The Truth About the New Honda CR-V, Hidden Problems

The Truth About the New Honda CR-V, Hidden Problems

rev up your engines, silver grizzly says Scotty what do you think of the new Honda CRV my girlfriend bought of 2017 back in November it has nothing but problems with AC and the dealership can’t figure it out, yeah that’s what I tell people about Honda’s if you go back in the 1980s Toyota and Honda they were neck and neck for making the best vehicles in the world but Honda they just started going down down down now they’re nothing like the junk Chrysler puts out, but they’re not as well made as they used to be I mean that’s just the way of the world these days and I mean it’s under warranty if they can’t figure out what’s wrong it’s BS they just don’t want to put any time and energy into it, the computer systems control that AC system and could easily be a computer control problem and since it’s under warranty they don’t spend any time working on it cuz they’re not making any money if she keeps it it still doesn’t work right and when it’s out of warranty then they’ll tell her they can figure out what’s wrong for you know thirty five hundred dollars, I see that all the time but have her just yell at those people and have them fix it, don’t let them get away with not fixing it right, they built the car they gotta take care of it if not let them buy it back under the lemon law Maurice, says is a jeep better than a Nissan that’s a good toss up there now if you’re talking about the cheapest Nissan’s like the Sentra’s and stuff the higher end jeeps are, now I would not buy one of those Jeep renegade, renegade my rear end, those are just fancy four-wheel-drive Fiats, they have nothing to do with Jeep, so if you’re talking about a regular Jeep with a six-cylinder engine, I say the Jeep is better than a Nissan in general, now there are specific Nissan’s that are better than others and their are specific Jeeps like the renegade that are total garbage, so you know you gotta, you can’t just compare one entire range of cars to another range you’d have to get specific examples, but what I said it pretty much stands true the better jeeps are better than the cheaper Nissan’s these days, woods says Scotty I just purchased the 2004 Pontiac GTO with seventy five thousand miles for nine thousand bucks what do you think about the purchase and what’s your thoughts on the ls1 motor, okay I’m not a Pontiac fan but you bought the one that has ls1 Corvette engine that is a very good engine, the Pontiacs were like meh, they weren’t so hot, but you got the fancy one with the Corvette engine take care of it, you paid seventy five hundred bucks with that mileage that’s a decent price if the car is in excellent shape, because with the ls1 engine it’s a completely different beast than the guys that bought the v6 Pontiacs with the front-wheel drive that were just garbage they fall apart when they got that old you might have a really good one if it runs great take care of it, because those are good engines, the other ones no but that LS1 engine it’s a good engine, Marc Melton said Scotty old oilfield trash here, well you must be in Texas, my 2002 dodge Cummings is 230,000 miles runs great but trucks falling apart around the engine do I keep painting it, yeah you’re oil field trash I wouldn’t even paint it what would you care, but yeah that’s the problem and I tell people that all the time, I see those Cummings engines but unfortunately Chrysler built the rest of the truck and they fall apart as they age, but if you don’t mind to continue to fix it and driving around yeah and if you do want to paint it, go to those places like Maaco that paint a car for 200 bucks and get the cheap paint jobs cuz then if something major goes wrong you haven’t invented too much money, you know if you paint a truck with a true professional painter and you want a factory Sheen, you’re gonna spend three four five thousand dollars it’s not worth doing that, cat victory says is there any preventive maintenance that should be done on an old AC system in an old 1994 Toyota truck thanks, change the fan belt, and have a pro like me just hook some gauges up to see if it needs a little refrigerant because all air conditioning systems leak a little refrigerant over time, even Toyotas, because the compressor runs off the fan belt and so the shaft that goes into the compressor has a seal on it, when it’s spinning if that seal was perfect and didn’t leak it would dry up and all the refrigerant would leak out so they’re made so they leak a tiny amount of refrigerant, refrigerant oil, to lubricate that seal now it might be a long time like my wife’s Lexus is 17 years old and it wasn’t until it was 17 years old that it ever had to have any refrigerant put it so it leaked so slow it lasts for 17 years, so you might want have that check, but I know other than that there’s really nothing you do other than look at your condenser in front of the radiator make sure it doesn’t have bugs to clean it out and keep leaves out of your drain under your windshield because the leaves can get in and they can clog up evaporator inside the dash that’s basically all you really have to do, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. We bought a 2018 Honda CR-V EX and within weeks we found out that it had oil dilution. The fuel would get into the oil and thin it out. Honda claimed it was normal but a mechanic told us that it would eventually tear up the engine. It also had electrical problems with the infotainment screen and the instrument cluster screen.

