The Truth About Stabil Fuel Additive for Your Car

The Truth About Stabil Fuel Additive for Your Car

rev up your engines, Thomas Rossi says
what are your thoughts on Stabil, I’m wondering whether to put the stable gas
treatment into my vehicle, I’m storing them okay, it does work,
modern gasoline isn’t made to last all that long, so if you got something that’s
sitting for six months or more it’s a good idea to read the directions on the Stabil
can, put that in to keep it from deteriorating while it’s sitting there, now
that said I’ve read the Stabil instructions and normally they’re
telling you that it’s only good for maybe a year or year and a half, so if you
storing it for a real long period of time you’re better to empty a whole fuel
system out and leaving nothing in it then you are leaving fuel and
expecting it to be good, because modern gas is a lot weaker than it was
when I was a young mechanic in the sixties, back then you could have a
motorcycle let it sit for three or four years with the gas in the tank and then
just crank it up and it would start right up
drive it around a little and then fill up with new gas that’d be okay, modern
gasoline isn’t that stable, it won’t last that long and even with the stabilizer
stuck in it, it’s still not going to be all that long life and they even warn you on the
directions if you read the directions, horse says scotty how reliable are Honda cr-v
2003 compared to other cars, well actually that’s one of Honda’s best
vehicles, the CRVs can run a long time, I got a customer’s one it’s got three
hundred twenty thousand miles and still runs like a clock
sure it rattles a little here and there you know, I mean anything that old is gonna
start rattling, but they can run forever if you take care of those things, change the
oil regularly, don’t overheat the engine, you know those things were solid
built vehicle, I’m amazed at some of the abuse that my customers ones have take
some of them the only thing they do is change the oil they don’t do anything else
and they’re still running down the road, they are very good vehicles you know, the only
real problems that I’ve seen with the cr-v’s are, I live in Houston and it’s real
hot down here all the time, that their air conditioners were poorly made on some of
them and air conditioning compressors would blow right off, the shafts were too
small and they’d snap and you had to replace the air conditioning compressors
but other than that they’re pretty decent vehicles,
Jeremiah says Scotty I have an 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9 liter and the
tranny went out, the engine runs great should I get a junkyard transmission for five
hundred and fifty dollars Thanks, you gotta put your thinking cap on for
this one, those have horrible transmissions, but it’s 18 years old if
you buy an 18 year old junkyard transmission that’s one of the few
things that’s gonna fit, the new ones won’t fit that old vehicle, you’re taking
a real gamble, I mean 550 bucks isn’t all that
much money but then you got to put it on do all that work and if it doesn’t work
you’re back to square one, most guys that they like the vehicle, they’ll get a
factory manufactured one, put it in and then it can run for quite some time, they
do a decent job at the factory remanufactured once, but just buying one
from a junkyard, now let’s say it was a Toyota, I’d say sure cuz the toyota
transmissions hardly ever break, so if you buy used one in a junkyard odds are
it’s gonna still be pretty good but the Chrysler’s, they break all the time and
if you buy you used transmission you’re really taking quite a bit of gamble
right there, I personally wouldn’t do it, F quiz says hey what brand-new
two-door car would you recommend or any regular sedan out there and the market,
get a Toyota Corolla those things can run forever, they make them with various
doors of course but you can still get a two-door or a Honda Civic, if you like
standard transmissions the Honda Civic would be a better choice, because they’re
really zippy little cars but their automatic transmissions are a little
iffy, so if you’re talking about a two-door automatic transmission car, I’d
say get a Toyota Corolla that would be the best thing that you could get, it’s going
to last a long time not have any problems
and still not cost all that much money, if you like a Camry yeah they’re even
better but they cost a lot more money than the Corollas do, some guy says Scotty
what do you think about older Suzuki cars like the Baleno sedan 97, I heard
Suzuki makes great engines but the rest of the car is weaker, yeah that is true Suzuki
was originally a motorcycle company, actually before that they made looms to
make fabric and stuff but they ended up making motorcycles and they make great
motorcycles, killers I had a Suzuki 750 that thing was bulletproof 170 miles an
hour, I mean no problems at all and their car engines they’re decent but the rest
of the vehicles are kind meh, they pulled on the United States decades ago because
they had so many problems with people not being able to fix them and with them
breaking down and with themm their motorcycle engines of course are
small and put out a lot of horsepower for two wheels, but for four wheels there were
underpowered vehicles, but I mean if you like the Baleno sedan 97 you can get one
cheap enough, if you’re somewhere else in the world besides the United States go
right ahead, it’s just that here you can’t get parts for
Suzuki cars it’s a pain in the butt, so I would not advise anybody to buy a Suzuki
car in the United States because they’re just so hard to get parts for, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that

