The Truth About the Mazda RX-8

The Truth About the Mazda RX-8

Rev up your engines,
mach mach, scotty what is your opinion on the rx8 mazdas is it worth it,
ok here’s the thing, that’s when they brought back again the rotary engine, the wankel rotary
engine was designed by a german guy by the name of wankel,
it was an interesting idea, instead of having pistons that go up and down the have an internal
triangular rotor that spins, the problem is, where the edge of the triangle
is, there’s three of them, they have apex seals and those seals almost always go bad,
but on top of that, they’re generally gas hogs, they’re very inefficient engines,
they can run on anything, it can run on Kerosene it can even run on perfume probably,
but they’re very poor at gas mileage so really, it’s not that great of a deal, now if you
can get one cheap and you want a toy for the weekend and you’re going to put a little bit
of miles, I got customers that do that and they like
them, but don’t buy one and think you can use it
as an every day driver and not have to put a bunch of money and probably have to rebuild
the engine eventually, green tree says, scotty what the best first
car to buy in the UK take into account low budget and high insurance cost is a 2000 VW
Polo a good idea thanks, well I recently got back from England I had
a great time there I was there for 2 weeks, I would never advise anybody to buy a VW but
you’re in England, people buy them there all the time, parts are cheaper, the insurance
is cheaper, in England that might not be a bad idea,
I know it’s a smaller country I went all over the place there,
so since it’s a smaller country people generally put a lot less miles on the car if you can
get one that’s got you know 50-60 thousand miles it can still last quite some time,
surprise me telling someone to buy a VW but in England a lot of people do and it can be
ok if it’s still got low mileage on it, that one gamer says, would a 1982 Kawasaski
550 be a good first motorcycle, it’s my dad’s and fun fact it still has tags that expired
back in August 1991, ok if you can get it running yeah those were
bulletproof motorcycles, they weren’t slow but they weren’t super fast
so they’re a little safer for your first motorcycle, and realize that if it’s sat that long you’re
going to have to boil the carburetor or pay a mechanic to do it,
take them off and they’re going to have to be boiled in cleaner after your strip them
to get all the stuff off inside, or with something like that believe it or
not sometimes it’s cheaper just to go to like Ebay or something and theirs already guys
that have fully rebuilt ones for those and they’ll sell them to you for a few hundred
dollars already set up and you can just bolt it on and drive away,
magic johnsons says, scotty is this true, if the catalytic converter is bad will the
post cat oxygen sensor mirror the pre-cat oxygen sensor,
ok if it was completely gutted and didn’t work at all yes but the problem with catalytic
converters are they can go bad in many different ways, if they clog up and they don’t flow
and do much of anything the back one might be completely dead, the back oxygen sensor
might not have any activity at all, so there’s lots of ways they can go bad, that’s
the problem with doing electrical analysis, when I do really complex stuff on cars that
have serious electrical problems you got to know so much,
because there are, you look at an oscilloscope and freeze frame of the data,
there sometimes can be 10 reasons that an oscilloscope for a certain sensor can go in
a certain way, and then you got to pin point them,
it’s not like you look at brake pads, you’re worn out and thin time for new ones, it’s
not that simple, and checking catalytic converters and oxygen
sensors can get very complex, especially as they age,
daniel says I got a 2005 nissan xterra the transmission was contaminated with coolant,
would I junk it or keep it, amazing condition and only 130,000 miles,
we here’s the problem, if it was contaminated for any period of time it’s probably ruined
the transmission and to rebuild that transmission is more value than the whole vehicle is worth,
so you’d have to do that one, that’s a judgement call on yourself,
I mean if you want to try and you cleaned it all out and it shifts ok, and it does so
for another 800-900 miles then you’re out of the woods,
but if it starts acting up, I’d sell it then, raven22, scotty my dad has a 1996 Lincoln
mark 8 cylinder 3 continues to misfire even after replacing the spark plugs, wire, the
coils, the fuel lines and fuel injectors any idea,
yes a classic problem with those is cylinder 3 may have a bad valve or a bad valve spring,
what happens is, lets say you drive it around slow, just drive it around in town and rest
the computer, and if that code doesn’t come back after driving it 30-40 miles an hour,
then take it on the highway and drive fast and if you find after you drive fast that
misfire comes back, that’s often a worn valve spring when they’re
going real fast then they’ll start to misfire because the valve springs wear out that’s
a common problem with those engines as they age,
so check it exactly like I said take it on the highway if that misfire shows up then,
odds are the valve spring on the #3 and really you’d have to rebuild the heads in that case,
you can’t just change one spring you’d have to rebuild the whole head and the valves and
everything, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell!

