The Truth About Scion Cars and Why Toyota Stopped Making Them

The Truth About Scion Cars and Why Toyota Stopped Making Them

rev up your engines, the retro whiskey networks says Scotty what’s your thoughts on the 2015 Scion tC I love mine and want toknow anything specially I’d have to look for repair wise okay no they’re well-made you know they just Toyotas I could never for the life of me understand why Toyota decided to branch off with Scion they were made in the same factories at Toyota’s were made they were Toyota’s right, but I guess they were going for the young generation to be hip I know when they first started it out they sent guys with crews and hipsters giving free tours with good-looking men and women for the young kids to try to relate to and you know I mean at PR BS they’re basically Toyota’s and now they’re sold under the Toyota brand, they gave up with trying to sell it on their own it’s kind of stupid idea of you ask me but they’re solid built vehicles, if you change the oil regularly take care of them they can last a really long time I just never understood why Toyota decided they wanted to sell it under a different name I mean I can understand Lexus vs. Toyota cuz they cost a lot more and they decided well we’re gonna make luxury cars and call them Lexus, but then when you’re going the other way more economy cars they should’ve just call them Toyotas cuz that’s what they’re called now you know, who knows what goes on in the minds of marketing people, Benjamin says Scotty I recently bought a 2010 Ford Escape four-cylinder automatic has eighty thousand miles your opinions okay I got customers those things have 220,000 miles on them and they’re still running good you know it’s not a racing vehicle it’s a four-cylinder engine but they can last an awful long time the weak point of course is the automatic transmission so if you’re a conservative driver it might last you a really long time just don’t tear off and try to do burnouts and stuff and it cuz that’ll burn the automatic transmission out cuz that’s the weak point of the vehicle but if you take care of it, change the oil and filter change the transmission filter and fluid every fifty sixty thousand miles you might get a lot of mileage out of those vehicles they’re relatively well made, luminosity music said my camera oil filter is upside down how can I change the oil filter without getting oil all over the place, well you know yeah engineers you know who knows what they’re thinking of like I said earlier but there is a way generally what you can do is change it first thing in the morning, after it sits all night and then you change it when the engine’s cold without starting it usually most of the top is drained off then when you unscrew and take it off not that much it’s gonna drip out and it’s a lot neater doing it that way, that’s how I do it if I’m really in a hurry but normally I don’t care you know, I just unscrew it and I got a drip pan and then the piece is dripping the side of the block gets a little oil and I just get those blue paper towels and I wipe it all off but if you let it sit overnight and then change it cold, you not going to get anything else dripping all over the place and then instead of hot oil it’s cool and won’t burn your or anything you know if you don’t mind just wait overnight, Michael says Scotty I got a problem here on my 1994 Civic DX the backup light won’t turn off any solutions, there’s two types of backup lights if you have a standard transmission on the transmission there’s a backup light switch in the back of the transmission and you just take it off buy another one put it on and plug it in but if it’s an automatic, the backup light switch is built on the transmission range sensor where the cable comes in that goes part neutral Drive that, you gotta buy that whole assembly and then replace that so if it’s an automatic you got to replace the transmission range sensor, but if it’s a standard you only have to change the backup light sensor which is a lot cheaper and easier to do settlement saddle preacher says we have a 2015 Grand Caravan bought it new and serviced regulator but it has ninety seven thousand interstate and rural driving, you talk about transmission I forgot to change the fluid have I gone too long well not if you did the kind of driving that you’re talking about all the time interstate driving going 60 miles an hour is equivalent to 10% city stop and go so say you put 20,000 miles driving back and forth to California that’s equivalent to like 2,000 miles city driving, so no if you do mainly higher speed driving it’s not too late change it now, now if it was ninety seven thousand miles the city stop and go yeah it’s too late but if you really did a lot of high-speed driving, no I would definitely change it now, supreme says Scotty my 2003 Lincoln Navigator shakes a lot when I Drive what seems to be the problem, okay it depends what’s shaking if it’s the steering-wheel at certain speeds, first you check the tires to see if they’re out of balance and to see if they’re warped or the rims are bent, if it’s not that you check the suspension by jacking it up and pull on the wheel see if the tie rods or ball joints or anything are worn if that’s not it then you go to a front end place that gets free estimates on problems that you have and they can see if the alignment is off or some other part is worn and if it’s not that, it can even be the driveshaft is worn the universal joints or the CV joints are worn and then at certain speeds they’ll start the wobble it’ll start to shake it’s a lot of things they can do but you start with the simple like out of balance tires and work your way out if you have to, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. I've a 1.8 Toyota Corolla 2012 Model for some reason the fuel efficiency has decreased too much I can drive max of 220 miles .

