The Truth About the Toyota 4Runner

The Truth About the Toyota 4Runner

rev up your engines,
Mario Cortez says what do you think about Toyota 4runners,
well they’re interesting vehicles Toyota just had to pick up trucks right and
then they came up with the idea let’s get rid of the bed, put a couple more
seats, turn it into what we’ll call an SUV and start selling them, well guess
what they took off like gangbusters since then they sold millions of those things,
people love the 4runners now they’re far cry
from the early forerunners I had customers with some of the early ones
here in Houston and they weren’t basically a pickup truck with extra
seats in the back, but now they’re kind of luxury SUVs they’re not cheap they’re
not give them away, and they’re no longer you know a small size they’re pretty big
vehicles, you can afford the price they can last an awful long time
9763 says Scotty is a BMW 320 around 2003 with a
2.2 liter engine reliable in Europe, you know actually they can be here in the
United States the parts cost a fortune but in Europe when I go there people
have them and they love them, now most of the cars that you’re driving in Europe
hey they were all made in Germany, that thing was made in Germany, better make
cars lot of the stuff in the United States is not made Germany, quality isn’t
as good, that’s why I tell people you what a
luxury car get a Lexus you know why cuz all the Lexus cars are still made in
Japan, they do make some of the Lexus SUVs but they make them in Cambridge
Ontario and the Canadians do a really good job, but as for the sedan’s
hey they’re all still made in Japan by Japanese and the quality is just better,
and if you get a car made in Germany by Germans yeah the quality is better than
the stuff that we get here in the states all the time, in Christ I rest says Scotty
what do you think about buying a used smart fortwo, well you wouldn’t get them cheap
in the United States the resale value those are made in France and it’s
German engineering Mercedes has something to do with it, and they’re very
tiny little cars, from what I’ve read they’re only gonna be making electric
cars now in Europe and I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually just pull out
of the United States entirely, they never had much of a dealership set up here
anyways, their fun to tool around in and I got a
customer with one and I drive around but I mean I personally wouldn’t seem dead in
one of those things on highway, tiny little thing and here we got these giant
18 wheelers and big offroad trucks in Texas on the road, you’re in one of those
tiny things you don’t feel very secure you know
and they aren’t that fast so it’s not like you’re on a motorcycle and you can
go as fast and zip around them and that thing yeah you can’t cuz they’re not
that quick, if you want a toy to toy around in inner city and you can get it
cheap used, why not just realize that it’s gonna be expensive getting parts
for them, if you get one get one that’s low mileage, def says hi Scotty
what do you think about Edsel, I’m assuming you mean the car and not Edsel
Ford the son of Ford, so if you don’t mean the car, kind of funny I got a
customer who owns one and he loves the car, what happened was when I made the edsel
they brought it out too early, they didn’t test it right, and they had all
kinds of problems and then they gave up with it, but of course now it’s a semi
collector’s item, because most people destroyed them or they drove them they
fell apart put them in a junkyard, but today a restore Edsel is
actually worth a reasonable amount of money, you know it’s a big monster yacht
American car, you know from those days when they had big giant yacht Mobile’s
with huge engines that got horrible gas mileage, people do collect them now
believe it or not you know the joke is on them now that the edsel could be worth
a whole bunch of money, Jonathan Pando says do you think a 2,000 pontiac
Montana van could last a long time with low maintenance, no, not unless your the luckiest
man on the planet, those Montana’s I had
customers with them and as they aged they had nothing but
problems and these are people that took care of the vehicles, they changed the
oil regularly, they changed the coolant once every four or five years they took
care of them, but they still fell apart on them and of course Pontiac they’re
not making any pontiacs anymore so I mean, no I would not buy a Montana van I
mean if somebody gave you one and you got one that’s what 20 years old now for
five hundred bucks and it’s a Knockaround vehicle, go right ahead but
as soon as something big started to go wrong, get rid of it don’t put a bunch of
money into something like that, John D says Scotty how would you go about getting an
old MGB to run it sat for 30 years three thirty years is a long time, first thing I
would do okay it’s an old mg B so it’s carbureted, first thing I would do is
I would take all the spark plugs out and I’d
put some Marvel Mystery Oil I’d squirt some in each cylinder and I’d let it sit for
24 hours, I would get a long cheater bar and
a socket and put it on the front of the crank and
I would try to turn that engine over by hand 360 degrees, because if it only
turns a little and then stops the engine is locked up inside and then you’re
gonna have to take the whole engine apart, I mean you could soak it for days
then with some marvel mystery oil in it, but once you get that if you do turn it
it goes more than 360 degrees more than a full circle and it doesn’t bind then put
a battery in it, get some starting fluid see if you can start the thing who knows
but a lot of times those old English cars, man they had a lot of steel in them
and they’ll just lock right up right, rot right up sitting that long, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that Bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. 2004 4 runner 4.0 v6 305,121 miles as of yesterday

