The Truth About the New Chevy Cruze, Buyer Beware

The Truth About the New Chevy Cruze, Buyer Beware

rev up your engines, Kenneth case of Scotty I really like my 2017 chevy cruze premiere RS I never had a problem throughout my ownership should I keep it thanks, well it’s a 2017 it’s only a year and a half old, you better not have any problems, you might as well keep it cuz I’ll tell you the truth if you try selling that thing now, you’ll see how much money you will lose, what you owe on it versus what it’s worth it would be foolish to sell it now maybe you got a good one that’s gonna last, I never advise anybody to buy it and I got a customer with one he’s got a picture of Mickey Mouse in his back window cuz she’s sued them under the lemon lawn for some weird reason they gave him back three thousand dollars and that was it, they wouldn’t take the car back so, you know but if it lasts drive it around cuz you would lose your shirt if you sold it now, CK says Scotty I’m looking into buying a 2004 GMC Canyon with two hundred sixteen thousand miles from a mechanic should I buy it okay well it depends if it was the mechanic’s vehicle and he took care of it, not a bad idea but if he’s selling it for somebody else you kind of think now the canyon was kind of a bizarre truck they weren’t that bad I mean look that thing’s got a lot of miles it’s still running, I just uh wouldn’t pay too much for it, it’s a 15 year old GMC pickup truck with two hundred sixteen thousand miles if you’re looking for a Knockaround truck to haul a little bit of stuff around why not but just don’t pay too much, it’s an old GMC truck with a lot of miles on it, Albee says what’s your opinion on police cars mainly 2013 police patrol vehicle Taurus with the 3.7 Mustang engine with 100,000 miles on it, well that was a fun vehicle in its time but the thing is if it was a police vehicle, generally they drive them like maniacs and they get the heck burnt out of them, I mean you generally expect you’re gonna put an engine or a transmission in them in a short period of time, but if you are thinking about buying one use, do not touch it until you get a guy like me a professional mechanic and gonna check it out with his computer and road test it and tell you what kind of shape it’s in. you want to start there if you do want to buy a vehicle like that, they can be fun to drive around but of course don’t pay much for it, a used police vehicle the resale value is not that much, you don’t want to pay much because you know you’re playing with dynamite you don’t know what’s left with that vehicle, why do you think the police get rid of them every so many years, Alvaro Tejado says Scotty I got a 95 volvo 940 when i start it up in the morning it makes the metallic rattling sound when I rev it, it goes away for 3-4 minutes, the engine was rebuilt seven years ago you know what’s really typical with those things, is the catalytic converters rattle as they age for some reason they made them crappy inside your catalytic converter are these honeycomb pieces that have platinum in them and that burns hydrocarbons and as they age especially on those vehicles it cracks and they will rattle, but then when they heat up the metal expands and they stop rattling check that first now, if it runs okay it doesn’t hurt anything and a new cat for that vehicle cost an awful lot of money, you might live with it if it is the cat rattling and it runs okay when it doesn’t run good, the temperature gauge run hotter and you’ll only be able to go like 55 miles an hour not any faste,r then you know it’s clogged up and you’d have to replace it then, US storm says Scotty I have an 07 Honda Civic LX coupe with rear drum brakes should I upgrade them to disc brakes, okay here’s the thing the rear brakes on that car are one thing mainly most of the power is stopped in the front disc, the rear drums are there so the car doesn’t fishtail when you stop hard and when you corner and stop for normal driving those work perfectly fine and you’re not gonna have any problems with them, it’s kind of a waste of money putting it in a little car like that it really doesn’t need it it’s a light car and disc brakes for all four wheels are more for racing because they don’t fade when you stop go fast stop go fast stop go fast, drums will actually stop a car just as fast one time but in a race they aren’t that’s why they were first used in race cars because they’re slamming them on and hit the gas, slamming them on and hitting the gas and the drum brakes will overheat where the discs wouldn’t and that’s why they started using them but on yours are you really wouldn’t want to spend money for that, my Honcho says Scotty should I put fuel injection on a Dodge Dart 318 v8 well it’s a good question but depends on what do you want to do with the thing, if you’re planning on selling it in the future, no because if it’s stock that’s a classic 73 Dodge dart you’re gonna lower the value by taking the factory stuff off, but if you want it to drive faster and get better gas mileage, put it on but save all your old parts, save the manifold, save the carburetor because then if you sell it at some point in the future you can say to the guy, look I did this because I like fuel injection you want to go back to stock here’s all the parts in the box keep them all, don’t throw any of them away, always do that with the classic car never throw any old parts away and if you want to modify it to your heart’s content you’re gonna keep it for years go right ahead just keep the old parts, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. The new Cruze looks ugly. It looks like a Hyundai. GM has never been known for reliability and quality. My money would rather go toward a Toyota. Resale value is high and reliability far superior.

