious BBS. By the mid seventies, Ronal had opened up another factory in France. Saab jumped onboard into
the Ronal love boat, which developed the famous Inca wheel, which by the way you looked
at it, it looks questionable. Soon, Audi was onboard with
the whole fuck yeah brand, and Ronal was ready to go, because by the time that they
entered into more partnerships they were producing worth 350,000 wheels. And this was just OEM wheel production. This had nothing to do with the racing, motor sport and
anything in between. From there, Ronal went international. They were in like Flynn by the 1980’s producing aftermarket racing wheels and dominating the OEM
market as one of the largest manufacturers in the world. One million wheels by 1984,
that’s a lot of wheels, and like…(makes noise with mouth) like it’s a lot… They also introduced the Ronal R10 Turbo which was likely the
most infamous Ronal wheel to hit the market and
the streets at the time and if you go out there to try and find some of them, they’re extremely difficult. They’re considered
probably one of the most difficult wheels to get their hands on, right next to the Turbo
and multipiece Turbo that you can actually find, I believe there are few people that
actually own the set, and it’s kinda interesting
to see such success with the R10 Turbo because I’m pretty sure the Ronal teddy bear came
out shortly thereafter. Bizarre wheels, go check it out. Anyway Ronal began diving
into racing and motorsport with their wheels to establish credibility as not only being the
brand for OEM, but for the aftermarket too, and it worked because Ronal was synonymous
with quality in racing, they’re also synonymous
when it came to just creating quality products
that didn’t break the bank and for OEM manufacturers,
that was a big deal. Now for the most part,
Ronal was trying to do both. They were trying to make OEM wheels and aftermarket wheels at the same time and if you know any company out there that’s trying to do that,
it is extremely difficult. Most companies just decide to go into OEM because you can make more many than you could making aftermarket wheels. I’m sorry, Instagram bills
just don’t cut the bill, when you’re, you know,
making a million wheels. Every car company wanted
a factory for Ronal because it just made it easier
for them to produce wheels. At the time, Ronal was exploding. They built plants, and that worked. The plants that they did
build for specific companies, most of them ended up
going out of business or transferring over
into different segments, and that was probably the biggest hurdle as plants were just trying to stay open outside of Ronal’s core network. The original partnership
between Norbert and Carl maintained as Norbert continued
to crush wheel designs until his ultimate
retire in 2003, and Carl continued to push the Ronal
name until his death in 1991. OEM continues to grow, and to this day, more than 17 million wheels and 5500 employees carry the Ronal badge. Ronal continues to be
probably one of those dominant companies out there, even though a lot of companies just
really haven’t heard of them and people like you and
me, really don’t care too much about OEM wheel production. But there is probably a
brand that you do know, and do care about, and that’s Speed Line. They ended up buying Speed Line
Corsa and Speed Line Truck. They just wanted to have
an aftermarket wheel brand that they could really kinda just bring on without having to do all the heavy lifting while Ronal just did all the OEM stuff and it really just kind of succeeded. Everybody loves Speed Line,
everybody loves Ronal, even they don’t really know who Ronal is, which is completely fine. Ronal continued to push
the Speed Line brand and because Speed Line
had extensive knowledge and flow farming, which is
something Ronal sorely needed, Ronal just picked them up,
and shortly thereafter, Speed Line Trucks was also created for commercial vehicles and to
make a little bit extra money. They started San Swiss,
they took over Fullchamp, which is a full forged
wheel specialist company and takes a hefty bite of the market share from Carbon Revolution in 2013. So Ronal is going absolutely anywhere, and they continue to grow just by acquiring different
companies and essentially kinda being the cool kids on the block because they’re one of the first people to make the carbon fiber wheel. Ronal’s history of wheels
may seem like it’s only OEM and you’d be maybe kinda right, but they do have a lot of stuff in the aftermarket scene
and it’s considered one of the biggest reasons a lot of the German competition in aftermarket wheels exists is because of Ronal. So that’s everything that
we have on Ronal wheels. Hope you guys enjoyed,
don’t forget to subscribe and of course if you’re
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