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  2. Hey Scotty, I'm looking at an RSX Type-S as a first car, but my mom wants to buy me a 2011 Camaro. Both would be in standard. Which one's better for a 16-year-old who's been driving SUVs and crossovers?

  3. There's so many beautiful condition RX8s with low milages for less than £1000 here in the UK. I'm well aware why they are so cheap though. I guess they could be good for someone with an indoor workshop setup at home, and buying it as a second car to work on at the weekend and drive occasionally.

  4. Scotty, I like the new Jeep Grand Cherokee (2014+), and would like to get one in the near future. I have a small camper I would like to tow. Would I be better off with the 5.7L V8 or the 3.0L EcoDiesel? Thinking about maintenance cost, fun factor, fuel mileage, etc.
    I've been watching your channel for a long time, Love your videos.

  5. Skoti jebem ti pleme glupo ako je država manja ne znači da auta manje prelaze ja sam iz Bosne a ona je puno manja od Britanije imam passata 320000 km 2006 god a imo sam duju sa satom koji je obiso 3 puta ni jedan problem sa motorom ti si retardiran i glup kao i vecina vas preko bare njemacka i japanska auta su najbolja odma posle jugoslovenskih a americka su karina imala mi rodica fiestu 200000 presla mjenjala kvacilo pet puta

  6. I loved the idea of owning an RX8. Keyword is "loved".
    I read an honest second hand buyer's guide and it scared the ever living ** out of me, lol!
    Still an awesome driver's car though.

  7. Funny, on the day this was posted, (yesterday) a RX8 in the parking lot of the grocery store I work at would not start… coincidence???

  8. Scotty, love the video, but you did not mention the BIG difference between the Series I and Series II RX-8 models. Basically 1st Gen (04'-'08) had 2 oil injectors, weeker starter and less durable apex seals. Series II ('09-'11 models) had better starters, more durable apex seals, and an extra oil injector to lubricate them properly.

    I'm not a fan of the rotary, but since that is the only car my wife wants to drive, I've been stuck with having to "enjoy" the RX-8. Best advise I can give is to buy a low milage Series II, top the oil off religiously every week, change the plugs, ignitions coils and wires every 30k miles, and drive the piss out of it.

    *sidenote: Sunvisors are lame and will fall off if used too much. Taillights will collect water from a faulty seal- drill a tiny hole at the bottom of each lense to keep them clear.

  9. Scotty what do you thunk about Lexus IS220d its only diesel Lexus and its using Toyota Avensis engine, is it reliable and worth money??

  10. On that xterra, it’s a common problem with those tranny’s. When the fluid goes thru the radiator to cool off there’s a seal that goes bad & allows coolant to leak in & mix with the ATF. If you rebuild you have to replace that seal to, or many re-route the lines to avoid it.

  11. Bought a 1985 RX-7 new and used it as a daily driver, never had any problems with 146k miles on the clock. Just make sure recommended maintenance is followed and not to over-rev the engine. It is relatively retired as it isn't driven much and there's an issue now with failed CA smog 🙁

  12. I love rotaries so I tried to take a test drive of an RX 8, I couldn't fit in the driver's seat. I wish that I had never sold my RX 7 Turbo.

  13. Rotary engines drink oil by design, its sprayed into the chamber to lube the rotor on the intake side & is burnt off onthe combustion side. You have to check the oil really reguarly

  14. I almost died laughing when he said he just came back from England and had a great time there and in the meme picture was a prison cell :))

  15. I've got a 2010 Renault Clio 1.2 with manual transmission and 74k miles, every now and then it struggles to get into the first gear or reverse, it happens rarely but can be annoying, what could it be? Cheers.

  16. Wow Scotty, you just got my first ever dislike. As an owner of 2 running RX-8s I've been waiting for this video a long time. It's a sports car, it's not gonna get good gas Mileage.. and if you properly lube your seals and take care of your car it'll last for awhile. If someone can't handle sports car maintenance buy a civic.

    I love majority of your videos but this was disappointing, Scotty.

  17. Hi Scotty & co, I'm sitting wondering about buying a Mazda 6 currently, I live in Denmark where cars are extremely expensive so I want to make the right call, I've been looking at the engines 2.2 diesel, 2.5 petrol and 2.0 petrol (all 3 engines from 2008-12). Now I'm just starting to wonder, how good are they each in their own right? I'm very concerned with longevity and want something basically immortal. Thinking of the 2.5l cause it's a big engine, I can't really find any drawbacks besides low efficiency, and it has no dpf or turbo that can go bad.

