The Truth About the Subaru WRX

The Truth About the Subaru WRX

rev up your engine welcome to wacky Wednesday’s
where everyone has a chance to show off their car mods and here’s this week’s
winner I know exactly what you’re thinking this
looks like a child’s toy you know what you’re right, that’s what it is, let me start
by saying thank you to Scotty Kilmer for featuring me on his channel yet again
he’s been a huge help at getting my content out there which isn’t easy today
I’ll be showing off my 2012 Subaru Impreza WRX and the audio and
performance modifications that I’ve made my WRX sits between my old school Acuras
pretty well I’ll be it a little out of place but this gives me the chance to
get that new car feeling without all that new car tech getting in the way the
legend makes for the perfect Sunday car while the Integra acts as my daily
driver and this is for one I want to be a total lunatic it helps fill the gaps
for performance where the other two falls short I was very happy with this
car as it was stuck for about five years of owning it but then I decided to make
some necessary changes some of these upgrades were by choice and some I guess
you can say I was forced into, I babied this for 57,000 miles but of course I
was one of the lucky ones who had complete engine failure due to shoddy
manufacturing on Subarus part all 2012 to 2017 ej 255 engines are subject to
the issue which can carry contaminated oil and metal debris throughout the
entire engine luckily I was directed to DDA tuned in Newburgh New York and I was
told it if anybody can help me it’s these guys and luckily I found these
guys since Brandon is a subaru genius and he was able to rebuild my motor tell
me what’s going on inside this thing so to start we utilize the DDA stage 2
engine with King Racing bearings for improved oil flow, platinum
Pistons for the higher boost levels and manly h-beam rods to support the
additional torque as well as any additional power upgrades that may come
down the line this thing’s putting down an impressive
350 horsepower to the wheels or 402 the crank while it may not sound like much
this thing’s making more horsepower per liter than a Lamborghini Huracan or a
Nissan gt-r like any street car that needs to be able to get the groceries
with the additional track day thrown in here their reliability is always the
number one concern help keep things cool we fitted this car with a grim speed top
mount intercooler some ID 1050 X fuel injectors and an AM
320 fuel pump help to support the additional boost that we’re packing into
this thing and Brandon let me just thank you and DDA tune for your meticulous
work absolutely minimal so after everything brand and explained what is
that equate to as far as the drive well I’ll show you it equates to fun since I’m a bit of an audiophile and
since the stock stereo is absolutely horrendous I completely revamped it
sitting up front is a pioneer 4200 NEX head unit which has apple carplay and
android auto I like this one specifically because the buttons are
located on the bottom thus giving you a slightly bigger screen size the 13 band
equalizer allows you to really fine-tune your audio and for when you park in
those extra shady places you can remove the face altogether six RCA’s are run
from the head unit to the back to a well hidden JL Audio v channel lamp the XD
705 v2 since I still want to treat the car like a hatch I opted to hide it down
here by cutting this styrofoam mold out and sanding it down a little bit this
provides 100 watts to each speaker at 2 ohms with 300 Watts going to the
subwoofer this has an advanced protection rollback feature which will
dial back its performance based on heat and then shut off if it gets way too hot
so far keeping it under here I haven’t had any problems for the door as I went
with infinity Kappa six and a half components in the front call wax hose in
the back I ran 14 gauge speaker cable to handle
the additional power but the hardest part of that was getting this through
the door loom dish soap made the run a little bit easier while drying up with
no mess but getting the door room back on in the front was near impossible
enough wiggling and jiggling after an hour and I finally got it for bass I
normally cheap out because bass is bass right wrong this time I went with a JL
Audio 10 w 6 v3 and I’ve never had tighter low-end sound in my entire life
this has dual voice coils and I put a twenty-dollar speaker grille on it which
I thought was a bit overpriced but the dent on the front shows it clearly saved
the $600 speaker at least once to prevent this thing from moving around
while I’m shifting and moving in hard turns
I simply screwed some cheap velcro right on the bottom the poor man’s solution I
call it I lined each of the doors of something called buzzy space it’s meant
for office buildings to be lined on walls for sound deadening it made for
the perfect sound absorber and rattle reducer with the door tightly clicking
back on when i reassemble everything not only does it help the overall sound
from the stereo but it also helps road noise as well lastly to maintain
steering wheel controls I went with the I data link my Astro double r a little
bit confusing to wiring at first but after just starting the 50 or so unused
wires it wasn’t that difficult after all this I finally have my cell
a system worth listening to let me see if I could show you the clarity I’m
gonna bust my friends band I the fire to see how it sounds you can easily say this is nothing
special but after the money I spent it’s special to me
is extremely hard at times to say that it was worth it until I get back behind
the wheel then the smile that gives me is the best proof of its value however
this isn’t exactly the best setup for daily use so if you want to see a full
review on how this drives as a regular car so more performance bits and
semantics subscribe to my youtube channel I’ll take one I’ll be posting in
a couple of weeks after my much-needed vacation I hope you enjoyed this video
let me thank Scotty Kilmer and his awesome audience for the tremendous
support and thank you for watching well that was this week’s video and to have
your car mod shown on my channel here check this out so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. See if you just get a Mustang GT you don't have to worry about dumb stuff with the engine like that just saying from experience .