    drives like its new and does not leak any oil or burn it

    best vehicle iv ever owned hands down

  3. To everyone with a 4th gen 4runner v8… how long did you go on the original timing belt and water pump? Service manual says to change the timing belt every 7 years or 90,000 miles. I have an 04 with 107k miles. Just wondering when you changed your timing belt and how ofter you do it?

  4. I have a '99 4Runner Limited with only 145k miles. Has the factory rear locking differential. I get compliments all the time, even have people leave notes on it with their number asking me if i'd sell it. NOPE. lol.

  5. My Jeep Cherokee Xj has almost 400,000 miles and is just like new……4.0 WILL OUTLAST ANY TOYOTA.. GUARANTEED

  6. 45 seconds of 4runner stuff isnt the truth about 4runners…… ill tell u the truth about 4runners. 2nd gen perfect size truck but 3vzfe slow bad mpg and the headgasket will blow eventually and the valves can burn. third gen best dd 4runner and the 5vzfe good power decent mpg still can blows gaskets high mileage 250kish but otherwise pretty stout. 4th gen 4 runner. too big looks like a modern suv still commands high $$$ but the v8 is reliable beast.

  7. Scotty, what exactly was the truth about the 4runner? That was pretty lame, man. Need to thumbs down this one…

  8. "The truth about the Toyota 4Runner" proceeds to talk about a bunch of stuff that has nothing to do with Toyota 4Runners.

  9. Good video!!! I currently own a silver 2012 TOYOTA 4RUNNER LIMITED with 27,000 miles!!! I bought it 3yrs ago with 17,500 miles on it and so far it's been great!!! What i love best is that they hold their value very well!!! I paid $30,000 plus taxes, fees, and interest charges which came out to $36,000!!! It still has a NADA blue book value of $27,600 with those current miles on it!!!

  10. IDK about dissing those Montana vans. I have owned an Olds Silhouette, Pontiac Transport (the 'Dustbuster' body style) and a Chevy Venture and they were all very reliable. Stuff would break because I bought them all with high mileage and took them over 200k, but never had a major engine or transmission failure. I drove the absolute piss out of them and still recouped a grand or more each when I sold them. Dollar for mile, I have no complaints and they were convenient as hell. The Silhouette had the 3.8, probably the most reliable engine GM ever made, and the 3.4 was no slouch either, despite being known for needing intake gaskets. I'd scoop up a clean one for 2 grand and take it across the country, no problem.

  11. Dude you are so wrong about the Smart car. I live in British Columbia I’ve driven on Highway one and 160 km an hour in monsoon rain and wind and nothing handled fine. It’s Actually rated as one of the safest cars on the road today. Look it up. Another surprising fact about the Smart car is how much room there is when you’re sitting inside of it

  12. I'm still waiting for the "truth about 4Runners." You spoke about them for less than 40 seconds of the whole 5 minute video and didn't really say anything?

  13. 2005 sport edition with 142k! In the two years I’ve owned it not a single thing has broken on it and it’s almost 15 years old. Not to mention it’s nice that I can sleep in it wherever I want when it’s warm enough!