  3. All manfauctors have had problems what really matters is how they take care of it. When it comes to customer service Toyota and Honda are the best when problems arise.

  4. When CR-Vs were built in Japan in the past, they were very very reliable vehicles but they are not as reliable as they were ever since they got started being built elsewhere.

  5. FWIW, those 2004-2006 Pontiac GTOs (along with the Pontiac G8) aren't really Pontiacs. They were made by GM's Australia based Holden division. The GTO is a rebadged Holden Monaro. That said, Holden closed it's last factory and now sells rebadged cars from other GM divisions.

  6. Pontaic's front wheel drive cars junk?? Ha! We still have our 99 Grand Prix we bought brand new and 02 Grand Am and both still running strong with very few issues with the exception of window motor/ regulators in the GP. My buddy still has his 98 Grand Am he bought in 2000 ,it has over 200k and it's driven daily with very few issues.

  7. My brother in laws 2014 CRV did need a new starter at about 70k miles. An I ,myself needed to replace the starter on an 09 Civic too. At about 70k too! A 2001 Civic, the transmission died at 145k miles. And my mom's 04 Civic started losing coolant at about 140k miles. And my current 05 Element needed a new head at 180k. SO these Hondas are definitely NOT 300k mile cars like they USED to be

  8. ye scotty,,,its on the computer, they offer recall to install a new computer module on the A/C some says its the one controlling the heater its a new engine that's why its full of problems,,,as you said don't buy a all new car with new engines and transmission…..not like toyota they don't have a new engines that why they are number one in reliability…

  9. I don't know where to ask you a question so… Can you chime in on honda V6 VCM? So many people disabling in forums and people making tons selling kits.

  10. I keep my foot on the gas it keeps running once I take my foot off the gas the Honda Civic 05 goes down to 0 RPMs I pulled the sensor the air intake sensor out it started idling just fine so that told me something was wrong with the sensor so I went and got a new one and it helped a little more sometimes it gets to where I have to keep my foot on the pedal again to keep it running and sometimes I don't have to keep my foot on the pedal sometimes it runs without keeping my foot on the pedal what is that?

  11. The 2017 Honda CR-V has 217 complaints, The 2017 Toyota Rav4 has only 39 complaints. The people spoke, the truth is out there! Only Honda salesmen will say, all Honda's are the best, but you are not a fool to believe a Honda Salesman. PS. I'm not saying Toyota is the best either, I'm just looking at car complaints and comparing just the facts.

  12. Hey Scotty, I know this is an older video about the CRV. Can you review again and explain about the oil dilution issue owners are having and Honda's terrible response. I have a 2017 Honda civic Hatchback with no issues.

  13. I'm getting a Honda crv next I had a Suzuki vitara 1.6 petrol with only 40k miles purred like a kitten drove great but my Mrs made me sell it she wanted a Mercedes. Never again will I listen to her when it comes to cars.

  14. I dont know what this guy is talking about.I am 72 years old and can definately tell you cars are soooooo much better today than older cars and as far as hondas go I know 4 people that work at toyota and they all drive hondas!

  15. I bought a 1994 Ford Explorer XLT 5-door with 130k on the odometer and run's great. I bought it at an auction for $800 and was a dealer trade-in which was wholesaled.

  16. Total waste of time. Had an 87 Accord never a problem. Had a del sol never a problem. My CR-V had 345,000 before I put it to rest. Currently have a 2012 Fit Sport with 156,100 miles, no problems. Follow routine maint schedule and take to a reputable dealer or better still a good mechanic that specializes on Honda’s.

  17. I am telling you all right now, Hondas are not what they used to be. Bought CRV 2014 brand new, nothing but problems. 99 accord I had was a great car.

  18. Scotty, I have a 1997 and a 2017 Honda CRV. I’m aware of the problems with the 2017 and plan to trade it in for a Tacoma. My question is, how do I keep my 1997 Honda CRV, with 148,000 miles, running for another 22 years? The only problem I’ve had so far was the need for a new distributor. Thanks – you’re a hoot.

