The Truth About the Nissan 370Z

The Truth About the Nissan 370Z

rev up your engines,
Amil says, your thoughts on a Nissan 370z, okay they are fun to drive
they’re fast little sports cars, there’s no arguing that,
now Nissan their quality has gone down since they merged with Renault there’s no
questioning that, but they are fun sports cars that said, be very cautious about buying
a used one, because if you buy a used sports car a nissan, lot of guys that drive
those things they buy it and they beat the heck out of them, and then when you
buy them used, you got nothing but problems, I have had lots of people that
bought used ones they kicked themselves they said, why did I buy you sports car
the guy before me beat the heck out of the car now it’s a pile of junk, so if
you are buying one used, you definitely have to find a guy like me with a dealer
level scan tool, who can go through it all, spend an hour analyze it, most of the
guys will charge maybe a hundred bucks analyze it all and tell you what kind of
shape it’s in, and don’t buy it naked and then find out you got problems, have a
mechanic knows what he’s doing check it out, before Tyler McDuffie says, Scotty my
wife has an 07 Jeep Liberty sport it had a recall for rear lower control
arms, should I sell it once jeep fixes it okay well you know it depends, I’m not a
Jeep fan they don’t hold up like they did when I was a kid when Willys jeeps
made them and they were solid, but it’s a 2007 it’s a 12 year old Jeep, you’re not
gonna get much for a 12 year old Jeep so if it runs okay and they’re fixing
that stuff free under a recall and it’s not real high mileage, why not continue
to drive it, because if you’re curious just see what it’s going for what, you
can sell it for and you probably can’t get much, and if you can’t get much
what’s the point of selling something and not getting much, you might as well
drive until it falls apart and just get rid of it, that’s my old theory with cars
you know, I mean I’m not a fan of the jeeps but if you got one that it runs
okay and your not going to get much when you sell it, just drive until some big goes
on then just get rid of the thing, Todd says considering trading
my 2017 subaru forrester XT with the turbo WRX for a used 2017 Toyota Camry
2.5 to save money and reliability what do you think, yet it’s a very smart
because that Camry can run forever, it’s gonna get much better gas mileage, they don’t
have had gasket problems like the Subarus do, and it can last forever, that
would be a very smart move if you want to get better gas mileage and have a
vehicle that lasts longer, I would definitely do that, Steven the best says,
Scotty a friend of mine recently bought a 2015 Ford Focus with fifty two
thousand miles for fourteen thousand dollars certified pre-owned did he pay
too much, yes far as I’m concerned he paid too much money, you know if you got
a Ford Fusion for that kind of money that would be okay, because they’re really
well made, but the focus, that’s one of their cheaper made cars, and fourteen grand for
fifty-two thousand miles, I would have paid less, but you know if you buy it
from a dealer they charge too much money that’s just how the thing goes,
they just do, I just made a video about why use cars cause so much
money in the United States, watch that and you’ll learn a whole bunch about why
cars cost too much in the United States it’s all about the collusion between the
people that do this valuation books and the companies that own them that sell
used cars so, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. nissan sport cars are quite reliable since the production team are not in the same boat as its regular vehicle manufacturer renault

  3. This guy sounds sponsored by toyoda family, but no, he is very honest. IveOwned vws, ford, bmw, peugeot (crap car), mitsubishi, nissan, toyotas and mazdas And besides de mitsubishi, there is a huge difference on reliabilty between japanese and the others. Vw.- tons of problems on materials, assembly and part qualities. Fird.- lots of problems on brakes and transmission. Bmw.- ekectronics. Peugeot.- Dont even bother listing, too long. Mitsubishi.- Trabsmission, specially the 4×4 on the montero. Mazda.- minor stuff (prematurely rusted exhaust, engine supports). Yes, toyotas are ugly, most of them looks like coming from a low budget japanese scifi movie of the 70s, but man, so cheap to mantain, almost undestructible (my father owned a 1974 corona and ive been told is still running fine). Now looking for a low milles lexus, a good bunch of them in my country, never going to spend more than 30,000 dollars on whatever car it is so waiting forva good deal.

  4. If you are going to buy a used 370z.. buy a 2012 or up model.. most of the issues have been fixed by Nissan. That being said, still the biggest issue that plagues the 370z is the clutch slave cylinder and that still has never been addressed. Overall the 370z is an excellent low maintenance sports car.. great handling and the 3.7 v6 is very strong. Definitely a much more reliable and cheaper to own used sports car to buy than any European sports car.

  5. It depends on the mileage, if you’re buying a z that has way more than 60k miles, chances are, its been abused lol. No one buys a z or a sports car to baby it, unless its a show/display car.

  6. G35S VQ35HR is one of the best engines. I have one, added a 4.1 stroker kit with Greddy twin scroll twin turbos. That thing can hold its own. It’ll never be as durable as a 2JZ but it’s not far from it.

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