The Truth About the New Honda Civic, It’s Better than a Toyota Corolla

The Truth About the New Honda Civic, It’s Better than a Toyota Corolla

rev up your engines, lady says
Scotty what do you think about 2018 to 2019 Corolla vs. Honda Civic 2018-2019, the
Civic looks better but is the head good, manual transmission of course, if you’re
talking about manual transmissions in that case I would get the Civic, because
it’s a much faster car, it is a somewhat better looking car, and it really does
handle better, now in terms of long life odds are the Corolla is gonna last a
little bit longer, but a Honda Civic especially a modern one with the standard
transmission they are really fun to drive around, they’re good-looking cars,
in that case with manual transmission I would probably get the Honda Civic
because they are zippy little cars and if you really want to get it, get that
that racing one the type R, that is a screamer,
Nik Woodfield says hey Scotty do you recommend people finance their cars or
pay cash, I paid cash for every car I ever bought and man I tell you I’ve
gotten deals, in my entire life my own personal cars that I drove, I spent 7,500
bucks and that’s 51 years of driving cars,
I’ve spent seventy five hundred bucks total for every car that I personally
owned, now that doesn’t include my wife’s cars cuz you
like fancier cars, but it’s all I spent, you can save so much money paying cash
for cars, cuz I don’t care what anybody says, oh it’s the same price cash or
credit that’s BS, if you go down the street and somebody really needs money
one of the few things that most people have that they can sell fast is their
car, now selling a house that could take a year or more to sell a house, but
selling a car you could sell it fast and it’s about the only thing you can get
some serious money for these days, so you can get a deal when you pay cash for a
used car, men dunk says what are your thoughts on book time pay, he’s
talking about labor rates, if a mechanic works on a car, a lot of times they
look it up on a labor and it says that’s a four hour job to charge $100 an
hour they charge $400 labor, well I don’t like that stuff because a lot of it is
total nonsense, and if you’re working like at a
dealership, even the mechanics get screwed over on that deal, cuz let’s say
mechanic has a four hour job and he does it in two hours, he gets paid the full
pay for the first two hours, but the second two hours they only pay him a
percentage of his pay, so even he gets screwed over the job
even though if you bring your car to a dealer and they charge 120 dollars an
hour and they say it’s four hours, they’re gonna charge you four hundred
and eighty dollars labor, but the mechanic isn’t seeing this full
percentage, so I really think that the book pay is a lot of baloney and it
really leads from dishonesty, both for the mechanics that work at a dealer and
for the person who’s paying for the car, I don’t really believe in that stuff, you
just see what it takes to do something and give somebody an honest price that’s all
I’ve been doing my whole life, the grandfather was the same way he
never looked up labor on stuff he said, well here’s the job and here’s what it
costs, Georgie Mac says when a car
loses oil and you don’t see blue smoke or oil spots on the ground where is the oil
going, well it’s burning, simply is burning, it because you take oil, when oil leaks
just a few drips will make, you know an 8 foot wide circle in your driveway
eventually, so if it’s leaking and you’re losing oil
you’re gonna have drips all over the place, if you have like a quarter of a
quart of oil it’ll be like a football size, you’re gonna see it, now a lot of
times when they burn oil these days, modern cars are pretty efficient, you
won’t see the smoke come out of the back because it burns everything pretty
cleanly, and the catalytic converter will get rid of the rest, but they’ll always
leave telltale marks on your spark plugs, so if your losing oil and you don’t see it
dripping and you don’t see a lot of smoke coming
out, pull out a couple spark plugs and odds are you’re gonna see burnt carbon
on the electrodes of the spark plug and that’s telling you that it’s burning oil,
and in that case just changed the spark plugs more
often if you don’t want to rebuild an engine which costs an awful lot of money
these days, and hardly anybody knows how to rebuild modern engines anymore, guys
I’ve seen that said they knew how to do it,
sometimes I’ve seen a customer have one rebuild an engine and they’ll say, oh
yeah the guy who rebuild my engine for twenty-five hundred dollars and then the
next year they tow it to my house and say what’s wrong, I say your engine’s blown
again because the guy didn’t rebuild it right, so it’s really not something most
people even know how to do anymore Robin says how are proton cars in Malaysia
are they any good, well I’ve never personally worked
on one cuz they don’t sell them in Texas, but I have friends all over the
world and I have friends in Malaysia and they like those cars, they say that
they’re decent cars, they don’t sell them over here so I can’t say, I’m sure they
would never really be big sellers in the United States cuz they’re kind of micro
cars, but my son’s married to a woman from Singapore and when they go over
there almost all the cars he said are micro cars and they sell decent over
there, so I mean if you need a small car and you live in a really congested area
where it cost a fortune for gasoline and they’re probably pretty decent of cars,
but they’re too small from what I’ve seen to really fly in the United States,
Americans always like a little bit bigger cars, they don’t really go for
micro cars, so if you never want to miss another one of my
new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. I went from a 2016 Toyota Camry to a 2016 Honda Civic LX. My other car was totaled. I'm way happier with my civic. Not only is it WAY better on fuel economy, but it feels sporty even without a turbo charger. I may stick with Honda moving forward.

  3. He's right! The Civic's handle very well. My 2017 Civic is a blast to drive on windy roads! Civic's also have a lot of pep, thanks to the turbo charged 4 cyl. Mine only has 175 but it feels a lot faster at times! It will definitely surprise you

  4. I bought a 2020 carolla se with 6 speed manual about a month ago. Very well made (assembled in Japan) and really fun to drive. Came with 2.0 liter engine that has great power and will chirp the tires easily in second gear. Love it… out the door for $23k

  5. I much prefer the looks of the current Corrolla over the current civic… plus doesn't the civic manual transmission have that rev hang issue that everyone hates? I love the looks of the new accord… to bad my 06 accord only has 180,000 miles… it'll be a while before I can buy a new one…

  6. Is it me or toyotas are boring cars? Yes both honda and toyota are made to be slow economy cars but i feel like honda is just a less boring car for poor people like me

    Hondas can be zippy cars little cars

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