The Truth About the Honda S2000

The Truth About the Honda S2000

rev up your engines,
Burak Mueslu, Scotty hope you’re doing well, yeah you can see my voice is almost
normal, my cold is going away, I want to buy an AP2 Honda s2000 as a fun
weekend car, and a car I can practice working on because it seems pretty
mechanically simple, any thoughts, yes those are fantastic cars, I don’t know
why they stopped making them but those s2000 were really fun and
they’re really fast, I mean a stock one it’s not even turbocharged or anything,
and it put out as much power as a Porsche, so they are excellent engines
and if you can get one that’s in decent shape, you can learn how to work on it
because it’s not a super super complex car and they really are well made
engines, like I said Honda was originally a motorcycle company, they
made really good engines, and that could be a fun car, resale value starting to
go up on those things it just is, but don’t overpay, but they can be
really fun cars driving and you can learn how to work on that,
Cameron D says, hi Scotty I got an 03 Pontiac Vibe and it is over three
hundred thousand kilometers with the original ignition coils that still work, so do you
recommend replacing them as preventative maintenance with a spark plug change,
well I’d change the spark plugs but I wouldn’t worry about it, you know that’s
basically a Toyota, and those are really good parts and if it runs perfectly fine
now, I wouldn’t even worry about it because if they do go bad, it misfire
it’ll trip codes for misfire and it’ll say like, misfire cylinder number three,
now if it gets to a point that you are getting misfires, change all the ignition
coils, but buy quality ones, just don’t go on eBay and buy the cheapest ones made in
China because I’ve had customers do it and in the
past I tried to save my own customers and at the auto parts stores I bought the
cheaper Chinese ones and it bit me in the rear end, and they broke down within
a few months or a year, and then I had to replace them again, so you’ll want to get
quality ignition coils when you buy them, you
don’t want to just go out buy the absolute cheapest ones you can get your
hands on that’s a mistake, John says, Scotty I got a
2017 Toyota Tacoma and every time I take an off road there’s an occasional grinding
noises coming from the rear differential what’s the deal, okay well it’s pretty
new vehicle, but you’re taking it off road and of course that’s gonna void all
the warranties, I wouldn’t tell anyone are you taking it off-road, I have a
video called, how to find noises in your car, watch it, I have a device that has a
bunch of different sensors on them, there’s like five of them and their little
broadcasting stations, you can put them all over the place, then you wear
headphones, plug it in to the receiving unit, and then you drive around and you
can switch it to all the different ones, one, two, three, four, five, and you have
one on the differential, if it makes noise then
you know it is coming from the differential, I wouldn’t tell them you’re
taking an off-road, take it in and say my differential is making a noise and
see if they’ll do anything under warranty. but don’t tell them you’re
taking it off-road, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. As much power as a Porsche??? OK I can honestly believe you have 50 yrs experience but when you say just as much power as a Porsche I'd like to to see the tests you did to make this conclusion. It's easy to say it but to actually show is a different can of worms. I guess the easiest way to figure this out is let's see the dyno results which will actually measure the results and put them on paper for side by side results viewing. Hence easy to say one does more than the other but having the proof in the pudding is always best I've learned.

  3. Stock 2009 S2000 hp: 237

    Stock 2009 Porsche 911 hp: 345-450

    Stock 2009 porsche cayman hp: 265-320

    S2000 is a great car, but it doesn't make the power of even a Porsche Cayman stock, and when most people say ""Porsche" they don't mean the Cayman…….

  4. At 160k my 2000 toyota echo had random misfires. changing all the spark coils with good quality aftermarket coils fixed the problem.

  5. Some (true) reasons why the S2000 was discontinued:
    Under-average fuel economy.
    Demographic was marginal, sales are in f*cking SUVs.
    No auto trans was available and you know most Americans can't/won't do manual.

  6. Scotty. Off roading doesn't void a Toyota warranty. Some people have encountered problems at dealerships, but the dealerships are and were all wrong. It is recommended that someone contact Toyota directly or to to a corporate office location before simply heading to the nearest dealership.