  19. I agree I have a CRV 2007, first, the AC when bad and then doors locks starting making sounds !!! however, my car now is about 200K miles with little maintenance !!

  20. For the record , regarding the crv hvac problem , Honda has released a (recall) what they call a “product update” that started off as a replacement of the A/c control unit but now has evolved to a re-flash of the original a/c control unit . With that being said … I’ve don’t atleast 100-150 of these since the recall was released it is VIN specific & im obviously only 1 tech , but the original recall paid us 1.1 hours now only pays us .8 of an hour but with it only being a re-flash where you take off two panels and plug in a device we are more then willing to do it because it only takes about 15 minutes total. My dealership does hundreds of these per week & this should NOT change the fact that this generation of CRV is one of the better ones released by the manufacturer, mechanically & visually . Not to mention the 1.5 is pretty good on gas for the amount of power it makes. Hope this clarifies some opinions.

  21. Just wondering how many of you with a late model CRV with the 1.5 L turbo have oil dilution problem (ie gas gets into the engine oil). I've heard it can be an issue with this engine. Interestingly, I also heard it doesn't seem to affect the Civic (essentially same engine, but slightly different turbo?) At least the horsepower rating on the Civic and CRV appear different.

  22. yup the honda quality is gone. the honda dealer service messed up my 17 crv after the update the car actually started to have problem. and now the car goes limp mode then the car dies. honda wont help with the problem and take responsibility.

  23. Ok, let's say, prosume, that the motor has the specific issues. What can honda owners do to stay driving and liking their cars?
    Youtubing (reading about your problems) is far from relaxing. Over the last 9 months, every day owners-posts grow. Little by little honda reacts by extending warranty in canada, paying back owners in usa (lemon law), total stop off sales in china (380000 allready sold). Europe still stay quiet in every language. I have a little deja-vue, a vw-software one. So what is the common sense advice that we can give honda 1,5 engine owners give? I give allready one. Change the oil every 2000 miles in meantime. Your honda dealer must not know. He can't even proof it, when the oil is allready deluted,mixed with …solvent. What the impact from different products at the pump is, is unkwowned. E5 has 5% ethanol,E10 has 10% ethanol mixed in itt in Europe.

  24. Scotty – what do you think about the Honda HR-Vs? How do they compare to the Subaru Crosstrek and the Nissan Rouge Sport (not the standard Rouge. The smaller one)?

  25. Scotty I cant stop watching your videos their too awesome. My local mechanic never would tell me what was a good card to own. He would just say "All cars have mechanical problems" or "it's just normal maintenance" example: to replace a tie rod end or ball join ever 20,000 miles or so. Thanks you so much Scotty. I have to thank Mark Dice for telling me about your channel. He is big on YouTube and did a plug for your channel.

  26. That Pontiac with the Corvette engine was really a Holden Commodore. The GTO name change to the Pontiac G8 the next year. Scotie what do you think of the Pontiac G8.

  27. The oil mixing with fuel is the reason I got rid of my 18 CR V plus I hate that it had a cvt with a turbo in it. They don’t make them reliable anymore.

  28. Doesn't Scotty approve of 2016 Fit though? This is past Honda's dark age of CV transmissions afaik. But now I am wanting an HRV from around the same year and then I see this vid…

  29. Not to mention I just bought a 2019 Honda pilot with 2 miles on the clock 1600 miles after only 2 quarts of oil in the engine major carbon buildup on the exhaust worse is I'm already 8k in negative equity in it I need 5k to get out of and roll over the rest for a new 4runner 😤

  30. I have a Honda CRV 2017. IT is mixing gasoline with the engine oil. ( leaking gasoline in the engine) honda said that it is normal. what can I do with this 14000 miles crv? My brother told me that I should sell it soon.

