The Truth About the New Toyota Rav4

The Truth About the New Toyota Rav4

rev up your engines,
bernie says scotty what do you think of the new rav4, I have to tell you a lot of people
say, oh scotty toyota pays you money to talk about them well no they don’t,
the new rav4 it’s not as good as the old rav4, I have had problems when I got later model
rav4s and they have had problems that cars didn’t have in the past unless they had 300-400
thousand miles on them, the quality has gone down somewhat I’ve seen it, their still good
vehicles but I mean it’s kind of annoying, one of my customers has one, it’s 2 or 3 years
old, the electronic door locks broke on it, it shouldn’t break on a toyota at that small
period of time it shouldn’t break like that, their quality isn’t what it used to be and
most of the manufacturers to tell you the truth aren’t, their all kind of going down
hill in quality to some extent, especially with the use of more plastic parts, more electronics
and more computer controlled stuff, they find out they can make them cheaper and then when
they get older they either spend a lot of money getting it fixed or they buy another
car so, their not as well made as they used to be I have to say that about the rav4,
All says why do cars lose coolant but their not leaking anywhere, theirs only 2 things
that can do that, if your radiator cap is leaking, it will leak steam which won’t drip
and it will loose coolant, so change the radiator cap they don’t cost much right, but unfortunately
when they loose coolant but it doesn’t leak anywhere the car is burning it because the
head gasket is starting to blow, realize that you got the block, then you have
the head gasket, then you have the head with the valves that’s bolted on,
the head gasket seals compression from the engine cylinders, seals the oil galleys that
lubricate the head, and also seals the coolant that cools the head, if the coolant parts
of the gasket are starting to break down, then coolant will leak from inside the cooling
tubes of the engine and then go inside the cylinders and be burnt up, you won’t see it
but it will burn up and that’s how you lose the coolant, pray it’s a radiator cap it’s
a lot cheaper fix, cory says scotty I have a pontiac g6 gt my
remote start triggers the panic alarm any fixes, here’s the thing about remote start
systems, I hate them, their extremely complex, I had a customer one time brought me an aftermarket
kit and said, will you hook this up to my car, and I looked at it and I looked at the
directions and I said, there’s no way I’m hooking this up to your
car, there’s so many wires that have to be sliced in correctly and one mistake it can
ruin the computer of the car, it can make it so it has starting problems when you use
the key, they are rats nests to get into, yours has a problem it’s turning the panic
alarm on now when you use it, my advice would be, if it’s an aftermarket one go to whoever
installed it and see if they can figure it out, odds are they can’t because they just
bought it in a box and put it in, if it’s a factory one take it to the dealer and see
what they say, do what I tell people just don’t use the system
anymore, they break down when they get older, that’s a pontiac that’s a GM product which
are notorious for having electrical problems in the first place, and when you add that
complex system on it, it’s only going to create problems as it ages, I’ve had customers with
those systems that call me up and say, oh my car won’t start now and I’ll say, well
you got your remote starting system, they say yeah and it’s been acting up lately and
now it won’t even start with the key and I said,
I told you not to put that stuff on in the first place, so I mean if you do want it fixed
your going to have to fix somebody who works on those and hardly anybody does,
especially if it’s an aftermarket system, but like I say if it’s a factory system take
it to the dealer and see what they say, alpha says I had the ball joints changed on my vehicle,
now it’s making a noise help, that means that it’s no longer correctly aligned,
tires have to be aligned correctly for each design of a car so they corner correctly and
also go straight when your going straight, now you might think, well that’s simple you
just align the wheels so their pointed perfectly straight but no that’s not how it goes, all
of them are off to one angle or another to compensate for the design of the car and how
it corners and the type of tires the have on it, it’s very complex stuff, you change
the ball joints and now it’s making a noise, that means that now your alignment is off,
somebody put on cheaply made ball joints that weren’t the right size and now the tires are
sitting at the wrong angle, or when the work was done, the guy knocked the alignment out,
maybe he took off the tie rods and now they have to be readjusted because he didn’t put
them on exactly the same as they were before, or he bent something while he was doing that
work, but when your tires are no longer aligned correctly they will squeal because their like
an eraser their not rolling right and their rubbing rubber off when your going and that’s
where you hear the squealing from, I see that all the time on people that do bad workmanship,
I’ve had customers go to another mechanic and they’ll say I did this and now their squealing
and I’ll look at it and say, well your alignment is off you know they should have told you
it needed an alignment and if they didn’t know I’d say go to a different mechanic, they
don’t know what their doing, have the alignment checked first,
so if you don’t want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Just bought a 2011 RAV4 because I love gen3 RAVs. Test drove a loaded gen4 and just didn’t like the drive as much. Glad to hear I may have made a good choice.

