The Truth About the Toyota Land Cruiser

The Truth About the Toyota Land Cruiser

Rev up your engines! Dao says, what do you think about Land Cruisers,
ok Land Cruisers are well made, Toyota makes them, now the Land Rovers are rolling piles
of junk, the English stuff, but the Land Cruisers are really excellent made vehicles and can
last a long time, but realize, they are gas hogs,
those things get terrible gas mileage because their huge and they weigh a lot,
I mean the newer ones are better than the older ones, I had customers with the old ones
when they were big straight 6 cylinders with giant pistons and standard transmissions and
they got like 7 miles a gallon in town with the AC on,
but they can last a really long time, Atom bomb says, Scotty my 1999 Buick Century
misfires only between 35 and 45 miles an hour, I checked plugs, cylinder 3 the plug was worn
badly, replaced that and it still happens, what now,
ok if you find that it’s only misfiring at that speed, what you want to do if have a
mechanic do what’s called a wet and dry compression test of your engine,
because it could be that the number 3 cylinder is just flat wearing out,
if that plug is worn badly and the other aren’t, it generally means you have a problem in the
number 3 cylinder, and if a mechanic says yes you know you’re wet and dry compression
ratio shows you got a serious worn part inside your number 3 cylinder and that’s a 1999 Buick,
you might either live with it or get another car,
because to rebuild the engine is going to cost you thousands of dollars to do it right
so you know, Hanson says, big fan Scotty, you recommended
an automatic transmission over CVT but the Corolla uses CVT thanks,
well for a while you could have a choice, you could get a regular or CVT and I’d say
get the regular, but my son bought one with a CVT that was a year old and he loves it,
he says it gets better gas mileage than it was even rated for so, you know I’m not a
big fan of how CVT’s drive and I personally like a standard anyways,
but Toyota makes pretty good stuff, that said, do not buy a Subaru CVT, do not buy a Nissan
CVT because you’re going to have problems, they have lots of problems with those,
Dexbolt says, Scotty do you think it’s a bad idea to put a turbo into a 2000 Honda Civic
with more than 220,000 miles, well it is if you don’t want to rebuild the engine,
realize Honda makes very good engines, they were originally a motorcycle company so their
engines are top notch, their automatic transmissions no, and their CVT transmission no,
but their engines are really strong engines, but that said, their made for what size they
have and what power, so you take a small Civic engine that’s got
220,000 miles on it and you put a turbo on it, you’ll probably end up blowing the engine,
that said if you want to rebuild the engine or put a later model engine in it and turbo
go right ahead, their strong engines, but with that kind of mileage your kind of
pushing your luck adding a turbocharger now, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell!

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  2. Hello Mr Kilmer , I enjoy your videos very much , I just have a question that I would like to ask you : are Subaru engines any good ? and are they quality built cars?Thank you very much , Mr Kilmer.

  3. I think Toyota's gasoline engine technologies are very old compared to what US or EU manufacturers offer. I mean fuel efficiency and power efficiency in Toyotas are quite behind. What's the satisfaction to paying like $ 100K for a Land Cruiser, whose technology has been carried for the past 8 years without significant updates? With this in mind their reliability is very good, which keeps the depreciation on top level.

  4. Well there’s this thing I heard once: Land Rover is the best car if you want to go through Africa, Land Cruiser is the best if you wanna come back.

  5. A dealer claimed to have replaced my rear main seal but oil light came back on and I had it inspected somewhere else and they found a bad pcv hose and valve.imformed dealer claim never saw pcv cause was cover on it but if they removed motor they should have saw bad pcv think they took my money for a service they never performed.

  6. Best suv ever made so no need to say anything stupid abt it second thing i used CVT before never let me down or got any problems with .

  7. @scotty, im a big fan of what you do. i have a 2014 honda pilot. the steering wheel and body vibrates @65 mph. i have changed all brake rotors and brake pads tire rotated it, wheel balanced it and road force balanced it again, and the vibration still exist, what else should i do??

  8. I have a toyota hilux 2013
    And damn that thing does not break i use it for heavy off roading and it has a about 180k mile and it never broke on me a singel time
    Scotty is right about toyota's

  9. Hi Mr Kilmer, really enjoy your videos, I own a 2010 Toyota Highlander with 116000 miles, absolutely love it, what are your thoughts on it? How to take care of it better? What to look for? Thanks.

  10. Hi Scotty I got a 98 toyota rav 4 and its a strong car the engine are very good . But I'm planning to change it to a newer model but not sure how solid they are. My rav 4 currently has the 3s fe engine

  11. The old Land Cruisers were the best! They were ubiquitous in Africa, Caribbean, and South America and Colombians referred to them as narco-Toyotas. A Land Cruisers ran on bad gas and bad luck…..very reliable!