    Fuel tank capacity : 50 liters

    Any idea ?

  3. Right the first time. TOYOTAS are considered "boring" and for "old people"(anyone over 30). They tried to get the"youth market"$$$$ with SCION but there were just too may other "fun cars," both foreign and domestic, to compete with and their marketing campaigns failed to impress.. They still are pretty good small TOYOTAS for the $$$$$. GM tried a similar gimmick campaign with its SATURNS (remember them?).

  4. I want a project Jeep. Is it worth it to buy a Cherokee sport with 80k miles. What are the unexpected expenses that would normally happen to this vehicle at this mileage?

  5. If you too concerned about the oil filter being upside down because you might get your hands dirty. You should prolly leave the car alone.

  6. Bc it's all Toyota parts and I LOVE Toyota, especially the '96 Celica. These cars were built WAY too good. Just like any Toyotas. They NEVER EVER break…EVER! – Scotty K.

  7. LOL… Person asks if it's too late to change the transmission fluid after 97,000 miles. Scotty tells him if it's city driving, then it's too late. Then at 4:00, he shows a picture of a pregnant girl in the upper right corner of the screen that's about 8 months pregnant! Brilliant! I guess that would be too late.

  8. I have a 97 Toyota Camry 310.000 on it the only motor work I ever had to do was change the timing belt and water pump and I have a little oil leak other than that the car runs like a new car still

  9. Do you think purchasing a 2019 RAV4 is a good idea since it's a new generation of should I wait until the 2020 line of cars come out to see how the 2020 new build does.

  10. One of Toyota's selling points is a lot of standard features for the same price as other cars where those features were optional. Scion cars were more stripped down for a cheaper market, so the different name was used so consumers wouldn't expect the same car for less money.

  11. Audi Audi Audi, I never hear about this car 🚘 company from Scotty. Especially the 2003-2018 these vehicles are amazing! I have a 04 A4 sport model Cabriolet runs almost perfect and still looks brand new. Thanks Scotty.

  12. Scotty, for any future used car Toyota buyers, you should mention the fact that the scion tcs with the 2.4L 2az-fe engines have bad piston rings which cause it to burn oil like crazy. That same engine is in some other Toyotas as well in between the years 2007-2013. The Tcs that were affected were only the 07 and 08 model if I'm not mistaken. The other year's Scion tcs had a different engine in them

  13. Scotty, I'm looking for a car to go out to college with. I'm probably going to attend somewhere in Colorado and don't want to break the bank with gas cost. What kinda car (Toyota) would you recommend? Price range less that 12k ish!

  14. Scotty, I have a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 with 7,125 miles on it. Bought it brand new, I'm almost going to be with it 1 year. Should I keep it, are they reliable, or should I trade it in for something else as soon as possible??. What's your opinion please??

  15. Hi Scotty, I love your channel! What do you think of the (now defunct) Saturn brand? I am purchasing my Mom's 2008 Saturn Vue XR with the 3.7L V6. It has 70k on it and has had the trans replaced when someone rammed her while she was parked in the street at my Aunt's house for Thanksgiving a few years ago. Am I in for trouble, or should it be a good daily-driver for a few years? She has been told by a couple mechanics to "never get rid of this car!"

  16. Toyota & Subaru collaboration. ?????….. Pretty legit combo with poor marketing; so the claim of demographic targeting is null.

  17. I have a 1990 Camry I-4 with the same upside down filter. What I found out is Toyota designed the filter area so that anything that spills is channelled down to where your drain plug is draining anyway. A bunch of oil came out the filter and I watched it just flow right down to my drip pan with 0 messes. I love my Camry!!!