  3. I purchased my honda civic 2016 2.0 manual on May and since then zero problems works perfectly, 35000 miles now, I am from Tijuana Mexico and I prefer cars build in U.S or Canada my civic was built in Indiana for Mexican market.

  4. Damn, I just bought it a few weeks ago. Scotty, can you at least go throught what is not good instead of generally not good. thanks.

  5. can’t agree more, almost got an used third gen v6 RAV4 with a bad transmission. Turns out it’s a comment problem for the third generation, avoid!!

  6. My 2010 v6 Sport Rav4 is a dream! Bought it new and all i've done is the regular maintenance.
    Not sure what to get next. . . maybe a Subaru.
    2015 Honda CRV touring (Pre-CVT) is also great, just doing the regular maintenance.

  7. As a mechanical engineer i did my research on RAV4 2016 LE made in Japan model and found out that they're greatly built and would last. Rav4 2016 is the first 4 cylinder Rav4 from Toyota. I'm with Scotty on the 2017,2018,2019 Rav4s , Toyota thought they over did it on 2016 models so they started cutting corners by using cheap automation which dropped the new models prices and quality. but if you are thinking about buying 2016 Rav4 or any other 4-cylinder vehicle that is made in 2016 they will all have one problem, the over running of the engine to save on gas which will causes the engine to heat more. so always keep an eye on your coolant level and invest in a best oil when changing the oil and you should be good to go.

  8. In general, I think quality has gone up, until recently. It’s the contortions auto manufacturers have to go through as the genuflect to the god of fuel mileage. CVT’s, EGR’s, hybrids,etc are expensive and unreliable.

  9. I specifically bought a Scion XB Used with low miles because it’s proven older Toyota drivetrain from a Camry AND made in Japan. Newer Toyota’s are pretty good, but not AS Good.

  10. I heard Toyota saw their name going down and promised to address this. Lets hope so. I have old stuff so the present crop will be no good. (and I'll be gone)!

  11. So, what is the best quality compact SUV from you experience nowadays? I mean brand new SUV like Rav4, CRV, Rogue etc…

  12. i'm really considering a 2015-2018 Rav4 awd, statisticly its mpg with all wheel drive and its automatic ( no cvt ) is what draws me in, I'm on my 2nd Subaru love the cars but feel that company is taking a nose dive since 2012, i had a 99' and bought the 08 impreza because i hated the 2012.

    i'm biast towards anything new because all everyone cares about is the tech, i feel manufacturers are cutting quality to relocate funds towards giving you this garbage.
    I always like to see that it has some linage of motors, transmissions, platforms being used over 5 years

  13. scotty, what are your thoughts on the 2011 rav4?  found one for sale with just over a 100k miles on it.  I need something that I can get lots of miles on.  I would need this one to go up to at lease 300k!  would the 2011 be a good choice? does this model have the oil burning problem?  this one has the 2.5 motor and 2wd

  14. If you did buy one (a 2019 RAV4) like I did. Get the Toyota extended warrantee! They can give you a car to drive and fix it for 100 K miles.
    Scotty, you said nothing about the 2019 RAV4 that I just bought? IMHO, yes plastics, but the car is a gem to drive and its a very cool looking ride. On my last road trip I got 35 MPG out of Adventure model…in the mountains! Time will tell.
    You are the man Scotty!

  15. Hi Scotty. I have a 2018 Honda Accord in Ghana. Do I need to change my transmission fluid at 20000 km (12500 miles). Will be grateful for a response

  16. Previous Grand Prix GXP owner here: Factory remotes will activate alarm after a key remote battery change. They need to be re-synced with the vehicle’s ECM/Body Module at the dealer or mechanic who has 2-way computer. The horn will blare an alarm every time.
    My solution? I bought a 2018 RAV 4 without remote start! (Thanks Scotty)
    I miss the V8 but not the gas consumption!

  17. Hey Scotty, i am one of your disciples. What do you think of the Toyota RAV4 Sport 2012 (four cylinder) cars? are they one of those that will likely to break (declining quality), or are they one of the good reliable ones! Thanks for all your wonderful input.

  18. Help needed
    Hello Scotty, im thinking about getting a new vehicle and ive been comparing the 2019 Honda CVR and the 2019 Toyota RAV4, and ive decided to go for the RAV4 based on looks and AWD. This will be my first Car and i plan on keeping it for-ever. should i wait a few months for the 2020 rav4 to comeout, or just go ahead and get this vehicle close tot the end of the year when the price will be lower or wait and get a certified pre-owned 2019 rav4(due to the 7 year extended warranty )? what would you do?
    Thank you

  19. Hey Scotty,
    You told us on your channel your son bought a new Tacoma… since it'll last for decades, he just went ahead and bought it new. The overprice will amortize through the years, that makes sense. But I must ask: Would it make sense also to buy a new Sienna for the family to keep for years and years? Is the quality of those still good enough to be a keeper? Or would it make more sense to buy a used Sequoia?