    Bonus question: How good are Mazdas from this period (2008-12) in general?

  18. The mechanics I speak to in the UK, say that VW cars suffer from gearboxs being made of softer metals to what they used to be years ago. So they go bad at around approx 70,000 miles and earlier sometimes.

  19. I had a RX8, it was a fun car, but it had tons of electrical problems, I ended up trading it in for a 2011 fusion and I am very happy about my decision.

  20. Have had my rx8 since 2010, has 91,000 miles on it, drive it daily. No issues what so ever. Most reliable vehicle i’ve ever owned.

  21. yes do your homework call Mazda and ask I need to change XYZ how much — call Toyota and ask I need to change XYX how much do not be suprise you are paying 150% more- but you have a cooler neat looking car.

  22. One buys an Rx8 to like every other piston jumkie on the street.
    And you can make a high rev 8 second car for the track on the cheap

  23. inefficient, take a look at the s2000, 350z, and all the others, their BSFC and mpg for power output. average piston engine ranges from .45 to .6, rotary is around .6 to .65, in reality, its REALLY not that much worse than a piston engine.

    then you realize the rx's actually get roughly the same power output, or the same gas mileage.

    the engine longevity is mostly due to owners not revving the nuts outta them every chance they get. they baby them, and babying a rotary engine is the worst thing you can do, other than running out of oil or overheating them.

    hitting 200,000 miles on a second generation non turbo rx-7 is very normal. rx8's changed that with reduction in oil lubrication on apexseals and owners who didnt know the quirks of a rotary engine.

  24. Rotary engines like the RX-8 got terrible gas mileage. It got the equivalent of a massive V8 big block engine. They are fun to drive but not made for the average consumer.

  25. There are so many things wrong with the rx8 bit lmao. 1. If you take care of them apexes are fine. 2. Rotary engines are incredibly efficient. 3. Rx8s make fine daily drivers, I've been dailying mine for almost 3 years now with almost 0 issues. My rx8 has been the most reliable car I've ever owned. They aren't that hard or expensive to maintain at all if you know what you're doing.

  26. In relation to the last question. How come you couldn't just go in and replace one valve spring?
    Why would you have to replace them all?

  27. scotty!!!
    im marcos from NYC & since start watching your videos i have a question for you.
    i have a 2006 Acura RSX base model with 120k milles & i would like to know if im able to use E-85 on it ?

  28. ********HEY*********
    *Rev Up Your Engines*
    What do you think about the 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 3.8L SC?
    It has 108,000 miles on it for sale & is in pretty good condition!
    Should I buy it?

  29. Since viewing this video, I have been wondering if old type television/radio servicing oscilloscopes, such as HEATHKIT MODEL O-9, are usable for automotive servicing.

  30. Lol and I'm here dayling my rx8 and it already has 147 miles on it same engine, just regular maintenance and let it warm up before a drive and of course rev it all the way😉

  31. I owned a 2005 rx8 for 7 years bought late 2010 with 80k miles …it was my daily driver for 2 years HORRIBLE GAS MILEAGE is all I really had a complaint about kinda slow but I bought it for its looks . Cool car drives good I ended up getting rid ( with 130k miles)of it because I have a growing family and it is not family friendly although i did enjoy the car I'm happy i got rid of that gas hog!

  32. I have to upgrade to a new ride for a internship in the midwest. Can you make a video on some good spacious cars and trucks that are $6,000 and under?

  33. My rx8 was a daily driver for 3 years until i started traveling state to state and got a beater to drive but i never had issues with it. I still own it just dont drive it everyday anymore

  34. I drive my rx-8 every day, it drinks fuel but nothing extraordinary, it’s a great car, the only thing it’s that you need to take care of it, keep an eye on the oil level (about half a quart for 1000-1200milles), and don’t use for really short trips.
    I think that you’r point of view is like a lot of basic mecahnics who are affraid of something different.

  35. Dude what are you talking about insufficient engine? Is that why it’s a 1.3 liter that can put out 800+hp? Find a piston engine that could do that, you can’t…

  36. Scotty, please help, I have a 04 Impala LS, with 217,000 miles on it. With what I believe to be the transmission slipping when I take off like normal shifting from first to second gear, it does that when its cold. But when I take off when its hot it doesn’t do it at all whether I take of like normal or aggressively. Is my Transmission going out?