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  2. Toyota also got their start as a textile machinery company. The family name was Toyoda but they named the car company they formed Toyota to keep it separate from the textile company.

  3. Suzuki Balenos are relatively good cars. Only one weakness I've read (as I was thinking of buying one) is with the parts structurally supporting the engine; engine mounts, subframes – stuff like that. Having rust there can be a pain to get rid of – as often a 'new" part is required. And that is what costs more – depending one where you live. Integrity wise – just like the Swifts. If you don't hammer them, and don't hold it for an old banger, they are decent daily drivers.

  4. Actually scotty your wrong about the newer suzuki having hard to buy parts they used gm parts… its gm fault they sucked

  5. I have a 2009 Ford Ranger with the 2.3L four and it runs great. Why does Ford say DO NOT USE FUEL ADDITIVES in the Owner's Manual? I love Marvel Mystery Oil and think it would be a good preventative maintenance item for the fuel injectors. Do Ford fuel injectors clean themselves?

  6. The new CRV has serious oil dilution problems. The fuel is getting into the oil and causing everything from a rod knock to excessive oil consumption. Honda has yet to figure out what is wrong. It looks like it may be just a software fix or at least that’s what Honda is hoping for. But in the meantime 17, 18, 19, Honda CRV‘s are a do not buy with the direct injected turbo charged engine in CVT transmission!

  7. Never used Sta-bil in my car, but use it religiously in my lawn mower since manual states my warranty is voided if I don't.

  8. I know an old man that restores old vintage 1940s John Deer Tractors and he gets his fuel for his tractors from a small plane airport,,,the 105 octane gasoline and he said the life of that fuel is very very long ..He keeps several in his storage shed and they never get stared very much.. My advice for an additive is 1 ounce of Naphtha Thinner or Diesel Fuel or even Kerosene and even a few ounces of XYLOL /XYLENE added to each gallon of regular gasoline n . Getting the non ethanol is better for log storage also..

  9. Reason why modern fuel doesn’t last as long is because it contains ethanol which breakdown into water basically if it sits too long. You can still find non ethanol fuel but hard to find and is more expensive

  10. Scotty you gotta realize most of us want to enjoy driving our cars. Choosing the most reliable car will not satisfy you the most. It will save you money, but do you only eat Ramen noodles because they're cheap?

  11. that's funny 'buy a trans from the dealership'  $reo for a shim pack for the diff…they are not in the game for me…haha

  12. Here's a good tip I learned from mechanics. If you are going to store your vehicle for a long time use up as much of the gas as possible and then fill the tank with NON-ETHANOL gas with Stabil fuel stabilizer. The non-ethanol gas costs about 15 to 20 percent more but lasts a LOT longer and won't deteriorate your gaskets and seals like the ethanol gas does. Spend a little more and save a LOT.

  13. Hey Scotty, can you comment on why tail lights on cars are so big. Thanks for your videos & for your service to this great country.

  14. Can you answer, which is better to buy between a 2018 ss Camaro vs a 392 scat pack in regards to reliability, mechanical, and etc….scotty

  15. With todays gasoline, it is hard to start any engine after 45-60 days. I grew up on Amaco fuel, had to chase it via BP, now I can't buy 93 octane white gas. I always used Amaco 93 in my mowers, trimmers, car and truck, never had an engine failure, a rusted muffler or tail pipe. I bought a cheap jumping jack tiller to do some flower beds and a garden in 1991. I did not crank it for 16 years, it sat out behind the garage. In 2015, I wanted to use it, opened the gas tank, it was right at 1/2 tank. of Amaco white 93 octane. Two yanks on the rope and it started and ran just like it did new.
    Now you buy fuel at the amount you think you need in the next two weeks. My o my, where is quality headed.

