The Truth About Seafoam Fuel Additive

The Truth About Seafoam Fuel Additive

rev up your engines,
Bruce P says, what do you think about seafoam does it make an engine last
longer, okay I’m not a Seafoam fan I made a video about, it I’ll tell you what
I think of seafoam, okay seafoam it’s called seafoam for a reason, because a
long time ago like in the 1940s or whatever, they used it in outboard motor
engines that were two-stroke, they had two strokes, you had to mix the oil with
the gas, and the seafoam help clean the carbon out of the engine, those engines
have a tendency of carboning up because you’re mixing the oil and gas, and the
oil that burns is gonna create carbon on the Rings and valves and stuff,
so that was very good for that, we drive four-stroke water-cooled engines in
cars today, and that cleaner is not made for them, any cleaner that you’re gonna
use, you really want the nitrogen based cleaners in them, and from what I’ve read
the seafoam does not use those nitrogen based cleaners, I know that Chevron Techron
does, all the big ones that I know of contain it, they won’t tell you what
percentage it is, but they contain it, from what
I’ve read and the research I’ve done, the seafoam doesn’t contain any of that, it’s
an expensive additive to put in, and that’s probably why the other
manufacturers don’t tell you originally Chevron Techron told you how much of
the nitrogen based cleaner was in it, but they don’t tell you anymore so who knows
how much is in there, but to my knowledge the seafoam doesn’t have any in it and
I don’t like it, car asks Scotty should I use a single electrode spark plug or a
multi electric spark plug in my Volkswagen Golf Mark 5, here’s the thing
about spark plugs you gotta understand, they fire a spark, it makes an electric spark
that ignites the gasoline, a spark will always move from one part where the
power is to the ground top, to wherever the closest and most electrically
conductive part is, so you got one electrode that goes, if
you got four it isn’t gonna fire all four, it’s only gonna fire the one that’s
the closest that has the least electrical resistance, so it really
doesn’t make any difference you know, that’s just the gimmick that they used to put
in cars and most of them they don’t even use that
stuff anymore I think they finally realized it was
absurd to do it because the electricity is always gonna jump to the closest one
that has the least electrical resistance that’s just how electricity works, you
can’t change the laws of physics, angel says Scotty I’m thinking about
buying a 91 Jeep Wrangler for 3500 bucks and it’s a straight cylinder with a
manual transmission, is it a good buy okay everybody knows that I hate
chrysler products, but that’s a 91 jeep with a straight six and a standard
transmission, those were rock-solid engines and transmissions, i’d buy it if
you like that vehicle buy it, you know of course check and have a
mechanic look at it if at all possible to see if the steel
frame is bent, if it’s been wrecked or flooded and stuff, but if it’s in decent
shape and it’s got a manual transmission, hey
those thing can run a really long time though straight sixes were very good
engine, maaco says Scotty what can you say about Toyota and Honda smaller
engines, like 1.4 or 1.6 in terms of reliability thanks, well they’re very
reliable engines, Honda’s always make great engines and so has Toyota, now I know
as time goes on, they’re gonna end up
putting gasoline direct injection and turbochargers on all of them, and even
known for their reliability, they will wear out faster that’s just common sense
that’s gonna happen, but if you’re talking about the older ones that are
just normally aspirated, oh they can last forever, I mean especially the 1.6
they’re good strong engines, I’ve had many 1.6 Toyota engines myself
and they’re just pretty much indestructible, you can’t destroy them
they just keep running and running and running, 079
says Scotty what are some good inexpensive cars that are good for disabled people,
minivans are more expense and require installation of ramps and drive the price
even higher, I have a customer who loves his Toyota Camry who’s disabled, it’s got
giant trunks in them and they sold millions of them
you can use ones that are old still in pretty good shape, or if you can get a
Sienna van, they’ve made those for years and years, I had a customer last year sold his
Sienna van, it only had like 90,000 miles which is nothing for them and he only
got like a couple grand that’s all he wanted, it had a few dings and stuff on it
and that was a great car, he sold it to a Hispanic guy here that does lawn care he fits
all his equipment and he loves it, Steve bro
says Scotty what’s your opinion on Chinese made cars,
Chinese used to make really crappy cars but they’re making them better and
better because their factories are the most
modern ones in the world their new, robots are making them, from what I read the
biggest problem they have is they have to pay their workers a ton of money,
because most of their workers have to be qualified engineers who can maintain and
reprogram the robots as they break down and as they need their periodic
inspection, so they’re whining that their labor costs are too high, because the
robots do most of the work and the guys that fix they have to know what they’re
doing, they don’t sell them here
yet in the United States, but I suppose one day they will like everything else, so if
you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that Bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Thank-you Scotty, now tell me, how can I pass an inspection, so I can get a sticker, I live in Houston, and I have a 2003 Saturn VUE. Nevermind I have one now.