  37. What i learned is americans hate rotaries and always say bad things about them, us spanish people love our rotaries and praise them for their power output to engine size ratio plus rotaries have much less parts to replace compared to regular piston engines!

  38. the xterra issue: my 08 pathfinder trans went with about 74k miles due to that same issue. we replaced under warranty. that was a worldwide issue that I believe nissane did nothing about. it only affected vehicles from 2005-2010 with the xterra frontier and pathfinder.

  39. yup rx7 or rx8 is great weekend cars or track cars, but people sure love to hate on it when they didn't even want to own one in the first place

  40. I've been daily driving my RX-8 for about two years and just passed 150k mi on the original motor. Still driving strong!

  41. Scotty, I bought a 2005 RX8 because it is fun to drive, if I was concerned about gas mileage I would have bought an econo box. I now have over 117,000 miles on the original engine with just maintenance. Oil change every 3 to 4,000 miles and a set of rear struts. Please do not print rumors you have heard and do some actually research! Oh yes the interior is in new condition, paint fade on horizontal surfaces thanks to Florida sun. One of the more thing, never use synthetic oil in the engine, stick with top quality dinosaur oil and frequent oil changies. I have almost 117,900 miles to backup my statements.

  42. RX8 mileage is not terrible. I've had mine since 2004. No, it certainly is not very fuel efficient. I get about 180 miles out of 13 gallons in the city. Highway mileage is much better, roughly 300 miles on 13 gallons. As to their reliability, don't beat on it and keep the oil topped off. They burn oil by design to keep the apex seals lubed.

  43. Hey scotty. Get your facts straight about rotaries! First of all, the standard rotary has 2 rotors, not 3. 3 rotors are available as standard. But only in Japan and possibly Europe or Australia . Rotaries have far less moving parts compared to a piston engine which makes them more reliable and efficiency. The key is knowing how to take care of a rotary. Most people don't. 1. Warm up is very important. In the morning, be patient and let the car warm up to max warm up temp which is almost to half on the dial. Warm up a 1/4 of the ways once the car has been sitting for a short time. 2. These engines love to rev. If your car has at least 1000 miles on it or your engine has 1000 miles on it, take the car out for a hard drive and rev that engine. 3. Always before turning the car off rev the engine to 4K. This helps burn excess carbon which can cause problems in the future. This is NOT a little old lady car that only goes to church on Sundays. Lastly, people need to understand that most production vehicles off the showroom floor are not necessarily designed for you to start adding all sorts of stuff to make the car more powerful. You can ruin your engine doing so rotary or piston. If you want more power either settle for a small increase in hp by adding a high flow exhaust or have your engine rebuilt to handle the major improvements you want to make so you won't be creating major issue in the future. So unless you have a high end super sports car or sedan, be cautious on improvements especially with rotaries. Taking care of your rotary like I just laid out and watching your oil levels will give you many enjoyable years of a rotary car. My 2nd gen Rx7 lasted me 215K.

  44. Soon as I see a video titled "The Truth about the ,,,,,,,," I know we gonna hear a bunch of negatives on such vehicle.
    Personally I won't buy another rotary.
    Haha you not gonna see a video titled The "Truth about a Toyota Celica"

  45. Rotaries are simple but have many problems including it's apex seals, it's burning oil habit, it's MPG, and getting a mechanic for it. It will also make you spend lots of money for you to keep it runing.

  46. Have a 2005 with 60K km….only thing had to replace was the fuel pump (changed out coils as well)…a blast to drive…no regrets.

  47. Two things I need before I own a Mazda RX7 or RX8 (especially daily driving it): I need to work on the engine cuz no one will work for me and I have to be a Pablo Escobar and an El Chapo to have money for it's maintenance.m since those are really endless moneypits. They said that the RX8 is practical car but it's not. If you want one, use it as a weekend toy. I know dickheads will try to say that I don't know anything about the Wankel engine but Scotty explained it in a summary in this video.

  48. I love this car, it's honestly my goal car aside from the CTSV 2nd gen although I had a chance of buying the Rx8 with 42k miles for 4k and I bailed because of school and income at that time 😭 good thing when I graduate in getting it in a few months when I graduate

  49. Premix,good fuel, red line it at least once a month, dont cheap out on maintenance and keep the cooling system working well and they will last. It takes a car guy to properly own one. If you are the type of car owner that does not do regular maintenance on your vehicles then do not buy this car or any rotary car at that

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