  31. The pattern repeats itself. Brand new management in this millenium means going downhill. Honda got a new CEO and chairman in 2015 and 2016, pretty much when Honda came up with the idea to make the troubled turbos. Same story when Nissan got a leadership change via Renault. Apple has gone downhill when Tim Cook replaced Steve Jobs. Dennis Mullenberg became Boeing's CEO in 2015, which is when they decided to delay fixes for the MAX. Jeff Smisek became the CEO of Continental Airlines, marking the start of its downfall. And all these CEOs say that they want to take the companies to a whole new direction, and they surely did. Toyota's quality survived the leadership changes because the new leaders get the idea of roots, not revolution

  32. Honda crv has a scream in the bluetooth handsfree connection when you are driving. @scotty How can this be fixed? All Crv owners should call 1-800-999-1009 because they deny the problem.

  33. All this is okay but you didn't say anything about the reliability and the cost of maintenance of a Honda CR-V. Please make a vlog on it, again.

  34. Got to be tough to compare one one car company against another when they both have merged with a bottom tier company and the quality of those bottom tier company now are the drive mechanics and attributes of both .

  35. Scotty says they are crap so what do you want him to do strip the car down and show every nut and bolt? it's not worth buying is scotty,s word not enough

  36. I bought my 2018 CR-V EX before the announcement regarding the engine issue. That being said, I haven't had a single problem with it even when we had a colder than normal winter with snow.

    Also, I work in software QA and have for 15+ years. Bug free code simply doesn't exist. Should stuff like this be caught before it goes out the door? Yes. Is it? No. You can thank the concept of ship it and fix in the next release frame of mind for that.

    And, customers are not always good at providing accurate steps to reproduce when they bring things in to be fixed. So while the shop might not being a great a job, customer are also probably giving the shop bad information. I say that about any car from any manufacturer. I've seen bugs that say things like 'it's broke' referring to any module in an operating system so yeah, it's not always the engineer's fault it can't be fixed.

  37. Scotty, I am under the impression that when the vehicle is in warranty the manufacture covers the dealership service expense. Therefore, the dealership makes $. Is that not true?

  38. What about those Chinese cars like BAIC mz 40.. with small engine but could carry lots of passengers.. is it reliable.. tnx sir

  39. Hi Scotty I have 09 crv it vibrates on the driver side when driving on high speed over 110km . It got a set of 4 new tires a set of new drivers shafts on both side from Honda. New ball joint and tie rod end. So what else can caused the vibration set of 4 new brakes and rotors too. Wonder you can help me with your experience for diagnosis the vibration problem. Thank

  40. Even beyond all the mechanical design failures……Many do not like the tail-lights which look like the car was attacked by a Samurai, and is now bleeding down the road.

  41. The MK 1 CRV and MK 11 CRV Models was the best Honda CRV Vehicles made, anything after same were turning into those plastic TubberWare Cars, worst of all their Diesels as they started to use Plastic parts, rather than metal in their pipe fittings, my Mechanic's friend has one with a leak on a coolant system a plastic pipe buried way back at the back of the engine next firewall and close to the exhaust manifold, so same has just gone brittle with age, heat and vibration … he's putting a a pint of Coolant into same every two weeks into same and it's getting worse the only recourse would be to take the engine out …

  42. Funny how nobody talks about the 16-18 Pilot.. Then i must be doing good then… No problems with mine. Since i work at a Mopar, Jeep, Ram dealership.. I made a good choice… LOL.

  43. Scotty, hot Honda turbo engine topic, 1.5 L and 2.0L Honda Accord are leaking gas past the piston to contaminate engine oil. Loss of power or engine shuts down, yet Honda can't or won't fix it under warranty. American Honda won't even admit there is even a problem. What's the fix?

  44. Problem is, want a manual 6 speed and don't know of anyone other than BMW that offers a stick shift…
    Any suggestions on new or up to five years old.
    Chevy does the 6 cylinder 6-6 speed manual, but the 3.6 L ,,,6 cylinder, not sure of it being a 200k engine

  45. One issue with 2017 CRV 1.5L is the engine not getting hot enough during winters, and that would lead to problems with engines. I usually watch the engine temp gage and make sure its brought up to normal operating temp in winters by driving little extra — I think its a design flaw. This may have something to do with low fuel consumption, the vehicle is excellent on gas.

  46. You fail to mention that around 2000 Toyota minivan had an engine sludge problem that they refused to acknowledge. Plus Toyota had problems with the runaway vehicles. So, you cannot say that Honda's standard has deteriorated and Toyota has not.

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