  3. The chevy cruze is the best car in its class…And its built in our country, where it employs alot of us….Your opinion does not matter to me, i dont know you…But keep your OPINIONS to yourself…I drove the civic, sentra, mazda, altima, and cruze…the cruze was the best in all areas….Have you even taken any of these cars for a drive? NO you have not….Your opinions are very vague, with no facts to back it up…You just create vidoes to make the most money now because youre getting old….You are not knowledgeable on many subjects…You use terms like i heard it from an engineer…well who is he, what does he do? Please shut up, and keep to your basic car repairs, because thats where youre good…not here…sorry old man

  4. I have had the ltz for 3 weeks and need a new Mass Airflow Sensor, driver's side window regulator broke, gas sending unit, whirling sound when idling, fuel injectors randomly start clicking very loud, oil leaking from valve cover, engine is starting to knock, gas guage no longer works, strange noise coming from transmission and you can feel it. My car is now starting to die in traffic This all happen in the last 2 days and car I only has 64,000 miles

  5. Ok we bailed out GM so now they cutting 14k jobs and want to move the plant to China. Sucks all cause of this car dumb. Idiots.

  6. I have a 1987 Chevy C-10 and it runs to this day. Nothing major done to it. Also it’s the version with the single lights. Not the stacked double lights. And NO STEP side! Probably the only oldest thing I’ll ride would be that c10. I just wish I can bring it her to Vegas and show it off. But it’s back at home in Cali.

  7. I beat the snot out of a 2016 Cruze put 49000 miles with zero problems then traded it for a 2018. 2016 Cruze and on are Great Cars!

  8. If your looking for a reliable car buy a Toyota. I just bought a 2018 Corolla SE and love it. It has more safety features and doesn’t have turbo engines like the Cruze. My Corolla comes standard with pedestrian detection, lane departure alert, steering assist, emergency braking, dynamic cruise control etc. Its more durable and reliable than a Hyundai looking Cruze. No wonder it’s been discontinued.

  9. My girlfriend has a 2011 chevy cruze rs 1.4l only gets 24 mpg only has 38,000 miles she drives like a grandma and it is burning oil and antifreeze the dealer said there is nithing wrong stupid chevy trying to keep this on the down low so they dont have to recall it i will never buy a chevy again. Going to trade it in for a ford

  10. Love your channel BUT the Cruze is an awesome and reliable car, period. Got two of them, no problem, solid, efficient, quality cars.

  11. I have a 2018 Diesel hatchback RS and the only thing I like about the car is that the engine is European made by Opel. Being a long time VW TDI owner put me in a spot where I needed a new diesel vehicle for long highway commutes. Put 25k miles on this car in 10 months and no hiccups yet (knocks on wood). Two major complaints about this car are: 1. Horrible steering feel. Hard to gauge what the front wheels are doing; 2. A mushy domestic car ride that leads to little driving confidence when cornering as thr car wobbles and bobs like an SUV!

  12. This dude kills me it was not a Toyota he don't like it I've had for Chevy Cruzes 2 over a hundred thousand miles still got two of them totaled the other one this guy is just full of s*** and I'm a mechanic nothing he says has any factual basis

  13. Lol literally no REAL reasons to beware of the Cruze, just total bias. Cool! Hey man, ANY new car is not going to be great to sell right after getting it. What kind of scary baby boomer anti-American car bias is this?! I'm laughing.

  14. Grammarly makes you dumb! @ the commercial….no thank you, I'll realize my own errors and correct them. You mean I don't have to think about punctuation, just type and let the program correct spelling and grammar for me? So one day, we will be working for computers, because they will be smarter…..