  3. Just because you don't like seafoam doesn't mean it doesn't work! Seafoam works great with carburetors and there are plenty of people that tested seafoam with carbon on pistons and valves and seafoam seem to do the best. You may want to re-evaluate.

  4. I've been using Seafoam with my 2 cycle outboard . It definitely helps clean the carbon deposits .
    About once a year I'll remove the spark plugs , tilt the engine up,and pour it directly into the cylinders. Let it sit overnight , lower the engine down, without the spark plugs spray into each cylinders Corrosion X(to guard against dry cylinders) spin the engine over a few times. Then replace the spark plugs. Hook up the water flushing then start the motor. It's going smoke like crazy and all kinds of heavy black carbon will come out the exhaust .
    You'll be amazed at the performance of the motor.

  5. question for yeah scotty : will seafoam, when added to the oil, clean the screen below the oil pressure check sensor in my 08 gmc sierra — i'd rather not have to take the intake manifold off to replace a 5 dollar screen

  6. I thought this video was about sea foam? Couldn’t watch any further as I got to the wheelchair vehicles. Ugh! I just want to know about sea foam. I don’t give a rats behind about which vehicle is a good one with wheelchairs

  7. To scotty, 
    Just because you are a mechanic and have a youtube channel it doesn't mean you know everything.
    Quit throwing your opinions out there as facts and think everything you say is true. Do YOUR research, don't go by your opinion, and try your best not to be bias, (toyota isn't the best brand out there in every aspect good luck proving me wrong)
    I work on big construction equipment and semis and there are a lot of your videos that are well backed but also a lot that are just pure opinion yet your trying to pass it on as more than that and unless your a tech you wouldn't know better. At least tell people when your just shouting your opinion instead of throwing people off who don't know any better.

  8. I have had remarkable personal success with Seafoam in everything from lawn mower engines to weedeaters to Chevy V-8s , 2 cycle and four cycle I recommend the stuff to friends. I use in gasoline per recommended by Seafoam…never in excess. I am no expert..just a shadetree mechanic with a lot of tools and a willingness to go after the problem…made easier these days by all the "how to" videos available from folks like Scotty…..

  9. Just used the Seafoam spray on my car it idled weird and there was nothing broken. Pulled the intake pipe off right before the throttle body sprayed half the can in and shut it down. 30min later I have no rough idle, and no more limitation at high rpm.

  10. I would be shocked if just one out of one hundred people blasting scotty about seafoam has actually done a borescope inspection before and after using it. The declarations invariably made on faith.

  11. Why doesn't Scotty ever explain his claims. Just because seafoam was originally designed for two stroke engines, doesn't mean it won't work in four stroke water-cooled engines. Why are seafoam's additives inferior to nitrogen based additives? In the video you said you don't even know what's in seafoam and you've already deemed it no good. Why is that? Just because it was originally designed for out board two stroke boat engines? Please Scotty, explain things in a slightly more scientific way

  12. This guy is obnoxious. He's always out to bash something. Clearly he's got nothing better to do.

    Just because you "read" it on interwebs its gotta be true…right?