  14. Own a 2003 Toyota 4 Runner, 3 Front Accident. My brother crash it. 413,289 Miles. Still running like champ.

  15. I work for the 3rd largest Toyota Dealer in the NW United States, I’m a sales consultant and product specialist. Ask me anything! 😊

  16. Just bought a 2001 4Runner 3.4L with 215000 miles and runs great! I’m pretty sure I will die before that thing does. Lol

  17. Just bought a 19 TRD off-road, magnum grey or whatever they call it. Awes9me vehicle. Traded in an Outback….never looked back

  18. I owned 3 for runners I loved and still love every single one of them I never had to do a single thing to the older ones with under 300,000 miles my 97 had 450 thousand miles on it I put an alternator in once that's it….

  19. 96 4runner, 252k miles. Daily driven. I drove it from Tucson to SF and back in a weekend, it actually ran better afterwards.

  20. I’ve previously owned two 4Runners, a 1999 TRD Sport & a 2011 Limited, huge difference in size! Both excellent trouble free rides, the 99 was my fav, built like a tank!

  21. I own a 4runner but recently got the land cruiser bug somebody talk me out of a land cruiser

  22. Just got the 2019 4Runner Limited with Brown leather interior. Got this based on recommendations on this channel.

  23. "Let's get rid of the bad (in the back)…" ROTFL…Scotty has made some witty remarks over the years, but that one is gold. Toyota Hilux, terrorists' favorite truck since 1980.

  24. looking at buying a 2007 4Runner SRT with 102, or 87k on it, i live in the "rust belt" is that too old?, the rust dont seem to bad..its not cheap either

  25. 2006 4runner limited V8 at 120,000 miles and still loving it!! Run super smooth and is built like a tank!!!! What are your thoughts on the New Tundras and Highlanders?

  26. Scotty! I purchased a 2006 Toyota 4runner SR5 two wheel drive 4 speed with 56,000 original miles. Paid 6900.00 bucks- Smart or not smart? Good Deal? Or bad Deal? What should I look for? Or Trouble shoot? Bought in Huntington Beach, only 1 owner.

  27. As an owner of a 5th gen 4Runner I can say I love my vehicle. There are a few things to keep in mind. There is a large learning curve when trying to maintenance and upkeep them. Just open the hood and you'll see what I mean! There is very little space to work on anything so you need a lift kit or a ramp to work under the vehicle comfortably. For many 4 runner owners, this is not an issue, because if you are willing to dish out the money to pay for the vehicle, you probably have the money to just take it back to the dealer to get all your repairs and maintenance-however, they will overcharge you like there is no tomorrow. They wanted to charge me 84USD just to replace my serpentine belt, uh no. A big thing is you need a really good battery for these vehicles. Stock is only a 590 CCA, but you need more like a 710-720 CCA. The battery causes a lot of other issues if it goes bad. For me, it caused my neutral safety switch to start acting up and my lights would flicker. Took a whole day of my husband and I under the vehicle trying to get the transmission range sensor (neutral safety switch) off the transmission. We ended up just cleaning and repositioning it. It didn't start so we had to jump the battery and it fixed the code. I have since replaced the battery and it is doing much better, but a bad battery will cause all kinds of codes to come up and it may not really be the issue so always start a troubleshoot by checking out how your battery is doing.

  28. I wanted a suv for contruction work so i just traded my kia optima 2016 for a 2003 4runner 140,000 miles. Worth same price. i hope it will last me for another 10 years

  29. Thanks for all the videos! You are so correct about Toyota's made in Japan. I've owned Toyota's made in Japan, they are perfect! I also owned a 2003 Camry that was made in Kentucky – It was awful! Thanks again Scotty!