  18. Hey Scotty
    I have a2015 dodge grand caravan, with 117,000 miles on it. Is it OK to change the transmission oil on it? Also I have a check engine light and it's something related to the transmission.

  19. Ever notice how Scion was at the very bottom of customer satisfaction and reliability ratings? THAT'S why Toyota stopped the Scion brand…

  20. So I spoke with several Toyota/scion dealerships and during the discussion about the creation and the end of of the scion brand I was enlightened to the reason behind the creation and demise of Scion. First of all the word Scion is defined as the word descendant (descendant of Toyota). You are the Scion of your mother and father. The Scion brand was designed for specifically the twenty year olds or younger. Multiple reasons they created the brand that I've come across and I believe there are more. First of all, the no haggle price on Scion's was to help make car buying experience for a younger person maybe making their first new car purchase ever easier and less intimidating because of the rumor that buying a new car and haggling about the price was a very difficult and stressful experience for young inexperienced buyers. Now another thing is that younger car buyers love to modify their cars so Scion brand designed their vehicles with a plethora of add-on dealer installed Toyota/Scion TRD performance parts that most young drivers love. So with that all said Scion wanted to give a pure price(no haggle price) for the car and then make available many more appealing options that Toyota/Scion would tac onto the pure price of the vehicle and of course install them for you. So they made a huge amount of $$$$money$$$$$ on all these add-on features. With very low pure pricing and in particular my 2006 scion TC was priced at $16,500. With all the features my TC it had on it and the Toyota reputation for quality that $16,500 was extremely lower than the competitors pricing which was much higher. So this secret reason for introducing Scion brand especially the scion TC was to get all the new younger generation scion owners hooked on these low priced high quality products and eventually down the road realize how great of a car scions are and also how reliable and low maintenance costs as well. So after owning a scion product these owners came to realize what a deal they received with the no haggle price and the reliability of the Scion/Toyota brand. So Toyota's very ingenious hidden reason for bringing scion to market was to create a love/attraction/desire for the Scion/Toyota brand from the new generation of drivers out there. So now in my case and in millions more cases when it comes time to sell their old higher mileage scion which some are able to make it close to 500,000 miles on the odometer if well maintained. These original Scion owners having experienced years of strong reliability, low cost of ownership and enjoyable sporty handling and peppy engine especially in the scion TC 5 speed, and they are now in the market for a new car are looking to stay within the Toyota family whether it be a Toyota product or a Lexus product, and this is again due to the fact that these scion drivers have experienced a wonderful ownership period while they had their scion's.
    The statistics are out there to show everything I just said to be absolutely the truth. Now when it comes to the demise and end of manufacturing Scions that is a different story. Scion just started created some really abnormal looking products even though some of their scion products still remained fairly appealing and their marketing wasn't great either. But, being a 2006 Scion TC with 214,000 miles 5-speed owner since august of 2005 and still counting, my next vehicle purchase will either be a Toyota or a Lexus product. Nothing beats the reliability of a Toyota product. Some come very close like Honda's but most others do not compare to the quality of a Toyota product. Let me know what you think about what I have just told you and please give me your thoughts, Thanks

  21. I had a Scion xB 2011. It was a great vehicle. I gave it to my sister when I changed stations to Camp Zama Japan. I ended up driving a government vehicle for TDY and it was the exact same vehicle just rebadged and the steering wheel on the right side

  22. My Ford Ranger automatic transmission slips. What should I do? What will happen if I keep driving it as is? Thank you for your great videos!

  23. I did like how Scion had just one trim per car. They seemed to be a good value, less to think about when shopping.

  24. I don't like badge engineering so I'd just assume see the brand name go. But I bought a Scion xD in 2009 and haven't been disappointed. Its the snub-nose hatchback version of a Corolla. Best value on the road, and I love it even though the interior is meek, stereo is weak, and the exterior has suffered from NY road salt. Other than than, had to replace the alternator and water pump. Not bad for 125K miles. Doesn't burn a drop of oil. Wish they had kept that look around when releasing the new Corolla hatchback. I don't like Toyota's newer "large mouth bass" looking grills. But, regardless, a Corolla is the best value on the road. I'm sure you'd agree Scotty.