  7. "….but dont tell em youre takin it offroad!" Aint that the truth Scotty! Toyota sells these expensive Tacomas on Offroading Marketing & voids your warranty if you use it Offroad

  8. Love my 04' S2000 ! I've had it about 4 years & I never plan on selling it. Mine has a few aftermarket goodies. Installed Potenza RE-71R tires along with Alcon front brakes & they completely changed the car. Love it !

  9. I have a 2008 Honda Accord. Great car, long lasting, excellent condition. Just put a new starter in it a few weeks ago. ONLY issue with it, is at around 40 MPH, I hear a rattle. Also sometimes when I am going from a stop for a second it rattles. Sounds like it is in front of me so under the hood, but have to get it checked out sometime.

  10. The S2000s were killed off due to the world financial crisis in 2008. Sales dropped tremendously, and they couldn't justify keeping it in production. They certainly couldn't be practical with the rising gas prices. Despite having a naturally aspirated 2.2L 4 cyl, they got awful gas mileage.

  11. Hi Scotty – Love your channel. I am needing a smaller 4 wheel drive OR optional 4 wheel capability Small SUV. What do you think of the FORD ESCAPE? What years are good as I am looking to purchase used. If the FORD ESCAPE is not recommended for some reason – – Could you please recommend another small SUV that would have the same options as stated above. Thanks. Sincerely, JAMES in San Francisco.

  12. I have an S2000 for sale, runs perfect and it's well taken care of. Almost all stock (just wider wheels, lower suspension, street compliant racing adjustable front lower ball joints, and air intake box removed for short ram k&n air intake) swapped engine w/ 50k miles, suspension has 120k. No rust, never driven in snow. Has a few minor scratches and standard rock chips in paint.

  13. Yes honda s2000 a legendary car giving around 240 brake and gonna skyrocket up in value in the future.
    I cannot understand why the later type r versions have only 197 brake.
    Maybe stiffled the power with the later strict emissions i dunno.

  14. Love the S2000 had one here in the UK for 4 years ultra reliable. Only issue I had in 4 years was a 70 quid maf sensor. Wasn't too expensive to run for a roadster and great run on a summers day.

  15. Now the S2000 is a great car, nobody can deny that, but saying that it makes more horsepower than A Porsche is really vague. S2K is a great track car with great balance especially for the price but Porsche has made a few of the best track cars ever. The GT2 and GT3 just to name a couple were absolutely incredible.

  16. Does anyone else think Scotty Kilmer should be in charge of the Department of Education in the United States?

  17. Bought my 07 S2000 4 years ago and I never have to do anything besides brake and oil change. Super fun to drive, especially with the top down 😉

  18. my s2k clutch just went out. no warning. 1-5 th gears worked fine. 5th to 6th not so much, clutch throw out bearing pulled out of the pressure plate at 80mph…. fml

  19. I drive a tow truck for AAA and the S2000's are really great and reliable cars. only time i ever towed one was when a chic wrecked her boyfriend's 500 horsepower S2000.. My only gripe about the S2000 is that it has no torque. I drove my coworkers 2.2L S2000 and it didn't feel fast at all, I drive a 2002 Nissan Maxima 3.5 SE with a 6 speeed.

  20. You are righr Scotty. Some people always want the cheap Chinese made parts for their cars and the parts quality is terrible.

  21. Finally i belive scotty 😂😂😂 i hope he know the EvO will leave that s2000 in the dust😂😂😂

  22. So you buy a JEEP that is four wheel drive and take it off road and the dealer voids your warranty? That is just plain ignorant. Why make a JEEP with four wheel drive for??

  23. S2000 is definitely becoming a classic. I saw an AP2 S2000 CR with low miles sell for over $40,000. You can sometimes find NSX for that kind of money!

  24. Oh but and s2000 is gonna be pricey at least compared to the Honda world of cars. So unless you're into it for the look of the body, you could just get any other civic and make it just as fast or faster. Honda civics are like poor people track cars, but actually end up being faster then alot of other stuff on a quarter mile. And are have more aftermarket parts for them then anything else too.

  25. Not sure why people are commenting about gas mileage in the S2000. Drive it like a grandma and it had incredible gas mileage, the problem is all you want to do is rev it all day 🙂

  26. Nice pick of the old model D. I would love to own an old model E . I'm retired and would never spend that much money on such a rare bike. I can dream. I enjoy your page and videos. Mike Morgan

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