  15. We have a 2013 HOLDEN CRUZE 5 door hatch 1.8 litre 4 cylinder plus Automatic 52000klm here in Australia and it is the BEST car we have owned. Never let us down ecconomical and great to drive. Plenty of room .

  16. please, everyone downvote this video, these videos by this guy are getting out of hand? i mean, the content is chevy cruze, he talks about omg, it's 2017 don't trade in? THERE IS NO INFORMATION ABBOUT THE CAR MENTIONED. THIS GUY IS A SCAM MAKING MONEY ON YOUTUBE, HE'S FOLDED, TIME TO GIVE HIM [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. My uncle bought a 2012 cruze new . his wife drives it now over 200000 miles still going strong. He now has a 2015 also no problems. I got a 17 not a single problem yet. I like Scotty but he's wrong on this one

  18. Scotty i found a 2014 Chevy Cruze LS 6Speed 87,500 miles for $6,250.
    I was going to buy it but i seen your thumbnail. Would this be a good buy or should i pass?

  19. I am looking for a compant Crossover vehicle and my best bets are a 2018 Chevrolet Trax with almost 9000 miles and the 2015 Buick Encore Convenience with 20,000 miles. Should I buy one of these cars or keep saving for a Subaru XV Crosstrek?

  20. I have 2010 chevy Cruze LT 1.8 petrol, btw I'am Indonesian, in my opinion this car is a great car, and the model still as good as others new cars. There is no problem I have before, I love it and hope never sale it…

  21. Scott Thanks a lot !! I think Buying it but with Diesel engine. Or Jetta wagon diesel. I’m SEMI TRUCK DRIVER AND I NEED SMALL CAR WITH DIESEL ENGINE (PLEASE I NEED YOUR ADVICE!)

  22. My mom had a 2011 Cruze and had trans replaced under warranty twice in 100k miles. Traded it in as soon as warranty was up for a 2018 Corolla S per my advice, win!

  23. Buying my Chevy Cruze was a mistake. Bought certified used at 35k miles and already had to change the water pump. Really?

  24. Hey Scotty! Can you make a video with more detail about Chevy Cruze .. which year would be better ? Trim? Is it really that good that they’re selling so much or is it just about affordability?

  25. There’s is a huge difference between American and Japanese car companies. The Toyota Corolla has been around for over 50 years and still the best selling in the world. The Japanese believe in improving a product over time instead of getting rid of a model. GM has gone through many compact cars in the past, Cavalier, Cobalt and Cruze. All have been discontinued. GM way of thinking is, if it’s not selling scrap it, instead of doing Toyota’s philosophy of improving that vehicle.

  26. If I win the lotto I'm gonna get a Chevy and see just how crappy it is. And when it starts to break down I'll just give it away.

  27. I bought my Cruz new back in 2014 with the 1.8 and manual transmission.  Nothing at all has failed yet, and the other day I came off a road trip and found that my fuel economy was 56 MPG.  I think if GM put a taller top gear in this car it could get over 60 MPG.  It runs close to 3,000 RPM at highway speed.  No car needs to run much past 2,000 RPM on the highway.  I don't always understand GM, but the car has been rock solid.

  28. Scotty, we’re thinking of buying a used Chevy Sonic 2015 manual transmission with 90k miles. We were wondering if you had any advice for us! Thank you! 🙂

  29. "Chevy has made nothing but junk economy cars for years… but this brand new car of mine hasn't even needed brake pads! (Lol) There's an anti-chevy conspiracy!"

  30. I got a 2016 Chevy cruze 1.4 turbo amazing gas mileage an the car is fun as heck to drive yes it lack hp but makes up for it with gobbs of torque it gets up an moves an the semi automatic transmission is a very nice touch.

  31. I have a 2016 Cruze LS 1.4 turbo 6sp Manual with 39k miles. May trade it in for a 2019 Honda CRV but not because of reliability. Car has been good and has amazing fuel economy

  32. my 2014 cruze has 130,000 miles no problems i am sure you made the title appealing to get people to watch your video

  33. Hmmm? Consumer Reports said the Chevy Cruze for 2017 was a better car than the Civic or Corolla! Consumer Reports. GM has been making these sice 2008. Succesful in Europe! Me thinks Scotty is wrong!

