The Truth About the New VW Golf GTI

Rev up your engines,
john neil says thoughts on the vw gti I want to keep it new for a long time, then don’t
buy one or buy one and park it on your front lawn and use it as a lawn ornament, volkswagens
quality over the last few decades has just been going down and down,
plastic stuff their throwing on them, they cost a fortune to maintain, I mean their just
money pits as they age, and they aren’t cheap to fix their not like the old vws of the 60’s
that you could change the oil with 3 quarts of oil for $3 and everything was easy to fix,
they are complex European money pits as they age, you don’t want to buy one of those things
if you’re going to keep your cars for a really long time you won’t be happy, the ac compressors
break on them all the time, I’m always fixing them on people’s vws, think some other way,
you want a sporty car, maybe get one of those new Subarus with a manual transmission that
Toyota sells but their not toyotas they just make them and put a toyota badge on them if
you want a sporty car you might try one of those,
martin says scotty what’s a typical list of jobs a home mechanic can do for themselves
thanks, change the engine oil and filter, change the
brake pads that’s a simple job, change the serpentine fan belts, now with that your going
to have to buy a special tool for most cars but now with this aftermarket stuff, I have
special tools that are made to take fan belts off and in my day years ago I had to buy those
tools for $150-200 a set but now you can get aftermarket ones that work perfectly fine
their just made out of steel for $35-40 on Amazon if you price around, you can do all
that kind of stuff, change alternators, check batteries, I mean now a days you can get good
battery checkers and alternator checkers on Amazon and most of them are $50-60 for quality
units, don’t buy the $19 units their garbage, I’ve tried them out, but the $50-60 one for
battery and alternator checkers they work pretty well, you know there’s a lot of stuff
you can still do yourself, wheel bearings and stuff like that because it used to be
when you had to change front wheel drive wheel bearings you needed a machine press which
was a pain and your not going to do it yourself, but their almost all sealed units now where
you have to replace the whole hubs so you just unbolt the axle shaft and theirs 4-6
bolts that hold that hub assembly in and then the hub assembly just comes out, you put the
new one in and put the 6 bolts and put it together and away you go,
there’s a lot of stuff you can do yourself now a days, zeton says scotty can you please
help me please, I need to choose a used modern car for my family, 2 adults and 4 children,
we want to spend around $30,000, well there’s a bunch of you so there’s 6 of you, if you
don’t mind fitting into a toyota camry you know that’s not that bad of a deal, but if
your talking about you want enough room for everybody, I you don’t mind a van get a toyota
sienna van and those things can run forever, my son got a used one a couple years ago,
two adults and two grandkids and they love that sienna they travel all over the country
in it, so you might think about that, now if you want to get an suv instead, you could
get any of the toyota or leuxs suvs a used one for $30,000 you should be able to find
one and they hold up and they don’t really have problems,
my one advice is don’t waste your money on an all wheel drive one because they cost more
to maintain and they get worse gas mileage and you really don’t need that stuff, unless
you live in Alaska or something where it snows like mad,
Christine says why do gas fumes come out of my gas tank, it smells bad in the cabin when
it’s 100 degrees or over, is it safe, Hyundai elantra 2016, well no it’s never safe if you’ve
got fumes coming out it’s not safe at all, first thing you want to do is just change
the gas cap it could simply be a bad gas cap, now if it’s not that one of the problems that
those cars have is what’s called a bad evap canister vent valve, and you might just guess
by buying a new evap canister vent valve and either putting it on yourself or paying a
mechanic to put it on, mugs says do you get asked to beam people
up, yeah cuz I’m Scotty right, yeah sometimes people do, let me tell you that’s a myth,
I spent a bunch of time years ago when I was on tv, researching and try to see when captain
kirk says to scotty, beam me up scotty, and believe it or not on the original show it
was never said, he never said beam me up scotty, it’s one of those urban myths that people
think it was said, now if anybody out there can find a clip of a star trek, an original
one where he says, beam me up scotty, please send it to me on a link so I can see because
I searched years ago and I could never find him say it, people say beam me up scotty all
the time to me but it was actually never said on the show in the first place,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that bell!

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