  3. I’ve never had problems with my sti’s..Then again I drove like a decent human being and kept modding to a minimum. Usually helps.

  4. Well, this video made me want to sell my legacy GT. If anybody wants a manual 05 legacy GT with a refreshed 257 dropped in it you know where to find it

  5. Recently picked up a brand new 2019 STI. Its not supercar fast, its got alot of road noise, its suspension feels like it’s attached to your spine, and it drinks gas like a 50yr Polish man….however, I love driving it so much! Great car that puts a smile on my face every time I drive it.

  6. must be nice to have that kind of money , to do that to your sube . i wish i was rich to be able to pay off the ford cmax hybrid. and do some tunning to it my self , because 188 horses is a little weak , still but its still zippy . i just want more horses , in a hybrid car.

  7. @scottykilmer I have a 2012 Acura TL v6 front wheel drive with 82,525 miles on it but thinking about trading it in for a 2016 Acura ilx premium package what do you think should I keep it or trade it in

  8. You might need a JDM black housing headlights and red overlays for the tail lights to make it to much better, it looks right now from the outside like the base model impreza with 1.5 litre engine but in the wide body and hood scoop

  9. Truth be told those boxer engines after over heating get about 10000km before those engines are toast. But can do a motor swap in 10hrs on the side of the road..

  10. What?! You guys thought this video was gonna be an over the top edgy vapping compilation, tsk think again.

  11. Very cool vid! One of the best guest videos that I have seen yet on Scotty’s channel! Cool, bringing your friend In at the end with with the guitar! Awesome car! Awesome vid!

  12. Minute long video of his “amazing sound quality”, played on my iPhone speaker. Sure dude, we can definitely tell how great it sounds…

  13. I had an ‘06 STI. Bought it for $20,000. All I put on it was a Flowmaster cat-back, and K&N intake. I had to do pads twice, rotors once. Drove it aggressively. Had 33,000mi when I bought it- ended up with 107xxxmi when I sold it. I sold it for $17,000. Best vehicle I’ve owned so far. That includes BMW M, Lexus ISF, Ford F-150, Ford Excursion 7.3 powerstroke.

  14. I own a wrx 2012 with 150 000km had no issue.. i guess checking oil and not trahing the car help a lot.

  15. 5:10 It sounded pretty good through my earbuds! I ordered a WRX, and it’s not in yet, but I got the option for the stereo upgrade. I hope the upgrade is worth the money! I hadn’t thought about getting an aftermarket stereo.

  16. I’m currently on my second WRX. They’re definitely fun, reliable cars that will get you through just about anything winter in the northern states will throw at you (with some proper snow tires). Just don’t flog them and they’ll be fine. I traded in my modded, tuned 2005 with 140K (to get my 2018) and it never gave me any problems outside of routine maintenance.

  17. No way I’m from Newburgh ny I drive by that place all the time I’m amazed it made it to a skotty Kilmer video

  18. This dude talks about the same cars he hates and all of their problems. After about one week of watching him that's it. Theres nothing else new he talks about

  19. Finishing up my $8k wrx rebuild on my 2013 wrx with 65k miles due to a spun bearing. I may be broke, but I am so excited

  20. Subaru WRX: Unforgiving transmissions, poor overall reliability, clownshoe styling, overpriced. 10/10 owners would vape

  21. JL Audio is some of the most overpriced and overrated car audio, period. There are subs for a quarter of the price that match or outperform JL

  22. Sold my '02 WRX that I bought new a couple months ago. The car had 208K miles, no issues for the first ten years after that some $$ but for me it was the price of keeping a car 17 years. No mods and adult driven, well some "spirited driving". Replaced with a '05 with 78K miles.

  23. I had a stereo system in mine too…Then I thought about that 2/ 10ths of a second I was losing due to the xtra weight…lol…Yeah, kind of shallow…I know😆

  24. i did my head gasket on my 06 forester at 220k now at 270k jst changed the trans filter , don't even try to say subies dont last.

  25. All that money and he plays a tune that simply blasts out sound. If you wanna test it, play a darn well recorded acoustic sound where notes and clarity matter. I remember the old days when people would say "check out this awesome sound system" followed by putting on a migraine inducing group like Foghat. 😉

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