    News flash, I have a 99 Chrysler 300m with over 260k. Hey scotty guess what I use in that engine…. seafoam!!

  13. It's bad for your vehicle, but they make it…..🤔🤨😉? Marijuana is bad for you but it's used for medical purposes.

  14. Seafoam in the crankcase worked for freeing up a sticky ticky valve lifter. And I'm not one for using additives but I tried it to avoid a time consuming and expensive teardown.

  15. I left regular ethanol gas in my snowblower last March. In december I tried to start it…no go. I drained the gas…which was orange…put in some ethanol free gas mixed with seafoam. Did a few slow pulls and let it sit overnite…..started up the next morning…saved me at least 100$. Just saying….

  16. I'd agree with Scotty if I were seafoaming thru vacuum line and performing no other maintenance. But in my case, I want to seafoam the engine before I get my injectors rebuilt. Seafoam it, run a tank of gas thru it, then send the injectors in. I'll also change the plugs and clean all sensors in the airflow. I'd expect getting a temporary evap code.

  17. used seafoam in crankcase of old montgomery ward lawn riding mower that was smoking like a train…half can and let run bout 2 hrs each time, replace with fresh oil and now barely a puff now and then only when idling up to engage blades…still running like a champ

  18. Scotty. Why is it only people over 300 pounds drive smart cars? I always wondered how they get inside! Does the body open up like a Lamborghini door??

  19. What is Japanese car making have to do with seafoam is this dude on crack or something cuz he's like so hyper can understand a word he's saying

  20. Scotty have you had any luck with cataclean with a malfunctioning 02 sensor or a p0400 code? Just Enough to pass inspection

  21. @2:15
    Talking about how current is always going to arc to a single point while showing a picture of a firing spark plug, featuring multiple arcs traveling from cathode to anode.

  22. I use Marvel's mystery oil and automatic transmission fluid mixed in the crank case run for 5 minutes. Drain and put what ever oil you use works great .

  23. Big fan, but wrong on Seafoam. My MP3 motorcycle was cutting out and running rough. One can of Seafoam and never a problem since. Just prrrrs. Maybe there was water in the gas…I don't know…but whatever, Seafoam did the trick.

  24. Lol . All the big names I know…….Chevron and. …….all the big ones I know do. This ole boy =dipstick

  25. Anyone that hides their eyes =don't trust them. Period…. And boy does he ramble and talk fast… he a used car salesman? I'm gonna bet . He is or has been . Scotty means dipstick in future English

  26. Hey Mr. Scotty I bought a 94 Plymouth Sundance hatchback with a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine for $500. What do you think, did I get screwed?

  27. I’ll comment on my TWO experiences with Seafoam. I put it in a Jeep with 100k miles that ran fine, but figured I’d try the Seafoam to clean it up. Used as directed and about 15-20 miles later, the Jeep lost all power as if the catalytic converters were clogged. Still don’t now what happened as I trashed it. Recently, I put Seafoam in a Nissan Frontier with 105k miles. The truck burns no oil and Is in great shape. Again, thought I’d clean it up and gave Seafoam another try. 20 miles later, right as the truck heated up, it died. No power. Again feels like the cats are clogged.

  28. Sorry Scotty but youre wrong pal! I have used Seafoam for years now and all my engines start everytime with no issues ever. Use Seafoam on trucks, boats, mowers, tractors, and heavy equipment. Makes engines start with ease and idle smoothly as it should. You are entitled to your opinion but on this one pal gonna have to disagree.

  29. Well i will not put seafoam in gas. But☝i will put it in break booster to help clean the carbon build🤙thanks again champ

  30. Why even watch this guy's video's? You can get all the same opinions from the old "home mechanic" that has 8 cars (two are running) that lives down the street. Look for the house that has a wood swing open garage door.