  30. Knew some dude he had an early 4runner manual 4cylinder it was pretty cool til he left it parked and someone totaled it dude was crying that's fucked up

  31. I've had many vehicles (BMW, Chevy, Honda, Acura, Pontiac, Nissan, Ford) and worked all of them. The 4runner i bought for my wife has been the best of all of them. Its built like a brick sh*thouse… parts are relatively cheap and its unbelievably easy to service/work on. Its a 2003 with 200k miles on the ticker and still running strong. Paint is the only thing thats starting to get a little 'sunburn'

  32. I picked up an old 3rd gen 4runner just for the hell of it. Wtf. This thing runs about the same as any 6/7 year old car and it's got 22 years in it. Damn. Just damn. Well… now I gotta get the suspension kit and some 33's.

  33. You have to recognize that when it comes to reliability, Toyota is king. The numbers don’t lie. I think the Japanese model of investing in quality parts had paid off. I also think technology can be a double edge sword. Japanese go easy on technology because if one part fails, game over – there goes your reputation.

  34. I have a 2004 320d station wagon with over 350,000 kilometers that I bought for $2,800. It drives just fine. Sure it's got rust here and there. Built in Germany.

  35. I made the mistake of buying a 2003 Toyota Tacoma V6 4×4. It now has 416k miles on it and had to replace couple batteries and sets of tires on it. Still original timing belt in it. It’s been a terrible unreliable truck…🙈

  36. you said the 4runner is a luxury suv ??lol its not! its a true off road suv body on frame. it does not even have push button start. wrong again scotty

  37. Had a 2000 Limted 4Runner and have a 2016 TRD Pro now.
    Was a great truck. Still is a great truck.
    This one is just better. Love it.

  38. Scotty! Love your vids but I gotta say the new 4runners aren’t what they used to be. We have several friends that have 2016 and newer, they all have the 4Runner front end shake at 50-60 mph. We got the run around from the dealer and so did all our friends. We kept getting excuses “oh it’s the after market tires” well if the originals lasted longer than 20k miles I might not be so quick to upgrade but they don’t so…. what gives Toyota?

  39. Hi Scotty, Are Toyota Sequoias a good overall large SUV and would for living in Midwest, would a 2WD vs 4WD made a difference? Thank you!

  40. I own a 2010 4 Runner 4WD bought with 111,000 miles a one owner SUV and clean carfax these Suv's keep their value and last forever think about it who would buy a 9 years old SUV listed at
    $18,000 dollars well me at 78 years old I find it not only very reliable , comfortable , but keeps it's value like a Landcrusier the reason it is made with the finest materials and military specifications except the cheap plastic interior thanks Toyota for saying to yourself years ago " If we make a quality product people will knock down our doors to buy it "

  41. My brother had an old challenger 70's model sitting in a barn for years he broke the engine loose and got it running. You never know.

  42. I recently got a 97 4runner and love it! Got many plans to make it even better. Still trying to figure out her name though…

  43. I just traded my unreliable prima-donna (GM) product for a new TRD OFF-ROAD 4runner. The difference in build quality, quality of materials in the interiors is night & day.

  44. I have a toyota 4 runner 93 five years ago. whent I buy the truck he have stuck 246 000 miles, I dont know how much time have that miles stuck. I driver my 4 runner every day is a tank still running.
    one day I parking to buy something on the street, went a Man tell me a crash you, sorry, and me what? and went I see the man drive a saturn sedan and my 4 runner all steel defens, I search for some paint damage or something but nothing and a tell the man dont worry is all ok there are no damage I dont see anything, the man are worried about the crash but my truck not have damage.

  45. Best SUV I've ever had. I've had Acura, Honda, Montero sport. I would never buy another SUV beside a 4runner! My 2016 Trail is just amazing!

  46. Family member had a 2008 KIA RIO that had 358,000 miles on it when her son totaled it. Location Atlanta Georgia USA.
    Dealer didn't tighten oil drain plug at about 5,000 miles, had no oil showing on dipstick and family member did not demand oil pan be removed and bearings be checked for oil starvation and it was running with 358,000 miles on it when totalled.

  47. When looking for a used car, should you keep it under any certain mileage? I am looking at used toyota 4runners and many are 2018 or 19 with 15-30 thousand miles.

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