  34. You’re full of crap. You just hate every car that’s made. Majority of the car brands that you hate work perfectly fine, you just need stop with the videos and stop convincing people to hate cars

  35. This video had very little to do with buying a Cruze. I got halfway through waiting for more on the topic before skipping ahead a few times only to find more rambling about other cars. This should be titled, Car Advice or something else actually pertaining to the content within the video.

  36. I've had my 2018 Cruze for 100,000 miles and haven't had any issues so far. Only had to do general maintenance and replace the windshield once

  37. My manager had his cruise rt crack the engine with only 60k miles, he gave the car away. He says he will never purchase Chevrolet again

  38. Hi Scotty, I'm in the market for a good reliable, long lasting, comfortable with great MPG vehicle, what car would you recomend?

  39. Just traded in my 2011 Chevy Cruze LT RS in. 76,000 miles and no problems. Got $6500 trade value at CarMax. Just needed the battery replaced and new tires, while I owned it. Great car.

  40. The idiots that have problem with the Cruze, is because you NEVER EVER buy a first year model of whatever 16-17, I bought a 2016 Chevy Cruze limited LTZ loaded, all bugs worked out almost 30,000 miles so far so good, just put new tires on it 😎😎👍 I advised get a 2018 Cruze or 2016 D1.

  41. This is a funny opinion, but should I get a 2015 Chevy volt Premium, or keep my 2016 Chevy Cruze limited, need help!!???

  42. 90000 miles on my 2017 Cruze with no issues. Very important to use the correct oil and change oil on time. Coworker just turned over 200000 miles on his Cruze with no issues.

  43. Hey scotty the gen1 cruze is the unreliable one the gen 2 is the reliable one . Gen 1 has the better interior and is more fun.

  44. Toyota Prius Stalling Problems Continue, Highlighted by a Dealer’s Lawsuit over Five-Year Problem

    Three recalls to fix more than 800,000 cars have allegedly not remedied tens of thousands of reported failures.

  45. I have a 2011 turbo Cruz. They run hot. 1.4.cilender. Has 50,750. Check Engine antifreeze master plastic piece. Cost me 27 at Napa. Garage wanted 451

  46. Wow Scotty the Cruze is so awful. Everyone I ever met who owns one has had a variety of issues. Don't care what anyone says about you. Can't beat 51 years of knowledge.

  47. I had a 2016 w 25k miles.
    The computer was bad
    And warranties expiered
    I was sol and the computer wasnt cheap
    Electrical problems bad!

  48. This video has nothing to do with any sort of warning regarding buying a chevy cruze, don't waste your time like I did.

  49. Doesn’t matter now. It’s discontinued due to dismal sales and Lordstown assembly is history. Gm is dying…..

  50. My friends, did you know what happens with chevy Cruze?? is not a genuine chevy, is a Daewoo, is a Korean car. That's the reason why is so good

  51. Scotty i want to buy aa car for canada snow but i can only spend 20k
    And want it to be sporty and got at interior
    Was thinking of 2015 vw golf Comfortline what do you think .
    Please help me out

  52. 2016 and newer Chevy Cruze is trouble free! It's 2011-2015 that had all the coolant leaks, which can be fixed by switching to a colder thermostat from a Chevy volt, and only the 2011 that had transmission problems. Still all Chevy Cruze have very uncomfortable front seats though!

  53. I was hoping to learn why Scotty doesn't believe the Chevy Cruze is great mechanically with the drive train and not financially.

    C'mon Scotty!

  54. I have a 2016 Chevy cruz and I took it from San Diego to Salam Oregon. 10 time and it's my working car I never have a problem it has 170,000 as long you do the maintenance on it will be good

  55. The canyon is a bad truck it's a burner truck 😑 I dont care about the resale value i care about the dependability BUT LETS NIT TALK ABOUT THAT

  56. Police get rid of vehicles so often, because they can. They have the money to do so, or at least their department does. If you had an almost unlimited budget for new cars, you'd buy a new one at every 80-150,000 miles too… Duh!

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