  31. Of course mechanics don’t like seafoam. It easy to see why. It works great to clean up engines and built up oil deposits. Great for fuel injectors etc.i have a truck that sat for 8 years it amazing what seafoam did.

  32. Scotty how come u never talk about Toyota cold start rattle noise ….a recall was issued back in 2013. Effected most vehicle with four and six cylinder engines.

  33. I’ve seen a handful of your videos and I thought they were informative but very cringy I didn’t plan on subscribing until that laugh and the picture popped up at 1:52

  34. Everyone asks Scotty whats the beat car to buy… blah blah blah……

    So what cars does he thinks that has the least smog issues? Lol

  35. Sea foam is good on older vehicles in the gas and oil. I have used it on at least 10 cars. Used it in the oil of a 98 Escort and when I changed the oil it had little black hard specs in the oil that looked like built up carbon. Also the oil was really dark. Next oil change I went 5k miles and the oil was still very clean and light colored and I didn’t loose a drop of oil between changes. I use the motorcraft synthetic blend from Walmart. Also used it in the gas and the idle seems smoother. On the tank I used it I got about 38 mpg where I usually got around 32-34.

  36. I will never listen to him again
    I used sea foam in my 2001 Cummins as recommended, warm the engine, fill the fuel filter can, let it run for about 30 sec to a minute, let it sit for 30 minutes, then run it. It was like a new motor. This stuff really works
    By scotty

  37. I actually used Seafoam and it worked great on my BMW S1000RR that sat for more than a year in Houston until I shipped it here to Burbank. Jay Leno, who was Autobooks while I was asking the owner about the product opined how to use the product and suggested he had positive experience using it.

  38. Interesting review. How do you feel about using SeaFoam for a fuel stabilizer (Winter storage) in motorcycles that have air cooled 4T engines?

  39. You are so incredibly cool!!  Great videos and thank you so much for all the great info you share from your vast experience!

  40. I've thought about this and it it is a product that was used to clean out much heavier carbon deposits than modern cars, why not use it? He's not saying it eats piston rings for breakfast. I have seen scores of you tube videos now showing nitrogen based cleaners leaving behind most of the carbon. I don't think Seafoam does a better job but it doesn't do a worse job either.

  41. It sure cleaned up my old 150k 302 Ford engine. It even stopped sputtering. I was encased in a white cloud of smoke for a few minutes tho. I let the brake booster line drink the whole can, slowly.

  42. Scotty’s Moto: Don’t do anything, if you have a car don’t drive it, don’t even buy one for that matter, stick to a bicycle.

  43. 86 Camry 230k on it with bad rings and head gasket, with no exhaust still runs like a champ. Things bullet proof indestructible

  44. I have this 2 cycle weed eater. It would barely run. Most the time I would pull the cord until it flooded and then have to wait 15 minutes to try again. Did about a 50/50 mix of seafoam and gas and after I got it to fire up I revved the hell out of it for a while. It was blowing smoke in a giant cloud. Then I turned it off and let it sit. Added more gas to to mix and the thing starts on the first pull every time now. But Scotty is right. There are better products for 4 cycle engines.

  45. On the multi electrode spark plug, More electrodes because when one gets dirty and offers less resistance, the spark jumps to the next, hence vastly extending the service interval at a lesser cost than iridiums. But surely manufacturers have started to reduce producing that simply because its delayed sales for them.

  46. Hey Scotty, the 4 point spark plugs really helped me in my old Hyundai Accent, that was burning a lot of oil, and thus clogging the spark plugs often. The 4 point ones lasted much longer before they started misfiring … anyway, the proper way would be to rebuild the engine, which would cost 2 times the price of the car 😀 So I kept on using it for one more year and than I got a newer one. But the 4 point spark plugs helped a lot… So if your car is eating a lot of oil, this might help but it is not a permanent solution by any means…

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