  12. I once saw a bulletproof all black Land cruiser with Mexico license plates here in Texas. It’s not rare to see cars with Mexican license plates in Texas. Many people from Mexico come to shop and visit family. Seeing a bulletproof SUV with Mexican license plates is a rare sight. It was probably some very rich from Mexico or someone connected with cartels.

  13. Scotty, I have a 2003 Toyota 4 runner (V8 4.7 liter ). I bought it in 2006 used with 49,000 miles on it.  It has 12,3000 miles now.  Never had any issues with it and I've kept up with the manufacturer's maint. schedule.  What is your opinion on this vehicle, overall?  I was told they do not make it in the V8 anymore.  Thanks

  14. Scotty you will probably hate me for saying this but you look a lot like Dennis Hopper. Especially from the movie SPEED😉

  15. Can you do a video on what you think about the FJ Cruiser?
    And I heard they stopped making them, do you know if its true and why?
    Also would it be a stupid idea to buy one if they stopped making them? Will the parts be hard to find after a few years or cost a ton to get the parts due to limited supply?
    Thanks for the awesome videos scotty!

  16. My aunt had a toyota yaris 2015 with a cvt
    And it was so bad
    She now has a maxima 2015 and it is way better than the yaris

  17. Does land cruiser Prado also last long like the land cruiser? because Prado eat less fuel I mean economically better than the land cruiser though engine power is less but that's not a big deal for most people out there

  18. if you’re gonna make a video make the whole video related to the title, how ya gonna go from a land cruiser to a buick

  19. You should talk more about Land Cruisers! Spread the word that they really are the BEST VEHICLE EVER MADE! I bought my first LC (80 series) a few weeks ago and it kind of bothers me how cool it is. Oh and did I mention it will last you till the world ends?

  20. He is right cvt subaru crap. Don't buy cvt subaru then they gonna make every subaru model manual transmission.

    Happy ending

  21. Sadly the Land Cruiser is not for sale in Canada because for the same price they wanna sell you a Lexus LX.

  22. 2003 Suzuki s x wagon 3 rd time in 6 months drive belt belt replaced. Mechanic checked twnsioners has been OK never mentioned he said was OK. But did mention I need motor mount yes car does Viberate I can tell needs motor mount told him to change the one one causing the shaking. He refused 600 to replace all for plus parts he said engine may be putting pressure that's why 3rd belt replace and said evwnthough the tension might be OK just replace that with the belt since far has 160k mikes grand total of 823

  23. So your expert advice is that the land cruiser is durable and not fuel efficient. I can see your expertise runs deep. Only YouTubies would think this advice is invaluable.

  24. Lots of Land Cruisers for sale on Craigslist in California as gas goes over $4 a gallon. I had a 93 LC…best mileage I ever got was 10 MPG

  25. My 1989 Fj62 still going strong on stock engine 344, 000+ miles ,(2) xmission rebuilts. Heading to trails this Friday jul19,19.

  26. 3:20…! Short, clean, valuable video… thanks!…. Unlike some folks who emotionally charge every video making them 15min long. I just pass them.

  27. The landcruisers of new have turned into overpriced luxobarges for soccer moms. The US does not get the barebones models like Aussies do because most of us Americans are fat, lazy and don't want to row gears.

  28. Bullshit land cruisers are crap. U hate Land Rovers and jaguars because either u can't afford them or is it because u had bad experience with British people

  29. I think that Scotty uses a nissan patrol so he does not like Toyota Land cruiser. Then hear this Scotty,
    Land cruiser is the pride of the world.
    No car can match it's power.
    The 2008 model Land cruiser defeated Lamborghini Avendator, ** then what are you talking about ?
    If you want evidence then type in YouTube
    " Toyota Land cruiser V.S Lamborghini Aventador !! ".
    Now let's see what you say !!! ***

  30. thx for vid.
    plzz someone help me
    v8 4.5 diesel engine is good for LC or not? about 2008-2011
    i neeed realy true information for that engine and what am i suppost to do while taking used LC v8 4.5 diesel and how many km/ miles engine life this model?

  31. Wow. Thanks for revealing more of your ‘truth’ about the Land Cruiser. That was amazing. Guys that turn wrenchs always think they are the world’s utmost keepers of knowledge. This is why engineers always laugh at techs.

  32. Hi SCOTTY, You are the car guru ! I'm extremely grateful to you. I consult your videos for every doubt that arises. Here in Brazil, competing with the Land Cruiser Prado, there is also a model called the Toyota SW4, usually powered by a 3-litre turboed & intercooled diesel. They both seem to have the same parts, but in some ways the SW4 is better, e.g. the rear door lifts up and the spare wheel tucks underneath.. I wonder how YOU would compare them.

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