  25. Upside down filter guy.
    Please try to empty you engine oil first this process will creat a vacuum that will suck the oil from the filter.
    After the engine oil is all gone, then open the filter.
    Good luck.

  26. I've dodged a few bullets by not buying a car you've nixed. I'm now considering the Scion IQ micro mini, as I like small zippy cars. Any advice on that one? Thx

  27. 0:10 That's not necessarily true Scotty:

    Going onto the website you recommended to search for recalls (sorry I can't remember off the top of my head) there HAS been a cople of cases involving the sunroof on the Tcs. Now personally, I LOVE the sunroof & think the all-glass design looks neat BUT I can see why there's concern for their stablity when driving

    I've already been in a wreck with the Tc & while the damage was NEAR CRITICAL ( the front end crunch point BASICALLY bordered my engine block) I didn't spot ONE hairline crack or blemish on my sunroof, which to me was a HUGE surprise & relief.

    I've watched other people owning Tcs show off their car design on youtube, a trendy "What I DON'T/Do Like about My Tc" and frankly most of them pointed out the sunroof as a concern due to their designs.

    I'm not expecting the Tcs to be PERFECT (Heck, there isn't a car currently made in this decade that can outlast the 90s-made cars) but for a good as it's made to run, there is 1)durability design concern (my bumper barely got niched while my cover, hood, grille & fenders needed to be replaced) & 2)the sunroof design concerns to be held into account when it comes to the Tcs, at least

  28. When I see Scion tCs, I always think the owner watched too many Fast and Furious movies. Ugly little things with crap interiors. That said, probably will end up buying one since the car I really want is too hard to find.

  29. I have a 2015 scion tc I already replaced spark plugs, cleaned throttle body and when I have been driving the car for a couple miles and stop at red light, it will sound like if something is shaking and the RPM start fluctuating. I would appreciate if you have any responses.

  30. toyota = for old people
    Scion= young people
    Thats how they used to market it before 2016
    Now Scion dies and Toyota has half a mind to incorporate sports/power into current models from 2017-present

  31. did i just get unlucky with my 08 scion xb ? 130k miles drive for about 2weeks oil consumption was crazy found out motor is gone i read alot about its common ?

  32. Hey Scotty what are your thoughts on Toyota WiGo (really a Daihatsu) 3-cylinder 1.0 cc engine? They're very famous here in Asia (esp. here in the Philippines for they are affordable. Thanks for your insights 🙂

  33. Hi Scotty.
    I have a Scion xa 2006 and during summer hot days the cooling fan comes on constantly in high mode seems like the radiator is too small or not keeping up with engine heat during summer especially when in traffic.
    It’s automatic transmission.
    Was thinking of installing bigger radiator if I can fit it in. Would that be a good idea 💡 thanks 🙏
    Want to make sure it lasts a while .

  34. Scion: as you mentioned, they were grabbing for a younger crowd. Toyota has a bit of name, and they were experimenting to see if they could release Corolla quality without the frugal stygma of the name being attached to it. It had limited success. They probably lost money on the rediculous amount of advertising.

  35. I never understood why in 2016 they didn't keep the tC and continue making it under Toyota branded as a Celica like it should have been.
    The tC accounted for 40% of Scion sales. I'm glad they did keep both the FRS 86 and the iM. The new Carolla iM is really nice hatchback, almost makes me regret buying my 2015 tC.

  36. But the Scion tC still made it’s mark in the tuner seen and a big crowd from all over appreciate the car and for the fact that you can go whatever route you would like with the car. People all over the world have them and have done the unthinkable. If the car was rear wheel drive their wouldn’t be really any hate on the car people just hate it because it isn’t the fastest and it’s fwd but for the tC type1 project owners they know they can make it fast in comparison to a boosted Honda Civic (Type R) and it get good numbers

  37. I bought a 2006 Scion xB new and it now has 145000 miles on it and after 13 years it’s still runs good I’m sad they retired this brand now my old car just sits and barely gets love

  38. Scotty – on the Scion, u recommend manual over automatic transmission? U seem to recommend manual alot, but just want to make sure. Keep up the great work on your videos!!

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