  16. I just bought a one-quart bottle of Sta-Bil today. I was afraid Scotty was gonna say "Yeah, that Sta-Bil is a bunch of CRAP!" or something. Breathing a sigh of relief here.

    It does smell rather strong though. Keep it off of your hands. Trust me on this one.

  17. In other words, businesses in the developed world are slowly but surely enslaving and FOOLING all consumers … with their over priced low quality GAS! Thanks Scotty

  18. 2001 Dodge Ram 5.9L has a problem with the selector in the transmission. They all do this eventually. The tranny is usually good, just the thing telling it what to do is bad. It's plastic.

  19. Scotty it says on the label it lasts 1 year for two reasons. Increased sales and it makes the legal department happy. If your fuel breaks down during long storage you can't sue them. I stored my Dad's Toyota truck for 46 months with a full treated tank. I started it live on video and posted it here. The tank is air tight as I can hear air rush in when I remove the gas cap and it was garage kept. Maybe that's why my results were so good. Started right up and ran fine.

  20. I have had 7 Toyotas and 4 Lexus since 1989. Have yet to take one in for a failure; had a couple of recalls, but no failures. I agree with Scotty's praise of their cars and I, too, love my old Celica, a '97 GT convertible.

  21. When I was a kid in the 70's my old man would freak out if gas got on car paint or anything else. I remember gas then would take paint off metal after a while. Plus back then gas would eat through plastic, why all gas cans were " metal Jerry Cans". Today gas cans are plastic and the octane isn't as high as once was, I remember when regular gas was 91 octane and premium gas was either 102 or 104 depending on the filling station.

  22. They use Toluene to replace the Lead they took out of fuel. The Octane is 110 so blending it with low Octane Gasoline to make Hi Test is a natural, so easy just to add the Toluene to get Hi Octane fuel. However…Toluene is a powerful solvent. It's also has a lower cook-off temp that gasoline. AS it evaporated the gas and the additives get concentrated, not bad with the gas but very bad on the additives. You end up with a very high concentration for things you shouldn't, some of them turn into a gummy substance….. Toluene is a solvent, remember?….

  23. Could u comment Scotty on the use of Techron additive to reduce the build up of Carbon in a GDI engines. Is PEA really the "stuff" it's advertised to be.

  24. I've had some old Toyotas that sat a year , and I put in four bottles of fuel additive and a couple gallons of fresh gas and got a running like a top, but I've had some stale gas another machines that he just won't fire you have to drain it it's not combustible anymore pretty much turned to varnish

  25. I use Stabil for my lawn equipment. I find Briggs & Stratton just doesn't care for this new gasoline full of ethanol. The Stabil seems to keep the carburetor clean of the gunk modern gasoline likes to put in it. Before, I found myself cleaning the carburetor a couple of times a year. Also, if I have gas left in the engine or gas can over the winter, the Stabil keeps it useful.

  26. SCOTTY PLEASE HELP! My wife and I want to trade in our 2007 Chevy avalanche and are looking into diesel trucks. We are currently looking at 3. A 2008 Chevy Silverado 2500HD 4WD LTZ with 282,412 mi for $17,995, 2004 Chevy Silverado 2500HD 4WD LS with 333, 352 mi for $11,995, and a 2003 GMC Sierra 2500HD 2WD with 166,164 mi for $9,995. Which sounds better? By the way, all of these are at a dealership, should I buy from and individual? How do you feel about high mileage diesels? About Duramax engines? What kinds of things should I look out for or consider? Should I go for Cummins? This is my first time getting a diesel so any information would be greatly appreciated.

  27. Having owned a number of Honda CRVs, I agree with Scotty they are incredibly reliable vehicle.

    I currently drive a 2004 with around a hundred and eighty thousand miles. The only real problem I have ever experienced with the vehicle which is indicative of this transmission.

    Thi is that it's has a tendency to have a vibration at a particular RPM between 1700-2300 (roughly) where there will be some vibration either accelerate or decelerate to stop the vibration. This is an issue with many of these vehicles.

    It's something you have to live it (this issue isn't detrimental to the vehicle) with because you will go mad trying to find out the source of the issue which is most likely internal. But other than that if you live in areas that use road salt there can be some issues with rust around the rear wheel wells.