  20. What I can say is all cars has his own problems.. what ever the brand is ..but it depend on you on how you use it.. no perfect at all .. like human being too its not perfect in features.. lol

  21. 3:13 The moment I laughed out loud 😂
    I can't just turn on YouTube and listen to Scotty's videos while I work. I need to stop what I'm doing so I can watch them.

  22. Last month I decided to buy a left over 2018 Toyota Rav4 Limited on the lot. Sat inside a 2019 after test driving the 2018 and the 2018 was actually more comfortable.  Sure, it's not a powerhouse, but that's not why I bought it.  I had a 2016 Ram 1500 Sport 4X4 loaded – beautiful truck – but 95000km on the OD.  After owning nearly 20 vehicles most being MOPARs, I had to really decide if I wanted to keep working on stuff or instead take a break and buy something that just WORKS.  I am not a fan of 'some' of the cheap plastic used in even the 2018 Rav4 but the rest of it makes up for it.  Its also comfortable and when I had a 2015 Camry XSE I had to get rid of it as it was killing my back.  I even had a brand new Avalon that was shitty when it came to the comfort.  The Rav4 for is comfortable and has all the gizmos that the Avalon had so there you go.  I will always miss my Rams and charger etc…but while they are fun to drive and look aggressive they are also money pits period.  That's my thoughts anyways.

  23. So when did Toyota Rav 4 start going bad? Can you take a test drive of my 2003 Saturn VUE and give me your recommendation, please and thank-you.

  24. Hi Scotty, We have been saving for16 years since we purchased our 2003 Subaru Outback (Has cost us money for needed repairs as we are over 200,000).

    Please let us know what is the best Hybrid to buy for 2019 or 2020?

    We will look for your response, ok 👌 Scotty?

  25. Hi Scotty, great videos. thanks a lot.. I have a question.. hope you would answer.. can you give me a mechanic shop in the bay area who is a good mechanic to work on my 2004 bmw 325i manual transmission car? My engine has been eating oil lately, I fixed it or so i thought but it has not.. I have 280000 miles on it. It runs well when I refill the oil.

  26. scotty but you said on your other video the best used Suv,s to buy you said -2016 rav 4. front wheel drive ,now you saying the current rav4 ,s are not as good as the old models. so which one is it ??lol

  27. I got a 2012 RAV4. Last model year of that generation I think. Always nice to know if we gotta change a flat, the spare is just hanging off the back, nice and easy

  28. Hi Scott, would be so kind to have a review for Toyota Highlander 2018 and 2019….Im planning to buy one…….

  29. I’ve got a 2013 rav.. bought it new… it’s got 192,000km and all done is breaks. I even tow with it almost every weekend.

  30. Which Toyota suv and year is most reliable
    Used Highlander Rav 4 FJ cruiser
    Please advise which one u believe will be most dependable

  31. Scotty I worked at a chevy dealer ship wort job ever but most of the cars that came in there were all ways all ways low on coolent

  32. most car brands are not what they use to b they still riding the wave on there name most have out sourced there parts now because it's cheaper

  33. Scotty, you have a video where the RAV4 is one of your top picks 4 a compact SUV. I'm confused now. Im in the market for a good used csuv. I almost bought a Hyundai Tucson, 2017, value Edition. I'm not going to do it. It has 19 inch wheels and a panoramic sunroof and all these things that we're not even a consideration for me. Besides, I don't need to be spending $20,000 on a 3-year old car. If I'm going to do that, shouldn't it be a Toyota? Anyway, so is the RAV4 a good car or no?

  34. Purchased a 2019 Toyota Rav4 in fegruary. 2000 miles later, the car was making a groaning noise as it shifted in the upper gears. problem was the trans axel. Service bulletin put out on it. Had to be replaced.

  35. My wife wanted a RAV4 because it was higher so easier to get in and out in our decrepitude and it is all wheel drive. We have had Corollas for decades and so have our kids. The Corollas are fine here in winter and I was not excited about the extra complexity and cost of AWD. We just bought a 2020 manual Corolla, paid more then we hoped since the manuals are limited to the pimped out SE models but it was nice getting another manual since we keep our cars until the wheels fall off. It replaced a 1997 Corolla that if we did not live in the rust belt would have been fine for many more years.

  36. American made Toyota’s…👎, I have a RAV4 made in Japan👍. Manufacturing quality is so different between American and Japanese workers…truth hurts.

  37. I own a 2018 Toyota RAV4 LE the paint job is not all that great I accidentally rub it with a rubber guard the paint came off down to the primer whoever painted thay did a shity job and now the warranty is up on it I regret getting it hit me back please

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