    If the compressor for the air conditioner was not replaced yes they can self-destruct I believe that most of these issues were fixed via a recall some years ago when the cars were new but just be aware of that issue like Scotty said.

  28. But Walking Dead says you can just go up to ANY car regardless of how many years it's been sitting and just jump start it and of you go! 😂😂🤣🤣

  29. Use Stabil in our RV. However, we make sure the fuel level is below 1/4 of a tank so we can quickly run through the old gas when we start using it in the spring.

  30. I bought a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500. Under 99xxx on the V6 with 5 spd manual trans. $2800. What do you think about the 3.7 motor? The oil was changed on a regular basis and I run full synthetic now. Also, any advice on lubricant for the transmission and

  31. Scotty do you ever recommend cars other than Toyota or Honda? Feel like that all you ever tell people to buy. Not hating, just a question. Love from Houston❤✌

  32. My 2007 Civic has 240,000 miles with an automatic transmission. The transmission has had zero problems.

  33. Hey scotty i have a 99 lexus rx300 it was saying a was getting a misfirer on my 2,4.6 cylinders and i changed the coils and spark plugs and its still misfiring what could it be any sugestions?

  34. Why would he pay $550 for a junkyard transmission, when he already has one, on the vehicle? That's gotta be the dumbest question ever.

  35. Got to get a tranny FOR your dodge ram p.u. Get a tci or rebuildit ? Or fix it with an allison transmission!! Or get one from a gmc.! 🙂

  36. My 4L60E transmission in my 1995 GMC Jimmy I starting to dirty the fluid. This means that there will be a transmission rebuild in the future. Should I go now to the shop to have it rebuilt or replace the oil every year and wait for it’s demise?

  37. Definitely use Stabil when storing your classic over the winter months. Also, regarding early CRV's…no mention of the need to adjust valves every 30,000 miles (although the owner manual in US says 105,000)?

  38. Anyone with a power boat who lives where winters are hard knows the value of Stabil. Put it in just before you put away your boat, and your motor will start up perfect in the spring. Forget to use it and you are risking a messed up fuel system. Even the old carburetors could get all gummed up from last year's gas.

  39. Back in the 1980's, I remembered seeing "Marvel Mystery Oil" on the auto parts store shelves. It's still around! What the heck is this stuff and does it really do anything positive for your engine?

  40. Since the first tank of gas in my riding mower and weed eater four years ago, and every subsequent tank, I have put in Sta-Bil. Those tools sit for five to six months between seasons, and they still run perfectly. The gasoline I use is Chevron with Techron.

  41. Is it okay to use a 3 months old, premium gasoline? It’s 95 octane with 10% ethanol.. because i forgot to put fuel stabilizer. I’m worried 😢😞😪

  42. Ref: fuel stabilizers for winter storage of my 10 and 20 year old B&S lawnmowers now my cars and trucks (6 months in Alberts). I've never used it and never will. Propagada. RIP off!
    Last year my brother and I put 50/1 and or 30/1, 2 cycle mixture plus summer gas to fill 150 because we didn"t need it in the 2 cycles and lawnmowers. At most Ill cut 2 cycle oil 30/1 and run though lawnmowers. Keep mixed fuel in our 2 cycles.
    I just don't buy the expensive hype. I don't use 10% ethanol gas – another racket.
    David Weum

  43. Oh well….I was all set to go out & look for a used CRV, but since I live in FL I guess that's out…. Between my house and the cars I have spent a BUNDLE of money over the past year on A/C.

  44. sitting for six months or more, . . kid watching TV eating potato crisps,  I'm on a mission to destroy all TV computer games, X-Box, PlayStation, ALL of them,

  45. I had a 98 tracker which was basically a Suzuki absolutely loved it. Never had to do to much other than routine maintenance, but I do agree parts was getting harder to find for it, being the reason I sold it

  46. 1 – Don't store fuel that has ethanol in it. The ethanol will evaporate thus lowering the octane level. 2 – Better yet don't leave any fuel mowers, chain saws, or generators you are storing. I have practiced this for forty years and NEVER had a problem with engine start. 3- Don't waste your money on Seafoam, it is not a stabilizer.

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